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File 163235402667.jpg - (348.13KB , 2048x1536 , sugoi.jpg )
26750 No. 26750 [Edit]
Lets post here every time you or someone you see performs a random act of kindness or good deed.
Please don't feel like posting your own deeds would be stroking your ego, the point here is to show that there's still some good in the world, give people some faith, and prove that there are still people out there trying to do some good!
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>> No. 26751 [Edit]
File 16323756065.jpg - (3.93MB , 2894x4093 , fire bunny.jpg )
I had the idea for this after buying a few things from a small shop where they forgot to ring me up for a bottle of disinfect. I went back in to pay for it. When I got home the bottle splooged on me and leaked all over. I thought about that saying "No good deed goes unpunished."
I find myself wondering a lot why I bother trying to be a good person in a world that generally punishes you for it in one form or another. You can lie your way out of problems or be honest and screw yourself over. You can take what you want, do what you want, and treat others however you want and the result is just getting a lot of what you want. Almost seems like insanity to do anything else. Maybe I am insane, but the one thing I want is to not be that kind of person. My life might be a miserableness endless nightmare of pain and suffering which routinely leaves me begging for the release of death to a god that ignores my torment, but if nothing else I can take solace in saying I tried in spite of it all. In a world as ugly and horrid as this one, at least I never gave in. A world like this needs people to be decent, because it has far too many who aren't.
>> No. 26778 [Edit]
Got an oil change. I pointed out that they made a mistake on my bill and undercharged me. Because I opened my big mouth I paid $50 for a "thanks".
>> No. 26779 [Edit]
Some people were collecting money for a charity outside of a store I went to today. It seemed to be for suicide prevention, a relatable topic I thought. I gave the guy $3, he gave me a hard time for not giving them at least $5, so I did. Then his partner started harassing my mother to also make a donation, ignoring what I just did. He went as far as yelling at us from across the road as we left. Kinda made me regret giving them anything.
>> No. 26780 [Edit]
Never give money to a charity without research. Street peddlers are irresponsible at best.
>> No. 26781 [Edit]
An oil change, and your bill was big enough they were able to undercharge you for $50 without even noticing the difference? You need to find a new mechanic.
>> No. 26782 [Edit]
This was at the dealer. Apparently the service itself was $15, the oil(parts) was 40-something. I think they have people bring in their own oil and assumed that's what it was.
>> No. 26788 [Edit]
>Never give money to a charity
Fixed that for you.
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