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File 160018728621.jpg - (264.31KB , 1920x1080 , [Anon] High Score Girl - 08 (Web 1080p x264 EAC3)_.jpg )
25891 No. 25891 [Edit]
How would you describe your time spent in school? Did you enjoy it?

I skipped class a lot, and even when I was there I wasn't really 'there'. All I cared about was going home and playing videogames. Being at school felt pointless, and not just because graduating became less and less likely as time went on. I didn't want to think about my future and didn't care. It was like a punishment for some unknown crime I didn't remember committing. I didn't care about making friends or dating, all that stuff felt like it was for the normal kids. I couldn't conform and didn't want to. My teachers all just gave up on me, most of them pretended I wasn't even there, with the exception of one old hag I had in my last year who would send me out to detention the moment I walked in the door. Needless to say, I never went to any proms/dances or other school events. I've never been invited to a class reunion and wouldn't go even if I was. I even made sure to skip school on photo days, so that I wouldn't show up in the year books. The idea of spending tends of thousands of dollars to do it again for another 4+ years was laughable.
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>> No. 25892 [Edit]
File 160019302962.jpg - (255.68KB , 850x1116 , sample_af68eec4877ec869de7409808864b980.jpg )
Depends on the period. From when I was a toddler to early middle school, I was a tv addict. I spent nearly all of my free time watching whatever shitty sitcom or infomercial was playing. My parents didn't care. During that time, I imitated tv characters, in elementary kids loved it and I guess I was "popular", but didn't have a lot of actual friendships. In middle school, I moved and the other kids bullied me for it. I wasn't the kind of kid who "acted out" or "misbehaved" outside of school, but I wasn't compliant when they tried making me do things in school or act "appropriately". There was something wrong with my emotional development. I spent nearly all of third grade in the main office since my teacher didn't feel like dealing with me, fourth was only a little better.

After that I grew quieter and quieter and the teasing of other students steadily got less, but up until high school I had anger management problems and lack of self restraint that would flare up. I ate lunch in conference rooms in upper middle and had at most one friend at any given point before our relationship would just fizzle out every time. In high school, every year, in one of my classes there would be one or two people I spoke to regularly, but I never spent time with them outside of class, so I guess they were just rotating acquaintances. By my junior and senior year I blended in well enough to be totally ignored and spent every lunch period laying down in the nurse's office. Nobody else had that idea. There was even curtains that gave me privacy. In gym I was always in the weight room using the treadmill. Before classes started, I also learned to wait in a part of school with no people in it.

It was a boring, lonely and exhausting, but effortless time. Academically I always cruised by with Bs and As without having to seriously study for anything. At least in college there's no mandatory gym class, you don't have to wake up at 6 am and if it's large it's really easy to be left alone. The stem classes actually require work on my part too.

Post edited on 15th Sep 2020, 11:10am
>> No. 25893 [Edit]
Boring. My primary School was a little country place, only 6 students were in my grade. I sort of had friends due to the nature of it but they were not really friends, I would just wander about aimlessly in lunch or read books(not that there were many in the school library).

When I went to Middle/High School it was much bigger. I still was in the same class as two of my old school fellows and I would hang around one of them and this group of people that also included my cousin. I never really felt that close to any of them and I never went to their houses(apart from my cousin) or bothered keeping in touch after school, I'm not sure they liked me that much, I often come across as arrogant, even now my cousin says many unkind things behind my back about me to my family. I never had much in common with anybody and even when interests crossed I still did not care much to talk about it. I wanted to become an army officer so most of my energy was spent towards that and that was one of the reasons I even hung around people, I felt like I had to act normalish to look good to the army. I didn't like these people, they were the dregs of the school. I felt like the more popular people would be better and that it might also get me a 3DPD which I also felt would look good to the army, so I hung around them in class when I had classes with them and not the other group(things like PE). I soon found that while they were better than the other group and they were fun to be around initially it soon got boring and I eventually just gave up on even trying, I would just sit by my self in class and I didn't care, they would still try to socialise with me though. I gave up on getting a 3DPD too, they just didn't appeal that much to me and when they all got fake tans I just had it and decided that I wanted nothing to do with them. I still hung out with the loser group at lunch but that was due to the fact that my cousin was in it. Really I would have preferred just to be in the library but he is family. I did alright at school but I didn't really put the effort in(because I thought that was nerdy) and often made things harder than they should have been by picking incredibly niche topics for assignments(my year 12 history essay was on Landsknechts, there was very little information I could get on that at the time) so I would get Cs and Bs mainly, which was not what the army wanted as my IQ test showed I could have done more so they thought I was lazy.
>> No. 25896 [Edit]
It was awful and worse of it, probably the period of my life that has damaged me more, and I've been trough more than one depressive and suicidal mmoments after that, but nothing compares.
Before high school I think I was a different person, even as a kid. I wasn't afraid of everything, I didn't feel massive guilt every moment, I guess my mind was only truly free during those early years.
A weirdo maybe, but I wasn't a fuck up without the slightest bit of self-esteem and terrible shit in my mind. I wonder if it's supposed to be like that, to send the kids to some place where the weak will get fucked up for life and the strong will get stronger. Maybe that was the whole point.
>> No. 25898 [Edit]
It was the whole point. It's meant to make people fit for society, which involves breaking them mentally.
>> No. 25899 [Edit]
I remember being happy in elementary school, but looking back I can tell it was just because I didn't know how bad I had it. I had no friends and was one of the weirdest kids in class, yet I thought nothing of it. ...Actually, I did. I recall thinking a few times that everyone hated me, and I was afraid to tell even my family about this. But I thought maybe I was just being melodramatic, that I need to suck it up, things like that. While they did have me in the gifted class, all that did was inflate my ego and piss off my mom with the projects she had to buy stuff for. I didn't care about intellectual pursuits. I just wanted to go home and watch cartoons and play video games and mess around with my godawful Windows 3.1 computer (that I got in 1998). Not that my home life was much better with my abusive babysitter and shithead of a stepdad.

Middle school was hell. New school and new town, plus I got (mis?)diagnosed with autism before it started. What this meant was having a teacher's aide in half my classes during 6th grade, which didn't do anything but paint a target on my back for bullying. I wasn't just a weird kid, now I was a retarded kid. And that was a reputation that'd stay with me for the entirety of middle school. I even got in several fights, all of which I lost because while I just wanted to push people out of my face, they wanted to do actual damage and assert dominance. About the only good thing that happened was that I got a better computer with internet access, and one of the first things I did was look up the signs of autism so I could learn to hide it. And by "hide it" I mean "sit completely still or else people will think you're stimming, don't talk about anything you like because people will think you're obsessed with it... better yet just don't talk to anyone".

After 6th grade my mom stopped making me go to that babysitter, meaning I could walk to school and stay home alone. The sudden rush of freedom was too much for me, to the point where I woke up late on a few days and just thought "whatever I'll skip 1st period/the whole day, no one will know". Back at school, the bullies changed up their tactics. They went from outright mocking me to pretending to be nice to me, which only made me distrust anyone who was trying to be friendly. Even if they were being genuine about it. Hell, to this day, I still recoil a little every time someone tries to make small talk or whatever, because it just reminds me of the assholes from middle school. Grade-wise, I still showed a couple signs of giftedness, mainly in the way of math. I did well enough in 6th-grade math that I qualified to take pre-algebra early (7th instead of 8th like most students), but I didn't do well enough in that class to take algebra in 8th, so I wound up retaking pre-algebra instead. Apparently the teacher of my 7th-grade class hated guys though, because not a single guy in my class made it to early algebra. Between 7th and 8th grade I started learning to code, but I lacked the drive to do anything serious and the friends to suggest project ideas.

High school wasn't much better. I had gotten so good at hiding my alleged autism that the school was convinced that I didn't actually have it, so they got the special ed department off my back... not that it helped. The damage had already been done, I couldn't trust anybody, and there were still people from my middle school who knew who I was. I still had no friends. I could have joined an after-school club or something to make friends, but I saw myself as unworthy. Not like mom was going to come pick me up afterward, it was either I catch the bus or I walk an hour home. Even on the internet I couldn't make friends. I hung out on a few forums but it's not like I ever got close to anyone. I just did what I'm doing right now, writing a post about myself without making any attempt to hold a discussion with someone. Academically I actually failed a couple semesters because I just found it that hard to care about what I was doing.

Then towards the end, as if to rub salt in the gaping wound, I got a small taste of what could have been. Nothing normalfag-tier, just enough to give me a frame of reference. I took this game dev class in my senior year, and there I got teamed up with a couple people who not only tolerated me, but actually liked being around me. I don't know if I could call them friends, but just the fact that they treated me like a human being was one hell of an improvement. Honestly it felt alien. And people also seemed to like the games I made. They thought I was a really talented programmer with a future in making games. But all that did was just give me a false hope for the future, a delusion that it was only going to get better from there. And it never got better. Just worse.

At least college was simple. Took all my classes online, only set foot on campus when I had to, and rarely had to bother with being around people. Only problem is that it took 5 years to get what should have taken 2, because I was still high on "im gonna work for VIDEOGAMES" and tried to go for a bachelor's in compsci. Halfway through I sobered up, changed majors to an associate's in IT, and found a job doing sysadmin work for a local IT company.
>> No. 25900 [Edit]
>tried to go for a bachelor's in compsci. Halfway through I sobered up, changed majors to an associate's in IT
Was comp-sci too hard?
>> No. 25901 [Edit]
It wasn't compsci itself that turned me away. The main thing was when I bombed my second English class because it was all about literary analysis, and I've always hated being forced to read literature. Meanwhile a 2-year degree only needed one English class. Then I started becoming more aware of how much of a disaster the game industry was (both AAA and indie), and I decided I want no part in it. Then there's just the fact that I wouldn't have the money for a bachelor's. I'd either have to take out a student loan or get scholarships, neither of which I was willing to do.
>> No. 25902 [Edit]
I think my school years could have been a lot worse, but, as a whole, they were definitely not a pleasant time for me.

My first eight years of school, I was pretty consistently harassed, followed, ganged up on, and slandered. My teachers often hated me because of lies my classmates would tell them about me; people would follow me around the school tormenting me; groups of other students would get together and beat me up; false accusations were made about me; and the list goes on. I was not very focused on my academics or other extracurriculars because the entire school environment at any given point was so hostile. When I was about 7, I became very depressed due to nihilistic thoughts from learning about the heat death of the universe, our sun becoming a red giant, and the extremely long time universe-scale events occur over. By the end of junior high, I had successfully taught myself to not respond to the people that followed me around and to suppress my emotions, so the only thing I felt by that point was an unceasing desire to kill myself.

In high school, I got in trouble with school administration quite frequently (about once a month on average), usually because 3DPD would slander me. One complained that I looked crazy and deranged, another falsely accused me of sexual harassment, others thought I "walked like a murderer," etc. A big source of stress for me was the club I was in. Very long story short, spiteful 3DPD witches would bring in all their friends to the biweekly club meetings and cruelly criticize every aspect of my existence for two hours. The constant clashes I had with 3DPD and the school admin probably accounts for 80% of my total misery in high school. For brevity, I won't go into any more detail.

My classes were not very interesting. The school refused to let me take more challenging courses, so I was stuck in the same classes as those with disabilities or a proclivity for criminal behavior. I eventually started to recognize good days to skip, and I'd just stay at home and overdose on OTC drugs. I am very glad that I was wise enough to skip as many days of school as I possibly could - even though I was just alone in my room, zonked on OTC meds, it was still better than being in school, where I was constantly accused of absurd bullshit and denied opportunities to advance my learning.

College was a lot better. By the time I started, I didn't care about 3DPD nonsense and other unenlightened normalfag drivel. While I got along with the people in my department well enough, I ultimately didn't make any friends or anything, but I enjoyed studying science and math. Working on campus late at night while everyone else was asleep was pretty nice.

>By my junior and senior year I blended in well enough to be totally ignored and spent every lunch period laying down in the nurse's office
That's nice. I had a couple sanctuaries throughout school as well, but it always ended up that I'd get in trouble for being there or evil people would follow me there to mess with me.
>> No. 25904 [Edit]
File 160043308840.jpg - (216.51KB , 850x531 , sample_ecff49ac4a45e587c2ae94e69633ada6.jpg )
How many people were in your school? Did you grow up in a poor area? Sometimes I read horror stories like this, but I don't know what causes them. My guess is that the psychotic harassment of others correlates with poorer areas and a smaller student body. Treatment like that is obviously lawsuit worthy.
>> No. 25913 [Edit]
I attended a private Catholic school for kindergarten and 1st grade, which probably had no more than 300 students K-8. These were the most blatantly psychopathic; teenagers would beat me up on the playground at recess and threaten to kill me and my family. The families there were probably at least somewhat affluent if they could afford private school. This one closed at some point after I left it.

The public high school I ended up at had around 1000 students, mostly from highly-educated upper middle class families. Those students, I think, were extremely spoiled, entitled, and had no concept of what the real world is like beyond the safety and comfort of the suburbs. They were also hypocrites that each liked to present as a paragon of virtue, but they all regularly partook in criminal activities and stabbed each other in the back.

You are not the first to recommended a lawsuit, but I'm not sure who I'd even sue. My school years experience was an ensemble of many events involving many different people, and the slimy bastards in the administration doubtlessly have their asses covered with "documentation" that whatever they did was justified. A number of others had it much worse than me, and I'm not even sure what they could do.
>> No. 25914 [Edit]
If that's the case, why aren't all schools like this? I highly doubt inner city schools are better. My school was similar to yours, in fact probably smaller, but while I was made fun of at times, nobody threatened to kill me or consistency harassed me or assaulted me. I didn't pay much attention to everybody else, but I don't remember seeing that kind of thing either. Maybe it's the time period.
>> No. 25915 [Edit]
The private school where all the overtly evil stuff happened could have been an outlier. Things definitely weren't that violent when I transferred to public; junior high onward, my classmates' modus operandi was typically lying to and manipulating teachers or following me around harassing me, often about the lies they started about me. It is hard to say why exactly it happened, though.
>> No. 25932 [Edit]
You don't have to be rich to go to a private school, many poor people send them there as a status thing. My mother(a warehouse worker) works with people that send their children there, there was also somebody in my area that sent their children there at the expense of everything else, the child was hospitalised for malnutrition in the end.

Maybe that is the cause of it, sending poor children that can barely even afford to eat to a school for upper middle class kids would breed quite a bit of animosity.
>> No. 25933 [Edit]
I always had trouble making friends, but for most of elementary school I wasn't too sad or lonely about it. I didn't particularly enjoy any subjects, most stuff was easy enough and I'd daydream a lot and draw here and there.

Middle school was when I started getting bullied, but lucky it ended after a couple of months when I got to sit elsewhere. I still mostly kept to myself, but I finally made one of my closer friends and we would write and draw stories together. After school I didn't join many clubs or groups, just heading straight to the library and reading books. Daydreaming a lot turned to relying on creative writing to really deal with how dull life got, even though I always knew it'd be hard to make any money off it. In 8th grade I had some good times playing Magic the Gathering.

9th to 10th grade was the worst and I wish I could just redo it. I'd want to say most of it was just depression and being immature and socially awkward. And then 11th to 12th grade things looked up a bit, I enjoyed a couple of my classes (useless philosophy and psychology) and made friends mostly over video games we played outside of it. Still, by that time I was frustrated enough with real-life that I didn't really try with 3D girls, but I don't think doing so at that age would be any better than playing a lot of games. I ended up having to retake some classes here and there but it ended up working out, and there was less overall time spent with school if you took required classes the first two years.

I spent most of college on my hobbies and I had some high streaks but also couldn't find the same level of friendship back in high school, and didn't enjoy video games as much anyways. There was an SSBM group I tried to hang out with but I didn't have the time or effort to grind skill as much as they did, I suppose I did go to martial arts club though. Classes could be pretty bad and I had been too lazy to change my major (probably would mean less time on hobbies if so) in the sense that there was usually a good deal of SJW brainwashing. Being stuck in apartment meant dealing with/facing certain people regularly, a brainwashed SJW and an alcoholic for my last two years. Still, I overall probably let the depression get the better of me back then and probably could've made stuff better quality or quantity-wise as I attempt to try to find a career in the creative field.

Still, school was on average better than most of the working grind except for a two-year stretch in early teens where depression got better of me -- that, and when I was younger less general life experience made stuff like video games, anime and cartoons more fun so those could often somewhat redeem a bad week of school.
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