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File 164162072413.jpg - (58.92KB , 669x900 , E8Q305aVoAc2fLW.jpg )
27004 No. 27004 [Edit]
do your parents force you to do anything?
i'm 26 and still live with my parents, while i know they don't hate me, they do put alot of pressure on me to do normal things; get a 3DPD and focus on collage etc. i understand what they mean but they're so oppressive i almost makes it worse. and i can't do anything against them whatever they say goes. but at the sametime they do love me, it's this weird back and forth and i just feel alot from it.
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>> No. 27005 [Edit]
Yes, they try to push to be "social," make friends, and will often talk about future plans as if it is a given I will get a 3dpd and spawn offspring. It's not really oppressive and I guess they mean well, but I wish it'd be more clear to them that I am simply not wired for that kind of stuff and resent it.
>> No. 27006 [Edit]
My father would pressure me to ditch my mother and move out on my own. Not that there was any indication he'd help me out in any way shape or form if I did, he just thought it was pathetic. He'd also pressure me to be more of a handyman, help him with his various repairs and projects, and generally treat me like a disposable tool. No love there, just keeping around someone as long as they're useful.
My mother meanwhile would use emotional manipulation to pressure me into staying with her, supporting her and taking care of her day to day. Not sure if there's love there or the fear of being alone and being unable to care for herself.
Neither one seems like they could care less about me being social. I used to get the impression my mother wanted grand kids but I think she gave up on that.
>> No. 27007 [Edit]
File 164163049862.jpg - (1.33MB , 3240x5760 , 1597191697151.jpg )
Sometimes I think people that loves you can be worse than people that hates you or is indiferent towards you. It's not like love redeems the whole family thing, it's what truly makes it so terrible.
I remember this guy in an schizoid forum talking about how his awful mother was literally encouraging him to kill himself, and I had this weird thought; "he's lucky".
If you hate your parents and your parents hate you, you're free, there's no debts to pay. If there's "love" involved, then there's guilt and shame, for life. Everything is more painful.
I've been living independently for 5 years and I still have the same feelings, I don't think I could ever get rid of them. I see my father like four or five times a year, he tells me what I should have done, what I should be doing, what I should do, I argue against it, I end feeling terrible, shame and guilt for weeks, like an awful son, a leech. It will never end, doesn't matter the age. I plan to renounce to my inheritance in the hopes of feeling more at peace with it, but I suspect even that would not be enough. I could have been free of all of it, but I fucked up and it's my biggest regreet.
>> No. 27010 [Edit]
what kind of collages do you make?

im also 26 but i feel i enjoy living away from home a lot which is a motivation to try do things in my life (as i feel anxious doing things in front of my parents)
>> No. 27012 [Edit]
My dad found out one of our neighbors is a "tinder coach" and got mad when I wouldn't agree to sign up for her coaching.
>> No. 27013 [Edit]
I think he meant college?
>> No. 27016 [Edit]
What the hell is that? someone who gives you advice on how to attract whores on tinder?
>> No. 27071 [Edit]
op here
i would love to live alone but my parents are really forcing me through collage and think if i start living alone i won't focus on studies. i kinda get it but living with them really doesn't make me feel comfortable.
>> No. 27093 [Edit]
My parents often try to pressure me to get a drivers license and start driving instead of just being a shut-in. I don't know if anyone else shares this, but the very thought of driving gives me fear and dread. It's not the act of controlling a car in and of itself – since I'd be perfectly fine driving on a rural, desolate road with no one else around – but it's the unpredictability of everyone else on the road zooming along on their death contraptions. And add to that the situational awareness and the sheer number of variables you have to pay attention to combined with my propensity to overanalyze things. And then add to that the fact that this awareness and predictive processes must be maintained for the duration of an entire trip. Just the thought of it is exhausting.
>> No. 27094 [Edit]
File 164413930988.png - (1.99MB , 1600x1200 , Touhou Remilia and Sakuya 009.png )
I have my license and a car and I don't like driving either. I live in a country town so it's not that bad here and it's quite easy to drive from town to town as well. But I am incredibly nervous about city driving so if I have to go to the city I usually drive to the outskirts and then walk the rest of the way. But it's like anything, I would get used to it if I did it regularly.

I think it's a skill everybody should have, if you have a car or access to a car and a license, you can go anywhere, whenever you want and you are able to buy and drive home most items if the are not furniture and all without ever having to deal with other people.
>> No. 27095 [Edit]
Driving was always a very scary experience for me. My father pressed me to get a license for years, I got one (it wasn't easy, it took me a year) just so I could have some peace at least. I drove for 4 years, had two accidents, never touched a car again and it's been almost 6 years until the last time. I couldn't even do basic shit like parking.
>I usually drive to the outskirts and then walk the rest of the way
I feel identified with this, I used to do that all the time. I still dream a lot about driving and fucking things up, where I'm in the wrong side of the road or I'm causing an accident. I had one of those last night, it's like an extremely common dream of mine.
>> No. 27125 [Edit]
I hate driving and live with my parents in a city you have to drive a ton to go anywhere, I'm finally moving out in large part just to go to a city with good public transit and ditch my car. I mostly hate everything about parking, needing to plan out ahead of time where you can park when you want to go somewhere, actually finding a spot once you're there, and how nerve-wracking it is that even the slightest bump is a huge deal. Also compared to the train where I can just do whatever, driving time just feels like completely wasted chunks of my day where my only option is to constantly be searching for enough podcasts to fill the time.

Post edited on 18th Feb 2022, 4:13pm
>> No. 27137 [Edit]
Mine also pressure me to get a license. For me, it's not about a fear of driving but simply a lack of motivation. The exams here are quite difficult and it's quite rare for people to pass on their first attempt. I'd rather not waste so much money and time on something that I am not guaranteed to pass anyway. You also need to pay absurd amounts of money as a car owner (parking tickets, insurances, taxes) that I'd also rather keep for myself.
>> No. 27220 [Edit]
I just got my license last November, and I had the same fear you do now for all the years I've been out of highschool and license-less. I thought, when I was getting it, that i would never want to go further than driving around my town or to the nearest town over. I really was that scared of it and I felt that I could never ever drive on a highway, to me it felt that I was mentally incapable. When I imagined trying to navigate such a chaotic mess of other people in massive deathboxes I just couldn't see how my clumsy ass could do it. Well, I've had a car for all of two or so months now, and it honestly does get so much easier over a little bit of time. Just last month I took a 60 mile drive out into the countryside to visit a favorite old town of mine, and the only problems I had were some navigational errors like missing a turn. Control-wise, it just doesn't feel like anything, it feels routine and like something I could do while eating. Keep in mind, I'm a diagnosed high-functioning autist and I've had to take classes on social interaction before just to land a job. Now I do drive to work 6 of 7 days a week, so that helps.

It's an important skill to have if only because it means you have the freedom to get up and go somewhere if you want, scary or not. It seems a lot harder and a lot scarier than it is but if you haven't done it yet, you just have no way of knowing. I really thought I would never pass the road skills test. Maybe it really is too much for some people and I certainly think it could be, but you never know until you try.
>> No. 27397 [Edit]
I'm still pretty young. My parents just don't want me to be a hikikomori. My mom mostly just wants me to do something, anything. Meet people and all of that. My dad doesn't seem to care about me socializing or anything, but he does want me to do something with myself. He's more supportive and understanding than my mother, but also has higher expectations as a result. Tells me he'd be doing the same thing as I am in my shoes, but if I lived with him, I'd have to work.
My mom doesn't make me do anything. She's kind of crazy. An alcoholic too. I'm uncertain what exactly she wants for me, but she kinda loses it if I talk about possibly moving out. She's never really said anything to me, but from what I've heard I'm pretty scared to move out. At the same time, she's scared of pushing me away, so she's very accommodating.
>> No. 27584 [Edit]
File 165839991921.png - (321.82KB , 729x717 , 1656319310951.png )
My mom suggested trying internet dating the other day. I don't remember the context. I told her I wasn't really interested in those sorts of people. To which she responded by telling me that I just have to keep trying.
It's the first time she's brought up this in particular. She'll be disappointed to know I have no interest in it. Even if I were to try, the best I could hope for is some girl that plays Overwatch and likes My Hero Academia or whatever is popular these days. I think that'd just irritate me more than anything and it'd go absolutely nowhere. I'll just keep enjoying the things I enjoy and keep loving my waifu instead.
>> No. 27585 [Edit]
File 16584250342.png - (128.57KB , 384x253 , 1658345404587700.png )
I'm being pressured with studies. The problem is that I'm too dumb and very, very unwilling to do any of it. I've gotten signed up to summer courses, and they have this expectation that I'll be studying 12 hours a day at some point, unironically.
Had my first day of summer school today, and it went average. I guess I'm just gonna continue doing nothing until this period of my life ends, and after that, I don't know what I'll do.
>> No. 27764 [Edit]
File 16670057241.png - (31.64KB , 116x126 , 1666239705739763.png )
My dad sometimes talks about "fucking chicks", and I can really sense that it's something important to him or whatever. I guess he still thinks I care about all of that stuff. I wish he'd give up on that. Never did him good. If anything that mindset is what has done him the most harm. I want to continue to take it easy, and a 3DPD is not going to help achieve that goal.
>> No. 27765 [Edit]
thanks for the new meguca image
>> No. 27766 [Edit]
File 166708908595.png - (56.05KB , 219x184 , mfwimpoorandshiet.png )
No but they always mention things like 3DPD or job any chance they can get, especially my dad and his side of the family, my mom and her side is much more understanding and my siblings relate to me actually.
>> No. 28136 [Edit]
File 168111422241.jpg - (0.98MB , 2469x3711 , __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_katai_nekoneko07.jpg )
I just got the old "You'll find someone right for you" talk from my mom again. Came about because my mom was feeling bad about herself and brought it up to me, and somehow it got turned around onto me, simply because told her I understood how it felt to be unappreciated compared to a more charismatic but less providing counterpart.
I tried to be done with it by saying that I haven't had any good experiences with women and that I'm happy enough on my own.
>> No. 28137 [Edit]
File 16811395947.jpg - (1.49MB , 1417x2004 , 24e94daf424195e4c376524db29168d1.jpg )
Did she say whether you'll find them in an active volcano, or the bottom of Mariana Trench?
>> No. 28138 [Edit]
She told me to check the sleazy motel across town.
>> No. 28139 [Edit]
my parents treat me like i'm disabled and shut me out if i don't do as they like. if i talk to the both of them they gang up on me, if i try to talk to them individually they stonewall me and then confer behind my back. everything i say is ammunition to them. they're impossible to deal with so i do the minimum to please them until they kick the bucket and i can collect my inheritance. there's nothing else i can do. if not even my own parents are on my side who have i got left?
>> No. 28140 [Edit]
What's preventing you from leaving?
>> No. 28150 [Edit]
they already kicked me out years ago.
>> No. 28151 [Edit]
It's normal, my mother used to pressure me to have a 3D.
Now, that i'm nearly 30. She stopped doing so, maybe she finally understood i am shpeshal.

The mom unit likes me doe, so i do reciprocate the feeling.
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