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File 145437012029.png - (345.04KB , 682x675 , Tonnura-san.png )
21342 No. 21342 [Edit]
Do any of you have siblings? What's it's like? For those that don't, did you ever wish you had one?
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>> No. 21343 [Edit]
We used to have harsh fights, I even hated my older sister. Now that we are all adults we have been able to pass most of our past quarrels and I like them a lot.
>> No. 21344 [Edit]
File 145439347550.jpg - (53.13KB , 1280x720 , 13.jpg )
I have one younger brother and we get along.

We had a lot of fights in the past but it was mostly my fault, other than that he is the only person l can relate to irl and I appreciate him a lot.
>> No. 21346 [Edit]
>For those that don't, did you ever wish you had one?
Hell no. I hate being around people or having people touch my shit, being forced to share a room with someone as well as most of my stuff just seems horrible. Granted I might have grown up a much less antisocial person if I had a brother or sister, but I feel this was for the best.
>> No. 21347 [Edit]
Yeah, older brother and sister. Not bad since I don't have much contact with them, we live not too far away but far enough to not visit each other except for the regular family stuff like birthdays and Christmas.
In my childhood I admired my older brother and didn't really get along with my sister, I'm pretty indifferent to them now.
>> No. 21348 [Edit]
No and no. I wouldn't want a brother also.
I had a sister but she wasn't my sibling, the relationship was like bro/sis but she confessed and things went downhill, at least for me that is.
If you're still a teen, when a girl tells you you're like a brother to her and she wants to be near you for protection, it's given she wants your cock. Keep this in mind.
There's no such thing as a friendship between a man and a woman, they'll always lust for each other.
>> No. 21349 [Edit]
I'm the oldest of three. I have a sister and a brother.

I love them both, although my sister was very bossy and immature for years and my brother was a piece of shit in his teens. They both picked on me for a while because I was the "autistic" one and I was treated by the whole family like I was a retarded baby who couldn't make his own decisions.

My sister disowned my dad and doesn't usually speak to my brother. It is really hard to hear her cry because she feels like she has no family; I have to constantly reassure her that I still love her. With my brother, sometimes we just joke around and have a lot of laughs, but a lot of the time he is very easily irritated. He has not had a good life, but I dare say that quite a bit of it is his fault. He's a smart guy, but never finished college because he doesn't have a lot of discipline.

I'm 32, my sister is 30 and my brother is 27.
>> No. 21380 [Edit]
Apparently, I have quite a few number of siblings. However, I've only grown up with two of them.

When I was younger, my sister was the worst kind of person to know. Apparently, she grew feelings for my uncle on my father's side, but he didn't reciprocate those feelings or do much of anything in return because he had probably just gotten married around that time, so since she's like a bad stereotype of those self-important, almost evil bitch type character that show up in anime and show off their ugly side whenever things don't go their way or are wronged in some way. She obviously took out her anger and frustration on me and abused me quite a bit as a child.

My brother used to be a decent person, but then suddenly because a piece of shit when he started eating a sandwich. At first he would steal from me, my mother, and anybody around regardless of whether they were family or not. This doesn't happen as much, but it can and will happen if people aren't careful since he's still a piece of shit. I've fought him twice and lost (even if it was mostly due to awful luck on my end and the lack of fighting knowledge/skill), but I've gotten stronger than then and even he knew that if I wasn't at a disadvantage that I could've beaten him since I apparently hit pretty hard and can take quite a beating despite being practically a shut in for a huge portion of my life, and with my current strength, he tries to oppose me as little as possible since he knows that I'm a threat at this point. The only thing he pretty much does is smoke weed, bring shitty people to the place, and just be useless/cause problems.

I was tempted to put quotation marks when calling them my "brother" and "sister", but I just left it as is for simplicity's sake. I can't think of these people as my "family" I don't want to and I don't want them. I know that my "sister" is trying to make up for being such a piece of shit to me when I was younger, but I can't forget any of the things that she did and I won't forget anything that this piece of shit that I have to call my "brother" has done and is going to do.

I know that they're not close to the worst kinds of siblings to have, but they were/are anything but "family" to me.
>> No. 21382 [Edit]
I have an older brother. We are on good terms. Back in days he was my idol even though we have much different characters. Our social life has become likely sparse, so we long for each other in terms of communication. As we grew up together there are things only we can understand, making our bond incomparable to every other relationship. It is a mixture between being best friends and sharing a background or carrying the same responsibility.

Sadly we grew a bit apart in the last years, due to living separated and choosing different paths of education and career. Nowadays he often gives a naive impression, so basically our roles have switched. The moments I realize this difference between us hurt the most. On the other hand I can't hold up to his demands regarding productivity and persistence, for being the all-time depressed lazy and self-centered shit I am.

It cuts both ways.
>> No. 21387 [Edit]
I have a twin sister! We get along pretty well, but our personalities / lifestyles / etc etc are basically polar opposites.
>> No. 21388 [Edit]
I have a step sister that I don't know very well by blood I am a only child.
>> No. 21664 [Edit]
I was supposed to have a twin sister but apparently I absorbed her in the womb. I wonder what it would have been like a lot of the time. It makes me sad to think about.

I have a sister who's five years older than me. I don't remember much as a little kid, but around middle school we had kind of a turbulent relationship where we either liked each other or hated each other. In early high school I think, maybe late middle school, we started to get pretty close and I would go to her room and talk to her every night for a couple hours. Stopped doing that later in high school, just wanted to be alone in my room. Very occasionally I would still do it, but not often at all.
I moved to a new apartment with her and my father in December 2014 I think it was, and she moved out to live with her fiancee sometime either this year or really late last year, maybe November or something. Haha, it's funny that there is such a large span of time that I could place her moving out in. I guess I am an asshole. I don't think I've had a conversation with her in the entire time we lived at this new place, and probably the last few months at least before moving here. I would mostly only meet her in the kitchen, or if my mom came to visit and took us out to eat or brought me into my sisters room to say something to me. I would never say much in those situations, maybe mumble a sentence or two, or just make grunting sounds to acknowledge that I am listening and understand what they said.

I don't know why I'm such a faggot. I wish to be erased.
>> No. 21666 [Edit]
I have one older brother and one older sister. I'm on okay terms with them, even though I differ greatly from both of them and we end up butting heads frequently when we talk. They were almost adults when I was born, so I was still raised as an only child for all intents and purposes... I'm grateful for that.

I've always wondered what it would be like to have an identical twin. I came to the conclusion that we would probably end up hating each other though, especially if they were of the opposite sex.
>> No. 21667 [Edit]
My father was a disgusting piece of shit so I have dozens of half siblings all over the world. I have one full sibling which is my older sister which I have disowned.
>> No. 21669 [Edit]
Don't want to be pedantic but identical twins have to be the same gender, fraternal twins are twins that don't look alike (two different sperm/eeg combinations)

I have a brother and he's much better than me, volunteers and is probably going to become a doctor that's all I can say.
>> No. 21670 [Edit]
It's rare, but identical twins can be the opposite sex. It can occur when the embryo has an extra X chromosome.

Post edited on 12th Apr 2016, 4:08pm
>> No. 21684 [Edit]
Im surprised at the amount of people who get along with their brothers. I have one and all I can say is I wish he was dead. Truly a terrible experience.
>> No. 21685 [Edit]
I have a brother. It's a weird relationship, frankly I don't like him that much but at the same time I don't want to lose him. It's a good thing I don't live with him or my family.

I remember once I got incredibly angry with him because I told him to go buy some pizza I ordered, he couldn't find the place and decided to buy them from another place and didn't tell no one because it was too much effort.
>> No. 21695 [Edit]
I have two step-brothers and a step-sister but I've never really lived them or talked to them much while I was growing up. I was pretty much raised as an only child. I'm actually kind of glad I don't have any real siblings though. Sure, they'd have helped with the loneliness a bit but at the same time they could have ended up being insufferable. I really enjoy my privacy sometimes so the less people around me on a daily basis the better.
>> No. 21723 [Edit]
I have a sister, a step brother, and a step sister.

She was bitchy as a teenager/child. Used to yell, scream, and demand things all the time. She mellowed out as she became older, became a teacher, and is married to a man who is honest and hard-working, if a little submissive.

My relationship with her varies over time. She used to be manipulative and would bully/wrestle with me (probably giving me my femdom complex), but now she it varies between being amicable or getting pissed at my faults, which are usually justified.

>Step Brother
While me and my Sister could be described as a hick, my step-siblings take it to another level.

My step-brother was always obsessed with being macho. He would hunt, fish, gig frogs, chew tobacco, wrestle, pick and leave girls on the spot, and generally be one step short of being a douchebag. However, he is competent, a hard worker, and is skillful in construction and other crafts, so he does very well for himself. He has twins.

My relationship with him was usually as a guinea pig or a punching bag, which mellowed out over the years. He does have a sense of right and wrong, and honestly he has some aspects in perseverance and pragmatics which I envy.

>Step Sister
Extremely rebellious as a teenager/child. She overate, had issues with bulimia, took whatever drugs she could find, and hung around with the dregs of society. She had a mountain of issues, but couldn't really resolve them, and is now raising a daughter (poorly) which she had with a former dealer of hers.

My relationship with her was just her abusing me. Beating me up, tying me to a treadmill, tricking me into walking into a hornet's nest or walking on thin ice or pushing me off a gully, etc. I don't feel that bad for her, but I guess I really cannot stay angry at anyone.

In short, I was the runt and the bitch of the bunch.
>> No. 21739 [Edit]
File 146227350698.jpg - (187.76KB , 1680x1050 , 1417897320834.jpg )
An older sister.

>What's it like?
It depends on the person I suppose. My sister is a narcissist and seems, to me, to be quite mentally unhinged a lot of the time. She is reasonably intelligent and very successful in terms of having a good career with room for promotion + her own home at age 25. I find her to be intolerable and being in the same room as her makes my skin crawl. Thankfully she lives away from home but I am forced to sit at a table with her on big family occasions.

Growing up, there were virtually zero benefits stemming from having her as a big sister. There was no guidance from her, no advice, no positive reinforcement. Instead she sought to compete with me and typically lorded her achievements (social and academic) over me despite being 3 years my senior. My mother, who absolutely hates all men and is also insane, always sided with my sister on any disputes. Very early on (~12 years old) I withdrew and tried to put as much distance between my sister and mother as was possible while living under the same roof.

To this day I do not trust her. Any interaction with her is mentally exhausting because I am permanently trying to avoid giving her leverage of any kind. I have no desire to reconcile with her and unless she suddenly undergoes a massive tectonic personality shift, I am quite happy to not have her in my life in any capacity. If I was financially independent I would never contact her again. Also, because she is social and I am not, and I'm a fuck-up she has sown many toxic seeds with other family members about me. Since I rarely speak to anyone and she does, she has carte blanche to paint me as whatever sort of villain she likes in order to benefit herself.
>> No. 21740 [Edit]
I saw my older sister's breasts. They were very firm with brown nipples.
>> No. 21741 [Edit]
I have one older brother and one older sister.
My older brother is a good guy now, but he was the typical high school jock, except he wasn't really too much of a jackass. There were times he could be, but he was in High School so I can't blame him too much. He never beat me up or anything when we were kids, and he was generally supportive of me as much as a brother who has nothing in common with you can be. Typical "if you put your mind to it you can do anything" stuff. There's more to him but that will come later.

My older sister is the worst person on Earth. I genuinely hope she dies. From the site she got into middle school, she would sexually abuse me and rape me at knife point, though eventually she stopped using the knife once I was bigger than her and just said that she'd get me thrown into jail for raping her. It's cliche, but I knew she would and since she was my parents golden child who did no wrong.

Eventually, all of the torment she put me through made me try to commit suicide, and I would've succeeded if my brother and his two friends hadn't been there to stop me from overdosing when he came home randomly from college one day. They took me to the hospital and pumped my stomach, all that jazz.
I don't want to go into a really long blog post about the reasons I don't interact with any of my family, except my older brother since I live with him, anymore, mostly because I don't feel it's particularly interesting.
But yeah, women are pieces of shit.
>> No. 21742 [Edit]
What was her motive in doing that?
>> No. 21748 [Edit]
Holy shit, that's fucked up. I can't imagine how infuriating it is for you to listen to that 'women can't rape men' garbage that western women today parrot. The fact that the culture we live in flagrantly allows shit like this to happen rustles my jimmies.
>> No. 21779 [Edit]
I have 3 brothers, aside from our fights we all love and care for each other, though none of them believes in my future or supports it, and that kinda bums me out a lot, however it doesn't matter since I'll be providing and living without them after a year.

I'm the middle one, my oldest brother is a extreeme left communist who goes against everything I stand for, surprisingly we still love and care for each other, but we don't talk much, probably for the best since we argue a lot when we do. I figure he's going to get a job that will crush his soul as seen from his co-op gig, I can't imagine what will happen next.

The second oldest can't seem to get his shit together by himself, he for sure has his qualities, however I wouldn't be surprised if he were to kill himself or leech off our parents, I hope to fucking god I'm wrong though, he said he plans to take a year off and basically be a NEET for that time which I'm sure can only be bad.

The youngest one obviously is a bit of a cunt sometimes and needs to work on his behavior and attitude, but he is a genuinely good person as everybody in my family is.

For me, I'm greatful to have them, but im not dependent on them and can't wait to move on my own and get on with life.

Sorry for such a boring story but here it is.
>> No. 21780 [Edit]
I think I remember that story from a straight shota wincest doujin from five or so years back
>> No. 21804 [Edit]
that is wrong anon. Identical twins mean that they came from the same eeg cell. They can have different genders since the chromosomes that decide the sex only develop way later in the grow of the baby.
>> No. 21806 [Edit]
Yeah, I was sexually assaulted almost daily by my day home mom between the ages of 3-6. I'm not sure if her motives were sexual or just sadistic, but it messed me up pretty bad. I think plenty of women like that are out there, they just don't get caught that much.
>> No. 21811 [Edit]
My dead mother was severely sexually abused (among other things) by her mother growing up, so I do think that it happens more often than not.
>> No. 21813 [Edit]
I always did wish I had one.
I was an only, and lonely, child.
A slightly younger little brother or sister would have done me a lot of good, I think. Not only would it have taught me how to interact with and relate to other people, but maybe it would motivate me to be a better person, to inspire them as well. Or not.
>> No. 21814 [Edit]
In hindsight, yes, basically this.
>> No. 21815 [Edit]
No. I have a little brother and its doesn't do any jack shit to my life. Though I always wish for an older sister since I was teenager. Wonder what its like.

In fact I consider you lucky to be sole child. All love from your parents directed to you only which I assume enabling NEET as long as you want.
>> No. 21844 [Edit]
I have two older brothers. I kind of liked one of them, but have always hated the other one.
Haven't seen or spoken a word with either of them in years.
>> No. 21846 [Edit]
I have 4. We have a spotty past getting into fights/family drama/etc. I can never let my guard down around them. It's sort of like having roommates for long term.
>> No. 23440 [Edit]
I often hear about how awful siblings are but I can't help wanting one. Someone who could have even tangentially helped with my social development as a child, preferably a sister. Also doesn't help that I'm a genetic dead end, would appreciate someone to carry my parents burden.
>> No. 23496 [Edit]
I have a younger brother. We were inseparable, he used to follow me around incessantly and was very clingy until we were teens, then he gradually got his own life and we naturally grew apart. Nowadays he's some retarded pothead and I hate how he treat my parents like shit so I interact with him as little as I can. I think I hate him.
>> No. 23500 [Edit]
well it's sorta nice to know that i won't be completely and utterly alone when my parents kick it, but they're all kinda selfish assholes
>> No. 23501 [Edit]
I have 7 siblings. I am not in contact with any of them. I deliberately cut off contact with them. They are all ultra-SJW and degenerate. They probably don't miss me though. I hate them and they probably hate me too.
>> No. 23559 [Edit]
I've got three, and they're way younger than me. Oldest sibling is on my mom's side. She grew up happier than I did thanks to mom going through most of her parenting mistakes with me. The other two are on my dad's side, and I've been so distant from him that I have no idea how they're doing. At least they still live with both their parents.
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