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File 147456756662.png - (148.59KB , 500x500 , 57be2ff99274d9a6122e85eb787f091a.png )
22206 No. 22206 [Edit]
Do you have a tulpa? If so, what is she like?
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>> No. 22207 [Edit]
I wonder if people with tulpas have brain abnormalities that relate to perception. It would be neat if science could definitively prove or disprove tulpas' existence.

Also no.
>> No. 22212 [Edit]
That's a very broad question, OP. What do you mean?
>> No. 22213 [Edit]
>What do you mean?
What does she look like and how does she behave?
>> No. 22214 [Edit]
She's very young and short even for her age (about 80cm).
She's got very long brown hair (fairly dark, and longer than she is tall) and bright amber eyes.
She's caucasian with very pale skin.
Her facial features vary somewhat because I'm not great with faces so I never committed to visualizing her with one solid appearance and I don't spend that much time with / looking at her really.
Most of her dresses are fairly extravagant and with few exceptions could be called dolls dresses.

Her personality is pretty similar to mine except she's a little crueler, more impulsive, and more forward (especially sexually). I encouraged all of these traits so it's likely this is due to her upbringing.

I did a lot of visualization and similar work well before I decided to create a tulpa, so I've spent about 50/50 of my time with her (that is, when I'm only with her and not doing anything else) either in imposition or in wonderlands.
>> No. 22215 [Edit]
I want one so I could at least feel as if I'm talking to a cute 2D girl rather than just myself.
>> No. 22224 [Edit]
Yes. She's very sweet. Happened by accident.

I don't talk about it much even on imageboards because of how cringe it comes off even to other outcasts. I'm not really ashamed of it, it's just hard to get others to understand without coming off the wrong way.

She's very traditional, somewhat tomboyish. Pretty outdoorsy which is good for me since she gets upset if I coop us up inside for too long.

At one point mine struggled with whether or not she actually existed or was just me deceiving myself.

Eventually we came to the conclusion that even if I'm just subconsciously making all this shit up I believe it so she might as well exist.
>> No. 22225 [Edit]
File 147479234857.gif - (8.92KB , 143x118 , 146450772357.gif )
I think the most important part of the tulpa culture is forcing. Where you are thinking about nothing except this person for weeks and weeks on end. Having no other outer reality distractions. Sincerely believing that this person is more than just an extension of yourself. Having to take account where this person is, how are they, if they are comfortable, do they need this, are they going to be ok? Running systems checks to make sure they are in fact having some output on your sense of reality. I've seen people talk about it like they are just born with some "gift" and they just magically have a tulpa, or they will credit some mental disability. I think for this to work correctly you have to a lot of devotion and time to someone other than yourself. It's not like you just want to talk to a "cute" girl (i mean, you could just buy a doll if you want something so close to that) once and a while so you think one up. Its more than the imaginary friends you had as a kid (I remember having these and losing them as a kid and crying)

Are you really talking to someone else? Can you see this person without much thought? Does it almost feel real where you can reach out and touch them. Or are you just talking to yourself of what you want to have.
>> No. 22227 [Edit]
Traditionally (i.e. in it's use as a meditation technique), you never lose awareness of the fact that the tulpa is an extension of your mind.
I suppose it depends on what angle you are approaching the situation from.
>> No. 22228 [Edit]
It always seemed to me to be an exercise in how much perception plays into our view of reality.

Theres a lot of stories where a young monk is instructed to make a tulpa without being told what he's actually doing. His teacher lies and tells him he's summoning some sort of god, demon, spirit guide, etc.

When the monk realizes the "spirit" merely exists within himself he passes the test. Usually getting rid of the tulpa afterwards but some schools keep them around as a way to communicate with their subconscious.

The most important thing is being able to keep your head under control which is needed well before you start. I don't think people with no experience in things like meditation should attempt it. Too much room for things to go wrong.

Even if you think it's all in your head you're doing some serious work on your brain making one.
>> No. 22230 [Edit]
The definition of "Tulpa" in 2016 is the result of a French madwoman misunderstanding a monastic practice by foreign people. Tulpas aren't even documented in the sacred texts. It's more like a weird hazing/initiation thing that a few Tibetan monks did, misunderstood by some bougie French lady with a disconcerting interest in East Asia.

There is a vague reference as to how Buddha was able to transmute his astral form into infinite forms in a Buddhist text. Some Tibetan monks read that, and thought it sounded ill (which it does), and then decided to make a practice based on it. You have to have achieved samadhi to pull it off. Samadhi being a mystical state attained by intense meditation and asceticism, withdrawal from sensuality (symbolized as the demon Mara, who you are probably familiar with) within solitude. I highly doubt pony nerds are achieving samadhi every night and having visions of cartoon horses.

Why would you even want a tulpa, anyway? The moe feeling is pure and sweet, like a drug that doesn't corrupt the senses. Keep the waifus behind the screen, safe, where they can give you that feeling as much as you want, without risk to your mental state.
>> No. 22244 [Edit]
I don't care about my mental state. I just want my subconscious to be a 2D girl I can talk to. This world is shit and almost everybody on it is shit. Having my subconscious be my friend sounds like a great thing, especially when my head is already messed up.

I don't want trash like drugs, and disconnecting even further from reality wouldn't be a bad thing, especially when I'm just going to be miserable until I die.

I think that the only reason this won't work for me is because I'm too self absorbed and have little interest in the lives of others to think about another "life". Orz
>> No. 22262 [Edit]
File 147634862840.jpg - (122.55KB , 1280x720 , 1440723489566.jpg )
>> No. 22266 [Edit]
File 147651392334.jpg - (539.30KB , 1218x688 , Homu half world 0d.jpg )
I've never believed in tulpa, but for the first time I wish it was possible. I understood madness it's not about being out of your mind, but the opposite: to lock yourself in. From Kant onwards, man realized the world the subject knows is no other than the world he builds, and I no longer have any resistance to fully embrace my inner world. As Mark Twain put it: it's nothing but a dream, a grotesque and senseless dream, so we should dreams other dreams; better ones.

Post edited on 14th Oct 2016, 11:48pm
>> No. 22284 [Edit]
I don't have a tulpa myself, but by normie standards, your "mental state" would already have to be abnormal or damaged to have a waifu instead of pursuing a normal relationship. How does one decide where to draw the line? It's already clear that most of us don't much care for what normal people consider correct, normal, or perhaps even mentally stable.

It's also worth noting that many (most?) normies have deluded themselves into believing rather grandiose and unbelievable things, even if they aren't outright sensual hallucinations. At least people that have tulpas are aware that they're inducing hallucinations. I'd have to think the people that legitimately view the world in a way that's far disconnected from reality (ie: feminists or religious fanatics) are much worse off in terms of sanity.
>> No. 22285 [Edit]
I'd love to have a tulpa but im just not the kind of guy. Part of me still thinks I got trolled beyond comprehension.
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