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File 146768391826.jpg - (126.76KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Sore ga Seiyuu! - 10 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
21920 No. 21920 [Edit]
I don't fucking get people. I don't get how people can have friends, how people make them, or hold onto them. All around me people are garbage. I've tried, I mean really TRIED to be nice and friendly with people. I'd offer advice, do them favors, try to take interest in things they like... yet at the end of the day I have no friends. It fucking drives me insane talking to people sometimes. For one they never shut up about themselves and interrupt you every chance they get just to talk about themselves some more, they don't care about anyone else and it's nothing but MEMEMEMEMEEMEME to them, yet trying to be a good listener have never gotten me anywhere. They just use me, take advantage of me then toss me aside when I'm no longer useful. Then there's obnoxious habit they have of clearly ignoring half of what I say/ask when we talk or take hours to days to respond because of how low priority I am to them, often times only to return to blab on about a completely unrelated issue to what we were talking about. I'd always think to myself they have their reasons, or maybe I did/said something wrong. This is just so god damn fucking frustrating. Why the fuck is it so hard to just respond to people like a decent fucking human being?! If someone is bothering you then why not tell them to leave you alone if you don't like them?! god I can't stand people. I fucking hate humanity. I can't understand how these pieces of human filth are able to have 'friends'. How can anyone like them when they act this way? How do people fucking put up with this shit? what the fuck do I have to do to have a single fucking friend?! Clearly being nice to people, helping them whenever I can, always being there for them, or even bribing them with gifts doesn't fucking work. what am I doing wrong? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!
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>> No. 21922 [Edit]
People are selfish pieces of shit. At least you learned it at some point.

You can continue to look for this mythical "friend", but unless you have something to offer, most people won't bother with you, unless it's to shit on you in some way.
>> No. 21924 [Edit]
>it's nothing but MEMEMEMEMEEMEME

also dozact

Post edited on 4th Jul 2016, 9:59pm
>> No. 21925 [Edit]
File 146795986786.jpg - (75.66KB , 626x399 , cool.jpg )
Whether it is easy to make friends with someone depends on how many friends they already have, which usually depends on how old they are. Most people in their 20s have a nearly full 'close friend circle' already. And they treat the rest of their friends only slightly different than they treat strangers.

You probably need to be more interesting. People tend to value charm over niceness; especially if they already have enough friends.

Choosing people that already have similar interests to yours might also help.
>> No. 21930 [Edit]
In other words, im fucked.
>> No. 21982 [Edit]
There is no point having friends if there are no good people around. Don't fall into the trap of befriending some idiot because everyone claims friends are important.
>> No. 21985 [Edit]
Im so lonely though, 8 years of isolation do things to your mind.
>> No. 22039 [Edit]
<People tend to value charm over niceness

This can't be stressed enough.
>> No. 22040 [Edit]
Knowing you doesn't seem all that important if all you're good for is helping and being a good listener. They'd like you better if being friends with you added something to their personality. "Wow you're friends with cool people like anon?" is what they'd like to gain from befriending you.

There are decent people, too, but their preferences aren't that different. They don't want anyone for their coolness factor, but still want qualities before commitment. Being nice is too cheap, and you should aim to have qualities that are worth more. Remember how important respect is to friendship. The newest Nanoha is very related. Everybody wants to be friends with a somebody, and especially the other somebodies.
>> No. 22042 [Edit]
File 147124741185.jpg - (753.27KB , 874x1134 , 1469192713567-3.jpg )
They want your attention and validation. It's a status symbol thing for every unconscious human.

If you weant friends, make it seem like you're already popular. Most people look for friends to get access to networks with more people.
>> No. 22043 [Edit]
I'm not going to suggest anyone become a drug dealer to meet people, but its a really great way to meet a lot of people. Plus a lot of people really like drugs, which can be a side benefit to anyone taking up a new hobby/profession. You don't have to be a drug dealer, selling anything illegal will make you a popular and valuable member of (some sectors) of society. Any dealer in illegal things will have a lot of acquaintances from amongst which one could pick friends if one actually wanted them.
>> No. 22053 [Edit]
File 147142746178.jpg - (118.40KB , 700x817 , 1299515198735.jpg )
Friendship is meaningless and only creates more problems. You should be happy being alone. Less stress and more for you to do.
>> No. 22182 [Edit]
File 147427818853.gif - (89.63KB , 538x303 , 8tU3sox.gif )
I don't even know why I care. I'd try so hard to make people like me or to just get along with people whenever I'd have the chance, but in the end I just can't fucking stand them. Sometimes I'd get sad or even a bit jealous when I see people with friends or lovers. Part of me wants to experience these things as someone who has never really had any of that. Heck I find myself very grateful when people actually reach out and try to talk to me or when people show any kind of interest in me. Most of the time however I honestly find them annoying. It makes me feel like a massive hypocrite when I want to have friends, but more often than not the people who I talk with online end up being a nuisance. Maybe not right away, but in talking with people a lot of the times I'll slowly start to wish they'd leave me alone so I can get back to whatever it was I was doing. Most people are just tiresome to be around and I enjoy being alone, but it still feels like I'm missing out...

Even with the romance side of things, as a nearly 30 year old virgin it bothers me at times that I've never had the chance to get involved in a relationship. it boggles my mind how people treat each other so horribly but keep going back for more, where as I've had nothing but the best intentions and have gotten nothing. Thing is though, When I really (and I mean REALLY) stop to think about the idea of being in a relationship with someone it fills me with a bit of dread. Sexual intercourse doesn't seem bad when it's in the 2D form, but the 3D variant is just disgusting to me and is not something I want to see let alone take part in. I shiver at the thought of kissing someone, and I don't even much like physical contact with other people. I'm gonna die alone, and it's in my best interest, but it doesin't really feel that way sometimes.
>> No. 22183 [Edit]
>it boggles my mind how people treat each other so horribly but keep going back for more
Sexuality is inversely correlated with how nice you are. If you're trying hard to please people unconsciously think you're lower status and become sexually and socially repulsed. Are you suddenly not attracted to women because they mock you with contempt? That's what drives your attraction.

There's nothing more offputting than some sad, mentally unstable loser. Man or woman.
>> No. 22184 [Edit]
The people I meet rarely show contempt for me (as far as I know), It's usually indifference. I don't beg people to be my friend or try to use pity if that's what you're thinking. I'm also not dumb enough to make my problems known unless I'm talking to someone with the same problems, let alone act mentally unstable. In fact people repeatedly take interest in me and like me a lot at first, but gradually loose interest and drift away. You might think that they realize deep down I want to be left alone, but I don't believe this to be the case. It happens even with people I do enjoy talking with.

>There's nothing more offputting than some sad, mentally unstable loser. Man or woman.
Personally I find them far more appealing than the alternative.
>> No. 22185 [Edit]
>Personally I find them far more appealing than the alternative.

Same. Birds of a feather.
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