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File 160282422931.png - (545.10KB , 1200x1100 , 5b65a38293083b4882665f81777ef751.png )
25993 No. 25993 [Edit]
Have you ever tried to kill yourself? What method(s) did you use? If you made multiple attempts, how many? What pushed or keeps pushing you over that edge? How did you feel when you woke up in the hospital or each time it happens? Did life change for you in any way at all, for better or for worse? How did others around you feel, if you had anyone? What other experiences do you have related to it?
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>> No. 26014 [Edit]
I haven't but at some point I started to plan it, carbon dioxide was the method I was thinking of since I noticed how when you think seriously about killing yourself (like not fantasizing or anything, just seriously thinking about it) some methods cause a severe mental rejection, I couldn't just shoot myself or something bloody (but effective) like that, I found I needed something slow and clean.
>> No. 26015 [Edit]
File 160331436876.jpg - (277.81KB , 1080x1493 , Screenshot_20201005_093931.jpg )
at first I wanted to fly to the US and buy a shotgun at a gun show or off craig's list to shoot myself in the head with, since from my research that seemed to be the most reliable way out. I eventually concluded that it was too big a risk because I didn't have enough money to travel back to Europe in case buying a gun in the US isn't as easy as the mass media would have me believe.

Plan B was to go to Scandinavia or Siberia and just keep walking north until I die of either thirst, hunger, or most probably hypothermia. I settled for Scandinavia because I didn't want to risk Russian border guards kicking me out.

I was at the train station, waiting for the first train on my journey to Malmö, when I got a call informing me that an employer I had previously contacted was interested in giving me the comfy, interesting and reasonably well-paying job I had applied for.

I decided to take up the offer, and by the time it became clear that the whole business didn't pan out as I had hoped, the weather was already too warm and the days in Scandinavia too long to go back to my suicide plan.
>> No. 26371 [Edit]
File 161444178472.png - (204.54KB , 1000x1000 , __original_drawn_by_avogado6__1fd7c6c25b7c4874f683.png )
Hypothermia is an option I've strongly considered along with hanging and to a lesser extent jumping. Ideally I'd like to do it in the wild, somewhere where my body won't be found but I've read that hypothermia isn't a very effective method and as for hanging you'd need something to anchor the ligature to.
>> No. 26372 [Edit]
I gravitate towards that too. Another nice thing about it is the plausible deniability, there is no way to prove for certain that it was suicide.
>> No. 26373 [Edit]
I've never made an attempt. When I do eventually kill myself I'm not going to fail, it's pretty easy to end your life with a little research and following the proper steps. Hanging, slitting your wrists, a big jump, or for americans, a gun, are all pretty foolproof.
>> No. 26374 [Edit]
Nothing is foolproof because there's always margin for error (e.g. your equipment malfunctions). But hanging and slitting wrists seem like pretty miserable ways to go since they take a longer time and you'd probably be in physical pain for that duration.
>> No. 26376 [Edit]
I figure the sure way is better than the comfortable way. After all, the point is to stop being alive. I don't want to risk surviving, and if you actually make sure the support, drop distance, knot, etc is right, then you pretty much can't fail. Most botched suicides are due to poor planning or lack of real desire to die.
>> No. 26386 [Edit]
File 161524532547.jpg - (165.28KB , 851x789 , 1570975664711.jpg )
I'm sorry to all of you who feel this way for how horrible the world can be. I'll miss you and think about you.
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