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File 147684057115.jpg - (162.68KB , 1006x706 , 1422333189857.jpg )
22268 No. 22268 [Edit]
NEETs on welfare or disability, how did you do it? Please help. My best friend wants to kill himself. The working life is getting to him, and he's been exhausted for a long time. He won't accept any help I give him, and he doesn't want to talk to me but I don't want him to die. He doesn't want to die either, but he'll probably end up dying after all his savings disappear.

I just need to find a sustainable way for him to not work and stay alive. Moving in with his parents isn't an option. They don't get along well.
>> No. 22269 [Edit]
That's gonna be hard without someone to live with who can take care of bills on their own income. Does he have someone he can move in with and maybe help support bills or food with the money from a part-time job? When I was working part-time for 2-3 years, I was pretty happy and well-off because I was living rent-free with my parents. The only real stress was "rar get a fulltime job you need a better job"

What kind of job does your friend have and how many hours a week does he work? Maybe if his hourly pay is enough he can work less hours and still sustain himself?
>> No. 22270 [Edit]
He works at a call center, around full-time, possibly a bit more. I'm not sure if the place he works at is willing to cut his hours, but I'll ask him if he can ask. His pay isn't great, it's okay for his area (WNY), but he has quite a bit of savings and there are a lot of freelancing/plasma/other opportunities he could try and supplement his part-time income with.

I think his parents would let him back in, but honestly, before he moved out, he was absolutely miserable. They don't mesh well, so I'm not sure if it's a wise solution.

Thank you for your help, anon. ;_;
>> No. 22271 [Edit]
Call center work is super fucking rough and stressful, especially if he's working 2nd or 3rd shift. Is he technically savvy? Maybe he could look into local data or tech companies, or computer repair companies.

If the relationship with his parents is bad, maybe consider it as a last resort. For me personally, my relationship has always been good with my parents, so I seem to be a lucky one. If he did end up back with his parents, I would suggest saving up as much as possible. I still live at home, and that's what I'm doing. In a year or so, give or take 6 months, I'll be moving in with a friend who will have cheap rent.

Honestly, that's what it seems like people have to do to survive in this day and age. Unless you're making $20 an hour or more, it's super hard to live on your own. If he lives alone, a roommate might be a viable option. At the same time though, a shitty roommate could make it worse.

Sorry, I'm talking in circles here. I wish there was a silver bullet to this type of problem.
>> No. 22272 [Edit]
Tell him to see a doctor. This is the only way. Doctor may bring up his financial situation.
>> No. 22273 [Edit]
It's okay, I understand what you're saying. I don't think there's an easy solution. I offered to help supplement his income, but I understand why he would decline my offer since I'm not exactly well-off.

And yeah, the way he describes it, the job seems extremely mentally taxing. There's rarely a break from the constant stream of complaints.

A local computer repair company sounds nice. I'll look into that for him.
>> No. 22274 [Edit]
Yeah, the best option seems to be to hunt for a new job. Getting on welfare or disability is a pain in the ass from what I hear, but if he was somehow able to secure that, it's entirely possible he could live off of that plus earnings from a part-time job.

Does he have any physical or mental disabilities? I've heard stories of people making $1200 a month on disability, and still able to earn a small wage with a part-time job without any penalty, but I don't know of all of the details.
>> No. 22275 [Edit]
It's going to be an uphill battle to get on disability since he has a history of working. I've been on it since I turned 18 and have never had a job, which combined with fairly length medical records from my pubescence lead to less resistance from the government.
I guess some of us are just lucky that way.
>> No. 22276 [Edit]
Do you know what the difference between SSI and disability is? Someone made a distinction about it earlier, but I forgot to ask them to clarify. Depending on your age, you only qualify for disability if you've made so and so amount of money, but I'm guessing that because you were so young when you started to receive disability, it would've been pointless.

I thought if you qualified for NEETbux you weren't allowed to work/make any extra amount of money, or am I mistaken? I don't have a lot of knowledge about this specific topic.

Mentally, he's mostly healthy except for strong paranoia + depression/anhedonia. Physically, he's actually kind of weak. It was never formally dx'd, but I think he has IBS + and probably something else. Nothing severe enough that would qualify him if he were completely honest.

>Doctor may bring up his financial situation.
What do you mean by this?
>> No. 22277 [Edit]
>Do you know what the difference between SSI and disability is?
Oh, good point. I'm on SSI.
As to your question directed at another guy, there is a grace period for work as they don't want to punish people for trying. In other words, if I somehow go and work at McDonald's for a few months and then quit it wouldn't count against me.
Additionally, under SSI you are also allowed to earn a certain amount of money-- I think it was $800 a month-- but don't quote me on that one. I don't know how it is for disability benefits.
>> No. 22278 [Edit]
Hmmm, thank you. This is really helpful, actually. I'm starting to get a little more pessimistic as it doesn't seem nearly as easy as "just pretend to be autistic brah." I think I'll help him look more for freelancing/at-home jobs rather than just be a true 100% NEET.
>> No. 22279 [Edit]
It shouldn't discourage you or him, but it's not all fun and games with money raining from the sky like those old threads pretended. (Descartes anyone?)
Either way, there's no harm in trying. Good luck!
>> No. 22280 [Edit]
Best of luck to you both. It might not be easy to try and go on SSI or disability, but it could be worth a shot. Believe me, if I knew that I could easily do it, I would. I've got fucked up feet, which limits the amount of standing I can do, and likely have some form of depression/anxiety/autism or something, but since nothing was really diagnosed in my childhood aside from my feet, I would personally probably not be able to get it.

The people who can judge or diagnose you are pretty good at spotting fakers. Couldn't hurt to try though.
>> No. 22282 [Edit]
So this person doesn't even want to talk to you (your own words) and you think you're friends? Maybe he is depressed because after a long day of work that last thing he wants to do deal with your bullshit. Full time is draining no matter what job it is. He works at a call center because that is all he is good paying for, its awful work but its consistent and pays. If he is completely miserable, that is his problem. Least he has a job.

Not everyone can just kick their feet up and let the government or parents let them cruise through life. Everyone wants to kill themselves, its part of the modern human condition.
>> No. 22283 [Edit]
The word is arbitrary... I still care for him and value him as a person. Maybe the friendship isn't mutual, but that doesn't mean much to me. I try not to bother him with my problems, but maybe I just radiate toxicity.

>Everyone wants to kill themselves, its part of the modern human condition.
Everyone is no concern of mine. I only care about him, and I know he's not a special snowflake in the greater scheme of things, but I'm still willing to do as much as I can to keep him alive. I think his mental condition + resilience is weaker than most others, but whatever.
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