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File 164162072413.jpg - (58.92KB , 669x900 , E8Q305aVoAc2fLW.jpg )
27004 No. 27004 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
do your parents force you to do anything?
i'm 26 and still live with my parents, while i know they don't hate me, they do put alot of pressure on me to do normal things; get a 3DPD and focus on collage etc. i understand what they mean but they're so oppressive i almost makes it worse. and i can't do anything against them whatever they say goes. but at the sametime they do love me, it's this weird back and forth and i just feel alot from it.
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>> No. 28139 [Edit]
my parents treat me like i'm disabled and shut me out if i don't do as they like. if i talk to the both of them they gang up on me, if i try to talk to them individually they stonewall me and then confer behind my back. everything i say is ammunition to them. they're impossible to deal with so i do the minimum to please them until they kick the bucket and i can collect my inheritance. there's nothing else i can do. if not even my own parents are on my side who have i got left?
>> No. 28140 [Edit]
What's preventing you from leaving?
>> No. 28150 [Edit]
they already kicked me out years ago.
>> No. 28151 [Edit]
It's normal, my mother used to pressure me to have a 3D.
Now, that i'm nearly 30. She stopped doing so, maybe she finally understood i am shpeshal.

The mom unit likes me doe, so i do reciprocate the feeling.

File 156646285632.gif - (249.07KB , 480x360 , 1563369114098.gif )
24553 No. 24553 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Hello. I am 15 years old, and I saw no specific rules about not being able to post if you are under 18?
Hopefully I am allowed to post.
Now saying that I may frustate some of you (and for good reason), however I will say that I will not post anything outside of this thread, and I will try to be respectful, and here are some things about myself.
-I don't have any friends, in real life or online.
-Almost all of my time outside of school, and not sleeping I have been on this world wide web, (since I was 3, my mom put me on a preschool website and just let me wander)
-Anime wise, I don't actually have that many under my belt, because i'm scared of watching a bad one, but I very much love anime and Japanese content. Some animes that I have liked are, A Place Farther than the Universe, Welcome to the NHK, Non Non Biyori, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-I'm unable to speak to anyone besides my family in real life because of how shy I am
-I'm autistic
-I don't have any dreams for the future, or willpower to be able to do anything.
-I don't have/use any social media, or a phone
-I am very much interested in the old internet, being of my age I have only experienced a little of only well, 2007ish internet, and I can not remember much of my experiences around that time besides a handful. I browse archives of old websites, and look at old dead forums a lot, encyclopedia dramatica articles about internet events that have long been forgotten and I very much like these small website communities, where if you don't know where to look you will never find them. I don't very much like most of this 2019 internet, as I feel a lot of it's fun and soul have been taken away.
I like the people on here, and I would like to learn about things from you. I know generally older people are smarter than younger people. I personally would love to tell my 8 year old self a lot of things. If anyone can tell me about there experiences, or just general knowledge, about otaku culture, the old internet, or anything really I will be very grateful.
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>> No. 27801 [Edit]
>have your entire life head of you

That might be true, but I don't think it's fair to assume anyone who found their way here ever really had a life ahead of them. Nor do I think that 15 is too early to know that. I didn't completely lose faith until I dropped out of college at 20, but I knew everything was fucked by the time I was ten.

Do you really think if you could go back things would be any different? If you could roll back the clock to your first day of high school, even knowing what you know now, could you have had a normal life?
>> No. 27802 [Edit]
If one is on this site (and enjoys it) at 15, he's probably going to be de facto alienated from his peer group. That's not to say you're slated to become a NEET, (indeed one could quite easily get a job in one of the ee or cs adjacent fields), but even amongst 25+ very few seem to be left who enjoy slow long-form mailing-list-esque communication (and conversely dislike instant messaging). Amongst the < 18 crowd, I strongly believe it's only a handful.
>> No. 28083 [Edit]
I'm this guy who responded to you years ago, I was extremely up and down in 2019 to be honest so I had some high highs and low lows (it sounds very bipolary maybe, but it was really because I was constantly outside my comfort zone).

I kind of flunked a bit in COVID but graduated and have a masters degree now, and I'm moving to Japan soon to study some more. It feels pretty random in all honesty, especially when I was barely able to speak to people and was in pain all the time on top. I also watched Clannad last year and liked that girl.

I sometimes wonder if I'd have done so much if I was never afflicted with chronic pain, it basically gave me no choice but to improve. I would also be happy to talk to you about things if you'd like, as I find it interesting and nostalgic to think about these days.

P.s. I have been NEET for like half a year, but plan on studiyng at postgraduate.
>> No. 28084 [Edit]
More specifically I'm the one who used typeracer.

Overall I think I'm not really depressed, just bothered over some legitimate issues. It's tiring to keep trying, and I wish I could've grown up nicely as I for some reason can't get over the fact I missed my adolesence. A miraculous reversal nonetheless.

File 161058147643.jpg - (591.74KB , 1820x2650 , 1607658232267100.jpg )
26312 No. 26312 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Last one (>>23024) hit the bump limit.
It was nice having a thread to casually express those somber thoughts.
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>> No. 28597 [Edit]
File 170292581659.png - (958.89KB , 618x900 , d2d51e3985b3baaca306372c6639d8d141ec3861.png )
I want to communicate but I can't properly express myself. There are things I want to do, but I was born into some kind of hell and don't seem able to escape it. I lost my entire life so far, and it seems too late to turn it around. I think about it (suicide) because I think I'll never realize any of the things I dream of. I've had suicidal thoughts almost daily since I was ~8. I don't know how to explain how I feel, I'm too weird even for a place like this. I just want to follow a certain path and be closer to an ideal, there are ideals I want very much to realize, things I want to try doing/making/creating, but this life is difficult. I can't translate what I mean into words, I wish I could show the real thing. I've always felt something/believed in something, and always wanted to try directing it towards something nice, but I feel like I never had a chance. I want very much to but I think I won't make it. There are many things I wish I could say but I don't want to be a bother so I'll try to stop.
>> No. 28598 [Edit]
Nice art.
>> No. 28599 [Edit]
I think this has hit the bump limit as well. Anyone up for creating a new thread?
>> No. 28600 [Edit]
I will.

File 167505049350.png - (41.51KB , 259x224 , imagem_2023-01-30_004802942.png )
27991 No. 27991 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I don't quite know how to explain it, but at this point, I don't hate being sad. I'm afraid to get better because I don't remember what it's like to be well. I'm so used to this feeling of emptiness that it started to not feel so bad. Like, sometimes I stop and think it's not that bad, but I guess I just got used to it.

I don't know if it's normal or if I'm going crazy, after all, what kind of person likes to be sad?
>> No. 27992 [Edit]
you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness
>> No. 27993 [Edit]
Change is scary, and people can get used to just about anything. Even if what they're used to is pain and suffering. The change could be for the better, but it's an unknown. The unknown is unpredictable. I think we fear the unknown because as bad as things might be, we know things can always be just a little worse. At least with what we know, we know what to expect, we can brace ourselves physically and emotionally for it, but how do we do that when we don't know what's coming?
So yeah, I'd say it's normal. It's the kind of thing that keeps people in abusive relationships and jobs they hate. I think understanding this would be the first step towards making things better. You don't have to live that way, you're allowed to have a better life. Don't tell yourself otherwise.
>> No. 28066 [Edit]
What kind of sad? Just emptiness or an actual feeling of sadness?
What positives do you see in your sadness exactly?
I find myself remembering periods where I experienced the latter with fondness. Probably for the comfort I felt when managing to escape into some fantasy or daydream. It also has a certain romanticism to it, i guess.
>> No. 28077 [Edit]
File 167909295550.jpg - (52.57KB , 1280x720 , ocelot.jpg )
no, you're far from being crazy.
the brain gets accustomated to recurring events, just like the Stockholm syndrome where the abducted becomes fond of its prison.

from my own experience, you should not keep on running on sadness, it's a limited fuel and once it runs out, anhedonia will be awaiting.
you need some positivity, after all that's what I believe we're all in search of and the main reason we are interacting.

i hope you can find some solace in this reply.

File 158211620253.gif - (76.31KB , 400x300 , 12-23-haku-child.gif )
25280 No. 25280 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
did you grow up poor
did you have an abusive childhood which led to you being fucked up
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>> No. 25658 [Edit]
Yeah that could be it, or it could be getting beaten by my mom and slammed repeatedly head first into concrete as she screamed about wanting to kill me.
>> No. 25662 [Edit]
that's definitely abuse
>> No. 25741 [Edit]
I grew up poor, yeah. But then again everyone around me was poor so I didn't really feel it that strongly at the time. By any metric I'm still poorer than the average person, but seeing the attitudes and behavior of the richer people in my country makes me disgusted, so I'm somewhat glad I didn't become like them. Wealth changes you as a person and very few can resist not becoming arseholes as a result.
>> No. 28045 [Edit]
File 167640392392.png - (505.43KB , 579x531 , 345353.png )
Fucking hell you're almost a carbon-copy of me, except I only had one sibling that was also abusive.
I think we older brothers get treated like that because we were maybe an unwanted birth. For anything I should be grateful of my parents, is of not making me not care about life and others in general.
It is liberating, but sad, in a way...

File 166949433477.jpg - (58.13KB , 450x400 , 1663900666848227.jpg )
27855 No. 27855 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Same happened to me because my parents refused to buy me HDDs for backup when I was younger.
I'm trying to recover some of the things I remember, but some of them were lost forever...
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>> No. 28004 [Edit]
It might take some getting used to, don't worry too much about it. I've been using imageboards for over a decade and I make the same mistake sometimes too. The design of imageboards can admittedly make it hard to tell at a glance if you're in a thread or not.
It's easy to overlook, but you can keep a look out for "Posting mode: Reply".
Personally I like to keep an eye out for the [reply] link next to the OP post. If you don't see it you're good. Also, next to the reply button in the post box you should see (new thread) or (reply to 27855).
>> No. 28038 [Edit]
File 167635984213.jpg - (597.31KB , 1440x1080 , 52411247.jpg )
a newfriend on TC?
>> No. 28040 [Edit]
File 167636838415.jpg - (43.84KB , 750x600 , Sheknows.jpg )
>> No. 28044 [Edit]
File 167640326971.jpg - (4.59MB , 3500x2468 , 345345345345345.jpg )
Not new, I just make dumb mistakes
Yeah, it just bothers me because I saw there's ancient threads here and I shouldn't kill them. The metal one in /mp3/ is from 2011.
I'm almost 30. I was a regular from uboa-chan during the 2000s.
I prefer .flow to yume nikki lol

File 167569613020.png - (209.17KB , 336x399 , 1673988160415669.png )
28008 No. 28008 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Why are people so fragile and aggressive at the internet the last 10+ years?
6 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 28023 [Edit]
Don't mind >>28018, despite the post not being grammatically correct it's still good content.
>> No. 28024 [Edit]
Forgoing proofreading is not indicative of an ESL. One might argue it's poor form, however.
>> No. 28025 [Edit]
I'm fairly certain the author is not a native speaker because of the prepositional errors using "at" instead of to/in. There's nothing wrong with that though; so long as the content is substantive and mostly intelligible, there's no reason to be elitist.

Post edited on 7th Feb 2023, 4:24pm
>> No. 28026 [Edit]
Yeah, you're right.

File 147456756662.png - (148.59KB , 500x500 , 57be2ff99274d9a6122e85eb787f091a.png )
22206 No. 22206 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you have a tulpa? If so, what is she like?
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>> No. 26814 [Edit]
I tried to make a tulpa, and for a time I believed I was doing it successfully, but it was just me daydreaming the whole time. It's a shame, the idea fascinates me and I really could use the companionship.
>> No. 27878 [Edit]
File 166990542886.png - (117.36KB , 600x600 , download20201204151414.png )
Yes, she's a bit nagging but understanding
Also somewhat works as my anxiety meter, since I don't really care about being alive on my own
We try to talk, but she doesn't come up with new things to talk about, so idk if she's really a tulpa or just me playing pretend, I really don't know. I'd appreciate some help on the matter
I can somewhat visualize her and hear her voice on my inner mind, but just barely
Pic related
>> No. 27937 [Edit]
File 167235735876.jpg - (185.22KB , 850x567 , __aoki_reika_and_sakagami_ayumi_precure_and_2_more.jpg )
Can i still make a tulpa, even if i can't "hear" my thoughts? I don't have an inner voice, or anything like that. I don't "hear" what i read either. It's just pure silence.
>> No. 27938 [Edit]
Do the apple visualization, shape rotation, bouba/kiki tests to find out.

File 167140942497.webm - (1.09MB , 1670562702470068.webm )
27913 No. 27913 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
-When I was younger, I used to worry incessantly about doing something with "passion" and being poor OR having money but hated my career. 18 was a hectic time because I thought I had to pick a career that I was going to be in for 10 years. Instead, what I found out is that there are all these jobs that will pay you better than minimum wage, take a shorter amount of time to train for, and can be done through the internet. Do that instead. If you're worried about being locked in to a 9 to 5, learn a proper skill online and do freelance work. If you're worried about what you're going to do to make money as an "adult", do one of these. Am I the last fucking one to figure that out? Anyway.. I got one, but if you're young, you probably shouldn't bother with a degree. Pick something you think you'd be good at.
-I mentioned it above, but use the internet to work from a laptop. Not only is it more convenient in terms of dealing with people and stress from going outside, but you can potentially move anywhere you want. Go to a country where the cost of living is low, low, low. Download google translate on your phone, then download the relevant languages that you will need so you can translate without an internet connection.
-Being able to move to where you want to go will enable you to get away from people who... don't treat you like you should be treated. That might be open disdain, pity, etc.etc., but try your best to get away from "energy vampires". When I left my small, small life behind, I thought I would be deathly lonely, leaving behind my parents and one or two distant old friends who reached out occasionally. It turns out that I am something like a natural loner.. Not to boast but I have almost never felt lonely at all, approaching 30 years old. Get away from those people
-If you're wondering what to eat to be healthy, do a "paleo" diet as a starting template. It's inexpensive and healthy: just whole foods, meat, veg, potatoes, some fruit. And eat the sample thing every day. This saves mental energy from having to figure out what to eat. Routine is good.
>> No. 27923 [Edit]
I found a way of dealing with my feelings of self-loathing, maybe someone could make use of it.

My issue was with having said or done things that I was told and accepted were wrong, but being unable to figure out what I should've done instead. I couldn't process it and just felt bad all the time.

The key thing is that your emotions exist to promote or inhibit behavior; you feel bad so you won't do the bad thing in the future. But to apply that you need understanding. So first, work out what you do or don't believe is wrong. And then once that's in place, ask yourself:

What did I do that was wrong?
Why precisely is it wrong?
How could I have known that?
Why didn't I see it?

If you can answer every one of these, then you know what to change.
If you cannot change, or if there are any of these you cannot answer, then you couldn't have done any better. It's not your fault. The blame might lie with the other party, or just the circumstance itself. But it's not your fault.

It's still a struggle; I have to remind myself of it a lot. But I'm feeling much better.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 27924 [Edit]
>How could I have know that?
>Why didn't I see it?
These might also be useful for people who struggle with overthinking or regret. I.e. you make some decision that turns out to be less than ideal and then become consumed with anxiety/rumination over having made that decision. Often you're making decisions without access to perfect information, so there's no way you could have done better in the first place.

At least that's the theory, in practice even knowing that it's never really helped assuage me.

File 164780155770.jpg - (46.50KB , 655x360 , anime-money-1149275.jpg )
27207 No. 27207 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
how much money do you make

ive spent so many years in university failing courses and when i finally get out, i cant handle working for more than a few months without losing my mind. between inability to get any good jobs due to my work gaps, low income and intense stress im at the end of my rope and thinking of ending it.
23 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 27906 [Edit]
>but then I also hear they cut you off if you own too much.
Trick is to buy it in a family member's name so they technically own it. Not that I would do that, but it's how I've seen other people commit welfare fraud.
>> No. 27907 [Edit]
There used to be a guy here who was really into that with plans of saving up to escape that life. He would buy precious metals and coins from what remember and keep them hidden, so he could sell them once he got cut off. Dunno if that worked out for him.
>> No. 27911 [Edit]
You can simultaneously be on social security and have money in investment accounts. Just as long as the money stays in those accounts to the point where it doesn't trip the max ammount you are allowed in regular savings/checking bank accounts. I met an elderly man who had 300k+ in investments (stocks I'm guessing). Don't take my word for it as I might have been fed some false info, but it would certainly be worth looking into.
>> No. 27917 [Edit]
1100 euro's in NEETbux, not living the rich life but I'm getting around

File 167073357582.jpg - (303.82KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Bocchi the Rock! - 01 (1080p) [E04F4E.jpg )
27897 No. 27897 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Which would you say it worse?
To grow up having every friend you've ever made quickly taken from you over and over until you get so tired of it that you just give up and stop trying, or never having any friends at all period?
4 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 27902 [Edit]
>Maybe at least be a friend to yourself.

Everyone ought to befriend themselves, just imagine spending every waking hour with someone you can't stand!
>> No. 27903 [Edit]
File 167090312584.jpg - (204.31KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Bocchi the Rock! - 04 (1080p) [10FE59.jpg )
I don't have to imagine.
>> No. 27904 [Edit]
I don't know. I have never really wanted friends.
>> No. 27912 [Edit]
I felt truly happy a few times as a small child. I mean 3, 5, 6 years old small. I don't think I've been happy since I was 8, and I'm almost 30. I did have a few brief, fpeeting sensations of happiness, but that was already a decade ago. It still feels like the most recent happy thing that happened to me. And I was already cynical enough that worry kicked in almost immidiately as I began being aware that I was feeling not bad. The world has felt like a big fake existence that I sit outside of and stare at since 2013 at the latest.

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