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File 163130887653.jpg - (531.75KB , 630x700 , redflip.jpg )
26736 No. 26736 [Edit]
I am very depressed today. As is common for me, I started to think how my whole life has been a joke from the very start and how there's no possible way that I, would have ended up okay by society's standards and live a normal or even a "happy" life considering the environment I was born in, the people that brought me into this miserable and frankly sad excuse of an existance and other very traumatizing, horrible events that happened throughout my life while listening to sad L'arc~en~ciel songs on loop over and over again and crying as I do every single day. Then, I started playing Sell My Soul (my favourite song) by L'arc on Audiosurf when a thought popped up in my head. What if... the devil was real and I could just summon him and sell him my soul or make a pact to fix my life instantly or to be another person entirely? what if I could just stop wishing I was dead every single day by selling my soul and live a good life? To me it doesn't really matter if I go to hell, after a couple hundred thousand years you would be able to handle the pain pretty well, you probably wouldn't even feel it at that point, and nobody goes to heaven anyways... heck, i could even meet some cool people and historical figures while i burn in hell for eternity, i suppose it wouldn't really be that different from the hell that i'm in already. I would kill any ammount of people if it's 100% guaranteed that i would be happy after the deed is done. I could even settle for one of those MMO addicted asians who are practically permanent residents at cheap internet cafés, i could even become friends with the staff and the other guys at the computers, form a team with them and practice everyday to get good at an esport and possibly even win a tournament...
What do you think? would you sell your soul to Satan for a chance at a better life? (if all that religious bullshit was real, of course) Sorry if this makes you sad, i just wanted to get these thoughts out of my head, i hope that at least someone can relate to this. I've been lurking for years now and today i've felt good (and bad) enough to post for real on here, hope this thread isn't too shitty, sorry if it is.
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>> No. 26737 [Edit]
If that stuff is real, I'm already going to hell, so why not? I'd be losing literally nothing.

Post edited on 10th Sep 2021, 2:35pm
>> No. 26738 [Edit]
You silly, we're in hell already.
>> No. 26739 [Edit]
File 163131077267.png - (1.20MB , 1197x849 , f17085eb60ee62fdc0e96d8817b9d594.png )
Heh... well, there's still the possibility of hell existing in some capacity. At least in this hell that we live in there's anime and music to distract ourselves from the pain, even if for a little while.

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