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File 15238467139.jpg - (411.20KB , 800x600 , 132214623262.jpg )
23474 No. 23474 [Edit]
I don't have a waifu at the moment, but I do have a daughter. I'm waiting to have enough money so I can make a doll out of her. She has black hair and brown eyes. I brush her hair, cook food, and put on her pajamas when it's bedtime and take care of her. It makes me feel very nice and special knowing I have a sweet little girl to take care of after school that loves me. Does any one here do the same thing?
>> No. 23476 [Edit]
That's kinda cute, but you're not likely to find anyone else here who has children (assuming you mean real children?).
>> No. 23477 [Edit]
Op here, and no, I meant an imaginary daughter. I wouldn't have thought that I'm the only one who does this. Sorry if it was taken as real children, since that against the rules.
>> No. 23478 [Edit]
Oh, you meant a Daughteru?
It's not exactly common but there have been a few people with one here and there. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
>> No. 23479 [Edit]
>>23478 Oh! That's what it's called? Thank you for telling me. I had no idea.
>> No. 23481 [Edit]
Where did she came from? Who's her mother (or father)? Is she adopted?
>> No. 23482 [Edit]
She's adopted, yes
>> No. 23485 [Edit]
how did you do that? I thought single guys can't adopt. are you single?
>> No. 23486 [Edit]
Oops shoulda read >>23477 hahah
Darn I was a little excited that OP somehow managed to get a cute loli
>> No. 23487 [Edit]
Ahaha, I feel ya dude.
>> No. 23491 [Edit]
this website is super creepy wtf
>> No. 23492 [Edit]
Welcome to the internet. We have such sights to show you.
>> No. 23493 [Edit]
I did that in 12th grade too when I went Freudian psychoanalysis on myself. Kyoko from Madoka also was like that too in another way huh...
>> No. 23498 [Edit]
i dreamt once i had a cute little daughter who hugged me and said she loved me. i cried when i woke up
>> No. 26822 [Edit]
My waifu is more like a daughter or a close friend than a wife. But I call her a waifu anyway.

Having a doll to take care of sounds nice. Right now I have a daki, and I take care of her by propping her up so she can look out the window (girls like to look out the window). I've also started bringing her to the computer and watching shows I think she might like (as long as we can both enjoy them).
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