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File 147445252585.jpg - (768.89KB , 850x1133 , sample_d7172ab91c686df39516c5b306794589.jpg )
22192 No. 22192 [Edit]
If you died today, how would you be remembered?
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>> No. 22195 [Edit]
Aren't most dead people remember in a vague, positive way? A nice guy, at such a young age, promising future, etc. Even if they didn't know the person at all.
>> No. 22198 [Edit]
By my family: As a nice, albeit lazy person that should have gone out have fun with friends.

By my neighbours: Some strange guy listening to strange baby voices all day, his room full of small girls (my room is visible from outdoors and the music is quite loud outside).
Some might remember me as a disgusting sick fuck, though, I didn't realize it was visible for the first two years after we moved (computer screen, dakimakura and whatnot).

By people I met more often than twice: A quiet, most likely quite smart, odd guy.

Post edited on 21st Sep 2016, 1:37pm
>> No. 22200 [Edit]
1) Get curtains.
2) Get headphones.
>> No. 22201 [Edit]
I prefer speakers.
I got curtains now, but I don't really care so much anymore and have them open quite often, I should have used them since the very beginning.
>> No. 22202 [Edit]
Preference isn't really relevant. You should be considerate with your family and/or other inhabitants of your household and deprive them from having to endure loud sounds, even if they don't reciprocate. This is Common Decency 101.
>> No. 22204 [Edit]
It's not loud for my family, only in the staircase and outside.
>> No. 22205 [Edit]
I don't know but I wouldn't want to be remembered once I'm dead. I'd like to be forgotten along with the slightest trace of my existence.
>> No. 22239 [Edit]
I doubt my memory would last very long, but it'd still be there. Same as yours.

Define being remembered?
>> No. 22240 [Edit]
I'd probably just be thought of as that retarded guy that was only sometimes useful. Since I was diagnosed as autistic, my mom has treated me as nothing more than retarded, well, until she wants to go on vacation or something and leaves me on my own.

I shouldn't leave much of an impression on many since I'm quite and don't really talk much to people, and since I don't know too many people, have no friends,and don't go outside. Although, my mom's other kid's friends might be glad because I won't be around to tell them to piss off and not smoke their shitty weed around my mother's house or to shut off their shit music with annoyingly loud bass that bothers the whole neighborhood. I've got no friends, but I've got enemies that don't care to inconvenience anybody around them.

I'd most likely be remembered as nothing more than a retard in the end. I've not done anything with my life and I probably won't. Also, this: >>22205
>> No. 22246 [Edit]
File 147559707922.jpg - (23.01KB , 500x378 , FLCL1.jpg )
I would probably be remembered for being the one that caused the most trouble. The one that was just a nuisance.
>> No. 22253 [Edit]
Anon, the guy who never scored.
>> No. 22323 [Edit]
>> No. 22360 [Edit]
Probably as a disappointment to my parents. This grows worse with every passing year, so actually today would be the best time to die. Yesterday would be better.

Off topic: does anyone else here avoid talking to their parents? I rarely pick up the phone. Not because I don't want to talk to them -- I think about them more than ever -- but because I can't handle the tone of disappointment and pity.
>> No. 22418 [Edit]
I live with my mom and I avoid her as much as possible.
I hate myself for being a hikki fuck-up, and I hate her for not understanding how fucked up I am.
>> No. 22419 [Edit]
The guy who was set back, succeeded, was set back again, succeeded again, and was then set back so many times that it broke him. He was also attracted to mares and wanted to be a girl for a time.

Basically, some weirdo who succeeded at being a failure, but really all because the cruelty of humans broke him in the end. But people would only say the latter things if they knew what was really going on in my head (the vast majority don't, not even family members).
>> No. 22471 [Edit]
Is this Nazi dominatrix Pinkie Pie?
>> No. 22472 [Edit]
this didn't have an image last time?
>> No. 23060 [Edit]
"He had so much potential." - literally everyone and they would all be thinking about how many great things were left undone because of my premature demise.
I am sorely overrated.

I believe quite a lot of the people I know well would spend the rest of their lives in the colossal shadow they have painted for me, when, in truth, it was all just a matter of perspective.
>> No. 23102 [Edit]
I wouldn't be remembered by anyone but my direct family members. I'm at the point where they're starting to see me as more of a burden anyways, so I doubt they would be too fond of me.
>> No. 23103 [Edit]
no one would know except my mom. i never leave the house and i lost all my online friends.

she would remember me as a bad comedian. i do shock humor to her all the time. she's at the point where she doesn't mind my neetdom anymore, she wouldn't remember me as a loser or anything, this is normal to her now.
she'd probably kill herself because i'm the only one that's nice to her. her life is kind of a piece of shit.
>> No. 23110 [Edit]
>attracted to mares

solomon carter?
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