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File 158370854134.jpg - (1.82MB , 3314x3814 , 1582693327556.jpg )
25362 No. 25362 [Edit]
Hey /so/. It's been almost 4 years since I've been out of high school and I've been apart of the "underground" internet culture since 2012 and I've been coming here since mid 2015. I moved out of my parent's in June of 2018. Since then I've refused to pay for TV or internet so the only internet I've had is public wifi and the 2 G's I get on my phone every month. Since then I've dabbled in psychedelics and have been eating a sandwich almost daily. I've been having weird dreams of being in school again. I feel like I miss being around people my age and there's not many young people where I work. Is this what true loneliness feels like? I still feel young but how fast technology has moved over the last half decade has made me feel disconnected from younger people. I really do think I'm just getting old and disassociated from society. I have no idea where this is going, just a few thoughts I wanted to share with TC.

Post edited on 8th Mar 2020, 4:05pm
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>> No. 25363 [Edit]
Lay back on them sandwiches, they're taking their toll on you. I know the feeling a bit and can understand wanting to be around others your age. There are two problems I see with it, though. First is the obvious one of if you didn't fit in back then, there isn't much reason you would now and you're likely idealizing it. Second is even if you were around people your current age, it would probably be pretty boring as past a certain age many people stop caring about things they like and focus on their life, making them pretty boring to talk to and be around. Not everyone is like that but if you gathered up everyone you went to school with and put em in a room that's probably what the majority would be like.
>> No. 25365 [Edit]
>Since then I've dabbled in psychedelics and have been eating a sandwich almost daily.
You mean you eat at least a sandwich everyday or that you eat only that for the whole day?

>I've been having weird dreams of being in school again.
Me too. To be honest I always have it every few days. As some anon suggest in another thread sometimes I think it is because I don't really know much people on a personal basis outside the people who were my classmates, so there is a shortage of characters so to speak. What do you mean by weird? Are they very alike each other? My school dreams vary between school party and farewell parties (funny because I pretty much have never been to this sort of thing), 3DPD approaching me with crooked intentions, and general school shit.I also feel a sense of persecution in many of these dreams. A vexing sensation, especially when it's about ex-classmates who I used to converse with.

I can't say I share your feelings of want to be near people my age. Like >>25363 said I did not fit back then, I also think they are not interesting at all to be around.
>> No. 25367 [Edit]
>eating a sandwich
I tried editing the post, seems to be a word filter for the herb

>What do you mean by weird?
It's hard to explain. It's just very bizarre. It's not like HS at all but it is. It's as if cellphones never existed in these dreams and everyone is more engaging with each other. Everything is more formal in a way, sorta like a Japanese HS. I'll have to write a post next time I have one to give you a better idea. They are quite similar in the way they feel. Sometimes I feel like growing up alongside HS settings in media may have subconsciously made me disappointed in school because it never lived up to the hype.
>> No. 25368 [Edit]
>seems to be a word filter for the herb
That's quite hilarious, especially in context; I didn't even know tc had word filters.
>> No. 25369 [Edit]
ive only seen one or two, i wonder if the one for haruhi still works
>> No. 25370 [Edit]
nope, doesnt look like it
>> No. 25371 [Edit]
You Aren't thinking of the one that turns g0d into Haruhi are you?
>> No. 25392 [Edit]
damn it. i thought it was the other way around

i am not smart
>> No. 25417 [Edit]
>I tried editing the post, seems to be a word filter for the herb
First filter I like.
By the way, I get what you're saying, those dreams I mentioned before have those same qualities as well, and I have also came up with similar explanations for the phenomena.
>> No. 25495 [Edit]
File 158805356146.jpg - (47.41KB , 586x304 , 1348076866940.jpg )
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