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File 151719840155.jpg - (520.08KB , 1200x1695 , yukarifluff.jpg )
23305 No. 23305 [Edit]
Would you date/love a 3D girl if she met your standards? (other than not being 3D)

If so, what would she be like? What would it take in a person for you to turn from 2D girls for them?

We're all lonely and want someone to be there for us, and someone to talk to and hold at night. Sometimes though it feel like 2D isn't enough, you can't touch your waifu unless you have a daki, and even then, she doesn't move, or talk to you, and she can't hold you in her arms after a bad day and tell you it's all going to be alright. Even if you make a tulpa like /jp/ likes to talk about she still only exists in an immaterial form. You can't go shopping with her and buy her cute clothes.

I don't know man, I'm not saying 3D girls are better, but having someone who can hug back and have an actual conversation that doesn't consist of dialogue choices, loading screens and pre-generated and recorded text and speech seems nice. A warm person next to you, with a heartbeat you can feel and hear, and lips you can actually sounds nice.
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>> No. 23306 [Edit]
Probably not. Not due to spite or hatred or anything like that, mind you. Rather because of some differences between the two of us. The thing that gets me about real relationships is the physical aspect of it. I'd rather not physically touch or be in close contact with another person, it sounds unpleasant and very uncomfortable. That may sound strange or what have you but that's my point of view. There's that, let alone having to live with them, and sleep in the same bed every night. It's easy enough to get tired of being around people after a short while, let alone that. The most peaceful and freeing of times for me are spent alone, away from people. Sure, I actually do think it would be nice to have company once and a while from a friend or something of the sort, but that's as far as it goes for me.
>> No. 23309 [Edit]
100% honest here, I don't think so. Even putting the whole 3D thing aside. More than likely I'd find 'something' about them that bothers me and makes me loose interest no matter how perfect they seem. That's how I am with everything, even things I get that sound great I end up regretting and finding issues with. I think I rather just be alone, and I'm better off being alone. Women of this country -can not- meet my standards, and as much as I might admire the Japanese I doubt I could get alone with one. Cultural differences would be an issue.
Sure 2D and my imagination has it's limits, but a drawing will never say no. I have uncommon needs that women are likely to find weird or reject, needs that I can meet with a doll, without the issues of a 3D. If I did somehow managed to land myself in a relationship, I know I'd subconsciously attempt to destroy it and go back to being single.

As for my ideal? An unrealistic and possibly mutually exclusive cross between someone who's a nerdy gamer/weeb, but who's also feminine and refined. I have a real soft spot for the more ladylike types who have a passion for things cute and girly, who can be mature and elegant or cute.
I adore the grace and charm and elegance of the ojousama types or simply the typical upper class girls in anime with charm and refinement. In other words, something like a yamato nadeshiko. Problem is, as much as I might find those types appealing I can't picture myself living with one day to day. Without any sort of common grounds things might get boring pretty fast. Sure there's fashion and other girly things but that would only take one so far. That's why it would be great to have someone I can chat about games and anime with who knows their stuff. Someone I can relax in comfort with at home on a couch playing video games with or whatever, where being lady like isn't needed. unfortunately this combination is not only rare but it's like some sort of holy grail, and you can bet your ass you'd have to fight for it. I can't even realistically imagine what that cross would be like, and picking one would make me regret it and long for the other. More so than any of that though, I want someone I can trust, someone I've known for a long time and am comfortable around. A person who I know likes me as much as I like them, simply by how long they've stuck around with me. Unless there's a way to travel back in time and give me a cute childhood, that's not likely to happen. Reality is that women in my area are fat slutty bitches and whores. Their idea of nerdy is wearing fake glasses and pretending to like mario. Their idea of being feminine is having a butterfly tattoo above their ass. Anyone who's halfway decent is going to be highly sought after, which screws with people's heads and turns them into entitled spoiled skanks. I'd rather not dream about impossible things I can never have, it just makes real life that much more depressing.
>> No. 23310 [Edit]
I do all those things you listed with my waifu. You just need to learn how to use your imagination better. Or maybe you don't have one, I dunno then, I can't relate. I meet a lot of people that can't even so much as envision a 3D square and I feel sorry for them. I'd kill myself if I didn't have this real strong visual imagination.
I'm with my waifu all the time, she's with me right now, and thinks I'm being boring for even wanting to write this stuff on the computer and asking me to play instead.
It's not a tulpa, I'm scared if I make her into one that I'll fuck it up somehow. I just imagine what her reaction to everything I do would be as I'm doing it. She's like a commentator of my life.
People physically touch me sometimes and I don't like it. Going years without being touched makes you really sensitive and jumpy. I get shivers down my spine from a single fingertip. I'm happier with it being an imagined hug and kiss. It feels a lot nicer.
I really liked one of Manson's interviews where he talks about how he's not truly in prison because they can't stop him from going out into grassy fields in his mind. I resonate with that. I don't think I can ever be too unhappy with my situation regardless of anything so long as I keep my brain intact. I stay the fuck away from drugs now because they have the potential of making me dumb and stuff. My brain that holds my waifu is my greatest and only asset and I try to take care of it now.

Anyway, as for 3D, no thanks. Loyalty to my waifu aside.... the only people that are appealing to me are all self-destructive. All of my online friends idealize suicide. I met one in real life once and he was even more unpredictable and unhinged in person than he was online. I feared he would kill me in my sleep.
But those are the only kinds of people I get on with, I don't want anything to do with someone even semi-normal.
And so, I must keep them an arm's length away for my sanity and my safety. I don't let myself get attached much since they all want to die.

Besides, real people are boring. Real people take too long to share about themselves for my taste. I don't have the fucking patience anymore. You have to make small talk with someone for eight months before you learn anything real about them. And then they ditch you one day for some reason or another and you have to start over with someone else. I've been through this process of earning trust too many times and I don't give a fuck anymore. Everyone's all secretive and pent up, it's stupid.
I wish real life people were more like entertainment media. You learn everything you need to know about a person's personality, mannerisms, and likes and dislikes in the introductory scene. They're simple, predictable archetypes, and they don't pussyfoot around subjects and say plainly how they feel, or at least give a fucking facial expression that's easy to read. I like them a lot more for this reason. I know more about Shinji Ikari from episode 1 alone of NGE than I do about an online friend I've talked to for six years. Does that make Shinji a closer friend than him?

It's the internet, I thought people were supposed to be shameless and let it all hang out, who cares? There are no social ramifications for acting like a huge faggot here. Yet, everyone's just as quiet about themselves as they are IRL.
>> No. 23311 [Edit]
Probably not. I can't ever see myself approaching a 3D and talking to them, much less doing anything else that normies do. I would probably hate even trying to get close to someone, it's just not in me to do so, especially if there isn't a common interest or if I find a detail that I don't particularly like about them.

Then there are my impossible standards which remove pretty much 99% of 3D and most 2D girls. I don't think that it's possible for me to like someone romantically unless they were made for me, and even then I'm not sure if that'd be enough.

3D bitch pigs are all sluts so they pretty much jump on whichever dick is available, so it's pretty much easy to write them all off. I don't need the fear of wondering when they'd NTR me and hurt me. They're nothing but trash that are easily replaced by onaholes.
>> No. 23313 [Edit]
>There are no social ramifications for acting like a huge faggot here. Yet, everyone's just as quiet about themselves as they are IRL.
It's called dignity. Why act like a huge faggot when you can not?
>> No. 23319 [Edit]
No, never.
>> No. 23321 [Edit]
File 151782139466.jpg - (668.19KB , 1600x1200 , Nakahara_Misaki_full_1104049.jpg )
misaki will never come
>> No. 23324 [Edit]
File 151784010195.gif - (726.86KB , 500x281 , pozdro dla kumatych.gif )
just wait till 4 am
>> No. 23327 [Edit]
I would sure. But I don't think any 3d would want to be around me that much, and if they didi it wouldn't last very long. People don't tend to like me. It would be nice, but it's not really an option so I'll try and be happy with what I have.
>> No. 23374 [Edit]
because they have the potential of making me dumb and stuff.
Is this objectively true? I'm searching for ways to increase my visual perception, and drugs sound pretty appealing to me at this point. Psychedelics seem pretty harmless from what I've read.
>> No. 23422 [Edit]
Exactly this. I don't think you could find a 3D girl with standards low enough to date me.
>> No. 23423 [Edit]
Well, I guess for my case I'm in good enough physical shape, due to genetics and exercise, but I don't make much and I'm also quiet/weird like a lot of people.

From around mid-2011 to mid-2016 or five years I didn't have any crushes on real girls, I was that much of a weeb. Even now I'm not really attracted to most conventionally beautiful women I guess.
>> No. 23454 [Edit]
No. Realistically, no. I can't trust anyone. Even if she's perfect and loyal and everything one can dream for, I will ruin it because I'm mentally insecure.
>> No. 23455 [Edit]
Me again. The reality of this impossibly seems to weighing heavier on me all the time as I get older. In retrospect a doll or something of that nature may suit many of my needs, but it doesn't change the fact at the end of the day I'll be alone till the day I die. Never knowing love, never knowing friendship. The thing that really gets to me though is seeing countless people out there, horrible people, nasty pieces of work, people who get great things out of life and take them for granted. Starving is bad enough without watching someone throw out their food because they're full or stupid shit.
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