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File 142216475933.jpg - (287.92KB , 1000x1502 , image.jpg )
19493 No. 19493 [Edit]
I have been living by myself for about 6 months and I am so lonely I am literally crying. I drove to about 5 different stores today and bought things that I neither needed nor could afford just so I could be around humans and listen to them speak for a little while.
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>> No. 19494 [Edit]
I typed out a lengthy response, but decided not to post it.

Hope you feel better soon, anon.

Maybe we can chat about random stuff on IRC if you're still feeling down by the time you read this.
>> No. 19495 [Edit]
File 142216871112.jpg - (5.83KB , 145x145 , 1422085049075.jpg )
Please don't cry. You can talk to me on IRC if you want.
>> No. 19496 [Edit]
Its been 3 years since I started to be a neet again. I think I might be schizoid but not even I can keep going on like this, I dont care about people yet the last 3 months of close to absolute isolation have taken its tow, light panic attacks and watery eyes for no fucking reason.

Hope you post more and get those vital bits of interaction here OP.
>> No. 19497 [Edit]
File 142219931884.jpg - (119.95KB , 500x700 , 1358491684672.jpg )
I wouldn't mind talking to you when you need it anon.

if you have steam or somethhing like that post it or we can stick to IRC, just tell us here when you're around.
>> No. 19498 [Edit]
Actually it's over three years for me too now. Lately I've stopped seeing even my family. I don't want to see them anymore. The only 3d people I get to see are shop assistants about twice a week.

It feels like social interaction only breaks my routine, and routine is the last thing that keeps me relatively sane here in my apartment. Without it I'm not able to do anything interesting for the rest of the day.
>> No. 19524 [Edit]
I'll talk with you if you can let me live with you for free.
I dont have money for rent but I can buy my own food.
>> No. 19526 [Edit]
Maybe this will help when I get like this I'll listen to some random old radio play or watch Let's Players. Just hearing voices can be enough sometimes.
>> No. 19563 [Edit]
Becoming friends with people who stream on twitch is nice. Some are pretty cool. Hearing their voice and seeing their face (if they have cam) while responding to your comment is comforting
>> No. 19564 [Edit]
Wanna skype sometime? :c I def understand loneliness, and skype has really helped me..
>> No. 19672 [Edit]
dude come on, its almost a month and you havent replied to my post!
I'll play mtg and MMOs with you, just feed and house me!
>> No. 19673 [Edit]
>I can buy my own food.
>just feed and house me!

Inflation's a bitch, huh?
>> No. 19674 [Edit]
Hey OP, why not get a roommate?
This guy >>19524 is clearly up for it.
>> No. 19676 [Edit]
...Not everyone has had a good experience with roommates. The freeloading ones that don't pull their weight are annoying as fuck.

A room and board arrangement sounds more like a live-in meido kind of thing.

OP, just get a dog or cat instead. Or go all in and get a live-in meido so you don't have to take any shit from them as the employer.
>> No. 19683 [Edit]
Dude please dont be mean to me.
I dont even take up that much space...

I'm not annoying, I'm a good guy I swear.
>> No. 19684 [Edit]
oh. hope you're not too lonely or will find a way to relieve this. i could talk to you if you want on steam? My username is "painis --> ainis" (yes, i know, it's a weird one)
>> No. 19785 [Edit]
op's pic is kinda creepy/disturbing actually.
>> No. 19803 [Edit]
yeah, such a nice room and weather, id kill for that
>> No. 19804 [Edit]
Only looks nice because there's next to nothing in it. I bet yours would look just as good if you tossed or sold half of your stuff.
>> No. 19844 [Edit]
It looks like a room photo from a hotels web presence
>> No. 21379 [Edit]
Got dammit Op I live alone as well but you can't let it get to you.
>> No. 21390 [Edit]
Try watching late night informercials while you suffer your insomnia.
>> No. 21476 [Edit]
it wouldn't bother you if you were a schiz
u r aapd, see dsm5 for more info
>> No. 21509 [Edit]
I still live with my Parents and older sister, and I still feel lonely and bored as fuck, especially since my father has chronic Gilian Beret now (I fucked up spelling that), I'm just afraid that eventually we're just all going to die a sad death that won't be of any importance.
>> No. 21512 [Edit]
I wish I had the means to live alone...
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