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File 142433028214.png - (89.00KB , 422x422 , 1418775241628.png )
19645 No. 19645 [Edit]
Why are you unhappy, /tc/?
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>> No. 19646 [Edit]
Because I have no money.
>> No. 19647 [Edit]
There's more to it than that, like my parents being too stupid and irresponsible to raise children.
But come to think of it, if there was enough money to deal with the problems that came from that it wouldn't even be that much of an issue to me. I mean obviously there's a huge social stigma from coming from nowhere or to bad people, so that sucks too.
I shouldn't have even been born, but what's worse is that I had to do it being dirt poor.

All struggle is class struggle.
>> No. 19648 [Edit]
I have issues with confidence and motivation.
>> No. 19649 [Edit]
It feels as if I've lost the ability to feel love or joy, life feels like a play to me now, having to act out being happy just so I don't trouble those who care about me. It's kind of annoying, actually. I just wish I could feel like I used to. For years it's felt like my emotions have been dying off and now it's just finally snapped. I'm really hoping it's a phase, but I'm getting the sinking feeling that it's not. It's not bothering me now, but it'll get really irritating if it keeps up.
>> No. 19650 [Edit]
In essence this. As mere mortals we're forced to work or die. I got over solitude and that stuff long time ago, but having to work and study like a slave is something I cannot tolerate to the point I might commit suicide over this.
>> No. 19651 [Edit]
My whole self esteem is based on career success. I haven't found out what I want to do yet, no career paths interest me resulting in poor motivation and poor outcomes.
>> No. 19652 [Edit]
I don't have the discipline or motivation to live up to my ambitions.
>> No. 19653 [Edit]
You're just lazy. If we didn't have society you'd just replace work with hunting/foraging/farming and a lot less security against other people who might want your area's resources. Just find a job you can tolerate and generates enough income to sustain yourself and your interests.
>> No. 19654 [Edit]
I think most NEETs have to admit this to themselves sooner or later, unless they can get on disability or are very rich. Even Satou and the other hikki at the end of welcome to the nhk basically gave up on the lifestyle and had to work.
>> No. 19656 [Edit]
I have something I love. Something I would gladly die working away on for the rest of my life. I wish I could just live off of doing it. You know, be left alone to just work by myself all day, everyday for the rest of my life without having to worry about impending homelessness and other bullshit. So far, I'm too shitty to make it happen. Being a shut-in is the only reason I have time to drown myself in it. Every other option regarding life makes me unhappy. Everything else feels like a bloody waste of time to me. So I guess I'll be unhappy until I somehow make the thing I love, work.

Typical dilemma, I guess. Wanting to make hobbies your life and all that.
>> No. 19657 [Edit]
>Even Satou and the other hikki at the end of welcome to the nhk basically gave up on the lifestyle and had to work.
Because the welfare system in Japan is dysfunctional at best. If it were set in a socially progressive country the ending might have been more positive.
>> No. 19658 [Edit]
Once again I'm drinking more and more often just to momentarily get rid of my stress. Last week I drank four days in a row, this night is "only" the second one this week. I'm feeling shit but at least not nervous.
>> No. 19659 [Edit]
There is no way I could be unhappy.
>> No. 19660 [Edit]
I don't think it gets better. I feel the same way. When I look in the mirror, I feel no connection to myself or my life. It's strange to think I actually exist in the first place. Time can't heal this.
>> No. 19661 [Edit]
No motivation, no enjoyment, no money, no friends.
>> No. 19663 [Edit]
Horrible memories about school, and there's not really anything interesting to do, and I spend most of my time wondering why I haven't killed myself yet

Also, I don't have any income
>> No. 19665 [Edit]
I just want somebody to love me. I never had that.
>> No. 19669 [Edit]
Bad memories, drug cravings, inability to compete for jobs, and my mind seems to want to do it's own thing.
>> No. 19675 [Edit]
Low self-esteem, no friends and crappy job.

I had multiple chances to turn things around and make things better for myself but I just kept fucking up. Nowadays I pine over all the past mistakes I made and wonder if life is worth living at all.

Post edited on 21st Feb 2015, 11:51am
>> No. 19677 [Edit]
Nothing in real life comes remotely close to the 2D people and fantasies.

Right now even a gorillion dollars still can't buy you a pure loving waifu. Right now you can't join the starfleet, meet new life forms, and traverse other worlds even if highly educated and fit. Right now all religions are shit and the so-called gods never appear and intervene as some genki or cute thing. So on and so on.
>> No. 19678 [Edit]
The wonderful thing about 2D is it isn't real. You have to understand nobody likes anyone, nobody is perfect and that makes absolutely everyone disappointed. People love one another because they have idealizations and expectations of them. Then they fight with each other when the other breaks those idealizations. People are not who we think they are, they are idealizations, generalizations, and the more we get to know them the more those fantasies fall apart until we're left with someone utterly undesirable, tainted by their own bad behavior, but really they were always like that and we just didn't see it. 2D doesn't do that, it can't, they're purely idealizations, there's no reality there to break those wonderful idealizations down. You're so focused on bringing 2D to this world when this world is not a safe place, you don't want to bring 2D here, you want to go to 2D. Let go of this world, it's not salvageable, that's why humanity tries so hard to escape from it. Indulge in 2D, forget the 3D world, it doesn't want you, and you shouldn't want it.
>> No. 19679 [Edit]
This so very fucking much! You've said what I've said in a less retarded way, thank you!

Fuck this world and all of the living shit on it, it's all trash. 2D is the best and I love it so very much. It's the best thing EVER.

I know that it's a meme to repeat " _ is love, _ is life", but I have to say that it without a doubt fits the situation and is what I believe to be one of the truths in this world: 2D is love, 2D is life.
>> No. 19680 [Edit]
not for me. i haven't been able to get off to 2d since i was maybe 21. just does zero for me. i'm too bound to 3d to escape now. perhaps i'm just growing up, can no longer escape into fantasy. then again there's less need as the real world doesn't affect me as strongly these days.
>> No. 19681 [Edit]
Having a quirk does not mean you can't achieve acceptance and peace. Getting off to 3D is fine, you can idealize 3D as much as you can 2D. Just as long as you understand that 3D is just as unachivable as 2D, only thing is 3D can tempt you by actually existing. Don't fall for that illusion, and you'll be fine. A lot of people believe 2D is pure because it's 2D, 2D is pure because it's an untaintable concept, a concept that cannot display undesirable behavior, a concept that cannot disappoint or harm you. But something doesn't have to be 2D to be that, as long as you carefully hold the object of desire out of the wretched claws of reality, it will always remain pure to you.
I only get off to 2D, as a lot of us here do. But I understand your situation. Humans find something more desirable the more realistic it is, and for some people's unconscious minds, that means it has to be 3D. It's perfectly acceptable to me.
>> No. 19682 [Edit]
Because I'm an utterly worthless lazy despicable waste of air who's incapable of doing anything right. I just feel like lying down and letting myself die, but sadly a few people are still delusional enough to care about me even though I do nothing but disappoint and hurt them.
>> No. 19687 [Edit]
Relationships between people are not perfect but they still have value and it is worth existing in the real world. Have you not seen Evangelion?
>> No. 19690 [Edit]
Not that poster, but for all my love of Evangelion, I was able to recognize the endings for the platitudinous bullshit that they were.

The 3D world wasn't meant for us, some for the longest time, even since birth. We're seen as abominations in one way or another and just don't fit, so expecting to find anything even worth the investment in the real world is complete bullocks.

It's a harsh reality for any one individual to face, but assuming that everything's going to be daijobu or that things are even worth trying when you possess more than enough evidence for the contrary is the mantra of a child that which isn't aware of the cold bleak reality that lies ahead.

Some kids die even before realizing that their world was any different.

I'm all for trying to convey deeper meanings across mediums, but at times you have to be a conscientious consumer and realize what's being sold to you is little more than the prattling of one man's vision that which happens to be complete bullshit as evidenced by the souls here in stasis, perhaps forever.

I really wish it were different, but for most, it's readily apparent that there are very few things left in this world to even fight for, let alone try for. It's endemic, no doubt, but as much as it's a product of our time, it isn't anything exactly new per se.

Don't let yourself be lied to anon. It will onnly lead to dissappointment.
>> No. 19720 [Edit]
I am not happy because no one I know wants to live the way I want to live, or if they do they are not in a situation to do so or just won't because they think no one else wants to. Everyone gets so roped into work, marriage, children, house, car, watch hours of TV mindset. I wish my family valued the things I do more. And I wish my relationship with my family was better, I don't feel like I can share anything with them, I am always guarded. I feel like they rely on me (even if I am useless), and I don't want to abandon them, but there is nothing for me here, I don't want what they want me to want.

foraging is pretty nice though, and fishing is easy. I would have no problem doing that if it was legal. Can't really do it legally without owning land and paying taxes, or fishing license.

Part of the problem is you can't get a well paying job that doesn't require you to work 40 hours a week. Working 10 hours should be enough, we could totally structure our society around the 10 hour work week and not much would need to change, maybe you don't get to go on tropical vacations or something.
>> No. 19721 [Edit]
My father was a drug dealer and apparently I was born simply because the condom didn't do its job.
I'm not really sure why my mother told me these things.
>> No. 19724 [Edit]
Ha, 40 hours. I know how it works, you agree to 40 hours then you're "asked" to work 60 hours and maybe weekends too, if you don't like it- get the fuck out, this world has more than enough people and no one needs you.
>> No. 19736 [Edit]
Despite generally having developed an aversion to politically related subjects, i watched Lives of the Super Rich by BBC today and it got me thinking about stuffs. I'm not really in the mood to type out a huge post about it right now but i thought that it might be of interest to other NEETs on here.
>> No. 19738 [Edit]
Hey fellow Hikki.
I just finished watching it too.
A pretty good burn of 2 hours.
It's really shocking to see how deeply fucked it is over there.
>> No. 19773 [Edit]
I'm too tired, physically and mentally.
I'm so sick of everything, even of you.
>> No. 19790 [Edit]
I think it's because my father expects too much from me. Whenever I fail I always feel like shit and I'm never motivated to do well because he says I could have done better. I need to be economically independent so I can live my own life without depending on him but that's at least a couple of years from now.
>> No. 19791 [Edit]
File 142590494712.gif - (554.00KB , 733x700 , Lain.gif )
I just told him I failed my exam and he said just ok, I could feel his sadness though the phone. I can't even hate him because he does nothing bad, he always supported me.

Post edited on 9th Mar 2015, 5:52am
>> No. 19883 [Edit]
No reason to be happy. There are problems to fix.
>> No. 19890 [Edit]
Because I was born.
>> No. 19891 [Edit]
I know that feeling. I hate Life (but I'm a coward so I am unable to kill myself...) but if I showed my true colours to my surroundings it would cause me a Lot of unwanted trouble, which would only make everything worse. And so I act like I care for my Life or all the other shit everyone seems to care about.
Man I wish I could end it all, but even more I wish to never been born at all.
>> No. 19892 [Edit]
If he was german, the whole thing about him starving because he got no money, would not have happend.
>> No. 19894 [Edit]
Exactly. The lack of proper welfare in Japan and some other first world countries undermines the value of human life, I think. The question is this: if someone simply does nothing how far should he be allowed to fall? Some governments think he should starve. Good ones think that people should have food and shelter no matter what. We're no better than animals if we can starve due to circumstance.
>> No. 19937 [Edit]
Because I deluded myself for a decade that I was enjoying being alone 24/7, having no money, friends or anyone outside my family that gives a shit about me. It all came crashing down recently in a sudden moment of clarity: I really don't want to die alone.

Now I'm depressed as fuck because I threw a decade of my life away and don't know how to get better.
>> No. 19938 [Edit]
First you have to block out the thoughts that you hate yourself and others will make fun of you. This is the first step. It's incredibly hard and will probably take over a year to do.

I have passed this incredibly hard first step and just waiting for a moment to present itself.

You could try applying to a community collage or collage in your area. I've applied to both. In my town for community collage and 300km away for collage. I dropped out of both. But it might help you. You could find friends, lovers, or something you are really interested in. You just have to try.
>> No. 19940 [Edit]
What if people are actually openly making fun of him?
>> No. 19941 [Edit]
Then you either stop seeing them if possible or make them stop somehow.
>> No. 19994 [Edit]
What if said people are his family which he cant leave because nojob and his classmates/coworkers that he cant beat because theyre physically superior?
>> No. 20003 [Edit]
YOU MAKE THEM STOP SOMEHOW if you catch my drift.

Nah seriously you aren't forced to be tied down by people that treat you bad, unless you live in a non-democratic country. Leaving your family in that situation might make your life miserable for a while but doing nothing will make you miserable forever. When it comes to school/work you can just learn to ignore it unless they get physical because words are just words seriously, or report them for harassment/bullying (might not work as well in school, but school ends thankfully). There are always ways to solve most problems but the solutions might not be very comfortable, it's up to you to decide how to deal with them or just keep it as it is.
>> No. 20049 [Edit]
File 143130334451.png - (307.11KB , 848x1019 , _1388022052132.png )
>not happy
>not unhappy
>just apathetic
>> No. 20069 [Edit]
File 143137136186.png - (114.96KB , 329x439 , 422749.png )
It is funny. I am no longer angry, just sad.

My body is acting up due to both stress and allergies. I feel like I can barely breathe sometimes. I'm not even drinking that much most of the time; I just feel like I'm on a weak, negative drug trip.

I have no energy. I am still interested in some things, and I still like being alive, but there just isn't much I can do right now. I'm able enough to get out of bed and take care of things, but not enough to seriously get things done.

It has been three years since my mother entered hospice and then died. You'd think that it would be easy now, but it isn't. I brought up to my father that it was that time of the year again, and he just thought that I was talking about the seasons. Just...Jesus. He forgot about my mother. I can't stand that he pretends that everything is fine, and is happy as a clam with another woman, sincerely forgetting about my mother. It is one thing to move on, but another thing to forget. I don't think that I can be a part of his life anymore; I'm seriously considering it.

I want things to be better. I really do. But how? It could be worse, but I am going through a lot right now. At least my life isn't quite boring.
>> No. 21943 [Edit]
File 146856708795.jpg - (37.09KB , 914x629 , GnEK4xF.jpg )
Because this world is a crazy messed up place and I used to think there was something good about it. Because I have no redeemable character traits or any sort of useful abilities. I'm everything bad in a person and I should just die. Every time I see my parents they tell me I'm not useless or something like that but I feel like they are lying or they truly believe this, they are starting to see just how I'm a royal waste though. I've never been in a relationship, it's been years since I've had friends in real life, socializing with people is hard for even when I went to an anime club, I have little to no motivation, the number of hobbies I have could be counted on one hand, I'm ugly, I'm just useless. Even if I ended up being in some relationship I would probably get cheated on since I have nothing to offer. The only good thing about me is that I'm kind of "nice" but that is a product of my weakness and what comes from my "kindness" is that I'm gullible.

My parents would sometimes say that I might have depression and they say I exhibit those symptoms, they still say that sometimes. I don't know if I do but sometimes I think I'm just disillusioned with the world, only the strong, smart, or beautiful survive and I'm none of those things.

I can't even kill myself because I'm too scared of the possibility of an afterlife, reality is horrible but I don't think this is the worst of it. I'm too cynical to believe there is a heaven or something like that, even if there was I wouldn't get in. I hate this and myself so much.

There probably isn't even a point to making this post, chances are people are reading this and laughing at how pathetic I am or ignoring it entirely.
>> No. 21948 [Edit]
File 146870232950.png - (698.78KB , 1377x1080 , 1401833533022.png )
You know what? I think im not even sad. Just very very very, veryveryvery tired both mentally and physically to the point I don't want anything. Im tired and sick of everything, but not really sad. I don't want company, I don't want money, I just want to sleep forever. Why? Cause I tried, failed and accepted defeat, I have no business breathing and waking up every morning.
>> No. 21970 [Edit]
My reasons for not being happy?

With how much self-loathing I do, you'd think I commited a serious crime or did something I regret. However, I'm not satisfied with anything. I have no dreams, no ambition, no goals, nothing worth living for. 8 years ago, I would've said something about love, but that just doesn't work for me at all. I'm too abnormal.

Aside from the Life-not-being-an-anime thing that someone already stated, life doesn't have much worth living for. I don't want to work to live. I don't want to live life like normal people do. I want to explore, fight, see interesting things, learn a ton of languages, eat a bunch of different food, become really strong, and live life as I please with no one to hold me back. I want to be the shonen protagonist so goddamn much!

They live the life I want!
>> No. 21981 [Edit]
I want to die. I want to kill myself.
>> No. 21984 [Edit]
Let's do it.
>> No. 22256 [Edit]
Even though I am often told I am loved and cared for, I feel like everyone hates me. I feel that I can't do anything right, because I often make mistakes and get mixed up an confused often.
>> No. 22257 [Edit]
You should read this. Everyone on tohno-chan should read this.
>> No. 22258 [Edit]
Literally TL;DR, sum it up please.
>> No. 22264 [Edit]
File 147637712526.png - (761.95KB , 1440x900 , goodbye future.png )
Because it's a shame things have to be this way. You're stuck with it and you have to live with it.
>> No. 22265 [Edit]
File 147641270814.jpg - (172.98KB , 906x1024 , 1436518138832.jpg )
>> No. 22286 [Edit]
I'm unhappy because.... it's kinda hard to put into words. The people around me, it feels like they have a lot of faith in me, while at the same time they have none at all. I just constantly disappoint the people around me. It doesn't help that I don't have any faith in me either. I'm so aimless,and I hate myself for it. I wish expectations didn't exist.
>> No. 22292 [Edit]
I don't have money. It all comes down to the problem of not being rich.
>> No. 22293 [Edit]
I'm more angry than sad.
Every day I care less about being worthless, malicious, destructive and evil. So what? Long before I was actually bad it felt like the whole reality never wasted an opportunity to remind me how everything is my fault and responsibility. For a long time it succeeded, now I rarely give a shit. Hate normal people, hate happy people, hate all that zen gibberish about acceptance, harmony and enlightenment.
Fuck, I've been wronged so many times by people who consider themselves (and are considered by others) good and proper human beings but I'm the fucked up fiend who needs to get over everything, move on yadda yadda and and act like people didn't make me what I am now? No, fuck that, it makes me dangerously angry and I refuse any responsibility.
I even find it hard to talk to other losers now, most seems to be above me, sometimes in strange ways but still.
Wish I could take everything from everyone and watch the world wither, it doesn't deserve anything else. Shame I'm so powerless.
>> No. 22299 [Edit]
Because I still haven't found that youtube video with keine and mokou running on a treadmill again
>> No. 22762 [Edit]
>> No. 22781 [Edit]
i appreciate the thought but it was one where it was cute keine and mokou, but then they replaced the cute with two male cosplayers of keine and mokou
>> No. 22782 [Edit]
My existence is an anomaly, I am ill-fit for this world. It's like being a fish out of water.
>> No. 22784 [Edit]
i wish i had a friend to discuss waifuism with. i'm in an irc chat right now filled with "waifuists" but i dunno, they never want to talk about it and just talk about killing themselves. i think they fell out of love.

specifically i wish there was someone that loved the same character as me. i want to talk with someone about how great my waifu is. i could talk about her all day long. but literally no one cares about her but me.
it sucks. i wish i had a clone of myself to hang out with. my waifu isn't my only issue, i have nothing in common with anyone at all. i want to talk about hokuto no ken. but the only people who are familiar with it in 2017 are le jojo ora ora xd meme faggots who don't really appreciate it and just think of it as a meme anime almost as epic as jojo. hokuto no ken is not a fucking meme anime, it's beautiful.

i have only one friend in the whole world and he doesn't give a shit about me, he's too depressed. he just listens to me talk. at least i have that. but i don't want to just hear myself talk. i want to have someone to do stuff with.

you have to be a fad following retard to have something to talk with people about. i don't give a shit about any of the fad games. i don't give a shit about modern anime. i'm fucked.

why does no one love my waifu except me? she's the best.
i'm tired of blogging about myself. that's all i can do. have one-sided conversations. i am surrounded by human beings and all i can do is talk to myself while people pretend to care.
>> No. 22785 [Edit]
Maybe if you didn't come as unnecessarily spiteful, other would be more likely to engage in conversation with you? I don't know you at all, but the if I had to unfairly reduce your personality to one word based on your post, it would be "biased / prejudiced".

You thinking the only reason someone won't talk to you about waifuism is because "they fell out of love" is very self-absorbed.
>> No. 22802 [Edit]

I know what you mean.

But the anime adaptation of Hokuto no Ken is basically a meme. It's sort of poorly done, and dated, it has a bunch of weird faces and stuff. The weird cat noises Kenshiro makes seriously don't help it's case.

I absolutely love the manga though, the story is amazing, it's my second favorite manga after Devilman. I think it's pretty overlooked these days, especially in comparison to JJBA, which it influenced tremendously, to an extent where I can safely say that without Hokuto no Ken, JJBA wouldn't exist. On a separate note, it's really irritating to me how JJBA became a "meme show". I love JJBA, and have for a long-ass time. I obviously understand that there are comedy elements inherent to it, but teenagers on the internet kind of shit on that icon regularly, I feel. The anime adaptations are fun but they're not really that great.

But yeah I'm sorry you don't have anyone to talk to, that gets to be really rough after a while. You'll always have /tc/ and /so/ though.
>> No. 22804 [Edit]
Its so fucking sad. I want the old tc again from 2010. When it was active. When there were a bit too many namefags and people were complaining about it being too slow. I wonder what all those people who posted in the waifu thread are doing now. Did they all become normalfags and left?
>> No. 22807 [Edit]

I'm still here, I just mainly idle in the IRC room. It's funny you mention 2010 because that's around when I joined, maybe 2011 or so. It was right as I was finishing school and being completely unsure about if I would end up being a NEET after graduating or not. Was able to hold parttime jobs for most of it, and a brief 4 month period of unemployment.

Those were interesting days, weren't they?
>> No. 22810 [Edit]
File 150008891289.png - (350.97KB , 473x676 , 1499513254506.png )
I don't know how to explain this. I love Japanese medias more than anything (anime manga VN LN art MMD etc) but the depression is too strong that I can't bring myself to consume them. I don't know how better to explain this. As a NEET living in his messy dirty room with piss and Dr Pepper bottles everywhere I have all the time in the world to consume such medias but I don't. Infact I avoid them. I tell myself "in this next life I will do this more than anybody else". It's weird. Idk. I don't know what's going on in my subconscious but I think might be postponing my own enjoyment because I feel like I am in turbulence right now. And I am saying I will do this in the next life because I am predicting my whole life will be this turbulence. I have read this is not something uncommon, children whose parents argue a lot tend to avoid the activities they enjoy because they want to save them for a better time. "It is difficult watching my favorite cartoons when my father is hitting my mother just the other side of the door, I avoid it". The human brain is so fucked up. I only have this life and as a NEET I could watch as many anime as time allowed it but I am avoiding it and even if I didn't it's so botjersome to put effort into anything that I would rather spend the rest of my life doing nothing but asking that I can enjoy things in this "second chance" life. On top of it all it sucks being a lunatic, delusional poorfag. I ask apologies to the world for witnessing me existing, I am an embarrassment, utterly stupid & pathetic.
>> No. 22812 [Edit]
I think quite a few of us put off watching anime 'for a better time'.
What I have learnt is you keep putting things off and then when you want to do them, you have a big pile of things to do and it overwhelms you thus causing you distress.
So the best thing to do is do them as soon as you want to, and not put it off.
>> No. 22813 [Edit]
I can feel you.
I don't even look at pictures of my waifu or listen to my favourite albums for more than half year now because i feel like i want to enjoy them when i will feel better.
It's been getting better lately but i still can't break up to do things i really like.
>> No. 22820 [Edit]
File 150049901458.jpg - (68.78KB , 489x600 , 1376699199247.jpg )
I have a job, I'm climbing up in my career, I'm earning decently for where I live. But I do not feel fulfilled, I do not work on things I really care about. Whenever I have some free time, I waste it on something irrelevant, instead of motivating myself towards productive work.
I want to achieve a lot, yet I am afraid of failure, so I am lost in the lands of apathy and lack of initiative to take action.
Minor inconvenience is also the lonely feeling.
>> No. 22822 [Edit]

This same here anon.
>> No. 22838 [Edit]
File 150098872860.jpg - (75.78KB , 600x800 , 綾波さん by カコメ.jpg )
My family is degrading, both transitively and intransitively.
Every time I interact with them I feel dirtied, and can't feel clean again until I've showered, so I mostly go through the day feeling ritually impure unless I specifically avoid them. It's not just that there's no way to avoid getting into arguments except by avoiding them, but when I act agreeable to them, I still feel dirty, for acting like a normalfag.
And they're degrading as a unit. My mother has always lashed out at my father for every imperfection (often legitimate, more often just not being able to read her irrational woman's mind) and he's always been a tactless idiot, but they've gotten to the point where they can't pay the bills, so she's screaming at him thrice a day, offering no actual solution.
And she's not fucking willing to make any sacrifices or even basic austerity to fix it. And both her and my sister are obese.
But my fucking college (which I consider a bad idea but they're too hyped on classism and fantasy to question it) is being paid out of some otherwise inaccessible retirement fund, so I'm kind of detached from the causes and results of all this, but not from the ambient consequences.

And then, god, I can't understand why normalfags need "freedom" and their casual, undevoted "relationships" and thoughtless "friendships" and to "live their own life" and their fucking liquor and trash television and whore-films and sodomy and usury.
I wish socialism would come so I could just live in a barren one-room apartment and Society would just come and clearly order me to do what it wants from me and everyone would live silently and in peace, rather than this degenerate, immoral, directionless, womanish, chaos-worship capitalism.
And I know I just have to accept all this as (the semi-Spinozist) God's (viz. τοῦ Λόγου) delight and irrevocable will, as what -exists- but normalfags don't just demand that (indeed, they don't even understand what that means), but they expect me to lie and pretend to be just like them and I won't do that.

I can't even fantasize about being with a 2d girl because I do believe she would never want to hold me and be held by me, and I don't want to insult her image of her beautiful & pure soul, and since I don't believe it's plausible it's unsatisfying. And worse this just leads to rape pseudo-fantasies that I always regret but have become so habitual over the years that I can't react at with any real disgust any more.

This too, this so much.
>> No. 22839 [Edit]
File 150099050943.jpg - (216.32KB , 1280x738 , Kantai.jpg )
Is moving to a student dorm an option? You might end up with non-idiot roommates. The hell at home will just make you insane, sooner or later.
>> No. 22841 [Edit]
What this anon suggested is a good idea.
>And then, god, I can't understand why normalfags need "freedom"
Ironically, in this situation, "freedom" is the single, lone thing that can set you free and stop your misery. You have the freedom to get a job and start saving, the freedom to leave your parents behind to rot in their mental filth. You have the freedom to try becoming better and cleansing your life from your toxic surroundings. Freedom is the quintessential element of life, even if it's just an illusion. Never ever understimate "freedom", because if you ever truly reach rock bottom, that's the only thing that will help you.
>> No. 22843 [Edit]
I assume you mean a dorm that's open during the summer? Even if I could afford such a room, I think I'd rather die than do such a thing. Indeed, I made clear to them from the start that I'd only attend college if I were absolutely assured a single room which thus far I've been able to seize (on medical grounds). Regardless of their flaws, at least I know my family and their limits, and at least they leave me with privacy. The same can't be said of unfamiliar 3dpd with disgusting, reeking bodies I'm unaccustomed to whom I can have no privacy from and whom I'm forced to sleep with.

I think what I wrote about my family came across wrongly. It's all true, but I meant it as a lament rather than as a complaint. I'm far more sad for them and their fall than I am upset about my own condition.

>> No. 22844 [Edit]
I personally liked having roommates when I was 15-20. Now my sense of privacy has changed and that would be unacceptable.

>I think what I wrote about my family came across wrongly. It's all true, but I meant it as a lament rather than as a complaint. I'm far more sad for them and their fall than I am upset about my own condition.

I see.
>> No. 22851 [Edit]
File 150114759446.png - (275.03KB , 907x540 , I want off this rock.png )
I find humans disgusting.
>> No. 22872 [Edit]
i'm bored
>> No. 22924 [Edit]
File 15041898514.jpg - (470.16KB , 595x759 , illust_36017196_20170829_074044.jpg )
like, I can't even begin to care nor understand how the proles/coloreds/queers live since I don't even understand how my own alleged class lives or why or what
this is the extent of my alienation, I doubt I have any veracious image of society and everything I do see I wish would die
really, if immortality & purification of the spirit isn't in the cards I really can't see what good comes of the rotting heap of humanity being left to emptily reshit itself indefinitely as everyone else seems to want
(each to his own &c. and that's why there are no Manichees left &c.)
>> No. 22925 [Edit]
I haven't been on this site since 2014. I Have spent most of the last three days reading the archive (I'm about 3/4 of the way through it) and now I'm sad that most of the posters here seem to have moved on.
>> No. 22926 [Edit]
That's just how it is. It really can't be helped.
>> No. 22927 [Edit]
Is the irc active? I never got into the irc before.
I'm going to try make a couple of posts here a week again.
>> No. 22928 [Edit]
File 150420764727.png - (116.83KB , 600x459 , Emi & Rin.png )
It's not that active but people do talk sometimes.
I look forward to your weekly posts.
>> No. 22930 [Edit]
If I were you I'd consider myself one lucky bastard.
>> No. 22931 [Edit]
I think you feel that way because you're forced to want your current life by our society when it's not what you truly desire. Happiness comes from within, right?

It's a really dark, disgusting impulse in humans that force us to behave the way we do, and to mold others to behave in the way they do. Our society doesn't value life and freedom, it values death and slavery, we just enjoy playing with the illusion of the former. But deep down we all want the universe to be silent again because we can't stand the sound of others talking.

A difficult problem. You can't live the way you want to when you're constrained by the fetters of "value".
>> No. 22975 [Edit]
I am not, I am just sad all the time at what I have to go through to protect my peaceful time.
I had the resolve, but now i'm finally going to take that step and move away.
I have dealt with all kinds of abuse throught my life,but recently, my family tried to sell of my external hard drive, to get me rid of all my "weird" ways.I cannot put it in words how much that hurt me. My whole world is inside that little box.
I'm working extremely hard physical job, if only to keep my little world safe.
I am finally going to protect what is mine for good.
>> No. 22981 [Edit]
File 150659562354.png - (204.09KB , 955x686 , hikikomori.png )
Because i have been a hikikomori for 10 years and pretty much feel too far gone now and thus i feel like i just merely exist now.
>> No. 22982 [Edit]
Do you dislike being a hikikomori though? Or just dislike feeling chained by it?
>> No. 22985 [Edit]

I guess its more the feeling of being chained by it.
>> No. 22993 [Edit]
My family is fucked up; because of my childhood I am terrible with most social interactions, particularly 3dpds; I have no friends I can talk to about stuff; I have no motivation even to do things I like; I have no skills that will be practical to make me money so I know I'm going to end up in a shitty dead end job.
>> No. 23000 [Edit]
File 150748615946.png - (2.14MB , 2560x1440 , 1490389958680.png )
This anon is too pure for this world

Your post from start to end described my feelings too. I wrote a post to make you understand that there is at least one more person like you and to offer some advice, but I couldn't really express myself and get my point across.
I'm just going to say this.

Be courageous.
The rest will come on its own.
Remember, I'm cheering you on all the way from the bottom to the top!
>> No. 23006 [Edit]
You know what's worse than sadness?

Pure emptiness. Most people won't ever know that feeling. You need to digest the truth to feel that. Most people have the proper defense mechanisms to ignore that.
>> No. 23007 [Edit]
File 150802505562.jpg - (212.34KB , 1622x1080 , 1501079971787.jpg )
>Every time I interact with them I feel dirtied, and can't feel clean again until I've showered, so I mostly go through the day feeling ritually impure
I think I know just what you mean. I want to pull off my skin so hard every time I remind myself I am the spawn of my parents' work. My genetic code is indistinguishable from theirs and I feel like I'm no better than this local community. No better than this disgusting folk, than these streets full of trash, than this crime and barbarism. I am a part of it and have been a part of it since birth. I would like to tell myself that I am different from this repugnant whole, but the harsh truth is I'd be just another normalfag if not for autism. In a way, I'm actually much worse than these people and this place because I'm just another one of them but with a mental disease that makes me even more stupid, useless and inhumane than I would have normally been born as.
>> No. 23010 [Edit]
I really want to be family-focused but I can't help having the same thoughts.

Looking at my family history I can't help but feel cheated. A few generations ago we were so much better than this but now we're just rubbish.

I want to climb back up the ladder but I don't know if I can manage. Boomers got up there and pulled it up with them. And anyone seen constructing a ladder is regarded with scorn and distrust. Pieces of shit.
>> No. 23022 [Edit]
Normalfag is the most disgusting form of human, impossible to be worse than that.
>> No. 23050 [Edit]
is emptiness not pure sadness
>> No. 23057 [Edit]
Wouldn't emptiness include lack of feeling other than emptiness itself?
>> No. 23065 [Edit]
I'm half way to becoming a Ford driver. Jobs break a man.
>> No. 23066 [Edit]
I don't find becoming a Ford Driver is possible. I don't see normaldry as a thing that can be switched on and off. I only mention this because such notion makes me unhappy.
>> No. 23303 [Edit]
well, i'm also alone, unemployed, and poor.
>> No. 23304 [Edit]
You have access to the internet. A vast endless sea of knowledge. You can see every film or animation ever made, listen to millions of songs, read from libraries worth of bookes, play more games than anyone has time for. You can learn a language, find a new hobby, study new skills and more. Of course there's also more porn than a person could hope to imagine. Yet, there you are, being bored.
>> No. 23307 [Edit]
yeah it sucks
>> No. 23325 [Edit]
The gap between having a job and being a hikikomori is too big. I want to get a job but I'm scared shitless I'll sign myself up for something not just hard but impossible and waste everybodys time by applying.
School has poisoned me. Everytime you do something right and get comfortable with a task they turn it up on you creating a constant rate of high anxiety and failure.
Dropping out of college I have this mindset that any kind of job will be too big for me. When I look at people bagging groceries and imagine myself I get stressed out wondering which things go in the same bag or something, if you need to be good at math to figure out a cash register, all sorts of things even though I always see potatoes doing it like they were born in the produce section.
Like, I don't think I'm terribley incompetent. When I get comfortable I think I'm actually pretty sharp. The problem is I'm a self taught book studying kind of student. When people try to teach me directly I get so focused on being polite and looking attentive I can't think straight. Then when I get confronted about messing I get so scared I mentally shut down. Worse case scenario they read my frozen up anxiety attack as spacy laziness and start coming down on me until I start crying and feel too embaressed to return.
I think if I can just get some time to learn some simple job until it's first nature, memorize the typical interactions I'm going to have to form a loose script I can wing everything else.
Some of you guys have probably had trouble getting a job because of anxiety. Are there any resources for job training? Books? Guides? Online classes? I want so badly to just see the perspective of a simple worker for a few days to pick up the habits and see what's right for me.
>> No. 23326 [Edit]
Sound just like me.
No experience fixing it but from my observations on normies, they don't think about failure. We think about the trouble we might cause or how it might all be a waste of time, they don't.

So it would seem to be more a personality thing than a knowledge thing. Surely, we don't lack the knowledge to work as a cashier but we might lack the personality.
>> No. 23329 [Edit]
>I think if I can just get some time to learn some simple job
Can't you get like an internship in most places? You ask the person in charge to let you work free of charge for a few weeks so you can learn the job. Regardless, I'd avoid any job with interactions / customer service, specially if you enjoyed being a hiki.
>> No. 23358 [Edit]
Consider doing it under the assumption you will fail for one weekend and quit. I did that and it was a good learning experience. One of the customers in the bar I was working in asked me "is it true you have assburgers" on the last day. I was lucky to be able get a job in a bar on a remote island only accessible by boat for one weekend and knew I would never see any of them again which made it easier not to care.
>> No. 23442 [Edit]
Work sucks and it's not getting better. Everyone else knows it sucks and just conforms to the system. Miss the old days, wish it was easier as an adult to make friends....
>> No. 23443 [Edit]
Why don't you stop working and find other means to make money?
>> No. 23444 [Edit]
I'm only seeing this now, but thank you a lot, Anon-kun.
>> No. 23445 [Edit]
Because i don't have friends, 3DPD, education and money, also i living in poor country. Have no future.
>> No. 23446 [Edit]
It seems like I'm going to have to get yet another job in addition to my current job, in addition to being a full-time college student who is studying a difficult major with a lot of homework, while also dealing with serious health problems. I can barely make ends meet and I am about to collapse under all this stress.

My family tells people that I'm lazy, almost implying that I'm a NEET or something. They don't understand anything about technology so they think my job and major are worthless (I'm in tech). Seriously, you will never meet a more tech-illiterate group of people than my family. It's really weird that people in this day and age can be so willfully ignorant of technology.

And my coworkers and peers in my classes almost seem to brag about how overworked/tired/busy they are, as if it's a contest to see whose life is the most difficult.

I don't get it. I am perpetually tired. I'm poor. I'm always stressed out. I have no social life. I don't enjoy anything. I can't afford the medical procedures I need. The obstacles I'm facing seem insurmountable.

Is it going to be like this forever? I don't know how much more of this I can endure.
>> No. 23449 [Edit]
File 152320104081.png - (149.61KB , 709x1001 , __ooyodo_kantai_collection_drawn_by_ojipon__08522a.png )
Sorry to hear that anonymous. I'm in a similar situation. After scheduling time for uni courses, study, work, and sleep, I've got about 1 hour left per day to travel between home, work, and school, and eat, shower, etc. Yet my family still makes fun of me for not working hard enough, it's like they want to see me break down and fail miserably.

Post edited on 8th Apr 2018, 12:59pm
>> No. 23450 [Edit]
I am unhappy because I am too smart and mature to block out the sensations of my own mortality and the futility of my existence, but I am also too dumb and immature to get my life straight and find a purpose for it.
>> No. 23453 [Edit]
I tried being happy. I finally went to Japan after many years of wanting to go, had the best time of my life, and when I come back, everything fell apart. Now I'm barely hanging on and suicide really feels like the only option I have. Why did I try to be happy?
>> No. 23497 [Edit]
The few things I love always get taken away from me.
>> No. 26755 [Edit]
File 163244230437.jpg - (1.27MB , 1280x1744 , 36a54c0689b770786398daaaaf25a7fa.jpg )
I feel like there's two contradictory desires pulling at my insides. On one hand, I hate people, on the other, I'm lonely. It's hard to explain it in more detail.

The majority of people, the way they act, talk and think, annoys me. I don't like it. I don't like people who are different from me. Besides that, I hate how other people are self-serving. I'm self-serving myself, but I hate it in others. I don't want to serve another person emotionally. I don't want to feed their ego or hunger for attention.

At the same time, I crave some of kind of social interaction, and I feel a deep dissatisfaction because of my lack of interpersonal relationships. I'm frustrated by my inability to connect with others past a superficial level.

When people are around I'm annoyed. When people aren't around, I feel longing. What the hell am I supposed to do?
>> No. 26757 [Edit]
This perfectly encapsulates my situation, it's been so long I can't be sure if it was actually a post I made.

>The majority of people, the way they act, talk and think, annoys me. I don't like it. I don't like people who are different from me.
I feel the same way.
>> No. 26812 [Edit]
Because working to try to survive and fix some of my problems is very stressful and tiring, and I don't seem to enjoy anything enough to devote my free time to it, except Her.
>> No. 26839 [Edit]
File 16358276133.jpg - (122.33KB , 455x600 , Lenin_poster_1963.jpg )
I think, for now, I have managed to ignore and put aside everything. I've failed school many times now and work was always too much for me, so I gave that up too a long time ago.
I hate being seen as a useless bother that needs to be maintained by other people just because I can't produce money for some faceless capitalists.
I hate that I'm only valued for the value I can create for others. Even among NEETs communism as an idea is shunned and I'm considered foreign to the culture and pushed away. I don't want to be a fatalist that asks for everything and does nothing for oneself... I want to change society so no one has to go through this again.
>> No. 26840 [Edit]
File 163583308318.jpg - (273.58KB , 990x1400 , 6d095debf56d03474c4a5003be1e5ce2.jpg )
>Even among NEETs communism as an idea is shunned and I'm considered foreign to the culture and pushed away
It's almost like NEETs enjoy commercial products and pornography or something...
>> No. 26841 [Edit]
Not that I'm a fan of the status quo, but I prefer not to starve to death.
>> No. 26842 [Edit]
>I hate being seen as a useless bother that needs to be maintained by other people just because I can't produce money for some faceless capitalists.
>I hate that I'm only valued for the value I can create for others.
That's a feature of Communism too, only your labour is for the community/Government not business and you don't get a say in what your labour is actually worth, From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs. And remember comrade, there is no unemployment in the Soviet Union.

>Even among NEETs communism as an idea is shunned and I'm considered foreign to the culture and pushed away.
Well yes, NEETs cannot exist in a communist society. Sure capitalism has flaws but it does not actually care if you have a job or not, if you can live without one weather that be through inheritance or family then it will leave you alone. Communism will not and in many ways was a reaction to that kind of thing in the first place.
>> No. 26844 [Edit]
So do I, hence, you know.
>From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs
The Soviet Union didn't operate according to this, by their own admission; this phrase shows, if anything, a rejection of wage labour/wageslavery. To Stalin, the present (at the time) mode of production operated as "From each according to his ability, to each according to his labour", as the USSR was not advanced enough and had to compete with the industrialised West, so they could not operate on the former. A revolution in the imperial core would look nothing like the Soviet experience.
It is clear to me you have not studied the topic more than skin-deep.
>> No. 26845 [Edit]
File 163589186162.jpg - (103.34KB , 792x567 , a187bf4cca4b07a062d1d19e2d5e69d0.jpg )
>The Soviet Union didn't operate according to this
Because they weren't communist YET. They were "advanced socialists". The end goal was supposedly communism, but before that they needed everyone to become "responsible enough". You allude to this here
>the USSR was not advanced enough

How do you make people more responsible? Advanced socialism and "proper education". In practice, it was total bullshit. People became less responsible. Almost everybody was a thief, because nobody really owned anything, and that was the only way to get a lot of things. You either stole, or you were friends with someone who stole. The biggest thieves were the party members, who lived like aristocrats on everybody else's back and who's children got special treatment.

>had to compete with the industrialised West
Yeah yeah, that's how they justified blowing resources on massive amounts of foreign aid to increase their political power. And the military, and other means of showmanship. To show everybody how great Communism is.Instead of you know, actually providing for their own people. Things like plumbing in all the little villages. See where this got them.

Was a fucking moron who thought you could put crops as close together as possible and they would flourish because he liked the idea and some quack botanist, Trofim Lysenko, told him so. Hence why a country that used to make money exporting food, went into a horrible famine.

My parents are from that place. You'd have hard time finding people who hate communism more than they do. Communism, or "advanced socialism", whatever you want to call it, is a disease.

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2021, 3:32pm
>> No. 26846 [Edit]
You're missing the first part of the basis of communism and socialism, like many people:
>From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs
The difference is, it's simple to get neetbux/tismbux now. In a communist society, you'd just get assigned a spot on the assembly line and you had better show up.
The vital part is still the "from each according to his ability". It doesn't matter what you'll receive back in return, you're still going to have to work in a communist utopia. As in, have to.
If you want a more comfy society, look to feudalism. You'll never meet anybody you didn't grow up with, and you'll do the job your father did before you. Every day is the same as the last, forever. It'd be the most NEET like experience without actually being a NEET (and a society of NEETs just isn't sustainable).
>> No. 26848 [Edit]
You have no idea what you're talking about, and I don't care about your takes on past pseudo-socialism, frankly.
Because of your poor attitude and smug ignorance, I won't bother responding to you point by point; the next poster is a better use of my time.
>You're missing the first part of the basis of communism and socialism, like many people:
>>From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs
>The difference is, it's simple to get neetbux/tismbux now. In a communist society, you'd just get assigned a spot on the assembly line and you had better show up.
I can understand how this phrasing may trip someone up, but it's useless to separate this line from the next as they are inseparable. There is no coercion to labour in communism as there is no one to sell your labour to, no owner of capital to keep you on his leash. You are free to associate with any labour you are capable of doing for the satisfaction of doing it. How many NEETs don't try their hand at creating stuff not for profit but for self-improvement and spiritual growth? Labour is not the same as wageslavery, it can live on its own merit.
>In a higher phase of communist society, after the enslaving subordination of the individual to the division of labor, and therewith also the antithesis between mental and physical labor, has vanished; after labor has become not only a means of life but life's prime want; after the productive forces have also increased with the all-around development of the individual, and all the springs of co-operative wealth flow more abundantly – only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be crossed in its entirety and society inscribe on its banners: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!
Critique of the Gotha Programme is a must-read for a better grasp of what communist hope to achieve and how.
>> No. 26849 [Edit]
>I don't care about your takes on past pseudo-socialism, frankly
They're not my takes. They're mostly my parents'. And they know a hell of a lot more about Communism than you.

This is why your kind is hated. You never deal in reality. You're a deluded, self-righteous, naive larper. I'm glad you feel ostracized.

I wrote more in the past explaining why fantasy anarchist Communism can never work for a reason Marxist literature never addresses, human nature. I wrote that while I was visiting Moldova, my parents' home country.

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2021, 5:39pm
>> No. 26851 [Edit]
Sorry if this hurts your feelings but your experience is completely worthless. It can't replace science. And if you think Marxist literature never addressed "human nature", you have not engaged with the science.
>> No. 26852 [Edit]
Have you considered becoming a Scientologist?

For the sane people here, communism has some of its roots in dialectics, and a strain of it called Hegelianism. Philosophical nonsense that gained popularity in the 20th century among Marxists. It's no more scientific than Scientology, but they like to think it gives them legitimacy.

Post edited on 2nd Nov 2021, 5:58pm
>> No. 26854 [Edit]
You're the communist here.
>> No. 26855 [Edit]
Did... did you just call dialectics dielectrics, and imply Marxists were Hegelian? You're dumber than I thought. And calling Hegel "philosophical nonsense" puts your anti-intellectual brainworms on full public display, ha.
>> No. 26856 [Edit]
Way to prove my point?
>> No. 26858 [Edit]
Kek, why are you editing your post to be less embarrassing after being called out? Too pussy?
>> No. 26859 [Edit]
You've deleted posts because you can't figure out the edit function.
>> No. 26860 [Edit]
It's because the small added text triggers my OCD.
>> No. 26861 [Edit]

>this phrase shows, if anything, a rejection of wage labour/wageslavery.
Yes, In Favour of literal slavery.

>To Stalin, the present (at the time) mode of production operated as "From each according to his ability, to each according to his labour", as the USSR was not advanced enough and had to compete with the industrialised West, so they could not operate on the former. A revolution in the imperial core would look nothing like the Soviet experience.
Yes because it was not actually a fully communist society, it was a socialist one that was trying to become communist.

>It is clear to me you have not studied the topic more than skin-deep.
It's clear to me that you just ignore anything you don't like.
>> No. 26862 [Edit]
I already said the USSR deteriorated due to its economic backwardness before the revolution, try again.
>> No. 26863 [Edit]
So? That's irrelevant, again you just ignore anything you do not like.

In a communist society, you are all slaves and there are no NEETs.
>> No. 26864 [Edit]
It isn't irrelevant in the slightest... the USSR was never communist and could not possibly be communist on its own, and that it "worked towards it" does not matter if it deteriorated to the point of capitalist restoration way before 1991.
>> No. 26865 [Edit]

As a very wise man has already said.

>Yes because it was not actually a fully communist society, it was a socialist one that was trying to become communist.

You keep ignoring things and then going on about things that are irrelevant. You were the one using the Soviet Union as an argument.

>The Soviet Union didn't operate according to this, by their own admission; this phrase shows, if anything, a rejection of wage labour/wageslavery. To Stalin, the present (at the time) mode of production operated as "From each according to his ability, to each according to his labour", as the USSR was not advanced enough and had to compete with the industrialised West, so they could not operate on the former. A revolution in the imperial core would look nothing like the Soviet experience.

The point that you keep glossing over is that again, in a communist society, you are all slaves and there are no NEETS, there is no getting around this and ignoring it will not help, deluding yourself like >>26848 will not help either, you don't need a degree in economics to see why that doesn't pass muster, just think about it for 10 seconds.
>> No. 26866 [Edit]
You are very dumb. Nice talking to you.

>> No. 26867 [Edit]
File 163590872286.jpg - (415.52KB , 1280x720 , [Asenshi] Little Witch Academia - 07 [CEE6E21B]_mk.jpg )
Well that is one way of admitting defeat I suppose.
>> No. 26868 [Edit]
No one wins internet arguments. People just argue until one gets tired and leaves.
>> No. 26869 [Edit]
True, I certainly can't see you winning any online arguments.
>> No. 26870 [Edit]
>My parents are from that place. You'd have hard time finding people who hate communism more than they do. Communism, or "advanced socialism", whatever you want to call it, is a disease.
The atrocities committed by the USSR in Russia and Eastern Europe are undertold; it's horrifying. I'm so happy to learn your parents were able to escape.
>> No. 26871 [Edit]
Please, keep this political shit in /tat/.
>> No. 26872 [Edit]
Not the anon you were fighting with. Just pointing out the obvious I guess.
>> No. 27020 [Edit]
File 164211094155.jpg - (40.79KB , 495x500 , b77ad17807f23108f5221bce075c26b1.jpg )
I want complete freedom. Including freedom from inconvenience.
>> No. 27021 [Edit]
I'm happy, I'm a physics post-doc at a small Irish University. Have enough money to fill my house with weeb stuff and get to research lasers.
>> No. 27026 [Edit]
File 164222632616.png - (43.82KB , 450x600 , 6f34310190a8172822e34d39ecfd6dae-imagepng.png )
I am nothing
>> No. 27027 [Edit]
Neat. Would be nice to have some more physics discussion in /navi/.
>> No. 27028 [Edit]
sometimes I hug myself because no one else will.
>> No. 27029 [Edit]
I do this too. I'll either hug a pillow and pretend it's a beloved character hugging me. I've also gotten to a point where I'll just imagine the hug as well.
>> No. 27030 [Edit]
I talk to myself because that's the only person who will listen.
>> No. 27033 [Edit]
Half the reason I post on textboards is that I know it will at least be read by someone. Of course I try to make the post worthwhile and substantive on its own, but the egalitarian nature of the forum adds extra appeal.
>> No. 27034 [Edit]
File 16424058756.png - (53.59KB , 620x1059 , 0c68b9f4e8f9f75e041969adefaa9818.png )
I've read your post, anon.
>> No. 27044 [Edit]
I'm 35, working a crappy job, I wasted my twenties as a hikkikomori, I can't seem to build a social life as an adult, the first woman I've liked in years is crazy as a shithouse rat, and I just generally feel like shit.
>> No. 27045 [Edit]
You mean a 3DPD? That's not okay. Nope.

Ignoring that, I'm 35 too, and I also feel like shit. But I don't care about not having a social life or stuff like that, I haven't cared in so many years. I don't know how awful I would feel if I had to care about that too, considering I'm already completely fucked up without even thinking about it. I don't know what to make of it, though. Maybe it makes you worry because you're actually succesful in other facets of life, I don't know.
>> No. 27046 [Edit]
>Maybe it makes you worry because you're actually succesful in other facets of life
When I was a hikki, I pretty much stopped hoping for anything better and I was okay with it. Then I got a job, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I started to relearn some social skills and it seemed like I was making progress toward a Ford-driving life. But now I feel stalled. It's the hope that kills you.
>> No. 27047 [Edit]
Personally I'd rather die than live the ford-driving life, since the supposed blissfulness of ford-driving life is only made possible by their ignorance. (That said, I'd choose death over my current tragic state anyhow so that's not saying much).

And as a corollary I don't think it's really possible for someone who's spent enough time here to try to live the path of a ford-driver, for doing so would be like trying to pull the veil over your eyes when you've already seen the truth. Far better to instead spend that time striving to become a happy neet instead, but sadly that too is still an elusive goal for many here.
>> No. 27048 [Edit]
As someone in a similar spot who wasted most of my 20s as a hikki and is now in a fairly decent job, I still don't have really anything in terms of expectations for a social life

I mean I'm making money but I still find it incredibly hard to find common interests / points of discussion with people

My solace is basically just in feeling secure in the future financially and having enough money to travel whenever all the current bullshit blows over
>> No. 27049 [Edit]
File 164313468551.png - (1.16MB , 1240x1034 , yuukas.png )
>crazy as a shithouse rat
I don't know what you mean by this, but if you genuinely like her I don't see no problem.
For me it's the opposite. I don't care about social shit, and have ZERO interest in leaving the house, talking to women, friends, etc. The topic of conversation or personalities of the involved are irrelevant, I couldn't care less about talking to someone regardless of our tastes being similar or not, also I don't care about this tradwife shit that has infested imageboards. So in sense you could say I'm fine with being the friendless loser, however I am only fine with being a friendless jobless loser. If I were to be a friendless loser with an job I would be very pissed. I see no glory in being a working wizard. Right now I will have to go to a shit job that's absolutely unbearable, but this makes me go outside of the house. It's like normally I wouldn't trade the net for let's say going to the range, but since I can not be faithful to my home, I feel like going to the range and winding off a little. Think of this as the third law of newton, normally being all day on the pc is an absolute balance, but every negative interaction with the other world requires a positive interaction on my part to cancel the negative out.
>> No. 27050 [Edit]
I don't think I get your point, you mean having to work makes you want you live less like a hikki? For me work makes me not to want to live the house even more.
>> No. 27051 [Edit]
My point is that I like to be a shut-in, but if the circumstances prevent me from being a shut-in, I will do something else. Think of the anons who complain that they can't watch anime when they stopped being a hikki. It's this negative energy that you bring back home when you are forced to do a negative interaction with the outside world, so to neutralize this I feel like going out of my way to do a controlled interaction to neutralize the previous one and return at peace to my room.
>> No. 27052 [Edit]
File 16431730366.jpg - (289.59KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Princess Connect! Re-Dive S2 - 03 (10.jpg )
Me liking loli and shota (although not exclusively) is causing me a fair amount of distress
>> No. 27053 [Edit]
How come? I'm in the same boat, but it doesn't bother me. Afraid others will find out? Get good at hiding it.

If it's guilt, jerk off a whole lot more and that feeling will fade away eventually.

Post edited on 26th Jan 2022, 8:00am
>> No. 27054 [Edit]
As long as you're not hurting anyone, I don't think you need to apologize for your fetishes. Let your freak flag fly. Or keep it to yourself if you care what others think.
>> No. 27055 [Edit]
It's 2D, who the hell cares
>> No. 27056 [Edit]
File 164320367812.jpg - (334.48KB , 1018x1280 , 46525682_p0.jpg )
I adore loli publicly and I lost a friend for it. We used to be good buds, but he got a Twitter account and everything changed.
The message here, I think, is keep loving loli and don't get a Twitter account.
>> No. 27057 [Edit]
Lolis before losers!
>> No. 27113 [Edit]
File 164482029610.jpg - (728.78KB , 2100x2865 , c24e6b7d1faa812f2188e7db03d7b5da.jpg )
I don't think I'll ever find a person who I truly like. It's because of my expectations, but people keep disappointing me. Doesn't matter if it's reasonable or not, I can't like a person unless they meet some requirements. Sometimes I think I may have found someone, but inevitably it comes, that crushing sense of disappointment and aloneness when I realize "no they aren't it".

I don't know what to do about it. People, I value them based only on what they give me or how similar they are to myself. I don't value people intrinsically. I have social cravings like anybody, but I don't really like anyone.
Part of me says I should give up and resign myself to a life of dissatisfaction. Maybe even isolate myself on the internet too, to spare myself the constant alienation.

I don't know if I could stand that kind of isolation though. I hate people. I resent them for being different from me, and I get some sadistic catharsis from their suffering. Even a person like me yearns for a connection, and that's where the suffering comes from.
>> No. 27116 [Edit]
well what kind of qualities do you like in a person? what requirements do they have to meet?
>> No. 27117 [Edit]
Similar interests(computers, abstract strategy games, the kind of anime I like, etc.). Similar fetishes and sexual tastes. Not having tastes or opinions I strongly dislike. Basically, someone who shares my appreciations and hates.

Similar temperament would be a plus too. Even better if they're the reliable, stoic type, which I admire.

Post edited on 14th Feb 2022, 12:25pm
>> No. 27118 [Edit]
That's asking quite a bit. I mean it's not wrong to want that, but as you get to know anyone in more detail you'll invariably find something that clashes. That's why I prefer anonymous textboards over chats anyhow, since you don't discover anything about their personality.
>> No. 27119 [Edit]
I fucking hate Valentine's Day. It just reminds me how happy other people are, and that I'll probably die alone.
>> No. 27120 [Edit]
Holidays are there for overemphasizing what's normal in culture and manufacturers selling more vain products. When a holiday is devoid of its practices, it merely represents how much time has passed since the last personal event.
>> No. 27121 [Edit]
The only reason I remember its existence is because some manga and anime will reference it. There's really nothing interesting about the day.
Though I'd kill for some homemade chocolate.
>> No. 27122 [Edit]
Anxiety, work stress, and sleep apnea. Work started to improve for about a week, but then a sudden email yesterday for my manager completely torpedoed my good feeling. David cracking the whip on us, and even though my performance is about 120%, they want everyone to be 124 or higher. Truthfully I don't think it's going to be that big of a deal but my anxiety tells me otherwise, and it's been making me miserable for months.

Chtist, was it really 6 years ago that I was a NEET for a while? Kinda wish I could go back, but the cost of goods has gone up so high.
>> No. 27123 [Edit]
Sometimes I really miss the freedom of NEET life. Work and people stress me out.
>> No. 27189 [Edit]
File 164748024532.png - (130.83KB , 264x379 , 1458671576305.png )
Failed artist is a simple version, but even if I did have the ability, I don't even want anything beyond being left alone and to create what I wish to create, but because I'm a failure I can't do that. I'm still creating, don't want to stop, but no matter how many projects I do I'll always just have more, and none of them will pay the bills because my projects I make for me and no one wants to commission me anyways.

I'm being pushed into teaching, I work in schools now but kids give you little respect and empty praises. It's rare I get an opportunity to teach what I care about and feel in my element. Not only that but I'm also a constant fuck-up. I've actually gotten fired from 3 schools, only one of which I did something that I'd say I deserved termination for. But even though no failure is the same, I always wonder how I'm gonna fuck up next.

Even if I got the life of dreams* (that can be achieved in this cursed 3D world anyways), I don't even know if I'd be happy. I'm lonely, but I don't want to be bothered with company. I want the perfect laifu with waifu but I know I'm not perfect for her no matter how much I love her.

So really because I don't know what I want, everything feels like I'm not in control of everything, and I wish I was just not a fuck-up.
>> No. 27190 [Edit]
>no one wants to commission me anyways
Show us your portfolio.
>> No. 27191 [Edit]
With all due respect, I'd rather remain anonymous.
>> No. 27192 [Edit]
With all due respect, I'd rather remain anonymous.
>> No. 27193 [Edit]
You don't have an artist pseudonym?
>> No. 27194 [Edit]
I do, but anonymous in the imageboard sense. I wouldn't post things like "This cursed 3D world" while having something that could be traced back to me, you know?

I appreciate the thought however.
>> No. 27195 [Edit]
You probably already know this, but I feel it needs to be said: You'd make a lot more money if you were more shameless. I solicited you to advertise yourself, and you didn't take the offer. Even if I didn't pay you, someone here might have. I know for a fact a few people here have paid for commissions.

It might come back to this
>I don't even want anything beyond being left alone and to create what I wish to create

A shameless person proactively advertises themself(let alone if they're asked to) and draws whatever they're paid to. Regardless of skill, if you are a better artist than those paying you, and you're willing to follow others' directions, you can make money.

Post edited on 18th Mar 2022, 12:31pm
>> No. 27198 [Edit]
This just isn't the thread for that, I didn't want to present myself here, I wanted to be vulnerable here. Sorry.

Any efforts at putting myself out there just feel futile, pissing in this ocean of piss we call an internet, so I'm just focusing on doing what I do and putting things out when they're done.
>> No. 27228 [Edit]
File 164831562514.jpg - (859.19KB , 850x1200 , c39e5682e3ccb7f30e05f7f47e6f6fdf.jpg )
I think every year, usually around the start of spring, sometimes fall, I have a "revelation", where I decide to commit to some life change.

For a few months, I'll stick with it, but sooner or later, I fall back into bad habits. Most of my life seems spent in an unproductive stupor.

How many "revelations" have I had up until now? Has any of it stuck? Have I progressed in any meaningful way? Why do I keep being dragged back into the same old shit?
>> No. 27229 [Edit]
What sort of life changes?
>> No. 27230 [Edit]
Going to bed at a normal hour everyday. Exercising. Studying hard. Stuff like that.
>> No. 27231 [Edit]
>Going to bed at a normal hour everyday. Exercising. Studying hard. Stuff like that.
I don't think those are very "bad" habits on the scale of bad habits, all things considered.

For the going to bed at normal hour, you probably already considered this but avoiding any bright or blue-ish light exposure 2 hours before you want to sleep (flux/nightshift-type stuff may not be sufficient, you may have to get a 1800k red-orange bulb and use that, spend the time reading or relaxing or something) can help. Also combine that with bright sun exposure right after you wake up to nudge the circadian rhythm back in the right direction.
>> No. 27251 [Edit]
File 164880923824.jpg - (306.15KB , 610x610 , 4134.jpg )
I hate being sick all the time. I'm always so tired, and have little energy. I've been making progress in my life by going back to uni and I received an academic award last semester. Is there a way to increase energy? I have problems staying up past 10 hours.
I thought self-improvement would help with the energy, but I'm afraid that with aging, I'll be worst off without intervention.
Even without energy, I will continue to write, draw, exercise, and improve my life even if I collapse again, it still makes me sad that I can't put more effort into my life.
>> No. 27269 [Edit]
My siblings were bequeathed above average intelligence while this one is consigned to reside on the left side of the bell curve. Envy and other nasty facets of man is the icing on the cake.
>> No. 27276 [Edit]
File 164992439786.png - (1.69MB , 1637x1157 , 1642262024723.png )
The normals are conspiring to prevent my awakening. Due to their insolent meddling my powers have been retarded. At this rate I am going to be forced to commit seppuku before my plan is complete.
>> No. 27322 [Edit]
I hate how much of a disappointment I am. I can't talk to my dad at all out of shame. The family members I live with probably look down on me. I can hardly go outside before midnight unless I really have to because it feels like everyone knows how much of a loser I am. I never wanted to admit it before, but it causes me to panic. Maybe it's not visible, but even crossing paths with someone I try to think of what I should do or say in the off chance they say something.
I used to make people proud and achieved pretty great things just a few years ago. I think that only makes things worse. Even recently, my dad would say something along the lines of "I'm proud of you, son." It makes me feel sick to my stomach. I'm just a damn failure right now. Save it for when I finally do something.
I also have a lot of regrets, especially with everything after finishing school. I don't regret being a NEET. I do regret constantly telling myself I'll do this and that for two years. If I was just honest with myself, that I wasn't going to get a job or go to school, I'd be further along.
It feels like I've developed more in the past couple months than I have in years before that.
>> No. 27323 [Edit]
File 165083349192.gif - (269.69KB , 120x128 , 1650113080940.gif )
I don't know how many times I've said this, but I have to say it again. I am an evil person. I don't care about others. I'd sacrifice them for personal gain without much hesitation. Also, I dislike those who are different from me. The more different, the more I dislike them.

At the same time, I have an uncontrollable urge to interact with others. I can't help myself. I can't feel content in total isolation. I feel helpless and alone and believe nothing can change that. There's no conclusion to this post. There's no answers out there.
>> No. 27324 [Edit]
Have you talked to a doctor about this? It sounds like you might have a sociopath mental disorder which they might be able to help treat.
>> No. 27325 [Edit]
No. I don't have access to such things.
>> No. 27326 [Edit]
You're normal, and most people only pretend to care about others ("virtue signaling" is what I guess it's called nowadays). We're tribal people, and people will not think twice about throwing someone outside their tribe under the bus.

It's just that people have different selectivities for what they consider to be their tribe. In your case it's highly specific, so you effectively end up being a lone tribe of n=1.
>> No. 27329 [Edit]
People in my life have constantly brought me down, mocked me, abused me. And now as an adult, they expect me to integrate with the same people that made my life hell.
"Why don't you talk to anyone? Don't you want friends?" As if they weren't the kind of person to reject me back then if I dared to open my mouth. What the fuck?
There's nothing wrong about not living by the standards imposed onto you by them. It just stresses me that they're constantly fucking at it, begging and pleading.
I think I'd be happier as a hermit, away from other judgmental people.
>> No. 27330 [Edit]
It's really fucking stupid, but I still sometimes drink myself to sleep thinking about how I wiped my old hard drive that had over a decade worth of my history on the internet saved on it. It's something that I can't go more than a couple days thinking about at least once and it sours the whole day.
>> No. 27331 [Edit]
What sort of history? Do you mean browser history, or saved files etc.?
>> No. 27332 [Edit]
Lot of media, mostly images, and a lot of random photoshops/websites/writing I'd made over the years since middle school when I first had good internet access. I've lived my whole life online so this harddrive was essentially a record of my life, though admittedly one that only I could understand. It had everything I'd saved/made from 2005 until 2018. Was a small archive of the old internet even without the sentimental value it had to me.
It feels stupid writing about it but it truly fucked me up losing that thing.
>> No. 27333 [Edit]
The writings and other personal things seem hard to replace, but surely a lot of the photos videos and so on you can track down again can't you? And if it means that much to you, have you looked into data recovery?
>> No. 27334 [Edit]
If you haven't used it since then, and you didn't explicitly zero out free space, there's a decent chance non-plaintext data (images, etc.) are still available. But I'll assume that you've tried recovery tools and they were fruitless...

Post edited on 27th Apr 2022, 8:44pm
>> No. 27335 [Edit]
I chose very thorough settings on the tool I was using unfortunately. I was supposed to target the very old and busted laptop ssd I was going to use as a temporary OS drive. Couldn't recover anything.
>surely a lot of the photos videos and so on you can track down again can't you?
Some stuff I did hunt down specifically, other things I've seen here and there and saved as I recognize them. Getting my hands on some of the more obscure shows/games I had was a bit tough but I did manage to find much of what I'd lost on that front. It's just not feasible to hunt down the images unfortunately, which are what I miss most. Too many hyper-specific things and just too much in general honestly. Well over 30k images were on that drive, there's no way it's all making it back even if I went on a best-stuff-only basis.
>> No. 27361 [Edit]
File 165171353291.jpg - (543.90KB , 2048x1942 , __flandre_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_kiui_dagk8254__3.jpg )
My sister is pregnant again. Her and her boyfriend are unwilling to work, so my mom has to take care of them and their kid. If I say anything about it, whoever will say that I can't say anything because I'm a NEET and no different from them.
I say that's fucking bullshit. I don't leave messes for other people to clean up, I take care of my shit, I'm not going to have a bunch of children I can't support like some third-world nigger.
I'm worried I'll end up getting forced out of the house or something. There's not enough space even for the one kid they have now. If I get forced out, I'll have to move in with my dad and get a job... Even if I didn't, my dad's 3DPD has kids about my age and so I'd be on full display to strangers. What's the point of having a home if you have to deal with strangers constantly?
Goddamn it. Normalfags ruin everything. I just wanted to live a life of peace and seclusion, damn it. Fuck. I'm scared. I'm absolutely terrified that I'm going to get fucked over like this. I'm finally feeling pretty good about life, and it's just going to get shattered.
>> No. 27362 [Edit]
>If I get forced out, I'll have to move in with my dad and get a job
That's sounds preferable to staying.
>> No. 27363 [Edit]
Honestly in that situation i'd probably rather just work, part time if you can get away with it
Having a couple with child hanging around your place constantly sounds awful. Women basically get a free pass if they have a kid to never have to worry about anything ever again but I'm surprised your mom tolerates her boyfriend doing nothing.
I say that as someone who was a NEET for over 5 years, idk,
Perhaps I'm blessed in that my family basically always left me alone when I needed it. These days I just work from home and don't deal with anyone so I suppose that's something you could try and aim toward if it's possible for you.
>> No. 27364 [Edit]
Yeah, and depending on where he lives, he might be able to rent a place, work for eight months, be a NEET for the next three or four, work again, be a NEET, and repeat. It's not ideal, but also not too bad.
>> No. 27365 [Edit]
File 165172928826.jpg - (55.28KB , 1280x720 , hika.jpg )
>Honestly in that situation i'd probably rather just work
Working just feels so pointless. I don't really have any wants, my basic needs are met as is. If I worked, I'd just spend it all on stupid stuff. It'd also require me to be around other people, and I'm just so tired of people. I'd rather be here where I can just keep to myself and do my own thing. No need to be polite and feign interest in other people and what they say.
I could go on and on about why I'm a NEET. Every reason's another shitty excuse.
>Having a couple with child hanging around your place constantly sounds awful.
You get used to it. The baby isn't that noisy. My sister and her boyfriend though? Another story.
>I'm surprised your mom tolerates her boyfriend doing nothing.
She constantly bitches about it. If she tells him to get a job or get the fuck out, he and my sister threaten to never let her see her granddaughter again. It's an obnoxious situation all around.
>Perhaps I'm blessed in that my family basically always left me alone when I needed it.
They generally ignore me unless they have something to bitch about. Everyone vents to me because I'm not an asshole. Sometimes my sister will accuse me of being a drug addict or something behind my back, but I haven't done anything like that since I was in school. No money for it anyway.

I could complain all night, but I'd rather not. I'll just consider my options going forward.
>> No. 27366 [Edit]
I think the main point is being able to live on your own the way you want and support yourself. Also, it's possible to get work at home jobs. They're a lot more common now thanks to covid.
>> No. 27367 [Edit]
>Working just feels so pointless. I don't really have any wants, my basic needs are met as is.
You captured this well. Basically the only reason I remain alive is that at the moment the effort required to do so being a neet is minimal enough. Putting in any amount of non-trivial effort, e.g. "rent a place, work for eight months" seems rather pointless unless you dedlude yourself into thinking you have some grand goal in life (which is what I assume 99% of normalfags end doing).
>> No. 27368 [Edit]
I have no skills and my only work experience is a couple months as a janitor. I really don't have much going for me.
In a case of life or death, I'd probably work. Wouldn't cry if I died though. I'm still young. I still have fun. This is a case of work or shit.
>> No. 27423 [Edit]
I hastily took responsibility for an imageboard earlier this year. It's not a big handful or anything but I kind of hate it. Moderating sucks. I wake up every few hours to make sure there isn't child porn or something. It takes the fun out of posting as well, not that I wasn't ready to move on from the board in the first place. I just didn't want to see it die the way it seemed it would.
I've relaxed a bit in the past months. I don't care to expand or anything. I guess I'm just hoping it'll die on it's own. No guilt for taking it away from the couple of regulars that have been around for probably longer than I have...
I'll see if I can pass off my ownership to someone. It's not like I'm doing anything with it.
>> No. 27424 [Edit]
Welcome to my world buddy!
>> No. 27425 [Edit]
Do you ever regret it Tohno?

Post edited on 19th May 2022, 8:12pm
>> No. 27426 [Edit]
From what I've gathered, tc is one of the few positive things in Tohno's life.
>> No. 27427 [Edit]
I'd be lying if I said there haven't been times. It's been stressful at times, got banned from paypal because of TC, lost some friends because of it, made some others because of it. Probably missed out on a few opportunities because of it too. Keeping the peace has been hard, that's for sure. In the past people would keep pushing issues that would divide the user base and expect me to pick sides, I'd try to avoid that most of the time but either way it'd hurt the community all the same.
I guess I haven't lost too much money on the site at least. I'm not making a cent off it, but it's not as expensive to maintain as some might think. In the end it's all I've really got though. I can't really see myself hanging out in too many other places. I've tried joining other communities and rarely like what I find there. The internet has been ruined by normies, and there's just not many places left to turn to anymore. For better or worse this is my home.
>> No. 27428 [Edit]
Tohno, this place is truly a time capsule of the old internet. This community while sometimes flawed reminds me of happier times of my youth. I miss the old imageboard4free & *chan cultures, but they're long dead.
As I get closer to my 30s, I realize that we're a decreasing minority on the internet. The internet is normie-centric and it's so hard to find websites that have people like us on it now.
Don't ever close Tohno-chan, I will buy it from you and keep it running until I die if you ever lose interest.
>> No. 27429 [Edit]
For what it's worth, TC has quickly become my favorite site. It just feels right. Even something as small as the caption on the homepage makes me feel right at home. Thanks for sticking around.
>> No. 27441 [Edit]
I need to get a damn hobby. I suck at putting effort into things because I've never had to before. I've always gotten by through talent and the ability to follow simple directions.
I like a lot of things, but it's hard to stick with em.
>> No. 27468 [Edit]
2D isn't real, or more accurately, I'll never be 2D.
You watch anime.
You read manga.
You play visual novels.
But it's never enough.
>> No. 27547 [Edit]
I'm terrified. I'm so scared and it feels like there's nothing I can do about it. Too scared to do anything, afraid what will happen if I don't.
It's easy to fool yourself and make excuses, but it doesn't change the facts.
Even though I've identified this issue, I have no clue what to do now. I've hesitated for too long and I'll probably continue to do so until I don't have the option.
Who knows. No amount of writing will change anything.
>> No. 27553 [Edit]
File 165629828378.png - (955.26KB , 1200x1600 , 1623304556277.png )
How do you deal with loneliness TC? It's been months since I've spoken any friends, and it seems harder and harder to scratch that itch. Now everything is super shitty and getting worse by the day and it's hard to talk about anything anywhere. I get an occasional bit of catharsis, but that usually involves doing reckless, pointless things only for things to go back to how they normally are after an hour or so. In my room I'm constantly stressed out over nothing and it only gets worse outside of it. I can't eat a lot of things without throwing up. I can't enjoy things without thinking about it all.
I just don't know about anything anymore. I'm not doing alright and I can't seem to do anything about it.
>> No. 27554 [Edit]
Accept it rather than fight it, that's all.
>> No. 27555 [Edit]
You get used to it over time. It's both a blessing and a curse in that you'll numb yourself to any negative feelings but that mutes positive feelings as well. Any poignant emptiness just gets replaced with a persistent bleh, a tired weariness of it all just waiting until nonexistence. Maybe you can watch a show or two and feel a few sparks of happiness or experience a flash of emotion, but things quickly normalize. Or maybe you listen to a song you used to like and rekindle a shadow, experiencing merely the memory of joy.

And now you'll be tasked with the issue of how to spend the time. When feelings are muted, you never really have any motivation to do anything. Maybe you drift about online, hit cmd-r on TC once every dozen minutes seeing if there's anything to do. Interestingly when both sadness/despair and joy are gone, annoyance is still left.
>> No. 27556 [Edit]
That's my usual routine, but sometimes it's just too hard to ignore. Sometimes I'll say "FUCK!" and run around outside all night, other times I just feel too hopeless to do anything at all.
I feel bad though, I dump my emotional outbursts here too often. I was going to delete my post now that I've calmed down, but it's a bit late for that.
I think I'll hoard some VNs so it'll be easier to find something to take my mind off of everything when I need it.
>> No. 27559 [Edit]
I don't deal with it, I appreciate it.
I'm happy when I'm alone, specially if it's more than one day. Sadly that doesn't happen too often.
Everyone will tell you you shouldn't be like that, you're supposed to feel bad and lonely, but after many years I can see it doesn't work like that for me and I don't think they can convince me of the contrary.
>> No. 27560 [Edit]
>I'm happy when I'm alone, specially if it's more than one day. Sadly that doesn't happen too often.
This sentence implies you're in fact not alone at all, anon, at least not the type of alone >>27553 seems to be talking about.
>> No. 27562 [Edit]
No, I'm not, that's the problem.
I've been in the past, for long times, felt so much better. Even when I spent weeks without hearing my own voice, those days were a blessing compared to the present and I miss them fondly.
But if your point is, "you say that because you haven't experienced true loneliness", and I have heard that so many times, well, if I have experienced the opposite and it sucks so much I consider that enough conclusive evidence. If years of living in society have made feel so miserable I'm not gonna think living outside society is something I should feel fear of.
Like I said, at this point I'm not gonna be convinced of certain things, I've lived enough. When you grow older and have spent all your life doing what others told you was the best, with terrible results, you conclude you're the only one who knows what's better for yourself.
Sure, "humans are social creatures". And humans have two arms and two legs and can eat peanuts. But there's humans who are born with one leg, one arm or none, or they are alergic to peanuts and can die if they eat them. There's always exceptions.
>> No. 27564 [Edit]
I've developed an obsessive-compulsive urge to ruin anything I grow attached to. If I find a manga I like, I get the immediate urge to jump to the end spoil it for myself. If I find a game I like, I'll immediately spoil it by searching online for all the secrets or broken elements of the game, thereby ruining the chance for me to truly experience things for myself. If I so much as catch myself simply ENJOYING MYSELF or being at ease, I'll immediately look up something written by someone like Ted Kaczynski or some other critic of modern society and force myself to feel guilty and irresponsible for daring to be happy in my current life. It's a legitimate reflex at this point, and I don't understand why it's happening to me. I feel like I've been trained to believe that if I hate something and it makes me miserable, then partaking in it is the only mature and morally correct thing to do, and that if I'm enjoying myself and having fun at all, then I'm being immature and incorrect.
>> No. 27565 [Edit]
I wonder how things would have been if I took my education a little more seriously. Despite being in the top percentile nationwide on a certain test and otherwise being a high achiever, I was a pretty typical delinquent. Skipping class, making poor decisions, all that good stuff.
Here I am, a few years later. Just a hikikomori. People usually say it's not too late for me, and they'd be right. Unfortunately, things aren't that simple. My obstacles might be purely psychological, but they're still there.
I also guess I don't give a damn. Everything I was interested in in terms of a career was just me wanting to help other people. Now I'm jaded and bitter. Despite doing my best to help others, nobody ever returned the favor.
>> No. 27592 [Edit]
File 165934585035.jpg - (347.66KB , 1157x1691 , __akiyama_yukari_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_sutahir.jpg )
I turn 21 today. The most I've done with my life is work for a month. I know I'm still young and can't compare to the rest of TC in wasting time, but it feels bad all the same. What's worse is, I wouldn't really mind so much if there wasn't a ton of pressure to go out and do something. It won't make me feel better and at best I can buy pointless stuff that doesn't really help me do anything I couldn't before.
Sure, I might be able to move out, but if I'm going to work, I'd really rather save and invest the money while living at home. Still, I'd rather not work at all. It all feels so pointless. Money doesn't make me happy. I'm plenty satisfied just relaxing, enjoying (pirated) things at my own speed.
I also sometimes think of what people around my age are doing. Again, it makes me feel like I'm wasting time, but then again, I don't think college is the right choice and I don't have connections or experience for a decent job.
God, I hate even thinking of this shit. Why can't I get paid to stay inside and away from the general public? It's a win-win, really.
Well, whatever. I'm glad I can post on TC and infect it with my youth and foolishness.
>> No. 27593 [Edit]
I'll be 21 myself in a few weeks and am attending college. I just don't want to be dependent on my parents and, you know, they grow older and die eventually.
>> No. 27594 [Edit]
File 165937592476.jpg - (458.69KB , 1202x1700 , __houraisan_kaguya_touhou_drawn_by_fjsmu__1f45e148.jpg )
Good for you. I have an okay job lined up for now to take care of some important non-essential expenses that should cover me for a long time. Maybe I could even save some money for a nice vacation.
I don't mind being dependent on my parents, as I feel it's better than relying on an employer. Sure, it might not be the best ever, but at least I get to take it easy.
I'll probably change my mind in some years anyhow. I'm in no rush as everyone else is already pretty far ahead. For now I'll enjoy my VNs.
>> No. 27595 [Edit]
I wonder what the age ranges for users of TC are, perhaps broken down by lurker/reader vs frequent poster. I'd guess there's a large bucket from 20-25, and perhaps a longer tail from 25-35.

>Why can't I get paid to stay inside and away from the general public
IT/software development work is roughly the closest thing you can get. If you play your cards right, you can end up in a job where you work entirely from home. It'll probably still feel like a waste of time because of how pointless most tech-related jobs are ("Let's A/B accessibility options for cripples in czechoslovakia!") but at least you can roughly maintain the same schedule you had before. It's not a good time to get into it now though, because of the recession etc.
>> No. 27597 [Edit]
File 165941392582.jpg - (235.30KB , 1200x900 , __remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_asutora__93590c1.jpg )
I think the average is at least 25 years old. I don't really mind. I really like TC for it. If I say something wrong, usually I'll be corrected by someone more knowledgeable and experienced. I'm very grateful for that. It gives me a sense of belonging I never really had before. Thank you for your patience. I'll be sure to pass it on to the next generation of losers on TC or, god forbid, it's successor.
>> No. 27598 [Edit]
Yeah 25 sounds about right for the average, although I'd be more interested in the actual distribution (or at least median & 75th percentile). You're absolutely right on the breadth of information people have here though – there's pretty interesting in-depth discussion on almost every board, ranging from otaku interests, to exploration of tragic human conditions, to technical/scientific content.

Either there are enough lurkers that together they cover a reasonably comprehensive span of knowledge, or it's just a few regulars who happen to have in-depth knowledge on a broad set of topics.
>> No. 27599 [Edit]
Yeah, it's pretty easy to generate discussion. I do think the willingness to share knowledge is a great help toward any sort of discussion. After all, if everyone is expected to know everything, it's pointless to talk about anything.
From my own experience, there's plenty of one off posts on smaller imageboards, but the best posts come from those that have been around a while. That's mostly because it seems most people make one post and never come back. Not that I'd know anything about TC's situation in particular.
>> No. 27602 [Edit]
File 166023798297.jpg - (667.56KB , 1600x1000 , smoking touhou tie red eyes short hair green hair .jpg )
Met a total sweetheart in an online chatroom and we ended up chatting on daily.

Things were cute and warm for a while until she turned dead cold on me for some reason, later saying I'm suffocating and that she needs space and then taking it back.

In the cute and warm phase, I also invited her to various festivals and she refused everything.

Things warmed up a bit again until she asked me about something I said a year ago about me using an AI to vent to it my darkest thoughts and practice social skills and courtship. Tone was pretty condescending.

Anyway, we continue chatting in a familiar tone for a while until I later found out she is now with some other guy and not even trying to hide it. Of course, since then, she's been ignoring me almost completely.

Around the same time, my fishing buddy died and now I'm all lost and confused.

My work life is also suffering because of this. I'm lost.

Post edited on 12th Aug 2022, 3:15pm
>> No. 27605 [Edit]
File 166024031718.jpg - (114.59KB , 1500x500 , 1656786437567.jpg )
>Met a total sweetheart on an online chatroom and we chatted on a daily
This is where you fucked up. And she's not a sweetheart, she's a typical bitch who uses different men for different purposes while feining intimacy with all of them. Maybe she doesn't do it conciously, but yadda yadda it's always the same story.

Point is, I'm sorry anon, but you're an idiot for getting into this situation. Learn from your mistake and move on. Spend your time on literally anything besides feeding a woman attention and validation.

Post edited on 11th Aug 2022, 10:57am
>> No. 27606 [Edit]
File 166025033079.jpg - (1.06MB , 2894x4093 , FUgkhn-aQAAl-61.jpg )
I accidentally edited my old post so I did my best to reconstruct it.

Thank you for your wisdom and closure, anon. I will try my best to move on.
>> No. 27607 [Edit]
Been there before. It's best to just move on and try again. Also, women online have little sympathy or compassion I've found. To then it's like you're not even a real person. It's pretty much impossible to compete with people they meet offline. If you really want to get involved with someone, I know it's hard, but you're going to have to do it offline. It's the only way you're going to form real connections with most people. Trying to do it online is a one in a million chance of working.
>> No. 27608 [Edit]
File 166025687517.gif - (529.58KB , 480x362 , cigarette.gif )
Thank you for your insight. My "rival" is also online but, in the end, that doesn't matter anymore. Reflecting upon your words, it's true that all friendships that matter in my life were formed out there, in the real world.

Perhaps I should stop hanging out there altogether and try something different with my life.
>> No. 27609 [Edit]
The edited version sounds even worse. Leaving that place is a good idea.
>> No. 27610 [Edit]
I'd join the other ones replying, I had the same experience many times before too. They clearly wanted something unspecified and when it seemed like they won't get it, they turned dead cold in a second. Criticizing the same things she used to praise in me, changing in attitude practically overnight. I think females may be better in navigating the social landscape so what seemed like warm and attached to me/us was nothing but some kind of a game.
>> No. 27611 [Edit]
File 166025807868.jpg - (227.10KB , 1056x1500 , 942191.jpg )
My condolences about the loss of your fishing buddy.

Your best bet is to move on. Even if chatroom relationships don't work out, Tohno-chan is always here for you.
>> No. 27612 [Edit]
>females may be better in navigating the social landscape
And that's a bad thing. The only appealing thing about women which they have a monoploy on is their body. On the internet, they don't even have that.
>> No. 27613 [Edit]
I don't know why I am alive or what I want to do.
>> No. 27614 [Edit]
The notion that you have to "do" anything is an idea put into you by society in order to continue itself. The next-to-ideal life would be to sit there and do nothing (the ideal one is nonexistence, but that's not possible for many).
>> No. 27620 [Edit]
File 166034330986.jpg - (1.16MB , 1200x1023 , tuhus smoking.jpg )
Who knows, really? Deep inside, I'm afraid that I may have made some kind of mistake in the way I present myself that completely killed it. Maybe things just followed their natural course, irrespective of me? Maybe that guy is just that much better than me. After all, we are all people and simply want the best for ourselves. Maybe it was just on a whim. I know I'm nothing that special. Maybe this kind of self-reflection may be harming my already brittle self-esteem.

Thank you. Yesterday was my first day here and I'm glad I stumbled upon this place. It's pretty fun. He was a really one-of-a-kind person. One of the kindest men I've ever met, I knew nothing about fishing and he gave me one of his old rods and taught me how to fish, just because I asked him out of the blue. We spent many mornings/evenings together talking about nothing and everything while waiting for bites. He will always be a part of my inner world and he will be dearly missed.

I was there too, at some point. The key thing to remember is that there is no one you have to justify being alive to. Not even yourself.
What to do is a little more complicated. What to do today? Tomorrow? Rest of your life?

Post edited on 12th Aug 2022, 3:39pm
>> No. 27623 [Edit]
My parents made me visit a psychologist. I managed to change the subject, so they agreed on a hypothesis I made in a sudden compromisable manner, the compromise being that I'm depressed for not taking medication. The psychologist said that depression is a serious illness and that as a patient I should take the medication seriously, even if risks are involved. Rather than from inside, the big problems are from outside, every source of noise and light which are themselves forms of violence against a sensual being. If I didn't have to make memories outside but would have stayed inside, focusing on cultivation of mental abilities, I wouldn't bother with even worse inclinations.
>> No. 27624 [Edit]
>I should take the medication seriously, even if risks are involved.
The "chemical imbalance" hypothesis is flawed (well I suppose it's true in that the brain is a bag of chemicals, but believing that increasing/decreasing serotonin is the root cause is asinine). I'm not in a position to give any advice (especially since "every source of noise and light... are forms of violence" seems to imply hypersensitivity to stimulus) though.
>> No. 27626 [Edit]
So we've finally found a buyer for our inherited property but there have been some resistance from my sibling and their family who is currently residing in the property. The place itself have been a tough sell being worn down and not favorable location wise. The price we are currently offered is reasonably decent under current circumstances but there is currently a road being constructed that would see our remote property be accessible to an adjacent affluent area. We are currently debating whether we should make the sale with the price on offer or to wait for the construction to complete in the hope that it would bump up the price considerably. I've never dealt with a property sale before so I don't know how much a new road would increase the value of our home but there is also a concern whether we will get a better or matching offer if we let this chance pass and if it would take yet a long while before we could find another prospective buyer. This is all coupled with the animosity between me and my sibling with regard to the sale of our property, being the tenant, they are understandably less than enthusiastic about selling. Dealing with the sale of a property is so mentally exhausting, not to mention it being an inheritance. I hate myself for putting myself in such a spot that I am desperately contingent on said inheritance. As of late, I've come to think that I'd rather not have to deal with the property anymore, I wish I could simply end it and not have to deal with it to any further extent.
>> No. 27676 [Edit]
File 166268507058.jpg - (347.97KB , 700x950 , Fbpd6n3akAA1k_D.jpg )
I'm a college student. I live in an apartment with 2 bedrooms, each shared by 2 people. My roommate is a random person. We don't talk much.

I feel alone. Completely isolated. And it bothers me. Passing people on the street when I'm going to class or to get food puts me on edge. I guess I'm afraid of being attacked or verbally abused, if I had to give a reason why, not that that's ever happened to me. I've been doing this for three years now already, so I've gotten more used to it, but I still dislike it a lot.

I also hate crowds. Standing at the bus stop, squeezed like a sardine on the bus. It's so mentally draining. I hate it.

Passing women around my age, or just seeing them from a window, is even worse in a way. Many feelings go through my head. If I'm attracted to them, I get aroused(I'm not a 2-d purist or anything). Then I get jealous because I know there's no way I can become intimate with this person. And then I realize it's not worth the effort, because I'm only interested in them for their body. Personality-wise, I already know I wont like them, and that we aren't compatible. They'll get older and less attractive too. Talking to them, cajoling them, trying to keep their attention and get them to like me, why go through all that when what I really want is just to strip them down and have my way with them? It doesn't make sense. I really don't care about them as people.

On the other hand, I probably have social anxiety and am too intimated to even try getting a date or however all that bullshit works, so maybe those are just excuses. But it doesn't change the end result, which is a sense of dissatisfaction. Not being able to talk about this with anyone is also frustrating. I feel completely alienated and like nobody in real life would understand or want to understand these feelings, let alone be able to help me with them.

I lived alone in my parent's house for a week this summer. I was fine with it. My mood was a lot better than it is now. So it's not just being alone that disturbs my peace of mind to this extent, it's also being surrounded by other people. Seeing them, hearing them, even when I'm in my bedroom. I hate it. I wrote in this thread before, by the way >>27323
>> No. 27677 [Edit]
Consider joining an old-school Catholic church (hard to find these days) or an Orthodox one.
I'm not being facetious.
>> No. 27678 [Edit]
>I'm not being facetious.
Then please explain why you recommend that.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2022, 6:10am
>> No. 27683 [Edit]
Shit's fucked and I can't fix it. I'm not sure how long it'll be before it's fixed. Might be time to quit for now while I'm ahead, until I can handle things myself.
>> No. 27684 [Edit]
Because I'm a bad person getting what I deserve.
>> No. 27689 [Edit]
In short, attending a smaller parish's services might alleviate your loneliness while also avoid overloading your introverted mind. With one common goal in mind, it could also provide some spiritual relief, even if you're not a believer (like myself).
This is merely a suggestion, and unless the church satisfies the criteria I mentioned in my first post, it's probably not worth it.
Good luck.
>> No. 27699 [Edit]
File 166349290034.jpg - (217.60KB , 850x1321 , __shimada_arisu_and_boko_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by.jpg )
nothing is fun anymore. i have no interest in doing anything
>> No. 27726 [Edit]
Born into a family rife with mental illness which not only caused me to develop them because genetics, but also have to deal with everyone around me being mentally ill. My parents both have depression and sleep issues, often would not get out of bed until the afternoon so I would have to be left with just my autistic older brother with anger issues until then, without any food.

My life is a perpetual cycle of failure and I have absolutely no control over anything in it. I know I have absolutely no future except suicide. Suicide is the only way I will go out, excluding some sort of unforeseen catastrophe like a car accident or randomly getting shanked.

I cannot feel love, not towards anyone else, not to myself, and not by anyone else. I have never felt loved and I do not think I will ever find it. Who would love someone as dysfunctional as me? I cannot even remember how long it has been since I brushed my teeth, I am underweight, short, ugly, dirty, mentally ill and disgusting in general. Would anyone want me?

I have some sort of mental health issues as mentioned previously, too many symptoms to list here, however the doctors are the ones who care the least. I cannot get any genuine mental help. Not that it would change, but to be honest all I want is a diagnosis. I just want to understand what it is. What exactly is wrong with me? That is all I want to know.

And finally, my life is currently in a gutter that I absolutely cannot crawl out of if I tried. Something happened that is the killing blow to me. I do not feel like stating what it is but because of it, I essentially have nothing left. I am someone with nothing to lose, but cannot gain anything, except peace via suicide.

To name the most pressing matters, there are more, but those are the main issues.
>> No. 27727 [Edit]
Posts like this make me worry so much about my younger brother. He's going to be 17 soon, and he's even more dysfunctional than I was at that age, somehow. Both of us have Aspergers and his is worse than mine was at that age, and I worry what will happen to him while I'm away.
>> No. 27728 [Edit]
What country do you live in? He might be able to live off disability payments.
>> No. 27729 [Edit]
File 16650613819.jpg - (4.92MB , 3700x1850 , __yana_original_drawn_by_chihuri__c0bf69ecb90a8af1.jpg )
I'm not unhappy anymore.
I don't feel anything anymore.
I just live in my own world of black and white, detached from everything else.
>> No. 27733 [Edit]
Nothing is all that satisfying lately. Even trying new things isn't doing much for me.
>> No. 27734 [Edit]
>>27733 (not sure if these two are same person)
I really like the image. I don't have anything else to add, I haven't been content/satisfied myself for about a decade now, I think that's just the way life is and everyone else is deceiving themselves to varies degrees of success.
>> No. 27744 [Edit]
File 166590229471.jpg - (12.62KB , 246x246 , 1631042237905.jpg )
Another day to be persecuted. This form is so weak, and the particular constitution I have inhereted is more so than average. It feels like I spend all my time fighting with the world, but I also have to fight the traitor within at the same time. It is like I am piloting a mech trying to defeat an almighthy kaiju but the controls are extremely imprecise and so it just jerks from one position to another. How I long for solitude...but the many would prefer to spend their days performing their social rituals in order to continue their pathetic existence and I am expected to participate as long as this form is maintained.

I can half-recall the words of the dao de ching that having a body is the greatest hindrance one can bear. How to remove the influence of the body? Perhaps it is only death that can achieve this. Death can't be thought of as cessation of existence, because non existence does not exist. It is an impossibility that something should cease to exist. When we observe a death it is the disappearance of the animating force that strikes one must vividly, although the foolish masses interpret it as a cessation. It is helpful to keep in mind the idea that matter can not be created nor destroyed, but it can change form. This is a conclusion that was established very early in the history of philosophy, and still survives to this day in the scientific explanation of the world.

So it when death is examined empirically death can be thought of as a disappearence, and when examined rationally it can be thought of as a conversion. Both of these outcomes seem satisfactory to me. But I still have to deal with the desire that keeps me chained to this state of existence. There are still other options that I am considering. Can I continue in the current manner, trading pain for pleasure and pleasure for pain? Or is there some occult force that will lend me assistance? These questions circle my mind consantly. I am sure that Kaiju finds it very amusing to witness such an inept pilot.
>> No. 27745 [Edit]
>Death can't be thought of as cessation of existence
The important part of you goes away. A log of wood is brown. Throw it in a fire for long enough and it wont cease to exist, but it will not be brown anymore.
>> No. 27746 [Edit]
The stuff that made it brown burns as smoke and scatters across existence. Much like the soul, really. Even if the log becomes ash, the smoke and the warmth of the fire have got to go somewhere.
>> No. 27747 [Edit]
>Much like the soul
I believe consciousness is an emergent property, not a thing in itself. So in my view, what allows you to think and feel and perceive, can disappear from existence. Unstructured energy and matter can't do those things.

Post edited on 16th Oct 2022, 9:43am
>> No. 27748 [Edit]
>The important part of you goes away.
As >>27747 mentioned, at least in my view there's no mind/body/soul divsion, the body is all there is and so if you stop responding to stimulus 'you' are dead for all intents and purposes. Note that there is a subtle difference between death of ego/sense-of-self and physical body death, latter clearly necessitates the former, but it's possible to have the former without the latter. Based on annecdotes this can occur with a near-death experience the body doens't fully recover from. Also note that a person can never experience his own death (since death by definition necessitates the cessation of the observer itself), he only experiences the sensations in the moments up to it (either painful or not depending on how you die).

> Even if the log becomes ash, the smoke and the warmth of the fire
Reminds me of that zen quote "where does a flame go when it's extinguished" which has 2 parts, namely that the flame itself is nothing special and just stops when combustion ceases, and that more generally other flames still exist; they're not the "same flame" but it's the same process.
>> No. 27749 [Edit]
>this can occur with a near-death experience
I've read that these experiences might be a result of lingering electrical activity in the brain. So, your body is clinically dead, but the part responsible for thinking has its own, separate death throes.

Post edited on 16th Oct 2022, 12:40pm
>> No. 27750 [Edit]
Yes, that is my belief as well. Observation of the brain's electrical activity at death, particularly in the default mode network would be a ripe area for further research, but unfortunately it's hard to do for obvious reasons.
>> No. 27753 [Edit]
File 166603303028.jpg - (447.36KB , 674x1050 , Hieda_no_Akyuu_full_1470968.jpg )
terrible advice i think that'd just make you feel even more guilty
i think that the thing is that instead of trying to cover up the guilt with temporary feelings of lust anon should just realize that theres no fuckin reason to feel guilty in the first place
its useless to feel guilty because as long as theres no harm being caused in the physical world theres no actual reason to feel guilty
guilt is a reaction to doing something wrong to someone but because loli affects absolutely nothing in the material realm its a waste of time to feel any kind of guilt for it
>> No. 27754 [Edit]
File 166625412313.jpg - (15.00KB , 150x387 , 1660350226720605.jpg )
>theres no fuckin reason to feel guilty in the first place
Yes. I think that every outcast has a need to be initiated into the school of Stirner in order to be able to think properly.
>> No. 27755 [Edit]
I was surprised when I read his book that pretty much everything there was something I had once thought of myself, but better articulated. I'm surprised so many outcasts still cling to the approval and morality of normal people.
>> No. 27756 [Edit]
In my case there is multiple drives that contradict each other. Part of me desires the approval of others, however I don't have the conversational skills to get anywhere with this inclination so this desire could not be fulfilled and I spent many years in misery. I have to supress that part of me and replace it with a another part, one that is more self centered. Plato's idea of the hierachy of souls from the republic helps me with this, not specifically the way that he presents it but just the idea that there are multiple parts of a soul and that you can choose which part that you want to rule and which parts to be ruled.

I suspect that most people's inclinations are more in harmony with each other and with their enviroment and that this is how normalfags seem to just effortlessly breeze through life whilst it is all a big struggle for me. My inclinations clash with the average system of social relations and on top of that my inclinations contradict one another so I am not only struggling with external forces but also internal. Whilst I am trying to defend against the onslaught of normalfags there is also a traitor within who tries to open the gates. Not only do I have to war against the world but also war against myself. It truly is exhausting.
>> No. 27758 [Edit]
Life doesn't seem to get better after neetdom. I thought the source of my misery was due to living in my mom's basement. Now I'm stressed with all these responsibilities and I can't just sit down and enjoy my hobbies anymore. I wish I spent more time playing vidya than shitposting or talking to "friends" on Skype. Life is always tiresome... I hate that I'm still drinking to sleep despite improving my life, even if only by normie standards
>> No. 27759 [Edit]
Life is just inherently dreary. If you're a neet you have endless time to do whatever you want, but you soon reach a saturation point where you get bored. If you wageslave then your only hope in life is waiting until the weekend to be able to enjoy your hobbies again.

>hierarchy of souls
Switch souls with parts of the mind/conscious and that seems similar to internal family systems model which is reasonably well accepted.
>> No. 27760 [Edit]
Go to church.
>> No. 27761 [Edit]
I hate being around people. Individually I can tolerate them, as it's unfair to expect much from the average person and it isn't likely that they'll be around long anyway. The issue is being in or around a group. It makes the differences to scathingly apparent. It is a really harsh reminder that you don't belong, that you're a complete weirdo even among a pretty large sample size. Previously, such thoughts could be mostly ignored as friendly conversations and the like were out of sight and out of mind.
Being left out sucks, even if you didn't really have any interest in participating. It isn't even as though I didn't try to be friendly, but I got shut down very fast each time. That's probably for the best. Any assumption they might make is probably more tolerable for them than my reality. There probably aren't many questions that would have an answer that sits well with anyone.
>> No. 27762 [Edit]
That's literally my life.
I reached a point where I only can find the will to keep working in the hopes of being a NEET again. It's a weird thing, when you do all you were told, after so much struggle you "succeed" and then you feel more miserable than ever.
>> No. 27781 [Edit]
I'm a fucking alien.
My brain runs on a fundamentally different operating system than everyone else. No one really makes sense and trying to understand others is torture, the cognitive dissonance is like dragging my brain through glass. I've spent years trying to work out what's wrong with me. Decades, depending on how you count it. Years trying to find somewhere to belong. Years trying to find just one single person I could genuinely communicate with.

It seems obvious that I have to be broken. Since the problem is with literally everyone else, then it almost certainly has to just be me. The common denominator in all your problems is you, right? But the scraps of understanding I've managed to brute force out of people over the years indicate otherwise. The rare times when others have been able to accurately represent my position, they've agreed with me. I'm not the one who's wrong.

Knowing that does make me feel better. Rather than the sucking black void and pounding mental anguish, I just feel cold and empty. But there's nothing I can do about it. It's absurd. The world isn't that complicated, people aren't that different, and the problem is so simple. Things didn't have to be this way. save for one little bug in the code. Or maybe I'm still just a naive fool.
I'm sure I don't belong here either, but it seems like a nice place for an outcast like me to linger.
>> No. 27782 [Edit]
You're not an alien. Nothing about the way you write and feel about your situation suggests that you're not human. You just have a mental condition. That's the truth.

Post edited on 7th Nov 2022, 3:37pm
>> No. 27784 [Edit]
Did I leave the impression that I literally believe I am not of this earth? That was figurative, I know I'm just another human. Or if perhaps you also meant that figuratively, I haven't shared enough that you'd be able to tell.
>> No. 27785 [Edit]
Not the anon you're responding to, but it was pretty clear to me at least that your post was figurative. "To feel like an alien" is a common enough idiom.
>> No. 27786 [Edit]
I've also felt that way. What I was getting at, and the conclusion I reached about myself, is that it's too grandiose a description. I don't qualify to be an alien. Somebody who's not even bothered that they don't belong, would qualify in my opinion. If you feel sad or bothered about it, you're not alien enough.
>> No. 27800 [Edit]
Im stupid. I wish I wasnt stupid
>> No. 27834 [Edit]
Someone told me to stop being shy. It's a small thing, but I find it a bit upsetting. It's not like I have stuff to say but can't. I just have absolutely nothing I'm interested in talking about. I don't think about conversation at all.
Besides, I really doubt any of my coworkers are going to want to hear about my niche hobbies and that's the only thing I can really talk about.
>> No. 27883 [Edit]
because i dont know how to function well. I dont know if its my autism but i just get so mentally exhausted from doing the simplest things.
>> No. 27942 [Edit]
Even on imageboards I feel so out of place. Other than TC, I can only stand boards that are more or less used for imagedumps. I was going to write a post about what in particular I dislike about the current state of imageboards, but there's just so much and it seems like beating a dead horse here. I really ought to just stop subjecting myself to it.
>> No. 27984 [Edit]
Because I have extremely atypical circumstances which make it extremely difficult to relate to others and affects my employment opportunities. I am not sure that I want to get too in depth. However, the gist of it was that I was a childhood NEET. As a result of this, I was left pretty academically and socially stunted. I lack shared experiences with others. It's almost like I am fundamentally on a different plane of existence than most people.

I have gotten to the point where I am in college, and I am doing advanced math classes now in spite of where I came from. I also have a job, but I am still terrified that the college will find out that all of my k-12 credentials were fake. Even then, I still can not help being sad at what opportunities I have lost. The biggest hurt it has created is that it has affected my ability to go to a decent college and my ability to pay for it. I never had the opportunity to grind for scholarships because I never attended formal schooling. It also seems that you must go to a decent college to get a good job. Frankly, given my specific circumstances, it all feels like a colossal waste of time.
>> No. 27986 [Edit]
File 167499170372.jpg - (244.32KB , 2048x2048 , 1674078245880.jpg )
I feel like the only choices I have is to live like a recluse or socialize with others while putting on a mask and act in ways that are unnatural to me. Like I can only be myself with myself. Neither option is that appealing.
>> No. 27997 [Edit]
I don't have anyone to talk to. Normally I'm fine with this lack of interaction, but occasionally someone will reach out to me and give me a taste and then I feel that loneliness again. I know I could just try and message the people I've come across and still have contact with from over the years, but I just don't know what to say.

I miss my friend. He was an asshole, but he'd talk to me at least once a week and we'd play games together occasionally. He's the only person I've met so far that I've actually enjoyed having a conversation with. Maybe I'll make another friend someday.
>> No. 27998 [Edit]
You could start by saying Hello.
>> No. 27999 [Edit]
File 167553981883.jpg - (175.84KB , 1024x1024 , FZPAx_PXEAQxjPK.jpg )
Hello Anon.
>> No. 28000 [Edit]
Is that really okay? Greeting people seems so strange. Nobody ever greets me. Besides, looking at it, I don't really have contact with anyone I'd want to talk to anymore.
>> No. 28001 [Edit]
I've been in a similar place, and have thought a lot about this.
Maybe it's a little different in your case but if you don't reach out to people, you can't expect them to do the same in turn. Sure, every once in a while people might try, but if you're not meeting them half way, not only is that not fair, but it's also going to send them the message that you don't want to talk to them. The way they see it, you might only be responding out of politeness. If you had genuine interest, you'd engage them. You'd reach out, ask how they're doing, what they think about this or that. By not doing this, you're saying you don't care. Maybe you don't, and that's okay, but if you do meet anyone you want to keep in contact with, like your 'asshole gamer friend', you shouldn't let the relationship become one sided.

Maybe don't over think the whole greeting thing. Just say hi, it's been a while, and so on. Say what you think they might say, or better yet how you really feel. You could also explain that you'd like to continue your interactions but have difficulty with doing so. They might understand and maybe even help you.
>> No. 28003 [Edit]
Most people are already settled into friendships. And if they're not because of the circumstances, they can make new friends almost instantly. This is because normal people understand a secret language, which they learn at a very young age. It lays both below and on top of plain speech.
>> No. 28005 [Edit]
It does feel like there's some secret language I just don't get. When the "first contact" of a friendship is described in something like a novel it makes me feel very alien. There's talk about peoples eyes meeting for just the right amount of time and then a conversation happens naturally. I don't think it's just for the purposes of speeding up the plot either. Normal people seem to recount similar stories. If your eye contact is too short people see you as weak. If it's too long they assume you're being domineering.

Honestly it feels like I'm just on some different wavelength from other people where no matter what I do it gets seen as weird. I wouldn't mind that if people weren't also making the judgement that being weird is being bad.
>> No. 28048 [Edit]
File 167699489222.jpg - (129.79KB , 1200x811 , 1218cd5a5e44aa09d216d993ef3104bd.jpg )
Two days ago, I had a conversation with my mom. Somehow, the topic arrived at why I'm always alone and my personality. She insists I'm a kind person, so underneath "the wall I put around myself", I'm actually appealing. I don't understand why she thinks I'm kind.

It's not the first time I told her that I'm not. How many times do I have to say it, and why is she in denial? Just because she's my mother? I've explained that I don't care about people, I don't feel much empathy, I hate lots of people for all sorts of reasons, I don't like women in general, and I enjoy when others are miserable. How does that fit the description of a kind person?

I don't think my mom accepts me for who I am. Instead, she projects positive traits onto me. I'm in college. She think after I graduate and get a job, things will just magically work themselves out, because after a certain age, women want financial stability or whatever. Never mind I have no interest in being someone's piggy bank, and there's plenty of other options for them, who are, you know, normal.

Post edited on 21st Feb 2023, 8:00am
>> No. 28049 [Edit]
>I don't think my mom accepts me for who I am. Instead, she projects positive traits onto me.
I think this is just something mothers do. Mine tells me I'm average height and will make a good husband someday. I just ignore it.
>> No. 28050 [Edit]
You're still young, so you'll change, and that's but one probable reason why your mother thinks that way.
>> No. 28051 [Edit]
I don't feel like I'm living a life at all, I'm just observing, there is nothing I even want to do. I feel dead already.
>> No. 28052 [Edit]
If you can observe this message, you're still alive anon.

>there is nothing I even want to do
You gotta try a bunch of things out before you can find something you really want to do. It took me trying loads of things for years and abandoning them out of frustration, only to later come back to some of them and learn to love them.

May you find your reason.
>> No. 28053 [Edit]
Audio Vince Guaraldi Trio - Seeds for Thought - (4.70MB - 210 kbps - 48 kHz , Seeds for Thought.mp3 ) Length: 3:08

My health continues to get worse despite my efforts to keep it up. It's already bad, as I was born with bad eyesight, despite spending lots of time outside as a kid, and it seems to be getting worse, particularly in my right eye, although it may simply be that they are strained since I have been on my phone too much lately I feel, and I have a bad habit of taking off my glasses when using my phone as I am nearsighted, which simply makes the issue worse. I have plans to see a real eye doctor, not some walmart quack in the future, I wish my parents took these things seriously, although it seems they only take a non chalant attitude when it's with me.

There have also been times while bathing or washing my face when some chemical has gotten near my eye, or on the sides of my eye which may have damaged it, although at this point I may simply be searching for reasons to see why my eyesight gets worse. I'd hate to go blind, but I do forget how far medical technology has come, even with very bad eyesight I'd probably still be able to see.

I am planning on buying some excercise equipment and weights in the near future for a discounted price if I can find them, so hopefully excercise will improve my health somewhat. I'm not very out of shape, and not fat, but can feel it slowly creeping up on me. I'd hate to be like some people I see in the streets, excessively obese and struggling to walk, I already feel as though I'm sick enough, born with such awful genetics.

I suppose putting things out like this, it isn't as though I'm on the verge of death, but I constantly worry if I may have forgotten something, like to take a contact out when I wear them, and if it's going to cause me some permanent damage. I wish I knew of a way to prevent these thoughts from constantly plauging my mind, it's like this with everything I do, it seems as though I always assume myself to be the worst kind of failure, and the slighest form of defeat can send any hopes I have crashing into the ground and I lose any motivation I had to try to improve or make things better, but then it all repeats once again. Maybe once I finish with school, and I begin living on my own and not with people who seem to harbor such contempt against me, despite being the only person who does things for them and helps them with things and likely spends the most time around them, I may begin to improve my mood. It isn't as though I'm a hypochondriac though, I just worry about failure too much, which includes the failure to keep up my health.

At times I do feel as though it might be best to simply stay here and let it rot me away, because of the substantial work it'd take to really establish myself somewhere. I have slight issues with collecting stuff, not necessarilly hoarding, and I imagine even moving somewhere close by, let alone across the country or state, would be a monumental effort, and I'd never use a moving company, as in my childhood whenever my family had used them it always resulted in missing and broken items, and there had been many house moves due to various factors. Although these types of thoughts quickly leave my mind when I spend some more time around my parents, which I am simply using short hand to refer to my mother and step-father both of whom have been married multiple times before, I realize that I'd likely end up the most miserable in that scenario, even if moving somewhere proved to be quite difficult an undertaking.

I suppose the vast majority of my unhappiness stems from my family and my parents, both step and biological, and the fact that as times has gone on, they seem to have evolved into the worst type of ford driver they could manage to be. I don't intend on making this a post about them though, I would imagine this is quite a common sentiment among many here, although the reasons differ I would imagine. I don't feel as though I want to die though, I have some hope things can be better for me, I just wonder how long will I have to sit around and take abuse until I can live a life where I can return to a house and have it be peaceful, and live a life peacefully as much as I could manage to do so in this collapsing society. The best solution I suppose would be to try and take more control of my life, which I attempt to do so, but I hate having to answer 100 questions every day when I don't immediately come home, since they have nothing better to do than harass me because I wanted to spend a little time outside like I'm some drug addict who scours the streets looking for needles.

Apologies for this post amounting to mindless complaining. I hope you enjoy this gift of a music. It's from my favorite Charlie Brown movie "It's Arbor Day Charlie Brown" which also happened to be Vince Guaraldi's last work at least in the sense of making music, I don't know if it was this song in particular but it was this album. It also reminds me quite a bit of Thanksgiving, for some odd reason. Also sorry for the audio quality, I need to download a better quality version but it seems to only really be on youtube, which is where I got this from. I was going to try and make a gondola but sadly I am not able to get video eiting software to work right.
>> No. 28179 [Edit]
Sometimes I wish my life were more shitty so I could outright blame my parents for their lack of support. I wish I could put my complete lack of ability to trust and rely on others on them. I wish I could blame my inability to make friends from the start on them. But I'm not dead yet, so surely I'm doing Okay...
I'm just so tired. I have nobody, and will never have anybody. Sure I can live with mom and dad, but I can never wholeheartedly do what I love and that's not a life I care to live.
>> No. 28204 [Edit]
File 168463416819.png - (0.97MB , 1448x784 , Screenshot from 2023-05-12 00-28-58.png )
Good evening, I've decided to post an update, since it's 4 AM, I'm not that well, and I can't think of anywhere to talk to.

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted that message and this situation still hurts! In the meanwhile, I decided to "travel" a bunch, mostly as a tourist in my own city, with the occasional visit to nearby landmarks or other nearby cities for music concerts or museums, mostly by train.

I also noticed that being physically active, out and about dulls the pain so I bought a membership to a conveniently located spa center to swim to my heart's content. I somehow became on friendly terms, chatting together in the sauna with a bunch of the regulars there and coaches. On the same note, I bought a pair of adjustable dumbbells which I've been using 5 days a week for a few months now. My appetite also dulled and, surprisingly, I ended up losing a bunch of the excess weight I had, about 30kg, now sitting at 100kg. I'm still pretty fat so there's still a bunch to go.

Mom said I should see some different places of the world while I still can. She sent me an email with a deal she found for a guided trip to Korea. I decided to put a reservation payment down for it and I'll be going later this year. Just had my passport issued. I also want to take mom somewhere in Vienna for Christmas, hopefully to see a Christmas concert or show together.

Ironically, perhaps, I find my inner state to be a state of conflict. As if my mind, my heart and my body are at war. My mind wants to feel pain as some sort of vindication, my heart is stuck in a perpetual loop of hurt and my body feels healthier than it's been a long time.

I've also decided to take everyone's advice here and distance myself from that place. As lonely as it's been, I think it's better to be alone than in bad company. I'm thinking of buying some fishing gear and try to find a local fishing hole to take that symbolic fishing trip we were supposed to have. I'm still in the research phase.

Once again, thank you everyone for your helpful input. I'll try my best to move forward in a healthy way by NOT relying on bad stuff like alcohol, however long it may take.
>> No. 28205 [Edit]
File 168474239079.jpg - (228.85KB , 1920x1080 , Jean_ACCA_Rooftop_Smoking.jpg )
I feel absolute disgust at my lust and my own inability to fight against it. I'm not one of those people watching porn in public or going to extremes like that and there have been some fairly long periods of time where I would go without any sort of masturbation or looking at pornography, but I always end up returning to it and continuing my cycle of disgusting lust. It makes me actively sick while I'm doing it and even when I stop I eventually feel a desire to do it again, almost like I am doing it just to spite myself, or 'cutting off my nose to spite my face' so to put it.
I know it is something I will despise for having done yet I never seem to find the will to stop, always pursuing the temporary pleasure, which I suppose is indicative of other behavior I have such as the inability to stop drinking soda or eating candy. In both cases I seem to make an easy excuse for myself of 'its just so available I cant blame myself for partaking in it' at the moment I go to do it, something I know even before I think it that it is a lie. I seem to do it during times of stress, most of it self-induced by my own poor work ethic.
I wouldn't say this is a sole reason I am unhappy, but it certainly contributes to my daily feeling of sickness, in a somewhat metaphorical sense. I wouldn't consider myself 'lost to my fetishes' like some people. I'm not into anything super extreme, the most hardcore thing being femdom, not pegging or anything like that, but sorta like 'domination by a cold/stoic or emotionless girl'.
I often times think my life would be better if I could rid myself of lust once and for all. I will have a nice evening, then decide to masturbate and ruin it entirely for myself since whatever doujin I was reading or picture set I was looking through wasn't tagged properly and I saw something that disgusted me, and I often time feel I can never rid myself of that disgust slowly accumulating time and time again. I suppose this is what started this rant, I was 'reading' (it was looking really since I can't read japanese) a story in an anthology in japanese that seemed to fit my tastes when about halfway through the story the author has the woman fuck a different person, despite that kind of content not appearing in any of the other stories up to that point the author brings in it out of nowhere and ruins the story. It made me truly realize I was wading in a sewer or rather a land fill of sin and degeneracy, hoping to find a scrap or two to subsist myself with and hoping there were no maggots or rot hiding under the surface to surprise me and ruin my day and fill me with disgust, hoping to not be reminded of my surroundings I put myself in. The only true way to pursue purity is to avoid the degeneracy of pornography all together, as it seems as time marches on it gets worse and worse with absolute filth such as netorare and rape becoming commonplace.
I recall a certain 3DPD movie in 'The Circle of Iron' where a man decides to boil off his lower half after going through his life unable to fight against his lust and it bringing him to ruin. Despite his warnings to the protagonist who scoffs at him and calls him insane, the protagonist still falls ruin to his own lust shortly thereafter and must fight to recover from it, and in a way it permanently changes him. I'm not a loon and don't want to cut off my lower parts, but I think it's a good demonstration of the sick hold lust has upon humanity and the inability of people to recognize this vice and how they will invariably continue the cycle.
I suppose the only way out of this is to resolutely declare to myself to fight against lust and it's vice it holds upon me. Delete all things pornographic and resolve to never download them again. I feel this step is the most important, as I've said this before but again and again I decide, 'well it isn't super pornographic' but even if it isn't explicitly pornographic, it begins the rolling of the boulder of vice in my mind leading down the path of sin once again. I apologize for this rant and if this doesn't particularly belong, I just feel sick.
>> No. 28211 [Edit]
I haven't watched porn in years.
I used to be addicted to that stuff until I got so disgusted with it and wanted to renew with faith.
>> No. 28212 [Edit]
Yeah that stuff really screws with your head. It's like some drug that seems to ruin a lot of people's lives.
>> No. 28213 [Edit]
It takes a lot more resolve than one might think, so good jobbu and God bless!
>> No. 28219 [Edit]
File 168592384142.png - (931.67KB , 1252x1800 , 01-04.png )
Yes, I'm not as far gone as some of the crazies on the internet, but I have noticed a gradual change over the years from very vanilla stuff, to more 'femdom' type content and being a bit less picky with the type of content I consume. I'd rather not continue on the rabbit hole, less I end up like some of the kooks out there.
There is also just a lack of material to consume, so I either have to loosen up my requirements or start to consume worse and worse material just to get myself off or have to go and edit images myself. The fact that doujin artists will draw a nice doujin, then the rest of their works is a girl paired with an ugly fat nigger certainly doesn't help with finding content when I looked for it.
I'm glad you have been able to cut it out of your life anon and I hope to do so as well. I've deleted all the stuff off my computer and I suppose it's just a matter of thinking pragmatically whenever I wanna fap about the negatives of doing it.
It certainly is a drug and a very nasty one at that, and it is quite astonishing at how 50 years ago you could get arrested for distributing porn, but nowadays they practically advertise the stuff. Just shows how far things have declined, and shows how deep of a grasp social media and the news have on the mindset of the majority of people.
>> No. 28220 [Edit]
>50 years ago you could get arrested for distributing porn, but nowadays they practically advertise the stuff. Just shows how far things have declined
Make your own decisions, but don't think you can or should make them for me. Porn and otaku culture are inextricably linked.
>> No. 28221 [Edit]
Porn addiction is not a real thing.
Before you say anything I don't watch it.
>> No. 28222 [Edit]
I'm baffled by the amount of people who talk about 'porn addiction' as if that's a real thing while ostensibly being into otaku culture where erotic works are foundational. On top of that talking about erotica like it's the same as filmed 3DPD is ridiculous.
>> No. 28223 [Edit]
Even though I enjoy erotic 2D visuals, I can't help but agree. Still miss pantsu shots though!
>> No. 28224 [Edit]
I wasn't trying to say that pornography should be banned, I was simply stating that there was a somewhat unnatural phenomena of something having been very taboo very rapidly changing into something widely socially acceptable. This is strictly talking about the West as well. I just think it's odd that porn went from something viewed in backrooms and that was out of sight/something you sorta had to look for to something that is in every movie and every TV show. My entire post was me 'making my own decisions' and simply ranting on how I want to avoid pornography since I think it is unhealthy for me to continue consuming it. I do not think porn is inextricably linked to otaku culture as a whole either, but there are segments of it which it is.
You can very easily enjoy 'otaku culture' without interacting with pornography. Of course there are plenty of shows with fanservice and such, but that usually isn't pornographic. Panty shots or something like that isn't the same thing as watching hentai or reading smut doujins. In general though there have always been people who have viewed ecchi shows as somewhat low brow and juvenile. Acting as though otaku culture as a whole revolves around porn is stupid and someone can easily read manga and LN's as well as watch anime while avoiding sexual content.
I didn't say I wanted to ban pornography either, I just want to avoid it as I feel it isn't good for me to be viewing it, which is what my entire post was about.
As for addiction, you could say anything that isn't invoking physical withdrawal isn't an addiction, but the general use of the word has changed from it's dictionary definition. Maybe 'porn has become a habit' would be a better way to classify it if you want to be pedantic about the terminology.
>talking about erotica as if it is the same as filmed 3dpd
I don't think 2D and 3D media are the same, but I do think habitual consumption of porngraphy regardless of if it is 3DPD or 2D is bad for you. It's still the habitual consumption of pornography and it still opens the door to you developing more hardcore fetishes. There is a lot of rape and NTR doujins, VN's, and hentai and other such disgusting fetishes.
I don't see how me not liking porn means I can not enjoy anime or VN's or LN's, it isn't as though porn is essential to those things existing. I would not say porn is an 'integral part' of otaku culture. There are certain parts of it which heavily revolve around pornography, but there are also parts of it which have nothing to do with porn. The 'otaku culture' is a very wide and vast field and saying that porn is integral to it is like saying 3DPD is integral to it since there are sections of 'otaku culture' which revolve around 3DPD idols.
This is just a stupid argumentative statement.
>> No. 28225 [Edit]
When I refer to pornography I'm talking strictly about smut doujins, hentai, nukige and stuff like that whose primary purpose/value is being pornographic. I don't think Kanon or Air are pornographic games, even if they do have a sex scene in them. A show having a few panty shots or an onsen episode or whatever isn't pornographic in my opinion. A smut doujin, hentai, nukige, those erotic RPG games are what I would consider pornographic.
I wasn't attempting to attack anyone or say 'people who play erotic games are evil' or anything like that either, but I personally think it's unhealthy for me to habitually consume pornography and I feel that it has made my life worse, which was the basis of my post.
>> No. 28226 [Edit]
>I would not say porn is an 'integral part' of otaku culture
The central pillar of the subculture is Comiket.
All sorts of influential creators worked on erotic doujinshi. Doujinshi itself is one of the major foundation of otaku as a concept. Bishoujo was born out of the lolicon boom and so many creators are directly influenced by that. Dancing around that is ridiculous. Not to say you have to be into it or that you can't avoid it if you try but it's undeniably a central part of the culture.
>As for addiction, you could say anything that isn't invoking physical withdrawal isn't an addiction
I would say that. Distinctions matter and I think it's bad to use the same word for very different things because it results in conflation.
>> No. 28230 [Edit]
You sound addicted to porn pal, but you are too weak willed to either accept your addiction or go against it, anyways comiket doesnt even matter that much in the grand scheme of things, literally otaku culture is so vast and encompasses so many things and genres that saying "porn is essential to otaku culture" is nothing but a absolutely retarded statement void of any credibility.
The unique decent argument you have is that some parts of otaku culture originated from porn but even those are far disconnected by now, yeah bishoujo started thanks to lolicon but by now its a whole different thing, saying that "porn helped otaku culture become what is today" would while still dumb be true to some degree.
Anyways porn is something you can get addicted to, even more since porn and mastubartion release absurd amounts of dopamine just like drugs, you need to be a porn addict to say otherwise, we dont even have enough info about this addiction since that disgusting industry produces a bunch of money.
And just to clarify ecchi on most cases is not porn, ecchi is just suggestive while porn is straight up sexual acts.
>> No. 28231 [Edit]
"You're wrong and dumb except where you're right but you're still dumb".
Great arguments. Thanks.
>And just to clarify ecchi on most cases is not porn, ecchi is just suggestive while porn is straight up sexual acts.
Both of these are expressions of erotic desire and the people who came up with the idea of "porn addiction" would agree with that.
>anyways comiket doesnt even matter that much in the grand scheme of things
Yeah the place where Key, Leaf and Type Moon made their big impressions and where all sorts of illustrators, musicians, manga authors and writers all congregate "doesn't matter". You sound very well informed!

Post edited on 5th Jun 2023, 9:58am
>> No. 28232 [Edit]
File 168598543892.png - (935.09KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni S2 - .png )
Take it easy~
>> No. 28233 [Edit]
File 16859916638.gif - (1.86MB , 540x304 , Burning-love.gif )
If it helps from my experience rather than trying to not do something do something else instead, this is the correct way of quitting porn and masturbation I believe. Due to whatever reason at some point I started doing both again but I will always do something else instead of both starting from today with you, hope this encourages you
>> No. 28235 [Edit]
A lot of people like to pretend otaku culture isn't deeply permeated by porn and pedophilia.
>> No. 28236 [Edit]
Those are the people trying to suck the life and soul out of it to commercialize it to hell and back.
>> No. 28237 [Edit]
Or they're the normalfags being pandered to.
>> No. 28240 [Edit]
I don't know about you guys, but I can admit to being a natural pervert. Niche + porn(y) is what gets me going. Surely you've seen some "art" porn where you're not into the subject material at all but it still takes your breath away? Is pedophilic innuendo really that much of a moneymaker? Because if it is then there's bigger problems. Pedo's always been one of those underground things.

I guess one of the reasons I'm unhappy is because I'm never going to be capable of creating that for my own enjoyment and will never have the money to commission others to do it for me.
>> No. 28241 [Edit]
It's already commercialized to hell and back. Thing is, there's still plenty of soul to be found.
>> No. 28260 [Edit]
File 168689321058.jpg - (517.43KB , 1200x1328 , Eirin_Listening.jpg )
It seems I developed slight to moderate tinnitus in my left ear, although it doesn't really matter what ear it's in since it's always going. I've had issues with my ears since I was quite young, and at times I'd get random build ups of earwax or fluid and have to go to the doctors to get it removed, but it typically was resolved without problem. I must have waited too long to book a doctors appointment this time or just got caught with bad luck.

It seems this time I was unlucky and the earwax happened to press against my ear to give me a slight case of tinnitus, which also made my hearing very very sensitive for a few days, which is probably where the tinnitus that is present now came from after I got rid of the earwax. I had always noticed before how loud everything was, but I suppose it takes on a different meaning when you begin to realize that your hearing is being stripped away every time you dare go out in public, with loud music blaring in grocery stores and extremely loud carts everywhere, or people being obnoxiously loud everywhere you go. Even public restroom toilets seem to be extremely loud compared to a normal bathrooms, everything has to become louder and more obnoxious in the world.
I do admit I wasn't super protective of my ears through my life as I often listened to music with earbuds and I live around very loud people, but I tried to avoid listening to music super loudly. I avoided concerts and such as well.

I suppose I'll have to try going to an ear doctor and see if there is anything to be done although it seems like there isn't. If any anons have any advice here I'd be happy to hear and possibly try it. It sometimes seems like the only thing I can be sure of in a new year is that something bad will happen in life.
>> No. 28261 [Edit]
Don't suppose you can use earplugs when you go out? or over the ear headphones to not look as odd?
>> No. 28262 [Edit]
I've started to do that. I wear them when I'm driving and I try to wear them whenever I go out or am around family as they are very loud people. I have a jug of foam earplugs I keep in my car and room now since I had forgot some today when going to walmart, and it was super loud with music on the loudspeakers, carts rolling everywhere, and just loud sounds in general.
I don't mind how I'm viewed with earplugs in honestly I'd rather protect my hearing, and I think in terms of looking odd over-ear headphones would be a bit weirder.
I'll have to see what the doctors say, but I plan to get some custom earplugs depending on the cost, at the very least they would be more comfortable to wear for long periods vs the crappy foam ones. I do appreciate the suggestion though.
>> No. 28263 [Edit]
Maybe try these. They're reusable and will hold up a million times longer than those disposable ones. They're also less likely to slide out on their own.
You might not care about appearances but they don't look that bad.
I've been using them for nearly a year due to noisy roommates.
>> No. 28264 [Edit]
File 168689732740.jpg - (195.16KB , 1191x1303 , Blue_Archive_Saku_Bunny_Ear.jpg )
I really do appreciate the advice anon. I will pick up some of these tomorrow, as I have some other stuff I need to get on amazon as well.
As for using the foam earplugs, I've planned on getting some better ones however this all started about 2 weeks ago with a slight ringing, although one I've experienced before due to earwax buildup and other childhood ear issues, and it only really became an 'issue' to me last week when I noticed extreme sound sensitivity in my ears which had never happened before until last week which convinced me it might be something on top of the earwax causing the ringing.
I was able to see a doctor this week, although I'll have to visit again as I had to get rid of the wax first before doing a hearing test. I don't believe I'm even very hard of hearing though, I think this was a very unfortunate accident. But as I said before I don't think there is very much they can do for me aside from making some custom earplugs and giving me a baseline hearing test.
Looking online it does seem tinnitus is a bit of a 'mental disorder' rather than a physical one though, so I suppose this is something I'll have to try to sort out myself as well and avoid 'support forums', but again custom earplugs and a hearing test couldn't hurt.
I hope the anons here do try to protect their ears, but sometimes it seems like life just has it out for you.
>you might not care about appearances but they dont look that bad
They do look better than the foam earplugs, but I would think if someone has an issue with you wearing hearing protection they would be getting mad at you regardless of how the ear protection looked.
Them staying in better certainly seems like it would be useful, those foam ones I constantly have to readjust after a bit if I don't put them in perfectly and durability would be a plus as the foam ones are more or less ruined after a few uses.
>> No. 28265 [Edit]
I got tinnitus this year as well, anon. I did not felt like posting about it because I feared I could be the only one suffering from this in here and this would make me more depressed. Like you, I also never went to concerts nor did I worked with loud machines or similar. I hate headphones and do not use them. So I can rule out any possible damage due to noises. I will tell will all about how I got this and the things I discovered, if you read this post please tell me also all about your tinnitus.
My tinnitus started in late february or march this year. It was an ordinary evening of an uneventful day. I had just showered and was about to eat dinner. No loud noises of any kind. When I felt in my left ear the tinnitus varying in volume and pitch and frequency, like it was a radio and someone was adjusting the controls. The after a few seconds it settled in one permanent pitch and volume for the tinnitus. I tried ignoring it at first, but it was there all the time and was quite loud. It was making me insane. I have a severe phobia of anything medical-related and it was due to immense psychological suffering caused by this thing that I resolved to go to an ENT after three weeks or something.
Reiterating, the tinnitus was only on the left ear, moderate to loud. I did not felt any difficulty in hearing other sounds. If I pinched my left ear and moved it as if to make dumbo ears I would feel this weird feeling of clogging of muffling, a fullness in the ear, but not under normal conditions. I went to the ENT and explained the situation. He said he was going to do an ear cleaning, just as I expected. Now, when I researched about this they said this was a painful, not unpleasant procedure. Blatant lies. I don't know how your ear cleaning went, but I can say I found mine to be the most unpleasant. He used something to check my ears first, and told me the left one was fully clogged, and the right one partially clogged due to wax. He was going to start on my right ear. He grabbed a long cotton swab-like object, and proceeded to push it in my right ear, telling me to tell him if I felt any pain. I can say that even after the first seconds I had became aware of how much those poor girls in tentacle rape doujins suffer. The feeling is indescribable, the swab enters your ear penetrating you in places you never felt before and even worse you can her it doing so, but it's a different kind of hearing because it comes from inside your ear. I told him I was finding this most uncomfortable and at several times painful, but he seemed skeptic. I don't know if my reactions had anything to do with this, but then he said he was going to use a water method. I naively thought my suffering was over. Until I saw the instruments. Needles, an syringe shaped enema thingy. Then he was going to do the water thing in the right ear. The feeling was even more uncanny than the swab procedure. You feel the pressure building up inside your ear, inside your head, it feels like it's inside your brain, and there's nothing you can do, you also hear it very loudly the sound and hissing of water filling your head's insides. He did this one more time, and then went for the left ear where he did this three times. Sorry for describing this gruesome process in such detail, but it left me somewhat traumatized. By the end of the appointment I had the empty gaze of the thousand yard stare, and just shivered when he proscribed more penetrative ear medication "just to be safe". A few eternities after, I started to recollect myself, and noticed the tinnitus on the left ear appeared to be gone, but there was tinnitus on the right ear now. Fucking hell. I also was feeling very weird, slightly nauseated and my hearing was very sensitive. When I brushed my hair with my fingers I would hear an unpleasant sound, sharp and also when turning faucets on I would hear a similar sharpness very resembling of needles, that I would not hear before, most horrible. My terror was aggravated when I tried to listen to music to soothe myself. It sounded very weird. Mainly because of the sharpness and bacause the cymbals would be "crossing over" the rest of the instruments overtaking then and them doubling themselves.(Breakcore seemed to be the only genre that still sounded the same) It was terrible. I went crazy. This feeling diminished and after 3 days or so it was back to normal. But the tinnitus on the right ear persists to this day. The doctor had recommended me a set of 4 exams that due to my psychological situation after the procedures I did not do. I can tell you about them from my readings about them. I find it gets worse at night.
Now as far as tinnitus goes you are correct. There's mental tinnitus and physical tinnitus. Mental being your brain tricking you in believing sounds that are not physically there, much like auditory hallucinations. Physical tinnitus can be caused by an insane amount of things, here's some: Noise damage from concerts and machines, physical damage to the eardrum or the ear, some medications can build up chemicals that can cause tinnitus, ear wax can cause tinnitus, some infections can cause tinnitus, a watery ear also know as surfer's ear, narrow ear channels and many others.
I intended on discussing other things, but I see I already made a giant post, so I will continue later. Please share your experiences as well, anon.
I am praying for me and for you. Let's get well together.
>> No. 28266 [Edit]
I had tinnitus since i was 4.
I don't notice it during the day, until i concentrate on it.
It gets louder when i try to sleep, but it doesn't stop me from sleeping.
>> No. 28267 [Edit]
> and see if there is anything to be done although it seems like there isn't
For ear wax pressing against your ear? You can solve it yourself via a tri-tip syringe ($5) and warm water, I posted about it in >>/ot/41255. It's probably likely your tinnitus is due to the earwax buildup.

You should try to resolve it sooner than later because a large part of tinnitus is psychoacoustic, and you don't really want your brain to adapt to your existing state (when your ears are blocked, your brain tries to compensate by turning up the gain, hence tinnitus).

Wearing earplugs everywhere seems like overkilll, and may in fact exacerbate tinnitus for the reasons mentioned above. Just try to avoid loud places, get a decibel meter application on your phone and use it to monitor your surroundings.
>> No. 28268 [Edit]
>When I felt in my left ear the tinnitus varying in volume and pitch and frequency, like it was a radio and someone was adjusting the controls
By any chance did you take the covid vaccine? People have found links between that and tinnitus. But more generally it doesn't have to be caused by hearing damage, it can be due to periphery inflammation, or even completely due to other issues (e.g. some people have said noise canceling headphones can cause it, as the brain tries to adapt to the lowered noise floor).

>Now, when I researched about this they said this was a painful, not unpleasant procedure.
It should be painless. As I mentioned, you can do ear cleaning yoruself. Properly done ear-cleaning (whether by irrigation, or via curette) should be relaxing, that's why mimikaki asmr exists in the first place.
>> No. 28269 [Edit]
It's scary how much I have in common with other people on /tc/, right down to medical issues it seems. I might be a member of the tinnitus club too. I've had issues with over sensitively and ringing for some time now.
Tried clearing out the wax with some qtips. While I didn't see much, I feel like the ringing went down a bit.

Post edited on 18th Jun 2023, 5:10pm
>> No. 28270 [Edit]
>with some qtips
That's probably the least effective way to remove earwax, use either a curette for minor removal or a tri-flanged syringe if the earwax is impacted.
>> No. 28271 [Edit]
It sounds like you were treated very poorly by your doctors, I'm sorry to hear that anon. Until I was about 5 my ears needed surgery due to there being issues with the ear canal, but no doctors would operate on me due to my age, despite the fact that it was a very simple surgery and it was due in part to where we lived at the time, so I essentially spent the first 5 years of my life borderline deaf, which may explain partly why I am so adverse to sound in general, but I was fianlly able to get it fixed.
I did have to spend a few years attending speech therapy to try to remediate the fact that I spoke very oddly due to not being able to hear properly in my 'formative years'. Sometimes you get screwed over by medical professionals and there isn't much recourse sadly.
As for the procedure I'm not sure why they would use a cotton like thing, they should have used a tiny spoon like instrument to try to scrape out some of the wax, then use what you described to 'blast' the wax out of you ear. It is somewhat uncomfortable, but it sounds like you had a poorly trained doctor. I personally did not think it was as bad as doing it myself, but I still dislked the sensation.

>physical and mental tinnitus
I was under the impression they were the same thing, just with different causes. For instance 'acoustic trauma' from loud sounds would give the same ringing as earwax against your ear. There is a lot of information and much of it is contradicting. Also long posts are fine, but I would use a paragraph break at times. It makes the long post less imposing and nicer to read.

>I am praying for me and for you. Let's get well together.
I certainly hope that your health starts to look up. It doesn't particularly bother me very much honestly aside from teh fact that there is little concrete information on it. I think the biggest effect is that I've started to get more annoyed by sounds in general, moreso than before. I'll just try to live my life normally regardless.
As for me, it was a bit of a slow onset and I started to notice it after my very long (1 hour+) drive to school, and then I woke up and it was more noticeable. It wasn't until a week later that noises started to actively distress me which led to me thinking it was tinnitus.

I went to the doctor and got the ear wax removed, but the ringing was still there, but for what reason I don't know. My only guess is that my ears were damaged when my hearing got super sensitive and it left me with 'real' tinnitus but tehn again I do not feel as though I've suffered any major hearing loss to where acousting trauma would cause tinnitus. I have another appointment with an ENT to get a hearing test so hopefully I will be able to find out a bit more then.
I do agree that I should have scheduled a doctors appointment right away, although part of the long wait was just because it takes a while to get into a doctors. I have used the method you linked before but sometimes the earwax build-up is very deep in my ear or quite large so I have to go to the doctors to get it resolved, but most of the time I can resolve it myself.

>don't really want your brain to adapt to your existing state
I will try to keep this in mind. I think for the moment I may be overreacting a bit, not wanting to lose my hearing and digging myself into a hole so to speak. I'll try to relax on wearing earplugs everywhere and just avoid loud places, I just think it's a shame that you can hardly go to the grocery store or simply outside without your senses being assaulted. As for my case even being inside my home or room I'm subjected to TV noise and other loud noise like a roomba(vaccum) or very loud fans.
>> No. 28272 [Edit]
>For instance 'acoustic trauma' from loud sounds would give the same ringing as earwax against your ear
They can be similar, but not always. With traditional noise-induced hearing loss my understanding is that because you are no longer sensitive to given frequencies as a result of acoustic trama, your brain tries to compensate by boosting the gain, resulting in persistent tinnitus around those frequencies. With earwax blockage it's basically that across the entire spectrum.

However tinnitus isn't always acompanied by hearing loss (whether permanent due to acoustic trama or temporary due to blockage). Sometimes it is related to muscle tension (usually TMJ).

>not wanting to lose my hearing
You won't lose hearing unless you are constantly exposed to 60+ dB. And usually exposure needs to be chronic rather than one-off.

Earplugs also accelerate earwax production. You could try over the ear noise-isolating headphones (not necessarily active noise canceling, just anything over the ears padded to passively block out noise). Although one downside of noise isolation is that you can often hear your own heartbeat, which for some reason goes away when you enable active noice canceling.
>> No. 28273 [Edit]
I appreciate the insight and advice anon.
I may look into some of those over-ear noise isolating headphones, thank you for pointing that out. They seem to be what I am looking for. I remember reading about noise-cancelling headphones causing issues for some people and had tried to avoid them, and in general I avoided bluetooth/wireless stuff.
I had gotten some bluetooth earplugs for a present a few months ago and used them occasionally, but I still preferred wired earphones as it is simply less hassle.

As for earplugs, I'm not much of a fan since they are quite annoying if you happen to try and sleep with some in and they make a lot of noise against the pillow as well as loosening up after a while.

I did not know about the increased ear-wax production. They are good for situations where you don't wanna walk around with headhones on or if you don't have a place to store headphones.
>> No. 28274 [Edit]
check out the sony xm3, I'd highly recommend it.
>> No. 28275 [Edit]
Those are active noise canceling headphones though. I mean their passive isolation is probably also pretty good, but it's a bit overkill, especially if you're never going to use the active noise canceling (*). You can save a lot more money just getting regular over-the-ear headphones, or if you really want to go all out on the isolation, getting something like drummer headphones.

(*) I don't know if the claims of ANC induced tinnitus are true, but I don't entirely trust active noise canceling. I also don't trust wireless/bluetooth headphones for their radiation concerns, but that's a lot more tenuous.
>> No. 28276 [Edit]
I think for now I'll pick up a pair of just regular over-ear ear muffs, the type used in shooting ranges or factories. They're pretty cheap at around 15$ or so. The Sony ones do look good though, as do a few of their other models, but as another anon said drummer earphones seem to be cheaper and focused a bit more on noise isolation rather than noise cancelling.
It does seem like for all the high end ANC earphones you can turn that feature off, but why pay 100$ extra for something you aren't looking to use.

>radiation concerns
Yes, I can't say I'm all to trusting of wireless technology or anything being widely pushed by big technology firms. Aside from that my biggest gripe with them is that it's a pain in the butt to use them. You have to make sure they're always charged, they only last x amount of hours for use, you have to pair them with your phone etc. The only reason I used the ones I was given was because the wired earphones I had broke, and after I bought a few extra ones, I ended up losing them somehow, so I decided to use the bluetooth headphones since I didn't want to waste more money on buying earphones.
I honestly don't know why they're so popular, outside of specific activities like working out where you are constantly moving, the wired headhpones tend to be a better option since you don't have to worry about bluetooth connections or charging them.
I guess people always have to buy the new thing. I do also just like the feeling of having cords with the earbuds, and the fact that you can buy a pair just about anywhere.
>> No. 28288 [Edit]
File 168784174135.png - (336.23KB , 720x540 , [Tipota] NieA Under 7 - 08 (DVD 720x480 x264 AAC A.png )
I went to the doctors and they said hearing wise everything was fine, in fact they said my hearing was somewhat above average, which explains some things well I suppose in how sensitive I am to sounds at time, before the the whole tinnitus affair at least. There is still slight tinnitus, which it seems is just there now forever, but it isn't hardly as bad as before. It seems this will mostly push me to read more and listen to music less often, I don't think I will change my anime habits though.
On an unrelated note, things really seem to be falling apart these days. It seems like there won't be a state, much less a city to live in for someone who isn't moderately wealthy come a few years time. It certainly doesn't help that the ford drivers that are making it like this are full of themselves to the point of near delusion. It seems at times greed has no bounds.
>> No. 28338 [Edit]
File 16893294553.jpg - (76.67KB , 700x1002 , __izayoi_sakuya_touhou_drawn_by_noriuma__8af03f629.jpg )
I fucked up and exhibited too much competence at work and now people are leaning on me too much. I'm being treated like I'm hot shit at work, but I don't really want to deal with that. Just let me do my part and go home... It may be time to go back to being a NEET soon.
>> No. 28352 [Edit]
File 168977829333.jpg - (52.48KB , 800x562 , Yunoose.jpg )
Grew up being told I was great and good and then when I actually found myself in the world I discovered I didn't really have any talent at all and was just overly praised not out of genuine love but out of worry of not upsetting me. No one really cared and now nobody cares since I'm not a child anymore. I'm just a dumb failure of a man. Can't find decent work, can't make anybody happy, I just want the world to go away.
>> No. 28354 [Edit]
This has become my life at work too. I just want to go in, do my work, and go home where I belong. Instead I've become the 'reliable guy' who can get along just fine wherever I'm put. I've researched cheap ways to live in the past and now it's all coming back to me as serious considerations.
>> No. 28381 [Edit]
Recently it's my living situation. I came home today and it smelled like rancid shit and used tampons which I've smelled plenty from back in my janitor days. The thing is, I was not surprised, I had no reaction at all. I live with horribly disgusting and noisy people and I don't know that I can take it anymore. Even work is usually more relaxing than being home.
It's just tiresome. I just wanted to come home and maybe play some video games or watch anime, but now I just want to sleep so I can forget that I'm even here.
>> No. 28400 [Edit]
I'm getting old, or maybe I am old. Life passed me by. I recently tried to make something of it, but it's too little, too late...
I'm at least a decade late to the party. The damage is done and there's no turning back time. The rot has already set in both inside and out. I'm not someone anyone would want to be around, I don't even thing I'd want to hang out with me.
>> No. 28426 [Edit]
File 169379272751.jpg - (365.67KB , 1000x680 , fda5075d2437a5b582d9768a75628169.jpg )
Something I felt for most of my life is a longing for an earlier point. When I was in 5th grade, I wanted to go back to 3rd. When I was in high school, I wanted to go back to middle. Now that I'm almost finished with college, I'd give anything to go back to 2015. I'm sure in the future I'll long for today, though not as much as for earlier still.

Nothing has made me happier than feeling I have nothing I need to do, and eternity in front of me. At first, I wanted to go back to fix whatever mistakes I made, like a do-over, but after a certain point I started being
less happy every year, exponentially. It was a little downward at first. Now it's spiraling. So I want to go back for no other reason than to feel that carefree and happy again.

I want to be stuck in a time loop, repeating the same year forever. That would be nice.

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>> No. 28469 [Edit]
File 16966601677.jpg - (93.04KB , 1077x754 , rendercombined.jpg )
Because this is an empty pointless life. I'm not living, I'm just waiting for death.
>> No. 28471 [Edit]
File 169740975897.jpg - (280.26KB , 908x929 , booklet 004.jpg )
I hurt someone I love deeply too many times. The hardest part is realizing that everything was my fault. The guilt and the shame are the terrible shackles I've never quite grown accustomed to. Some days its easy to get up and go - today might be one of those days wherein I enjoyed a good cup of coffee and found a few cool books, cleaned up the room and organized my meager belongings - but others I'm just so petrified from the unbridled meaningless of it all.

I've lived the last three weeks in autopilot. Work, read, sleep, eat. A shower here and there as I silently tackle all those pesky feelings we usually ignore when the going is great. It's been three weeks since I've seen my daughter and the outpouring of emotion is so severe sometimes when I happen upon a drawing, or when the shared experience conjures up beautiful memories...pained memories too, for that matter.

I probably won't come back here, but this has really helped. Stay strong anons, goodbye isn't always necessarily forever, and death of the old simply breathes life into the fruit of renewal, fresh perspectives and unique potentialities.

At this point I don't care what the future holds. All I know is I've no choice but to go it alone. I wish he
>> No. 28473 [Edit]
> It's been three weeks since I've seen my daughter
> I probably won't come back here
I hope so.
>> No. 28478 [Edit]
File 169751530181.jpg - (212.71KB , 1280x1024 , 79038.jpg )
No matter how hard I try to explain, I just end up rewriting it. Why am I unhappy? If I started listing reasons in particular, that list would never actually end. I can't convey the limits of my unhappiness.
In short, my psychology has developed in such a way where my baseline state is one of emptiness, anxiety and dissatisfaction, and no matter what I do, nothing ever fulfils me. Everything I do is in service of filling that hole. I can't connect to a single person in the entire world - I've tried and the sense of disconnect never fades. Escapism, philosophy, hobbies, nothing works.
If I didn't surf the internet every day, i'd simply do nothing while endlessly repeating "Who am I?" inside my head like a broken record, and it would probably be a more fulfilling use of my time than anything.

I want to express my pain and sadness, but these words can't seem to capture it.
>> No. 28479 [Edit]
For most people here the reasons for their unhappiness is addiction to internet, porn, digital overstimulation. Overdoing hedonism in general. The loss of motivation and pleasure in life (low dopamine) is caused by those things.
>> No. 28484 [Edit]
>the reasons for their unhappiness is addiction to internet, porn, digital overstimulation
You have cause and effect flipped. For most things that are not chemically addictive, people keep doing them because they find comfort in them, or to escape something else. People don't become unhappy because they're "addicted to the internet" (which is as a concept is complete hogwash anyway and would only ever be uttered by someone whose conception of the internet ends at Facebook and Twitter), it's precisely because they're unsatisfied by the real world that they turn to the digital one, where they have more control.
>> No. 28485 [Edit]
They loose both control and the initial comfort. Just like with cigarettes or whatever. But the digital world does have genuinely good sides if you deal with it smartly, while the "chemical things" have none.
>> No. 28492 [Edit]
I imagine most people on here have far more wrong in their lives than simply using the internet too much for that to be the focal aspect of their unhappiness. I do think many people are unhappy as they spend all their time on social media and watching the news and it causes them to be unhappy.
I imagine most people here typically have awful family members, wageslave jobs or NEETs living off some sort of welfare, both of them not earning very much money, have some sort of chronic physical illness, and usually have some sort of mental disorder on top of it, whether it be autism, schizophrenia, extreme anxiety or something of that nature.
Extreme use of the internet likely feeds into some of these issues as well and makes them worse, on top of the extreme internet use being bad for them, but the root of their problems isn't the internet use, as even if they stopped they would still be removed from society and unable to fit in.

Imagine if there was a fat kid who had aspergers and lived with an obese single narcissistic mother who would only eat junk food deciding to join a high school track and field team. Getting exercise would certainly help him, but he still wouldn't be able to connect to his peers and he would still find it far harder to engage fully in becoming an athelete when he has to contend with a parent who despises him one day only to love him the next. Even if he tried quite hard to become a star athlete he would never compare to the people who had the full support of their parents, who had help from others and who didn't have to worry about changing their entire lives to try and become a runner. This doesn't necessarily mean the fat kid can never be happy in life, but there needs to be a serious change in his life in order for him to truly get better, and it is much harder to make that change in an environment such as his compared to a "normal person".

I see that as how many people on these types of websites are. There are at times just a regular person who could have applied themselves a bit more and gotten much further in life, but for many of the people here there were far more forces in effect bringing about their downfall that having done one or two thing differently wouldn't have mattered much, and they sitll likely would have ended up in a similar place. I think for a good portion of people here though, their unhappiness comes from their bad family and from some sort of mental illness.
>> No. 28507 [Edit]
File 169832775136.jpg - (191.69KB , 1199x449 , 1538641693260.jpg )
I just learned my sister got an unplanned pregnancy, meaning I'm going to be an uncle, and my darkest thoughts came to the forefront wishing that this didn't happen and that it never would and that I could just go back and live in the past instead. I even wish misfortune, which is incredibly evil of me and I know it's wrong, but it is the world I want that I simply cannot have. My inability to be happy for others anymore is really shining through.

I want it to go away and never come back. Her having a child was inevitable, I don't understand why I'm so upset like this. Is it the shock? Is it my own life in comparison? What is it that I'm doing wrong? The more and more time goes it feels like the further and further my own world is getting away from me, even though I can already never go back and the world I want is completely unattainable. So instead I must suffer for being insufferable.

"Congrats on becoming an Uncle"? Fuck off, I don't want anything to do with that. Go away and give me my world back. Stop this moving forward in time bullshit.
>> No. 28508 [Edit]
Does it really affect you this much?
>> No. 28509 [Edit]
Most of this is the shock as I had just found out today, in the grand scheme of things no and like I said it was inevitable, but I'm definitely not a fan of the progression of time or the circle of life or anything like that.
>> No. 28534 [Edit]
File 170046224566.png - (1.29MB , 1876x1824 , 526b564f4e8cacbae84faeb33aea957e.png )
I've been friendless for a very long time and I feel like people are all just against me. Imageboards also feel much more alienating than ever since coming back in hopes of finding a tiny amount of joy. There's just nothing but people hating each other and more very normal people in odd places that make no sense for them to be around. Feels pretty defeating enough as it is admitting this while sadness itself feels more like complete boredom and apathy and I couldn't care very much about forcing myself to sleep all the time or the harm of anything being done. I told a stranger in some shitty site that I don't care or bother to feel offended since I've already established that there's nothing else and already a lot has been taken away. But none of this seems to be doing any good or seems acceptable either. I kind of just miss when I use to be more responsive and eager to talk, able to think more clearly. Hopeful. Well, there's my problem. If it even is one, I don't know.
I also told myself not to reward people so quickly with anything like information, advice, etc. Since I'm just tired of my kindness being taken advantage of. So that's made me even more avoidant too.
>> No. 28535 [Edit]
File 170049628427.jpg - (815.65KB , 1769x2474 , 63456345643634.jpg )
Partly because I feel physically disgusting at the highest level.
I'm okay with my character, as degenerate as any internet dweller yet I enjoy my own company a lot. But by god, I'm repulsive. I don't like subjecting people to interacting with me because it feels like nobody should have to, I don't like being shown kindness because it feels like I don't deserve it, feels bad to get given compliments on anything because I know it doesn't offset how disgusting I am, yada yada.
It's not just in my head either, I'm sure that I'm objectively gross by anybody's standards. Oh well.
>> No. 28536 [Edit]
File 170054620036.jpg - (362.61KB , 1334x2048 , aa6bf8490c9fc782bc7b5f83dd7c984d.jpg )
There's nothing out there friend.
>> No. 28537 [Edit]
File 170057916243.png - (1.45MB , 640x480 , x16cv1.png )
I've come to accept this as if done purposely by those around me. Not by my doing or anything but simply because people are that deceptive and cruel, acting out on anything they can assume from the minutia of what you present. It's like I've been imprisoned and left a helpless captive to them, ungrateful for everything I've tried to do. And yet, bad people are the most rewarded. They are the ones most revered, emulated, the ones others look up to, seek approval of, and try to imitate. And here I am, willing to make the best of it by nobody else's standards but for those at rock bottom, since I can't imagine doing anymore for people that are already content and just see every interaction as a way to selfishly progress. I've thought about giving it another try to end this cycle of deadness, because the weight of bitterness has become so grotesque like the people that drag others down for the fun of it. It's not in my desires to have dumb and edgy excuses to be apart of all of that. I know I wouldn't fit in with that crowd anymore, because I've seen the deeper parts of those, the ones that are as hopeless and deep as a black hole, and I refuse to further feed it.
But instead of seeking out the kind of person that isn't like all of the rest and would be happy and grateful just to have things said and shared with them every day, I know that this would make others believe I'm weird or not sincere - something and anything stupid. I also haven't felt very encouraged because as previously mentioned, I'm likely just going to come across liars that want something more specific or someone they can brag about to others. Or "this isn't as stimulating as I thought it would be! I want this to feel like stabbing a homeless person!" -type of person. So just by the numbers alone, shallow people being everywhere would also be another reason.

Don't mind me spilling this all. I know it goes full circle and I'll have to accept the inevitable. I want to at least have something to say before that darkness swallows me up completely.
>> No. 28538 [Edit]
File 170065269044.jpg - (155.46KB , 992x1621 , 546456547.jpg )
>happy and grateful just to have things said and shared with them every day
while I seek this, it doesn't bring me happiness. I think I'm physically, mentally and spiritually incapable of feeling nothing besides anguish.
Honestly, I don't know why I do what I do.
Maybe I want others to not experience this life.
>> No. 28542 [Edit]
File 170094391723.jpg - (622.43KB , 1200x1600 , __misaka_shiori_kanon_drawn_by_akayama_yukihe__1e5.jpg )
I learned that people I went to school with still talk about me, and even tell people about me. I'm pretty unhappy about that, even if it is positive things. I just want to be forgotten.
>> No. 28543 [Edit]
>even if it is positive things
Be thankful, it could be a lot worse.
>> No. 28549 [Edit]
File 170152876168.jpg - (3.04MB , 2580x3476 , __moriya_suwako_touhou_drawn_by_kaigan0211__d759c2.jpg )
I think I'm going to quit my job soon. I'm so fucking tired of having shit pushed on me and tired of dealing with all the fucking morons. It wouldn't be so bad if they at least give me proper training or some reference material, but nope. They're just throwing me off the deep end, and when I talk to anyone about it, they just don't understand and it makes me more frustrated. "That's life", but I don't have one.
I'm ready to stay inside for another few years.
>> No. 28550 [Edit]
File 170156491725.jpg - (642.27KB , 2137x3799 , 9543963459634.jpg )
Good luck, whatever you do.
>> No. 28551 [Edit]
>Why are you unhappy, /tc/?
I have ideals I want to realize but I think I'll die without realizing them. I don't know what to do. I won't give up but I think there's no escape and trying my best won't be enough.
I want to get into drawing and/or mathematics very much but my life is a mess and I think I won't get to.
I always liked the two things since I was little but I had a chaotic youth. I never got to spend my time with the things I enjoy like everyone else, never allowed to "just be yourself". So I didn't get to develop skills during this period. My youth was extreme and I broke. It felt like I was in a comma. I'm starting to feel better, but it seems like it's too late.
I feel like I still have something inside me, but my life will soon get a lot worse. I'll have to wageslave or become homeless, get health problems, I'm very poor etc. So I will never go to an university, afford a good drawing tablet or have free time. I think I'll die without realizing any of my dreams, die like I never existed.
I wish I had dedicated my entire life to at least one of drawing and math. I wanted to be wholly dedicated and try to make a serious contribution. Every day try to get better and nothing else matters. I might have to choose just one of the two one day, but I love the two. I can't properly explain why, but basically it's like the saying "it's where I feel at home".
I think I could have been very free and happy. Like my life could have been very different. I feel like I never got to live my own life, but I wanted to very much. I wish I had another chance, like I could go back in time or reincarnate. There are things I want to try and I want to see how far I can go, I want to be wholly focused and devoted, only care about achieving results. It's like there's a path I want to follow very much, but I can't because my life is a mess. I don't know how to explain what I mean, I think I'm too different from everyone else so I can't properly communicate, I wish I could at least communicate because it seems I won't get to realize any of my aspirations but I can't properly express myself.
From now on, I'll just try to get as good at drawing and math as I can. Try my best to realize my ideals. But I think I'm hopeless and any effort at this point is only symbolic. I'll be silent and behave like I think I'm supposed to, do what I think is right, even if I'm alone and destined to fail. I want to speak through actions and works instead of words, but I think I won't get to.
Sorry for how I type. I don't know how to communicate like a normal person. I am very mentally ill. I realize I'm actually retarded. Sorry for making a post, I'm obnoxious and unimportant. Sorry.
>> No. 28613 [Edit]
File 170376688818.png - (329.39KB , 600x600 , 3347811e1852582c5a68feef6151a369.png )
CS student, 22, soon to graduate. I kinda wish I had gone into art. I've dabbled in drawing, but art seems so daunting. To become even somewhat decent, I have the impression it takes an extreme level of commitment over the course multiple years; something that would only be feasible for me if I were to do it professionally. And I think it's too late for me to start anyway.

I don't mind programming, and sometimes find it fulfilling, but it kind of feels cold and lonely, even when it's collaborative(almost never for me). It's utilitarian, and people don't get immediate joy from it like they can from an image. I'm not one of those people in love with comp sci theory.

I know art as an industry is completely fucked up though. You practically have to go at it alone, and anonymously, if you want to make whatever you want. Everybody is such a cunt now, scared of their own shadow. Cuntery is the norm and its institutionalized. They'll eat you alive if you put one foot out of line. You need friends, connections, to get anywhere too. I haven't had one those in over a decade.

Post edited on 28th Dec 2023, 4:38am
>> No. 28685 [Edit]
File 17053192141.jpg - (56.47KB , 640x480 , cap_[a_f_k_]_Full_Moon_wo_Sagashite_-_27_00_07_48_.jpg )
(Sorry for the rant and negativity. Maybe wrong thread but I'm unhappy now for sure.) Ive been living a NEET(ish) life for quite a while. I used to work casual jobs or a few months of full-time job whenever I was running out of money. I live with my mother. She used to be quite crazy and alcoholic but these past few years she is totally fine.

Some years I spent very happily, doing my hobbies, spending lots of time in nature, enjoying my freedom. There were some years though that were horrible but i kind of managed to learn from my own mistakes. However money issues is always there and so far I could not find any good solution.

In summer I found a full-time job again. Been working there since. First it was all nice, so I ended up staying longer than the usual 2-3 months. But then it got worse and worse. Sometimes I work 6 days a week but this week it was 7 days. That included 2 night shift, which were absolute horror. Like torture. Cold is horrible too. Last week it was minus 10 in the morning when I went to work. For morning shift I have to wake up at 5:00.

Before I got this job I felt all nice and my mental health and life was doing fine but now all turned into shit. My mind is getting more and more wrecked. To try to deal with stress I'm eating more junk food and overeating and scroll internet and fap to porn too much. At this rate I'm gonna start smoking or drinking or something. I have no time and energy to spend time on my hobbies or spend time in nature (which is such a mind-restoring thing). Maybe my stress-tolerance is too low but I cant help it, it is what it is.

The other full-time jobs I worked in the past 10ish years were almost this shitty. The ones that were not that bad paid so little that it still wasn't worth it. I don't understand how can people work "normal" jobs and don't see that this is not actually that normal. You only need so little stuff to be happy. But people need to make ton of money to spend it on ton of nonsense. Or they spend it on their family or I dunno. I don't have a family (as in 3D and kids) but I keep being told regularly that its something good and I'm missing out, but how good it is if you need to work like this for it?

Anyway, I feel like shit, I'm sleep deprived. Please anybody learn from my mistake and spend time on figuring out smarter ways to make money, don't work soul-destroying jobs.
>> No. 28686 [Edit]
File 170540244148.png - (1.45MB , 1366x768 , [DB]Puella Magi Madoka Magica_-_06_(Dual Audio_10b.png )
Thanks for the reminder and sorry to hear about your money issues, that's never fun. I know my body has a low stress tolerance because of my idle neet lifestyle, it didn't used to be that way. Maybe you are the same? I noticed this one day when I had to do errands outside all day and absolutely crashed after coming home. Some people are fine following the 'life script', I realized.
I feel like I'm 'running out of time,' and this year I'm trying to increase my stamina to be ready for picking up an actual job and make the experience less painful in case I don't find other ways to make money. Also yes, I don't know where you live but it has been fucking cold recently here too.

Post edited on 16th Jan 2024, 2:59am
>> No. 28689 [Edit]
It's the crappy kind of stress at my current job, like having to multitask a lot, dealing with a-hole people, having many responsibilities. And on a second thought, I always start to loose my stress tolerance rapidly after 2-3 months of full-time work. I know I'm not cut out to work like "normal" people do but this job pays well and it wasn't this bad at first so I wanted to stay longer but I'm gonna leave at this rate.

>running out of time
You mean running out of money? If your stamina is very low I recommend you to look for jobs that are very easy and straightforward even if the salary is so low its a joke. And see what works for you, where you can improve.
>> No. 28706 [Edit]
I'm slowly running out of money but that's not an issue right now, life is passing me by and I'm wasting my days instead of trying to figure out ways to make money like you said. I only need financial stability to not worry about it in the future. Any job is fine as long as I get to keep my mental health and live, then I can try to be more ambitious after getting used to a new ¨normal¨ again.
I believe that if you've ever been a neet and enjoyed the lifestyle, it'll be hard not to miss it when things ultimately change but it is what it is.
>> No. 28711 [Edit]
Happiness is available only to those ignorant of how much suffering there is in this world (usually due to innocence, naivety or lack of empathy).
>> No. 28719 [Edit]
I'm unhappy seeing how many people act like idiots into adulthood and are incapable of introspection. So many numbskulls with no tact who can't admit their mistakes.
I want a peaceful, wonderful life with a bit of happiness in it then.
>> No. 28720 [Edit]
It's over if you have chronic fatigue syndrome.
>> No. 28721 [Edit]
CFS is an interesting thing. There's some evidence that it's somehow linked to mitochondrial dsyfunction, and yet I likely believe there's also a strong psychosomatic element to it, in a similar way to how mind-body connection is the cause of issues such as back pain or RSI (see John Sarno's work).
>> No. 28722 [Edit]

It's not like I have CFS but the 6-7 days per week are too much and I also can't take night shifts. I sleep like 3 hour max at daytime and that's it. I wake up and feel like shit. People are supposed to sleep at night. I don't wanna take sleeping pills or something. The work itself and the salary are fine though.
>> No. 28782 [Edit]
File 170937728937.jpg - (972.31KB , 2242x1688 , 353535.jpg )
It looks like I've lost the last hope I had of ever connecting with someone.
Even if there are people who care about me, I don't feel it. They should have done it sooner, I can't care anymore. And I hate myself for it.
>> No. 28784 [Edit]
Friend, call Jesus Christ, He'll answer.
>> No. 28787 [Edit]
Put your faith and trust in Him, and you'll be at peace with God. If you need someone to talk to, I can leave my email, or create a Matrix or whatever if you'd like.
>> No. 28788 [Edit]
I find evangelism on tc of all places really tacky.
>> No. 28789 [Edit]
Well, I like to provide a solution when possible.
>> No. 28790 [Edit]
Not him, obviously, but I find your willingness to provide an "ear" to someone in despair to be admirable.
>> No. 28791 [Edit]
If your worthless "God" was of any use than the person you're trying to assist wouldn't be in need of assistance in the first place.
>> No. 28792 [Edit]
Fwiw >>28791 is not me (>>28788), I don't have any strong opinion but I'd suggested that further (constructive) discussion should take place on /tat/.
>> No. 28794 [Edit]
File 170945250555.jpg - (148.01KB , 600x907 , U34vhZJ.jpg )
He made this construct, moron
Jesus, Yeshua, YHWH, Yaldabaoth, Demiurge
I'm mentally-ill, but not that much
>> No. 28795 [Edit]
Wdym? Gnosticism causes brain rot.
>> No. 28796 [Edit]
of the spiritual sayings, I feel more drawn to gnosticism
what I mean was, the one who put me here is not my lord, or father, or whatever, if the christian mythos were to be true.
this god (which is a title, btw) deserves to be destroyed
and if you're a christian (or muslim, or jewish), you have stockholm syndrome
>> No. 28797 [Edit]
God has blessed me, and countless other believers, steered me away from masturbation, porn, despair, anger, pride, video games, etc. He's holy and just, and if there's a judgment, such as is written in the New Testament, part of the most important book in all of history (the Bible), the ancient document with the most manuscripts from decades after the writing down of the books therein, and the most numerous by far, you either have your debts against God covered by the payment that He made, as an infinite being for a finite amount of time, or sadly have to receive the punishment that we of our own all deserve for eternity. We have moral laws embedded in our DNA, and if someone breaks one law, it isn't just to let them go unpunished if they've kept them all. It is so simple that a child can understand, yet the death, burial, and resurrection on the third day of Jesus Christ is the most important event in all of history. Believe in Him, and you'll receive this awesome gift.
>> No. 28798 [Edit]
This awesome gift being the forgiveness of sins and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and one day receive a new incorruptible body such as, or even better than, what was in the beginning with Adam, such as is the intention of God.

>> No. 28799 [Edit]
I shall remind that matters concerning religion should be discussed at /tat/.
>> No. 28816 [Edit]
File 171001929499.jpg - (100.43KB , 790x720 , Frazzled Alice.jpg )
wrote 2 paragraphs explaining how I was unhappy because my birthday is this month and I can't relate to others due to a general feeling of alienation that comes with old age but decided not to post them. It's probably just a transient feeling that will pass. I ctrl+A+Del my posts often and that, in itself, makes me unhappy (with myself).
April and spring are coming so maybe it will be a new beginning for me too.
>> No. 28820 [Edit]
File 171014838513.gif - (773.55KB , 540x304 , RrThzqPdLtQ_rtYom76livFEEjLmZnh7BjF0C7z_Hm94cu4RVK.gif )
You mean that you can't relate to others younger than you or the same age? Also happy birthday!
I can't do both, I'm stuck feeling like a teenager so I can't relate to most people my age but also younger generations because they still seem immature (at least those I have to talk with).

My unhappiness comes from too many things, I'm already middle aged, never found my 'spark' or something I was decent at, and I think some my dissatisfacfion comes from a mix of anxiety stemming from a weird childhood, that formed into laziness and inaction for a big chunk of my life. I went to school for computerstuff because I didn't know what else to do, but am too stupid and a bit unwilling to actually do it for a job. So I have spent most of my adult life as a NEET instead of working towards anything, if you have no destination you can't get lost. Now I'm stuck doing customer support until I'm fired because my neet brain caused me to lose my ability to hold a basic conversation too.
Basically, I want to stay a NEET forever
>> No. 28825 [Edit]
File 171028129441.jpg - (110.41KB , 1280x720 , 1680339540824962.jpg )
It's both for me too. Not relating to younger generations and wanting to keep your distance from them it's normal, I think. People who are mature for their age seem to be an exception to the rule and even then, they lack the experience that make some of us jaded (not a good thing). I'm not sure if I was mature when I was younger but I know I had more enthusiasm towards life before.
My life's story it's so different from people my age that is hard to relate to them beyond superficial conversations. I also can't relate to what seems to be the typical neet story of dropping out of uni or not entering it after HS. It's different from that, and I don't want to blogpost in detail right now.

Neeting does make your brain rusty at socializing and yes, despite all of this I've never felt truly lost. I bet there are more people that would like to stay as Neets forever than we think.
Tamaki Saito, the author of the original hikikomori book, wrote that a lot of the problems with being one of them are corelated to issues in adolescence. Knowing it's a somewhat common issue for a lot of people puts me at ease.
>Also happy birthday!
Thank you! it's near the end of the month.
>> No. 28830 [Edit]
I can't sleep. I just get these horrible thoughts that are racing throughout my skull. The only relief is through drinking, but I don't have any gin left. I am definitely going to die of liver failure.
Trying to larp through life as a normie was definitely not the right choice.
>> No. 28832 [Edit]
>My life's story it's so different from people my age that is hard to relate to them beyond superficial conversations. I also can't relate to what seems to be the typical neet story of dropping out of uni or not entering it after HS. It's different from that, and I don't want to blogpost in detail right now.
I don't mean to pry too much, but I do have a question.
Did your parents not put you in school at all or were you homeschooled? You don't have to answer in detail.
>Neeting does make your brain rusty at socializing
I'm coming from a strange childhood background where I did not meet the proper developmental milestones for social skills, so I don't feel like my social skills are as innate and hardwired as others. During the summer break for university, it is as if I lost all of the progress I made in learning how to speak to people. I went from being able to strike people up to barely being able to make eye contact anymore, stuttering like a motherfucker, and every encounter feeling like a life or death situation. It's suprising how quick a persons social skills can go.
>> No. 28833 [Edit]
File 171039238214.jpg - (1.30MB , 1815x1899 , 1707356604397087.jpg )
My childhood was extremely fucked. My mother was this huge narcissist and she got super angry and that got onto me and started acting out at school. It got so bad i got sent to this place where a bunch of kids are in the same pot as me. That place never helped what so ever.
>> No. 28834 [Edit]
Same person.

I have changed a whole lot since then.
>> No. 28835 [Edit]
I had a normal childhood and the best grades in my class in elementary, then I became a loner in middle school and my grades dropped. I was shy and panicked like in the examples you gave in your post. Exclusion is its own form of bullying, some of them thought I was dumb. When I finally started making fake friends near the end of it, my parents put me in a small HS for people with disabilities of all ages, where you can graduate at your own pace, whenever you want, because I started acting out and ¨that wasn't who I was¨. I'm skipping A LOT of traumatizing details here. Robbing me of my HS debut wasn't a decision they took lightly, and I do wonder how my life would've turned out.

That's when I became a fake neet, and much more of a loner. I don't have a disability so I couldn't relate to others much there, besides knowing we were outcasts of society. Keep in mind, it was a small class with students around my age or older who were deaf, mute, blind, in wheelchairs, etc. I only knew one high functioning autist (aspie back then) who cleared the doubts I used to have of me being one, after I saw him miss obvious social cues.

I missed most of my classes and had fun at home ¨recovering¨, until I had a wake up call that made me decide to work hard to finally become a nee-, I mean, to graduate but the pandemic forced the school close for 2 years before I had the chance take my final exam. Now I'm a neet in my 20s who missed both the shared experience of HS and Uni at their normal age. Someone finishing it later because they failed classes or switched careers is still better than what happened to me. Worse than that, my degree says I graduated from a school for people with disabilities, limiting my options.
I don't want anyone new I meet to find out about my past and I actively avoid the topic.
Recently, I finished playing Yakuza:Like a Dragon and although I wasn't a fan of what they did to the gameplay; for better or worse, I could relate to the mindset of the main villain all throughout the game, especially in its final scenes. Its social commentary on what being looked down upon and underestimated does to people is accurate. I'm rambling at this point. You asked nicely, so I felt I had to reply. I guess this is what I wanted to write and deleted in my first post.

Post edited on 14th Mar 2024, 5:57am
>> No. 28839 [Edit]
It was interesting to hear your story. I apologize if it made you uncomfortable to write it out.
>Robbing me of my HS debut wasn't a decision they took lightly, and I do wonder how my life would've turned out.
I feel the same, except I missed out on all of my K-12 schooling. I don't think I would have ended up on imageboards like these if I was properly socialized.
>Worse than that, my degree says I graduated from a school for people with disabilities, limiting my options.
Are you sure it will limit you that badly? I technically don't have a high school diploma but managed to get accepted into a top-ranking university. (didn't go, but I'm not going to elaborate on that) I don't know if I should try to get a high school diploma, or if it will look sketchy with all of these completed college classes.
>I don't want anyone new I meet to find out about my past and I actively avoid the topic.
I feel the same way, but I don't know how to avoid the school topic. I usually tell people that I have had a non-traditional background and leave it at that. I used to be way more ashamed, like you used to be, but I've put less effort into concealing it than I once did. It's not like I'll tell the person, but if I get to know them and trust them, and they ask, then I'll oblige.
>Recently, I finished playing Yakuza:Like a Dragon and although I wasn't a fan of what they did to the gameplay; for better or worse, I could relate to the mindset of the main villain all throughout the game, especially in its final scenes. Its social commentary on what being looked down upon and underestimated does to people is accurate. I'm rambling at this point. You asked nicely, so I felt I had to reply. I guess this is what I wanted to write and deleted in my first post.
Looked down upon and underestimated is a great way to put it. Before I had any strong academic background, people legitimately thought I was retarded because I didn't know division at an age where people are entering college. The last person I opened up to treated me as if I lacked any common sense and didn't treat me normally after they learned, which is why I am more careful now. I have worked profoundly hard to get myself on an equal level to others. I feel like I can't even relate to a lot of people on imageboards because of this. I wish I knew what it was like to sit in a classroom with other students or take the schoolbus. I pretty much have no common ground with anybody, and I'm not socialized normally, at all. I know there's a lot of things that I am doing that are considered faux paus, but no one will tell me because they are being polite. There are social things I should have learned in Kindergarten. I just want a normal life.
>> No. 28841 [Edit]
File 171052424954.jpg - (630.93KB , 850x1152 , 12d806d52b7fab03f226d2ac163d7033.jpg )
>I only knew one high functioning autist (aspie back then) who cleared the doubts I used to have of me being one, after I saw him miss obvious social cues.
You have to keep in mind that autism is a spectrum. Just because you noticed someone with autism exhibiting symptoms that you don't, doesn't automatically mean you're not on the spectrum as well. I'm not saying you're on the spectrum, but you shouldn't interpret this observation as definitive proof that you aren't either.
>I don't think I would have ended up on imageboards like these if I was properly socialized.
This optimism is naive... I graduated high school and so did most people who use imageboards probably, if anything school can very possibly damage social skills and make it even more likely that you'll end up a shut-in imageboard addict.
>I wish I knew what it was like to sit in a classroom with other students or take the schoolbus.
>I feel like I can't even relate to a lot of people on imageboards because of this.
If you went to school, you could have very easily been one of countless victims of common bullying. Which would leave you damaged for life and make you regress even further socially. Trust me, you wouldn't have been able of achieving any sort of academical success if you had to deal with cognitive impairment inducing mental illness caused by constant fear of being assaulted verbally and physically, you can't even imagine the things that happen in rural schools. You think Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would have been better off homeschooled or getting brutally bullied in high school?
So if things went well for you in school, you'd have gone through an experience that's nothing worth writing home about. If things went negatively then you would have your life ruined. Doesn't seem like a risk worth taking it, does it? I don't mean to invalidate your problems, but in this regard I'd consider myself lucky if I were you.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2024, 12:06pm
>> No. 28842 [Edit]
I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I am happy to hear an outside perspective on this issue.
>if anything school can very possibly damage social skills
I agree with this to some extent, but there are still some skills you pick up that you can not learn in complete isolation. Even for those who were bullied, they are still "in tune" in a way that I am not.

>If you went to school, you could have very easily been one of countless victims of common bullying.
Why assume that I was not bullied? I very much experienced bullying. I received it from kids in the neighborhood because my mannerisms were odd from being severely isolated. I received it from both my parents and siblings. I received it from other outside family members. Only, the difference was is that I was trapped and isolated. Being severely isolated and being trapped in a dark house for months and years on in is a massively aggravating factor. It removed what chances I've had at forming a concrete support network, and I do not mean to imply that it was guaranteed that I would have formed one, but that those opportunities were taken away from me.

>Trust me, you wouldn't have been able of achieving any sort of academical success if you had to deal with cognitive impairment inducing mental illness caused by constant fear of being assaulted verbally and physically
It still stands that more opportunities are available for highschool graduates than those who are not. I have an insanely hard time with scholarships and financial aid because of my own lack of documentation. I was removed from the ability to get full-tuition scholarships, and now I struggle immensely to get aid because they are reserved for those fresh out of highschool. I'm competing with people who have 12 years of social and academic experience before me.

>You think Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold would have been better off homeschooled or getting brutally bullied in high school?
Weren't they they bullies themselves? They had friends. They had a community. Fuck those two twats.

>So if things went well for you in school, you'd have gone through an experience that's nothing worth writing home about.
Why do I constantly hear people reminiscing about high school, then? Why is it considered such a major milestone in life? How come people were shitting their pants about not being able to go to prom or graduation because of COVID? What about complaining about missing not being able to see their friends during COVID? What about the complaints about distance learning? You can't just tell me that it is "nothing worth writing home about," if everything went well. If it did, then it's clearly becomes an integral part of their life.

Post edited on 15th Mar 2024, 4:34pm
>> No. 28843 [Edit]
File 171054780927.jpg - (492.73KB , 1600x900 , 8f568eb42221d03fc253fbbda8c3b2fd.jpg )
>Why do I constantly hear people reminiscing about high school, then?
1. Because they're normalfags
2. It's the pre-work part of life people remember best.

As somebody who had short-lived acquaintanceships, but no real friends throughout highschool, and spent any time I could away from other people in the nurse's office or whenever, it's wasn't amazing. Not having any real worries or obligations is what I miss about it, but even in that regard, middle school was better. It's understandable though you feel you've missed out. Maybe you'd have benefited from the social aspect, but I don't think it makes the difference between happiness and unhappiness later in life.
>> No. 28844 [Edit]
File 171055513970.png - (200.44KB , 862x816 , c7d7ad90b6d762c47bf60e6d2a83beed.png )
I don't have much to argue with you about. If you were already bullied outside of school then I don't see how it possibly could have been better inside of it, where you would be stuck in a class room with your bullies for years of end. Most people hate school, what they reminisce about is being free of responsibility and the social experiences they had which would have existed with or without school, not about high school itself. These positive social experiences would have most likely not existed for you and you would only be left with the negative.

>I received it from kids in the neighborhood because my mannerisms were odd from being severely isolated.
Is that the primary reason? Or is it autism? When I observe people discuss being dissatisfied with their lives and the reasons as to why that is, they will look at external factors and the effect that it had on them, but they won't look at themselves, and they will not make mention of clinical terms related to neuro-divergence, primarily autism. Probably because they don't want to acknowledge that they're "different" and not "normal", since in their minds these words are synonymous with inferior and superior. This is caused by these terms usually being utilized in a derogatory manner.
If you had issues with socialization at an early age and still do I think it's obvious that the cause is your genetics rather than lack of experience, although lack of experience certainly contributes.

Overall my opinion is that your optimism is misplaced. Although I'm speaking from the perspective of someone who was never interested in a career, maybe I would feel the way that you do even if I was, that I would have been willing to risk myself if it meant being able to achieve certain goals as an adult.
School in reality is nothing like it is in anime. I think your assumption that having attended a public school could have lead to a better life lies in the realm of fantasy and you're frustrating yourself needlessly. However, you're free to fantasize as you please. It doesn't really make a difference, life is terrible either way, but it can always be more terrible.
>> No. 28845 [Edit]
>where you would be stuck in a class room with your bullies for years of end
Does my situation not already imply that this is happening.

>which would have existed with or without school
How can you say that, though? When you are surrounded with similar age peers, socialization is far more likely to occur although not guaranteed. "Socialization" may be far more likely to take place when you are surrounded by people.

>Is that the primary reason? Or is it autism? When I observe people discuss being dissatisfied with their lives and the reasons as to why that is, they will look at external factors and the effect that it had on them, but they won't look at themselves, and they will not make mention of clinical terms related to neuro-divergence, primarily autism. Probably because they don't want to acknowledge that they're "different" and not "normal", since in their minds these words are synonymous with inferior and superior. This is caused by these terms usually being utilized in a derogatory manner.
I think you're spot on, actually, on that assessment. I have considerably looked at myself, but it's challenging to make an honest assessment because of that lack of experience. I, personally, don't view autism in a negative light - I see it as simply a matter of being wired differently. But yes, this is something I've thought about as a possibility. I've kind of gone on and off about it - am I just autistic? or was I isolated for far too long? Is it a combination of both? I regularly think, "Is there something wrong with me?" really not just referring to just autism but anything. Is my personality defunct? I'm not sure.
I honestly don't know, though. I think the effects on missing out on certain milestones can be pretty radical. I've read things about the overlaps with the symptoms of autism and social isolation. There was one article I read about people becoming isolated as a result of something (can't remember what) and then it became extremely difficult for them to handle living in the every day world. Are you autistic, yourself? I don't mean to ask it in a harsh way, but I am curious.

>If you had issues with socialization at an early age and still do I think it's obvious that the cause is your genetics rather than lack of experience, although lack of experience certainly contributes.
When I said "kid," it was misleading. I don't think I started having troubles until puberty. At the same time, it's really hard to tell because my experiences out in the world were spotty. The vague experiences I had as a small child were quite good. There were times where I was on the precipice of making a friend, but my parents never followed up or intentionally prevented me from doing so.

>School in reality is nothing like it is in anime. I think your assumption that having attended a public school could have lead to a better life lies in the realm of fantasy and you're frustrating yourself needlessly. However, you're free to fantasize as you please. It doesn't really make a difference, life is terrible either way, but it can always be more terrible.
My perceptions of school come not from "anime" but from the experiences other people tell me about. I'm no longer isolated like I once was, and I hate hearing my coworkers and classmates around me blab on about these experiences - both the positive and the negative. As for your last point, I will keep that view in mind - that it could always be worse, and I appreciate you bringing that up because it can be easy to lose sight of thinking about what we do have in favor of thinking about what we don't. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to craft these thoughtful responses. I really enjoyed reading them, and I will keep everything you said in mind.

>> No. 28846 [Edit]
why are all the replies spoilered?
>> No. 28847 [Edit]
File 171056016922.png - (45.71KB , 233x184 , yayoi lurk.png )
they don't want us to eavesdrop...
>> No. 28851 [Edit]
File 17106359466.jpg - (45.88KB , 709x480 , shktn.jpg )
>Are you sure it will limit you that badly?
Compared to the average person with the same level of education as me, yes. I'm planning to go to university once I'm ready. Maybe, I will have to force myself to get a job and move forward first, but I've been more active this year. Not looking forward to the generational gap.
>...if I get to know them and trust them, and they ask, then I'll oblige.
Good for you, I still have issues trusting others and circumvent the truth often. If it's someone I know I'll never see again, I straight up lie to them. Your story was interesting to read too.

>You have to keep in mind that autism is a spectrum. Just because...
Yes, I'm aware of that. I know I'm not autistic because I read a lot about mental illnesses at the time. That person was as functional as you could get (he finished HS before me) and still had less common traits that I've never seen in any other socially awkward student or me before. He had a monotone voice even when asking questions and paused mid sentence to remember what he was about to say. I used to get along more with some teachers there because I could relate to them more than the students. Sorry If my post came off as insensitive, he was a nice person.
>they will not make mention of clinical terms related to neuro-divergence, primarily autism
Undiagnosed ADD/ADHD might be the cause. I started drinking coffee, specifically, to stop myself from walking back and forth one day when I was trying to watch something while home alone and couldn't focus. I used it to self-medicate in my teens until I had an accidental overdose. I vividly remember being scared, seeing my hands shake and feeling my heartbeat at what I estimate to be over 100bpm.
But as I said, I had a normal childhood up until middle school. Me and my brother are still friends with some of the kids in our neighborhood 20+ years later. The way kids become friends is different from the way pubescent teens do and I couldn't adapt at first, that's all. The shyness I used to have when meeting new people came from childhood trauma by my parents and it was the reason I rebelled against them (like any other teenager), only to be put down harder, but that's enough of that. I'm better at managing where I put my attention now after a lot of work and my brain fully developing.

>I wish I knew what it was like to sit in a classroom with other students or take the schoolbus. I pretty much have no common ground with anybody, and I'm not socialized normally, at all.
>...Maybe you'd have benefited from the social aspect, but I don't think it makes the difference between happiness and unhappiness later in life.
It doesn't but the bittersweet experiences of missing classes, eating lunch in bathrooms and the ¨relationships¨ with those short-lived acquaintances I personally prefer to avoid now, are still something that make people relate to each other later in life, in the same way people around the same age can relate better with others from their generation.
>I'm no longer isolated like I once was, and I hate hearing my coworkers and classmates around me blab on about these experiences - both the positive and the negative.
For me, the real problem is the alienation from hearing others talk about it so often. I can't imagine what is like to be you in that aspect. speaking fondly of that time period is common for normalfags and it feels alienating every time they bring it up. I agree with the sentiment here that is useless to romanticize it or worrying about it, there's nothing else I can do.

Since you posted Tomoko, I just want to say that Watamote is worth reading just to get to chapter 122. I read it wasn't as popular as it should've been because she wasn't relatable in a good way compared to someone like Bocchi and it hit too close to home for some people. I need to catch up with it at some point, in Japanese this time. I remember it had furigana so it should be easy. I'm rambling again.
heh. there is something comforting in spoiling blogposts.

Post edited on 16th Mar 2024, 5:47pm
>> No. 28852 [Edit]
>Not looking forward to the generational gap.
I can't say what it will be like at the university you go to, but I know at mine, there are wide variety of students from all age groups. I know it skews upwards. I've seen 50-60 year olds on campus, and I know a person who graduated when they were nearly 70. I feel like it's a lot easier once you pass 18 because the growth has slowed down somewhat compared to when you are younger.

>If it's someone I know I'll never see again, I straight up lie to them.
Interesting. I'm usually more bold (won't go balls to the wall) if I know I won't see them again.

>Me and my brother are still friends with some of the kids in our neighborhood 20+ years later.
I'm happy to hear that. It's great to have some long-standing connections, and I feel that is the area where I falter most. It feels hard to get in anywhere because people prioritize their long-term friendships over the new ones. It's like they are not open to making any new friends. I've personally given up on trying to make new friends.

>I personally prefer to avoid now, are still something that make people relate to each other later in life, in the same way people around the same age can relate better with others from their generation.
You hit the nail on the head on what I wanted to say. Thank you. Essentially, a lack of shared experiences makes it harder to connect with others later.

>For me, the real problem is the alienation from hearing others talk about it so often. I can't imagine what is like to be you in that aspect. speaking fondly of that time period is common for normalfags and it feels alienating every time they bring it up. I agree with the sentiment here that is useless to romanticize it or worrying about it, there's nothing else I can do.
I can relate to that feeling of alienation. Right now, I am trying to accept my circumstances - I have been dabbling in stoicism. But, it's hard when you are surrounded by these things, having constant reminders shoved in your face. I always feel like I'm much happier at home indulging in books because it takes me away from these things. I enjoy when I can create new things and essentially create my own world.

>> No. 28870 [Edit]
File 171162479781.png - (320.65KB , 795x595 , tumblr_m29fc8RYpf1qjdxroo1_1280.png )
I hate my work and I suck at socializing, and I have to communicate and be a part of group dynamics all day. I wish I learned something like coding so I could do my own thing, or be a bird scholar or something so I could watch birds all day. Or better, be a bird.
>> No. 28929 [Edit]
i stupidly thought i had made a friend at work, and reached out to them when i was a delusional wreck since im a schizophrenic since i always hear that "i have to trust others" and shit like that. after promising they wouldn't call the cops for me feeling suicidal they ended up actually doing it after i had calmed down and promised not to hurt myself. i fucking hate humans why did i fool myself into believing they give a shit. how am i the pathologic one i didnt lie through my teeth about being friends and breaking promises.
>> No. 28930 [Edit]
Life just sucks in general
>> No. 28932 [Edit]
Cried reading this.
>> No. 28934 [Edit]
Never trust other people. The issue is they think they're doing you a "favor" because they are fundamentally selfish and view themselves as being a "savior"; that by itself wouldn't be an issue (in fact anyone who says they aren't selfish is lying), but the other issue is that all normalfags seem to absolutely recoil from issues of suicide. Ironically despite having no problem with abortion, rarely will you find people in support of right to die.
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