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File 142110131067.jpg - (101.07KB , 840x700 , 1394562819364.jpg )
19425 No. 19425 [Edit]
I genuinely need help.
Spare you my life story, the end result is that I'm a reclusive alcoholic on the brink of suicide.
I can't really afford therapy or anything, and I already use anime and video games for escapism.
I want to believe things are going to get better, but it's starting to feel heavy.
Has anyone else been in a situation like this? What helped you through it?
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>> No. 19426 [Edit]
Alcoholism really sucks, but if you cut back little by little your life will improve. Alcohol starts off alright but it will drive you into deep depression. Try to measure out how much you drink and just have one less every day. In the end you will be happier.
>> No. 19427 [Edit]
Can't really say much to help you, but I'll tell you something that someone once told me 6 years ago. Either you go through with it or you live with it and maybe move on. I added the 'maybe' because nothing is guaranteed, but I dunno. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
>> No. 19428 [Edit]
If you're going off that at least do something that's not going to cripple you if you live.

But anyway, if you are going to do it anyway then why not live it up for a while beforehand?
>> No. 19430 [Edit]
First step is to stop the alcohol, that'll save you money and make you feel less like shit.
Next step is to tell us your life story so we can help, what's pushing you to suicide?
>> No. 19431 [Edit]
>Next step is to tell us your life story so we can help

It's not like it's wasting a thread. This board isn't the hottest place this side of the internet.
So go ahead, at the very least I'll read it. and you really aren't alone in your situation.

So to address what you've said so far;
therapy probably won't help you. You'll most likely walk in there, realize your therapist is highly inexperienced and way too normal to understand your needs and never go back.
Anime and video games are great hobbies and pastimes. Unless you're taking it to the brink and neglecting your hygiene and other activities it's not a problem.
How do you imagine things are going to get better? What's stopping you from advancing into what you want for yourself and others? Don't tell us, just say if it can be better.
I was in a bad place, and then I found religion, a waifu, a new hobby that helped me develop my relationship, find inspiration and educate myself. Then I wound up with a job and picked up a few healthier habits because of new fears of my rapidly declining health.
>> No. 19439 [Edit]
Stopping alcohol makes you feel better for a while but when you realize nothing has really happened, it's very easy to slip and buy it again.

The first week without alcohol is really shitty. Then you may feel fresh for weeks or months, but some day you see that you are still sitting in front of the computer screen doing nothing but browsing imageboards and thinking how shit this is. After a long break alcohol feels nostalgically awesome again and there you have the next part of the cycle... Obviously I can speak only of my behalf. Try to hang on, OP, I really don't know how I could help you.
>> No. 19440 [Edit]
Don't panic. Establish routines that are beneficial instead of detrimental to your physical and mental health.

I find that establishing routines helps me for some reason. If you don't have a habit of going out in the morning to breathe the fresh morning air, pretend like you have one until it actually really becomes a habit.

Cut back on alcohol. It's not a solution. What I did when I tried to quit drinking was buy new types of interesting juices from sprouts to try. Pear juice is really good. I made it a habit to buy a new type of juice everytime I went to shop.

Establish habits. Read before you go to sleep. Clean things. Do whatever meticulous things you have to do. The little things get us through the days.

It's cliche, but honestly, if you put some effort into eating healthy, exercising, and establishing a regular sleep pattern, you will undoubtedtly see a great improvement in your mental condition/conditions. I thought it was just spew by normalfags when I read that stuff online, but when I was desperate and actually tried, I found that it has a much greater effect that I thought it would.

Think of something that stressed you out in the past, and how you don't give two shits about it now. In the future, the things that are stressing you out now are going to be non-issues for you. Of course there will be new stresses, but you'll be better adept to handle them than you are now, with the advice that everyone has given you.

Also, like someone else mentioned, new fears of my declining health from my alcoholism and other obsessive habits forced me to want to live. I realized that I don't actually want to die. I live alone and I currently have 8 bottles of whiskey and like 2 cases of beer, and I feel sick like my kidneys are failing or something. This thread just inspired me to try to quit drinking again. When I get off work I will post a picture of all my bottles that I'm going to pour down the drain. I don't want to die young.

Most of all, just remember to take it easy.

Post edited on 13th Jan 2015, 8:49am
>> No. 19441 [Edit]
When I tried that I bought even more the next day. At least I never had more than 8 beer cans to waste.
>> No. 19442 [Edit]
You shouldn't quit alcohol cold turkey, people actually die from DTs. Do what >>19426 says.
>> No. 19444 [Edit]

I did a similar thing. You should keep in mind it takes a while to get better. Doing those things help, and are key but in the state OP is probably in he really doesn't want to do them. What you need to do is take some baby steps and work your way up to running a marathon.

Basically you need to start off humoring yourself. Want to exercise/get fit? Do 50 sit ups a day, every day. It's a tiny, almost useless amount of exercise to do. The exercise itself isn't important but the erasure of mental barriers. Over time this becomes easier and easier to do, and eventually you find yourself able to perform actual exercise regularly. It sounds retarded but in a depressed mindset you put up a lot of silly "I can't" walls around everything. To truly escape it you need to tear them down. It took a while to get them up so it takes a while to get them down.
>> No. 19447 [Edit]
File 142122020914.jpg - (14.65KB , 380x285 , 11713222-large.jpg )
Gather up all the rubbish in your dwelling, all the stuff you haven't used in 6 months, clothes that don't get worn, bank statements, ugly non functional items. Take it all outside and burn it. It's surprisingly cathartic.

Burning is better as it basically removes items from existence which means any burden on your mind they may have is similarly erased.
>> No. 19465 [Edit]
File 142163724547.jpg - (75.85KB , 900x676 , alcoholismyfriend.jpg )
Well, I think you already got good advice from the other posters and they speak the truth by telling you from their own experience just from different issues.

All I can tell you from smoking cigarettes and / or weed is that the best way to stop is to not buy any to begin with. If I have anything left it's always present on my mind and it's impossible to cheat myself into just stopping. But when my mind knows there's actually nothing left and I wont leave the house anymore then my mind is at ease. Alcohol might be a bit different, like others suggested just cut it down over time and might just stick to buying less and less until you're ready for the final step. If you feel too lazy for classic exercise just try dumbbell training instead. Otherwise there should be enough communties and statements of people that managed to quit successfully. Remember: Nobody but you can make this decision.

Good luck, I'm sure you can do it.
>> No. 19485 [Edit]
>> No. 19501 [Edit]
I stopped drinking for years but now I'm drinking again too. It's just an emptiness one has to fill with something, together with the lack of sufficient reason to do anything aside form the very needs and so one just kills time. It's just addiction, simply put, as result of an aimless existence. If I was someone who's never had any aims I'd understand people calling on my lack of resolve, but in fact I've had dreams which I fought for with all my might and simply failed at. Now nothing is good enough and I'm not good enough for anything. I merely survive now as a sort of ghost. I have lots of information and heuristic parameters but no overall sense that can get me to change positively. I am fully responsible, however; I don't place the blame on anything external; I'm a free man and everything, including getting drunk, is my ow decision and fault. I might die miserable, but I'd still die a free man... I think. In the end it's just more apologetics piling up, to be honest; but it's always like that, drunk or not; if I knew a way out of the labyrinth of textual interpretations I'd follow it, but there's seemingly none. I just have to build a world acceptable enough to either live or die at. I'm just the nth anonymous, in the end; nothing of value would be lost, except from the possibilities that we all are and which constitute nothing but trying to reach towards the unknown. Life is a surprise, in any case; from one hit to the next one, sense will arise as we walk towards the nothingness at the end... and that might be good enough. I mean: to accept death and thus one's own singularity. I can't give any better than that.
>> No. 19502 [Edit]
I've seen this thread several times now and I still don't know what to answer so I'll just tell you things I've tried to get over depression.

I've tried a lot of things including therapy and medications and they kind of work. It takes a long time to go to a doctor and then it takes a long time to get the right medications. It took about a year and a half for me. The period of not feeling depressed lasted about two weeks. Then I started drinking. I knew that drinking would affect my meds but I did it anyway. I drink about 10 - 20 standard drinks every night for a weeks. But the feeling I have have when drinking is happiness I guess. Not depression at least. But depression kicks in afterwards.

I've tried lifting weights which didn't really work. Sure, the feeling when completing a set is pretty good, but the feeling of failing a set is pretty disappointing. And the motivation of keeping on going is hard. I'm currently trying running, which is completely different from weights minus the gym cost but doesn't lessen the need for alcohol or depression.

I've enrolled for a course in computers and stuff starting in three weeks for more social activity but I'm really anxious about it and would rather kill myself than do it. But I'll do it anyway. Hopefully I don't kill myself for the time being.

Video games and anime lost it's appeal months ago and now I watch movies.

I don't know what else to say. Hopefully you haven't killed yourself. Even if you have, at least I'm not too far behind.
>> No. 19503 [Edit]
I tried all of that in the past, I'm currently not abysmally depressed but l have mood swings often and suicidal thoughts too, but these things certainly help.

Dropped almost all of my meds except for sertraline and stopped drinking, picked up weed, which l always wanted to regularly smoke and started growing my own stuff, anime and music is the only media I use to watch/listen respectively.
>> No. 19506 [Edit]
Well, you have video games, music and weed you still enjoy. I guess you could keep saying 'I have these things I enjoy, I will stay alive to continue these things'.

But I've never gotten though suicidal thinking. I still want to kill myself every day so I'm not one to talk. My therapist is into things like mindfulness which is basically focusing on your breathing or sounds around you to get your thoughts away from negative thinking. This doesn't work for me because when I feel suicidal or think things like I hate myself, I just dwell on it rather than changing my thinking. It's easier to do that.

In suicidal mood swings I think 'it will pass' or something. I'm still alive so it obviously works. But even now I have no reason to live another day. Even movies, as I said I've been watching more of has lost its effect in just a few days. I like drinking but it makes me hate myself when I'm not drinking and the same half the time when I drink.

Anyway dude, just keep doing what you're doing. You haven't killed yourself yet so it must be working.
>> No. 19510 [Edit]
I agree with this guy. This answer is always overlooked due to people giving up too easily or because it sounds too easy to be true or some shit. But it's like losing weight, you can't shed all of it in a couple days. You aren't going to get better right away, it takes time, sometimes a ridiculous amount of time and you have to slowly change things. Realize it takes time. I'm talking years.

Also, one of the biggest things I realized while trying to change habits is that you have to be forgiving to yourself. What I mean is, it's really easy to beat yourself up over fucking up and doing something you weren't supposed to do. You have accept that it's just going to happen. That's life. You're going to fuck up and do something you weren't supposed to do. You're very likely to relapse. Several times. There's no way around that. When it happens, don't give up, it's not over yet, accept that it happened, take a step back, reorient yourself, keep going. Don't place unnecessary burdens on yourself. So you fuck up a couple times, no big deal, it's better to mess up a few times and mostly be on track than to be in a constant mess of self-hate.
>> No. 19511 [Edit]
Op, you need a cat or a dog to stay with you, it helped me stop drinking and today I only drink a little bit in weekends.
>> No. 19512 [Edit]
File 142246898839.jpg - (21.36KB , 480x320 , 5359ff9632809ffc388c00c3b831a936f9aed497_m.jpg )
It's a warm afternoon, you've found yourself down south again, in a small sea-side town. The motel you checked into has seen better days. You open the windows to get relief in the form of a cool sea breeze. You can hear the waves crashing in the distance, the odd sea-gull crying.
Will there ever be a better time you think to yourself as you place the bottle and a glass on the table. You unscrew the cap and pour yourself a large one.
>> No. 19514 [Edit]
I can testify to the effectiveness of a regular sleep pattern. When I started sleeping with a consistent pattern, my mood and motivation improved considerably. And when I sometimes have to go sleep deprived, I get depressed and lonely again. So definitely try to get a consistant sleep pattern. Its hard to stick to it at first but the more consecutive days you do it the easier it is to stick to it.

I imagine stuff like diet and exercise might have a similar impact, I never tried it though.

And youre right with the dont beat yourself up thing. Just cause you failed once doesnt mean youre a failure forever and you dont have what it takes. Dont get stuck in that negative mindset. Its not all black and white, its not like successful people will always success and failures will always fail
>> No. 19515 [Edit]
And also I think at the end of the day this site can give all the advice it can but it will msotly just go in one ear and out the other. You realy got to try things yourself in other to learn the lesson we try to teach you.
>> No. 19537 [Edit]
I haven't quit drinking, but I don't feel quite as shit as I did when I made that post. Thank you for all the advice.
My little sister has been dragging me out of the house.
>> No. 19538 [Edit]
Going outside can be really scary, but it can help.

I used to drink a lot, to the point every morning I'd wake up with puke on my shirt. I started just doing simple things like watering it down.
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