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File 149516181052.jpg - (162.08KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Sakura Quest - 06 [720p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
22659 No. 22659 [Edit]
Has anyone else here done absolutely nothing with their life and regret it?
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>> No. 22661 [Edit]
I'm a nearly 30 year old highschool drop out.
No, I don't believe the college scam or living paycheck to paycheck would make life meaningful. In fact I have no clue what would, and it's been bothering me for some time now. I don't give a shit about seeing the world, I can see it from a pc screen. I had a sports car for a while but thought it wasn't worth the trouble in maintenance or even as fun to drive/own as I thought it'd be. I've never had a real 3DPD but I find people to be disgusting. I don't care about getting some high paying "career" because I have no one to support but myself and I've got more than enough PVC garbage stacked in my closet. When I was younger I might have cared about these things and had fun with them, but not now.

Now here I am less than a year from 30, vision is getting shitty, hair falling out at an alarming rate, looks are fadding, takes more and more effort to keep wight off, hands are getting stiff and hard to move at times, teeth are metal filled Swiss cheese now, and I can't enjoy much of anything anymore. I've lost interest in pretty much everything and have nothing to look forward to in life. It's all downhill from here, even though I never got to enjoy being on the top of that hill.
>> No. 22662 [Edit]
Yes, actually. I'm 27 myself, but I get the same feeling. I'm not 100% sure if I'd call it regret, because if I could do it again, I'm not sure what I'd do differently. I never had any dreams or motivation to do anything at all. Not as a child, not as an adult. Regardless, the feeling of time slipping away bothers me greatly when I think about it.
>> No. 22664 [Edit]
I feel the same.
>> No. 22665 [Edit]
I knew a guy like this from high school. He technically didn't drop out and took something like a GED instead, but quit halfway through 11th grade. He said that his therapist said that he was too afraid of failure, and told me and others that he just didn't want to do anything in life. Last time I checked he was still living with his parents mostly playing League of Legends and watching Twitch and only coming out for food. He's only around my age so turning 22 this year, I don't know if he's going to put the effort to change though. His twin sister was pretty successful, at least academically if I recall.
>> No. 22667 [Edit]
I know exactly what would make my life feel worth it to me, and that just makes it worse. All the stories I watch and read, it's because that IS the life that I want to have. Adventure, and meeting different, interesting people who could be enjoyable company or challenges. But the world is too boring. About a month ago I thought I could actually enjoy the world or find something I liked in it, I thought that it would help me clear or sort my thoughts. I went off hiking and camping alone, but to my dismay I found things I thought I would find interesting dull and boring. Watching trains was not as fun as it was as a child, I felt like I was merely seeing the image of a train, I felt nothing from it. When I got back I was even less certain of myself than ever before. I thought camping would be fun, and relaxing, but it was just a confirmation that my emotions for this world were dead. Now I can only hope that someday something or someone will do what I cannot and either make this world interesting or take me to an interesting world before I cease to exist.

Post edited on 19th May 2017, 2:22am
>> No. 22668 [Edit]
I know exactly what you mean. When I look at the world, I don't see anything within reach that could make me enjoy it or like it. It's just dull, empty, and restrictive.

I've managed to fool myself into thinking that if I were to get strong, I might be able to do something. I'm not sure if it's right of me to even humor the idea, but it's the only thing that I can do. I'm trying to get strong not only physically, but in every way possible to somehow change something in myself if not the world around me.

I know that it's delusional, stupid, and outright foolish to entertain such an idea, but it's all I've got left in this world.
>> No. 22669 [Edit]
It's kind of the same way for me. And I've been aware since I was about 10 years old that the only things I actually liked or cared about were fictional. I always knew I didn't want to work the boring lives other people did, but I guess until I about 18 I somehow thought something would happen to make the world as interesting as stories. Even now it's a hard delusion to break, but I know that escapism is the only life for me.
>> No. 22671 [Edit]
>>Has anyone else here done absolutely nothing with their life and regret it?
Why live a life constantly pursued by the expectations of others? If you find something you want to do, you should do it. Chances are, if you're thinking of things like a wasted life, I'd say you're probably internalizing what others believe makes a life "worth living". That's just my experience though. Once I started being concerned with what I want to do, rather than feeling bad because I'm not in a relationship/making a lot of money/being in a position of high status as the world pushes me into wanting, I felt a lot better. Those are mostly all illusions anyway.Simply be kind to others, and behave ethically and you're already a finer human being than most.
>> No. 22672 [Edit]
File 149525777850.png - (439.61KB , 583x867 , 147485407861.png )
I went to college, was a NEET for a year, did a certification as a pharmacy technician for a year, went to Tennessee to get a Master's degree for two years, came back when I was 26 after obtaining it to be with my sick mother (who died two years later), and it was all for nothing outside of becoming intellectually mature.

Do I regret it? Yes and no. I do regret it because now I'm on SSI and have only worked two jobs, both of them vastly under my skill level (although only one was shitty). I've been stuck here since 2010 and while I might move, sooner or later, I have no idea where to go. No place for me. No one to be with, or connect to. All I do is play computer games and occasionally write interesting things. I barely have done anything worthwhile since 2014 outside of no longer having roommates. I don't see it changing anytime soon, although I'm not very mad about anything anymore. At least I stopped drinking alcohol five months ago.

I do have regret, because it was all for nothing. I should have chosen a different path. But at least I tried, you know? And my life is technically better than it was since I came back home, and I'm not doing stupid stuff like going to bars alone, getting drunk every night off a six-pack of cheap beer (or more) and getting high on dumb legal highs (outside of DXM; I like that one too much).

It might get better. My health isn't quite as good as it once was (I just recently obtained a slipped disc in my back), but at least I'm no longer degenerate and it seems to be on the road to recovery. I just need to actually do something, but I have the odd feeling that 2017 would be a bad year to do that. I need to wait until next year, because everyone is so pissed off. I can't go to a certain place anymore because I made a dumb joke that was taken out of context (and was ratted on by a person who knew me for over six years and I thought that she was solid).

I just have to be more careful. I can't trust anyone anymore. Once your mother dies, no one else is there for you. Learn from me, kids.
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