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File 158422290880.jpg - (370.18KB , 750x1137 , ad7bc3edc12606e7c135a62ff3c140b1.jpg )
25385 No. 25385 [Edit]
How do different times of day, seasons and weather affect your mood? When spring comes around, and it gets warmer outside, I feel more alive. All of my emotions become more pronounced. This is a double-edged sword. When I'm happy, I feel it much more, and when I am not, that is also much stronger. When it's warm outside, I feel like I have to do something, like there's got to be something to look forward to. Never actually happens though.

I love early morning the most because it makes me optimistic. Sunsets are depressing as hell because the day is ending and I never feel like I got enough out of it. By the time it's night though, that sense of unfulfillment is gone and I feel just fine. Rain and clouds are nice in their own way because everything feels the same the entire day.

Post edited on 14th Mar 2020, 2:57pm
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>> No. 25388 [Edit]
File 158430381645.jpg - (198.40KB , 900x1273 , __cirno_and_tanned_cirno_touhou_drawn_by_fkey__d93.jpg )
I'm not really sure. I think the weather is a much bigger influence than the season to me.
>> No. 25389 [Edit]
I hate spring and summer especially thunderstorm. Always sticky and hot followed by nigger weather, very loud. Feels like I'm gonna strike to death.
Autumn and winter are comfy.
>> No. 25391 [Edit]
>especially thunderstorm
I really enjoy a mild thunderstorm during a Summer's afternoon. Hearing the rain hitting the window; lightning's roar crackling throughout; the feeling of relaxation because there's nothing to be done outside due to the weather. Coupled with a visual novel or manga, whose world is also experiencing Summer, is a welcome bonus. (Emphasis, however, on "mild" because anymore than that might fuck with the power lines)
Humidity is awful, though.
>> No. 25402 [Edit]
Cold and humid is the worst.
>> No. 25404 [Edit]
It depends on the occasion.
If I go out swimming in the river, summer is the best. Otherwise winter is the best. I'm not in favor of the changes autumn and spring bring. I'm more in favor of winter than summer because winter shows a better analogy of the decay of mind.
>> No. 25405 [Edit]
File 158457949026.jpg - (160.92KB , 1000x702 , 1ac98d54d24da9d2fd3e2253e54c9881.jpg )
I don't like fall a whole lot. I'd say it's my least favorite season. Spring is so great to me because even before it even starts warming up, you can feel the stir of life. It's the air. I don't know why, but the first breathes of spring air are intoxicating. It's so "fresh".
>> No. 25409 [Edit]
Autumn is just full of wind, rain, and thunder, and full of unnecessary pressure of trying not to have the umbrella broken by the winds, it is nerve-racking. I associate freshness mostly with winter. What could be purer than snow? In spring and summer I sweat a lot, it just feels overheated, like the sun drying out every living thing on earth. Ideally I flee into the cold water of the river, and that's the climax of summer for me, other than mango-kiwi ice cream and cold drinks. Maybe I'm a bit biassed due to being allergic to the blooming of spring, sneezing and head cold take great parts of the enthusiasm for spring, which otherwise possibly would be there, away; "intoxicating" is indeed the right term for it. I try to hide my skin away from the sun, always wearing long sleeves, and accessories as sunglasses and hat, it makes me sweat even more; after I sweat a lot going outside, the sweat stain on my back has the form of a butterfly! The other thing making winter so attractive to me is the fact, that it is the season of physical needs, summer feels just excessive to me in every form, full of energy, I almost get envious of the ones blooming in energy, but winter is truly the calmest season where nature has stopped acting, a great time for nostalgia, a great time for thinking over beauty(of pictures of an other world, which are of shining characters in spring and summer).
>> No. 25416 [Edit]
I enjoy mid spring the most when temperatures have started noticabely getting better and I don't even need my large hoody anymore. But I also like the peak of the Summer cause I can endure and it keeps most people inside. But I can also appreciate the depths of Winter because how quiet it is allows for a lot growth and reflection. The cold air has something like a spiritually humbling effect.
>> No. 25419 [Edit]
I quite prefer Autumn, Winter, and early Spring over Summer. In my region there isn't a large difference in climate between the three aforementioned seasons (there tends to be more intra-seasonal variation than inter-seasonal anyhow), and so they all generally tend to cool days that culminate in sharp, crisp nightfall. I generally prefer wintry weather (so long as it doesn't get too bitter, which it never does here) since there tend to be fewer people out and about and the tranquil atmosphere is calming. Moderate rain is even better – so long as one is sheltered indoors – as observing the rhythmic pink noise of rainfall and bellowing of the wind puts one in a pensive mood, where you're almost humbled by the ephemerality of your natural surroundings (as >>25416 alluded to).
>> No. 25427 [Edit]
I enjoy fall and winter far more than spring and summer. Summer at least has some things going for it and the heat can be enjoyable sometimes, but spring in general I don't really like. The latter half of the year is the better half. I think the best part about spring is that walking around at night is more pleasant than it would be in the winter.
>> No. 25599 [Edit]
In nearly every way. Spring and Summer I am always more energetic, and in general more content with things. THings look promising, and I feel at ease. During Fall, things start crumbling down and I get more restless, rains a lot here, and I always have this sentiment that rain and thunder alike are punishments from God or something. I feel like an ancient hiding from unstoppable forces. This all said, i live in a so-called tropical paradise. From an outsider perspective "it's always sunny". But even so I feel those things very much and they peak at winter. During the middle of winter it feels like a mess. My mind and body feel like being attacked i am more pessimistic and all.
I also feel these things about morning and night, except they peak at summer. Around 5-7 pm it's the worst time. During winter everythin its too hazy to make out.Every winter is a pain to get through.
I even feel like the specific times when rains are connected with my emotions somehow, not because it rained, but before even raining.
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