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File 144799093120.jpg - (99.09KB , 1280x720 , 1368583761612.jpg )
20969 No. 20969 [Edit]
Posting in a dead board
>> No. 20970 [Edit]
You missed /navi/ /vn/ and /foe/
>> No. 20972 [Edit]
How to attract more people?
>> No. 20973 [Edit]
TC hates advertising, and hates new people, so... magic?
>> No. 20974 [Edit]
I'll get hate for this, but I honestly think people should subtly try to attract people from 4chan's /a/ and /r9k/, as well as wizchan. Initially there will be cancer, but most of that cancer will leave after they get bored, leaving some half decent posters. It will be worth it for those few quality posters that stick around.
>> No. 20975 [Edit]
Those who care enough have already found this place.
>> No. 20976 [Edit]
Shut up Ayu
>> No. 20977 [Edit]
I really don't like the thought of actively doing something to attract users, even if it is subtly. It always leaves a bad impression on me, which is one of the main reasons why I don't use 8ch.

If someone (preferably someone who doesn't write like a retard) asks for imageboard recommendations or just what boards you use, you tell them.
More than that would be annoying and most likely not have the desired effect (retards flooding, decent people being repelled by obvious advertising). Take the CP spam as a role model for how we really shouldn't do it, even if I had a serious case of shit taste and would feel attracted to 3DPD brats, I'd hate that site for this obnoxious shit.
>> No. 20980 [Edit]
>We don't need new people. What we really need is for the existing people to post more.
A thousand times this.
>> No. 20987 [Edit]
I can only think of one case in the entire history of the internet in which the death of a good imageboard wasn't caused by an influx of noobs. In every other case the board admin didn't spend the server fees on drugs and the board died because noobs showed up and started chatting amongst themselves, drowning the established user base who created the content which attracted noobs to the site initially. So, if the site you like is too slow then just be happy that you have a site you like at all.
>> No. 21071 [Edit]
What should we talk about?
>> No. 21092 [Edit]
There's nothing to talk about. There was never something to talk about, at least in respect to /so/ because any kind of discussion would be better served in a board where its the actual main topic with people knowledgeable about it. Boards like this are just stupid because they encourage self defeating attitudes and mediocrity, 2 things that got you in this hole in first place. No one here is retarded enough to actually need "advice" and venting becomes addicting instead of helpful. This is why this retard >>20979 is wrong and this place will stay half-dead like its been for years. Unchanging, with the same userbase that has exhausted most topics. But hey if thats what you want who am I to judge? It just seems an obvious contradiction to me to admit wanting more posts yet have that unwelcoming attitude towards new posters.
>> No. 21110 [Edit]
>/r9k/, as well as wizchan
pls no
>> No. 23119 [Edit]
Posting in a dead thread
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