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File 15238467139.jpg - (411.20KB , 800x600 , 132214623262.jpg )
23474 No. 23474 [Edit]
I don't have a waifu at the moment, but I do have a daughter. I'm waiting to have enough money so I can make a doll out of her. She has black hair and brown eyes. I brush her hair, cook food, and put on her pajamas when it's bedtime and take care of her. It makes me feel very nice and special knowing I have a sweet little girl to take care of after school that loves me. Does any one here do the same thing?
>> No. 23476 [Edit]
That's kinda cute, but you're not likely to find anyone else here who has children (assuming you mean real children?).
>> No. 23477 [Edit]
Op here, and no, I meant an imaginary daughter. I wouldn't have thought that I'm the only one who does this. Sorry if it was taken as real children, since that against the rules.
>> No. 23478 [Edit]
Oh, you meant a Daughteru?
It's not exactly common but there have been a few people with one here and there. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
>> No. 23479 [Edit]
>>23478 Oh! That's what it's called? Thank you for telling me. I had no idea.
>> No. 23481 [Edit]
Where did she came from? Who's her mother (or father)? Is she adopted?
>> No. 23482 [Edit]
She's adopted, yes
>> No. 23485 [Edit]
how did you do that? I thought single guys can't adopt. are you single?
>> No. 23486 [Edit]
Oops shoulda read >>23477 hahah
Darn I was a little excited that OP somehow managed to get a cute loli
>> No. 23487 [Edit]
Ahaha, I feel ya dude.
>> No. 23491 [Edit]
this website is super creepy wtf
>> No. 23492 [Edit]
Welcome to the internet. We have such sights to show you.
>> No. 23493 [Edit]
I did that in 12th grade too when I went Freudian psychoanalysis on myself. Kyoko from Madoka also was like that too in another way huh...
>> No. 23498 [Edit]
i dreamt once i had a cute little daughter who hugged me and said she loved me. i cried when i woke up
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