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File 146528059683.jpg - (42.16KB , 400x300 , cJw1qXh.jpg )
21847 No. 21847 [Edit]
Just like the title asks, how do you deal with those lonely nights? Do you hug your dakimakura? For those of you without one, what do you do? Hug a regular pillow? A stuffed animal? Clump the sheets together and hug those? How do you cope?

I myself usually hug the body pillow I got from Bed Bath, & Beyond. It doesn't really make me feel any less lonely but it's nice for the simple reason that I get to hug something that my arms can actually wrap around, some nights I hug the stuffed doll I made myself. It isn't as effective as it used to be at making any negative emotions less intense but I try to stick with it anyway since it's very important to me.

How about you?
>> No. 21848 [Edit]
When its cold and lonely I just think about Tohno and I become warm and tender inside.
>> No. 21849 [Edit]
I fap to lewd images and then fall asleep.
>> No. 21850 [Edit]
I grew up...
>> No. 21851 [Edit]

how much inches?
>> No. 21855 [Edit]
I tend to sleep listening music, it takes my mind off this kind of things and I can't have a daki because parents anyway. Also I tried searching prints of characters I like and they're all either too lewd or none at all.
>> No. 21856 [Edit]
The only time I'm able to feel comfortable and calm is when I'm alone so I never really feel lonely.
Imageboards are enough to satisfy my social needs.
>> No. 21857 [Edit]
I go out for a walk, maybe take my music player if i'm feeling particularly bold.
>> No. 21858 [Edit]
I've used drugs to put myself to sleep pretty much every night since the late 1980s
>> No. 21863 [Edit]
Staying up so late I fall asleep out necessity (which is probably what lots of people do).
Hug my daki with my headphones on playing comfy jazz or something and imagine stuff.
Read a longer doujin to get more invested in the story and so I can edge for longer.
>> No. 21866 [Edit]
I have a mink blanket which I normally use whenever it's a really cold night. Whenever I'm not sleeping under it I like to hug it to help me fall asleep.
>> No. 21878 [Edit]
Daki and plushie. It's comfy. I've never felt ronery when tired around bed time. It's only when I'm fully awake and energized with nothing to do.
>> No. 21880 [Edit]
I have a regular body pillow and I fantasize about my waifu. Sometimes I drink which in the long run only makes me feel worse
>> No. 21888 [Edit]
I don't care at all about being lonely...
>> No. 21889 [Edit]
I don't care at all about being lonely...
>> No. 21980 [Edit]
You won't feel lonely anymore after reading some creepy pastas.
>> No. 22055 [Edit]
I don't really know if I feel lonely.

I spend my time socializing on the internet through MMORPGs and IRC, so I feel like I have people to talk to. I get scared that I don't talk enough in real life, which might affect my speech.

I sort of want to make real friends again, after basically losing contact with everyone I knew (besides my parents) after finishing school.

I had a family friend stay as a roommate for a few months until he found a new apartment, and he was older than me and worked as a taxi driver, which made him even more anti-social since he worked odd and long hours and had even less social interaction that I did.

We met and talked a total of 4 times since he stayed with me for three months.

The scariest, and saddest thing, was that I never once saw him talk or call anyone. He would sleep with reruns of 'Friends' on his computer as background noise. That was his favorite show and about the only media-related thing we talked about.
>> No. 22057 [Edit]
I do whatever I have to. Sometimes it's reading that keeps me busy, and sometimes watching anime. The important thing is that you do it until you are completely and utterly exhausted. That way, there's no time for your brain to start thinking about it while you lay there. You just put the book down and fall asleep.
>> No. 22113 [Edit]
I take my pillow from below my head and hug it.
Of course most of the times I fap first.
>> No. 22121 [Edit]
>I get scared that I don't talk enough in real life, which might affect my speech
I've been yelling in my basement and lapsing into loud monologues and lectures to help with fluidity, volume and tone. Your voice will get really quiet and disjointed if you aren't actively using it. You should also find ~5 people's voice/interaction style you like and try to emulate it. It's helped a lot.

The sound of your voice is more important than what's said irl.
>> No. 22211 [Edit]
Why do you have so many pictures of Roy Mustang hugging pillows?
>> No. 22232 [Edit]
I was not aware one was a high number.
>> No. 22238 [Edit]
Ive seen at least two here
>> No. 22241 [Edit]
I found that second one you might have been talking about but I didn't make that thread.
>> No. 22473 [Edit]
Read for an hour then sleep, hugging a pillow to my chest as i lay on my back listening to asmr videos on youtube
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