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File 151209745922.jpg - (108.18KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - .jpg )
23139 No. 23139 [Edit]
What did you fear as a kid?
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>> No. 23142 [Edit]
File 151214534578.gif - (281.01KB , 431x378 , yamero.gif )
Honestly, not much. I had the default half-disgust half-curiosity towards critters, natural fear of the dark, the occasional nightmare after a terror / horror film, and got spooked here and there. I didn't even grow up fearing death, to the point I have died dozens of times in my dreams (much to the chagrin of old wives), only to chill out around as a ghost (it's usually boring though). I had never really felt that something was truly dreadful when I was a child, until after watching The Exorcist III, when I was 11 or so, and seeing church porcelain statues opening their eyes, smiling, frowning, etc. I got spooked to hell and back and I still occasionally get the heebie jeebies when I see a creepily-made statue.
>> No. 23146 [Edit]
My parents, other kids at school, future.
>> No. 23149 [Edit]
nothing at all
and all these year later i'm still too stupid to figure out what to watch out for, fearlessness and idiocy are two sides of the same coin.
>> No. 23236 [Edit]
My parents.
>> No. 23277 [Edit]
Growing up and getting a job. Most kids can't wait till they're old enough to drive or buy beer. Me, I saw the number 18 as a death sentience. I hated school, but I knew it would be nothing compared to being an adult with job and responsibilities. At least I was able to skip school when I felt like it, stay home and play videogames and so on. I couldn't get away with that sort of thing at a normal job I thought. While it's true I can't skip out on work and stay at home whenever I feel like it, I was at least able to find myself in a relatively easy line of work. It's been one dead end job after another, but I can goof off and get paid while watching movies/anime on my laptop or gaming with portable devices. Can't get a better deal than that.
>> No. 23280 [Edit]
>Can't get a better deal than that.
I don't know if "fear" would be right term, but I fear I will never find such a job when I have to get one.
>> No. 23283 [Edit]
Those were exactly my thoughts when I was younger. In school, leading up to the end I had that on my mind. "It's only going to get worse from here". While I did handle that fine all things considered, the freedom of that time isn't something that comes easy.
>> No. 23285 [Edit]
Me too. Still at least for me school had its ups and downs, along with college. Now that I've started working I just don't have the energy to goof off on video games anymore, although my current situation still allows me to be lazier than most (and my pay isn't that bad even post-taxes). I remember almost every day in 11th-12th grade I could just run away to computer games like they were a second life, even had more friends there as well. Although I was forced to do summer school many summers, I still had a handful of good, relaxing summers as well that I could lose myself in games, anime, books, and straight-up daydreaming, and now vacations will be hard to come by, even the weekend feels too short in comparison. I can't goof off that much on my job, but it isn't the hardest either and I don't have to deal with people much at all there, I've gotten good at pacing myself as to not burn myself out after getting home.
>> No. 23289 [Edit]
This. Although I still don't have a job and fear that it's going to be kill me tier.
>> No. 23299 [Edit]
Unconsciously saying what I'm thinking, or acting upon split-second impulses.
>> No. 23302 [Edit]
I'm also somebody that was afraid of having to work when I was a kid. I hated school and I hated the thought of having to do something that I didn't like or want to ever do just to buy video games.

I guess that that explains why I don't really have much of a "dream" growing up. I really did not want to think about the future at all. Now, I just feel like if I ever grow to be old, it'll be full of regret and hate, almost like those manga panels where the old guy is laying in a hospital bed and filled with regret that he didn't live his life to its fullest.
>> No. 23308 [Edit]
>> No. 23330 [Edit]
Never amounting to anything, never falling in love, never "succeeding" in life, having a job that I hate, making a fool of myself. Turns out I was right about all of those. Probably a self-fulfilling prophecy, though.

Also this.
I did a lot of stupid shit as a kid that I regretted immediately. So much so that I stopped trying to make friends with the other kids because I was afraid that I would say something stupid and they would hate me.
>> No. 23336 [Edit]
I had a terrible fear of the Devil, strange because God never almost appeared in my thoughts. Nightmares about Satan, vivid images of the suffering of hell , people being gutted alive by demons, boiling in oil, hanging from hooks in fiery pits, all have accompanied me since early childhood.

Besides that, I had a deathly fear of home invasions, murderers, criminals in general. My parents really shouldn't have let me watch those late night sensationalist true crime shows
>> No. 23338 [Edit]
File 151806074146.png - (738.47KB , 1920x1080 , 14024042.png )
the sound the ps2 makes on the intro.
I would usually turn on the ps2, wait a few seconds, and then turn on my tv.

it actually still kinda creeps me out to this day. I also used to have dreams in which I would hear the sound at random times. always freak the fuck out!

after asking around on various websites, it seems like I'm not alone on this. lots of other people used to find it scary
>> No. 23339 [Edit]
Now that's odd. I never had a PS2 so wasn't aware of this intro sound until now and found it a slightly on the relaxing side. I thought it would be like the THX sound (
>> No. 23340 [Edit]
It is a bit mysterious sounding, but I wouldn't say it scared me.

The ps1 version on the other hand always gave me the chills.
>> No. 23341 [Edit]
it kinda was like the THX sound. there were times when one would sneak out at night to play ps2, and you didn't notice the tv's volume was high. when that happened, the loudness was enough to wake everyone up.

also, the second thing I feared about the ps2 was when it couldn't load a disk and it gave you this screen

to be fair though, I was a pretty big pussy when I was a kid. almost everything scared me.
>> No. 23347 [Edit]
File 151814361988.jpg - (300.73KB , 523x907 , Lile II.jpg )
Moths, specially, for many years.

There was a time, when I was like 9 or so, that one big brown landed on my back while I was drawing, late at night. I first though it was someone's hand, but I saw no one; when I checked my back in the mirror I yelled in terror, got paralyzed in shock and had to stay in bed for the next day to recover.

Years after that, I saw a dead moth of the same kind lying on the street. I first eluded it, but then made up my mind, got a pair of scisors from my house and cut its wings (barely touching it had me at my limit). I did it in order to preserve at least the wings, watch them calmly and try to overcome the fear; it didn't quite work.

Even further years later, I started doing sc. illustration of butterflies and started collecting them myself; I also got moths. Studying, understanding, drawing and manipulating them (apart from killing them of course, sometimes), finally allowed me to cope with the fear. No that it completely disappeared: they still affect me immensely; but I can now control myself and even enjoy their prescence (my room walls are now cover with them).

BTW: Ascalapha odorata; that's how the one from that time was called. I own a pair now, male and female.

Post edited on 8th Feb 2018, 9:19pm
>> No. 23360 [Edit]
Reaching adulthood alone without ever having experienced any sort companionship.

It happened. And I don't want to wake up tomorrow. Or the next day.
>> No. 23367 [Edit]
I haven't seen you post in a really long time.
>> No. 23388 [Edit]
File 151944808445.jpg - (5.44KB , 259x194 , cosmos.jpg )
I feel the same way...
>> No. 23389 [Edit]
That my parents would divorce. That my granny would die. That I would never leave my hometown.

All of it came true.
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