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File 147753505172.jpg - (246.99KB , 1920x1080 , 438.jpg )
22287 No. 22287 [Edit]
My english will be always shitty.
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>> No. 22288 [Edit]
Привет товарищ.
>> No. 22291 [Edit]
File 147761853654.jpg - (43.82KB , 580x326 , imgf720.jpg )
sup tovarich.
>> No. 22313 [Edit]
File 147865344547.jpg - (15.23KB , 225x350 , 1288574559_6231_full_jpeg.jpg )
>my shit will always be english
>> No. 22537 [Edit]
It will actually improve staggeringly fast the more time you spend writing on english boards/forums.
>> No. 22538 [Edit]
>> No. 22554 [Edit]
File 14913717869.jpg - (122.48KB , 960x960 , fapto.jpg )
Slav country language skills ("runglish") being so unique to the point of it becoming a recent popular culture fad involving round country flags, displacing engrish - which is now like a racial slur.

I'm fine with it, it means slavs are white at last. Such cases.

Only for the first year or two when learning foreign language by immersion from scratch. A lot of us are into online escapism for far longer than that. Most of online prose is bottom of the barrel anyway, and the fecal molecules get stuck in our typing centers of brain or something.

Read a book, or at least a shitty asstr fanfic.
>> No. 22589 [Edit]
Your sentence already places you miles ahead of some people I know, OP.
>> No. 23008 [Edit]
If anything, that has made things worse for me.
It has always been easy to get thoughts across, but the problem is my grammar always seems unnatural, to the point I have plenty of embarrassing memories of others asking me if I'm a Slav based on the structures I make use of. On the rare occasions I don't screw up with grammar and syntax, I spend much more time writing a comment than someone else normally would, just to make sure everything is in place and order (that would be the case with this post).
I'm not into making excuses for being dumb, but I suppose that's because most people on the internet aren't English speakers themselves, which means "learning" a language from people who can't speak it very well in the first place. And many of the native speakers make mistakes too which, deliberate or not, will be mimicked by non-speakers.
>> No. 23009 [Edit]
>most people on the internet aren't English speakers themselves
I seriously doubt this. A lot of them might have English as a second language but have been learning English from a young age.
Its selection bias. As someone from a backwater English speaking country I assume everyone online is American unless they use British colloquialisms.
>> No. 23429 [Edit]
Mine too, and I was born/raised in the US. Not sure if it's my mental issues or the lack of human interaction but I tend to slur my words, mix them up, or trip over my sentences and say stupid nonsensical things while generally sounding like a retard.
my spelling meanwhile is horrid and hasn't improved much as I've gotten older.
>> No. 23433 [Edit]
File 152207708822.jpg - (1.55MB , 2592x1728 , 2018-03-22_06-57-47_1.jpg )
I can read nearly everything.
I can understand most things I listen to (not every accent).
I take to much time to write shit and I make a lot of mistakes that lead into me taking more time to write something.
And I'm awful at speaking English. I need to much time to find the right words and I do accidentally use German words all the time.
So basically:
reading/listening 7-8/10
writing 5/10
speaking 3/10

Maybe because I read English stuff all day and also listening to English content but I rarely write my self and I don't talk at all.
I do have a lot of basic every day words I don't know in English like basic plant or animal names because I never use them anywhere.

Still better than 99% of all Japanese.

I hope one day my Japanese will be nearly as good as my English.

I don't mind that my English is bad. I rarely write anyway and there is no one I could talk to.
As long as I understand most things it's fine.
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