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File 145716917864.jpg - (43.32KB , 640x480 , [Ayu]_Gyagu_Manga_Biyori_01_[E3068BC1]_avi_snapsho.jpg )
21481 No. 21481 [Edit]
What is your main complaint about your life, and what are you doing to fix it.

If the answer is "nothing" then why?
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>> No. 21482 [Edit]
Everyone is irredeemable trash and seemingly unconscious of it.
>> No. 21483 [Edit]
Nothing, nothing, nothing.
>> No. 21484 [Edit]
My main complaint is that I have nothing to complain about. I'm trying to complain about having nothing to complain about to resolve the issue of having nothing to complain about which means I have something to complain about which means I can't complain about not having anything to complain about which means I have something to complain about which means I can't complain about not having anything to complain about which means
>> No. 21494 [Edit]
It doesn't really seem to be worth the hassle but it's not like I have better alternatives.
>> No. 21531 [Edit]
My main complaint? That I'm pretty much a failure, and don't amount to anything.

What will I do to fix it? Nothing because I usually fuck everything up anyways, any effort to fix my life just ends up with me fucking up something and making my life even worse. Any internet friend I make is pretty much going to become a huge ass internet enemy sooner or later because, again, I fuck everything up.
>> No. 21555 [Edit]
I lack the will to live. I don't think it can be fixed other than by drugs, since im too poor to afford them you could also say poverty is my second biggest problem. But you need motivation to make money and money for motivation so yeah. Fuck.
>> No. 21558 [Edit]
I can't. I've been this way all my life. I will never interact with humans like normal people will. I'm fucking poor. I can't rise up out of poverty and even if I did i'd be stuck as a slave to capitalism. Even having money wouldn't make living any less futile. I don't want life. I can't stand being alive.
>> No. 21608 [Edit]
School is fucking boring and killing my soul, I just want it to end so I can finally get my shit together
>> No. 21639 [Edit]
I tried to fix my life after being a shut-in for five or so. I did pretty good the last few years, once I was forced out from my hole and tried to fix my life. I did everything from making friends, to falling in love to getting into a decent well-paying career, to chasing my passions and you know what? It doesn't fix anything. There may have been a moment where it felt like it might have been progress, but I still came crawling back here years later and I still want to be alone and kill myself. There's no such thing as true friendships, loving someone is just painful and careers make you feel like you're dying a slow mind-numbing death. I'm reverting back into my shut-in ways and can't hold onto life at all, and I don't even want to hold onto it. At this point, I don't even know what "fixing" it means. Someone please tell me.

Or tell me to get the fuck out, whichever or.
>> No. 21642 [Edit]
i know what you mean. it never comes back.
>> No. 21644 [Edit]
File 146022462933.jpg - (84.81KB , 590x821 , life.jpg )
My main complaint about life is that I'm going bald (I'm very vain). I can't truly do anything to fix it, because science just isn't on my level quite yet, but the universe obliterates all evidence of my baldness in the future anyway. I know I can shave it but I'm not quite ready to be a shaved head sex pervert for the rest of my life.

Everything is defined by the preferences of others. Living became something I am able to do thanks to this conclusion, because I do not want to agree with it, therefore I try not to let the preferences of others dictate how I feel, what I do. It's hard not to when I leave the house and perceive other people treat me differently based on my appearance. It's very difficult, but possible, because I know those preferences are caused by mass media (dictating standards of beauty to the public) and mass media should have no real control in the tangible. It does, though (even on my end, obviously), and that's where issues begin but I've written too much for /tc/.

Remember that there is no action, no thought, no wisdom where you are going, and the days of darkness ahead of you are uncountable, as opposed to the days of life. Mulling that over should be enough cause to make the changes you want to.
>> No. 21698 [Edit]

I'm the same. Vain and balding. Just keep it cut short and grow a 5 day shadow/beard. Hit the gym and dress well. The rest will follow.

Here's a song about (not) accepting it:
>> No. 21701 [Edit]
fixing it means you should ultimately become emotionless robot/zombie that shouldn't complain anything a bit about your feelings of struggling your bone hard in this helluva world.
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