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File 165532315599.jpg - (285.22KB , 750x786 , 1655228996352.jpg )
27492 No. 27492 [Edit]
Since how many times have you been a NEET? What are you doing right now? What are you planning to do?
It's hot roght now I'm heating. I'm doing nothing but browse there. I don't know what to do next since I have no games to play. I'm fucked all my days look the same: I do nothing but browse the internet
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>> No. 27493 [Edit]
You might want to practice your English. Proofreading your posts might kill a bit of time as well.
>> No. 27494 [Edit]
I'l a NEET since 2 years
>> No. 27495 [Edit]
I guess this is the second time. I had a ronin period between high school and college, and now I'm a neet again.
>> No. 27496 [Edit]
I was a NEET and at times even homeless about 10 years ago.
I have job now, but I only work 20 hours a week, I have a pretty frugal lifestyle and I'm not very materialistic.

My goal is to retire early and become a perma-NEET. I would need roughly $200,000 worth of assets to be able to live off of interest payments alone. Over the last 12 months I turned a loan of $1500 into $50,000 by trading crypto, so I think there's a pretty decent chance that I'll achieve this dream.
>> No. 27497 [Edit]
6 or 7 years probably? I just like staying busy on my own terms. I don't get along with others, so trying to aim for a legitimate job is out of the question.
Maybe if I stay a NEET for 30 years I'll become a druid instead of a wizard.
He can play Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and kill two birds with one stone
>> No. 27498 [Edit]
I've only been a NEET for about a year. There was a month where I was working full-time as a janitor. Before that I was a NEET for about a year and a half, since graduating.
Yeah, I'm similar. I pretty actively avoid others. Janitor work was alright I guess. Mostly independent, just keep things clean enough to not be a hazard or something people will bitch about. Decided the pay wasn't worth the time I was spending, between work and the really bad traffic in my area.
I don't know what comes next. Time will tell.
>> No. 27499 [Edit]
I've pretty much been a NEET my whole adult life(so about 11 years now). I have had about 4 jobs but they have been one day a week or so for a month before I gave up on them and I have not even done that for 5 years or so now.
>> No. 27500 [Edit]
>how many times have you been a NEET
I've gone NEET like 3 or 4 times now.
At the moment, I've been a NEET since the covid outbreak started in 2020. The previous times I've been a NEET, days would bleed into each other as weeks fly past in the blink of an eye. All day everyday I'd lurk the net and play vidya. Can't really say the same about this time, this time things have been... rough. I prefer it over working, but you need to work to have money to pay for things to keep you busy. Then when you work you have no time for those things. It sucks.
>> No. 27501 [Edit]
File 165535738431.png - (3.36MB , 1920x1080 , 1508400729820.png )
I'm thinking about doing the same, but I'm not near as close. I think I could manage it with 100000€ and a place of my own. But I only have like 25000€ and depend only on my work for money. I think I could retire in 10 years but I'll need to find a way to counter inflation , and probably more things I haven't thought about yet, taxes and shit. It seems like an ardous and long task but it's a dream I can't stop having everyday. I really want to get out of the system, more than anything.
It's amazing if you can make money by your brains alone.
>> No. 27502 [Edit]
File 165537173877.png - (174.33KB , 1070x1080 , 1654989249922.png )
The worst part is I do nothing the most part of my days but browse the internet, then get bored and don't know what to do. I can't play video games but I can't and I don't want to read my manga. I just want to play video games all day but I can't.
I'm stuck all day on my phone (thats all I have sorry). How do you past time?
>> No. 27503 [Edit]
NEET for 4.5 years. I do get bored but then I remind myself my boredom is on a higher plane than the boredom of a person stuck in a traffic jam or in some bright conference room. I can browse booru or search for music when I'm not doing anything else.
>> No. 27504 [Edit]
File 165537815286.png - (5.83KB , 360x200 , gold-price-performance-USD_x.png )
>I only have like 25000€
what do you have your money invested in, if at all?
If you just leave it as Euros in your bank account, it'll simply become worthless due to inflation, which is already at double digits now and I predict it'll go a lot higher in winter due to energy prices. You're basically losing about 300 bucks or so worth of purchasing power every month if you just keep it in Euros.
Gold and silver have traditionally been used as inflation hedges, although right now they're not doing a great job at being that.
>> No. 27505 [Edit]
>I have job now, but I only work 20 hours a week
Since getting welfare is pretty much impossible in my country, I'm considering that kind of lifestyle for myself in the future as well, when studying is no longer an option. You have just enough stress in your life that you can properly enjoy your free time and not get bored, but you'd still have more days off than workdays so you won't feel like a true wageslave.
>> No. 27506 [Edit]
I don't invest, I don't have the education or intellect to do any of that shit. Knowing many cases of people who lost it all because they "invested" doesn't help either.
My idea was to buy an apartment once I have enough money, then rent it, then repeat. Maybe it's an stupid idea, but I don't know better, I should be able to do it in three years more or so.
I just hope inflation just stops going crazy at some point.
>> No. 27507 [Edit]
File 16554167223.jpg - (24.77KB , 474x266 , 賢狼ホロ.jpg )
>I don't invest
Ah, that's where you're wrong. You're 100% invested in the Euro right now. You should strongly consider diversifying a little, because if the Euro goes into Weimar-style hyperinflation (a real possibility at this point), you'll be left with absolutely nothing.

>cases of people who lost it all because they "invested"
That's likely because they either
1) invested basically all their money in one type of asset -- which is what you're doing right now, or
2) did high risk things like margin trading, i.e. taking on debt to speculate on stocks/crypto/futures -- which you probably shouldn't touch unless you're willing to thoroughly educate yourself on that.

If you want something low risk that you can just stash away somewhere and forget about for a couple years without it losing too much value, consider precious metals like gold and silver. Those have been valued for thousands of years. There were very few points in history when you couldn't buy a day's worth of food if you had an ounce of silver in your pocket.
So I'm not gonna give you much of financial advice, but here's some basic crisis survival advice: buy yourself enough non-perishable food to last you at least a month, and take enough money into your hand to pay rent for a month and use it to buy silver or gold coins. Since you're in Europe, any coin dealer in your local area will buy and sell Wiener Philharmoniker and Britannia coins, those are a good choice for something that you can still trade with when you wake up and the Euro has been reduced to confetti. I also have a few packs of cigarettes and cheap lighters at home for this purpose, even though I myself don't smoke.

>My idea was to buy an apartment once I have enough money, then rent it, then repeat.
Not a stupid idea at all. Real estate is also one of those things that you're still going to have even if the currency goes tits up. But do consider the fact that you may have to deal with shitty tenants who will try to fuck you over and ruin your apartment in all sorts of creative ways if you decide to rent it out.

>I just hope inflation just stops going crazy at some point.
Oh, you haven't seen shit yet. It's going to get really bad this winter if that whole Ukraine thing isn't resolved soon. If you're in the Eurozone and your country's inflation isn't in the double digits yet, it will be in a few months, especially if it's a colder country.
>> No. 27509 [Edit]
It's not that easy. If I buy coins, what I'm supposed to do with them? Where I'll keep them, how I will sell them later? Years ago there was a group of investors who did the same with stamps, it was a famous case that left hundreds of families completely ruined.
If we reach a point I'm gonna need food stored at home, lighters and cigarrettes to trade... and having gold coins is gonna be of help? Guns would be far more helpful at that point...
>> No. 27510 [Edit]
File 165545210568.jpg - (118.68KB , 988x1200 , dVOV2azv-Vt4Vl2FPpwR6Gsibp85J_-Ovr0VLoWe5aY.jpg )
>Where I'll keep them
Hide them somewhere inconspicuous.
>how I will sell them later?
If it's the common coins I mentioned above, any coin dealer or pawn shop will take them, you can find at least one of these in basically every city. If all else fails there are online PM dealers that also buy back coins. In the EU there's
>Years ago there was a group of investors who did the same with stamps
Not comparable at all, because stamps have no inherent value. Silver in particular is a raw material that is vital to several branches of industry.
I guess you're thinking of people who collect certain coins for historical value or whatever (numismatics). That's not at all what I'm getting at here, I'm suggesting stacking bullion by weight. This is what every major government and bank in the world does to have some kind of reserve in trying times.
The reason I recommend to get coins is that they're legal tender, which would make it a federal crime with harsh penalties to counterfeit them, reducing the likelihood if getting fakes and making it more likely for a counterparty to trust that they're genuine.

>If we reach a point I'm gonna need food stored at home
So if there's let's say a flood or whatever and supply lines to your local area are disrupted, you're just gonna trust the government to deliver food to you?
>lighters and cigarrettes to trade... and having gold coins is gonna be of help? Guns would be far more helpful at that point...
Sure, get a gun too.
But please don't just think of some kind of society-wide crisis, it could be a personal crisis like your employer not paying on time or your bank account being frozen for some shitty reason. Obviously having some cash on hand is the most convenient emergency reserve in such a case, but cash has a poor shelf life due to inflation, so it's unwise to store large amounts of it for a long time.
Having some Bitcoin and Monero at hand is also useful for this kind of situation, there was a time when I didn't have a bank account but did still have a Bitcoin wallet. I also remember talking to a guy from Lebanon whose bank shut down all withdrawals during hyperinflation of the local currency, he was then trading his bitcoins and moneros for US dollars and then using that to pay for stuff on the black market.
You can find online dealers who accept crypto at and local crypto dealers at or

Watch the movie Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith and think about how much easier his situation would've been if he could've gotten maybe $200 worth of cash by walking to the nearest pawn shop and selling a couple of silver coins (or some Bitcoin) that he had lying around at home.
>> No. 27511 [Edit]
>So if there's let's say a flood or whatever and supply lines to your local area are disrupted, you're just gonna trust the government to deliver food to you?
That would mean days or weeks at most, aren't you talking about some apocalyptic scenario instead? I always stored more food than a normal person, not because fear of that, but mostly because I know hunger. But I'm not gonna be a prepper, I'll be dead quite fast in that kind of situation. For good.
I don't think we're talking about the same things. I want to run away from work and from the world. I'm not fearing societal collapses or huge crisis because if that happens, and I'm not saying it will not, fuck it all.
>> No. 27512 [Edit]
By the way, I remember one of the last times I moved I had to move tons of toilet paper or salt packages. In a way I already have a "prepper" mentality... but I don't find it too useful.
I could make 3000-4000€ in one day or two selling stuff I have. But again, that's not what I'm talking about, but retiring in my mid 40's.
>> No. 27523 [Edit]
>that's not what I'm talking about, but retiring in my mid 40's.
And I pointed out how you will likely not achieve that goal when your money is losing value so quickly due to inflation.
You then expressed fear of losing everything you have if you invest into anything other than the Euro. To this I pointed out that your over-investment in the Euro is setting you up for exactly that to happen, and suggested some steps to make sure you're not completely dead in the water in case the Euro either dies or goes through massive inflation.

>aren't you talking about some apocalyptic scenario instead?
I'm not talking about anything that hasn't happened in living memory, even in Europe.
It's normal for fiat currencies to die or go through extreme levels of inflation, most of them do at some point.
And think for example of how people in Greece were unable to withdraw more than 50 Euros per week or something from the bank during the PIIGS/Euro crisis around 2011.
Life goes on after these things.
>> No. 27524 [Edit]
Now I'm just depressed.
>> No. 27527 [Edit]
File 165572229459.jpg - (104.41KB , 876x876 , ExtersPyramid.jpg )
>> No. 27530 [Edit]
where would crypto fall on this?
>> No. 27531 [Edit]
So far up that it's not included in the picture.
>> No. 27532 [Edit]
Depends on which one we're talking about. Bitcoin, Doge, Monero and Litecoin are not really derivative of anything, which makes them similar to gold, but unlike gold they do carry the risk of dying in case the network or the protocol itself is compromised, or if people simply stop caring about them since they have no intrinsic value.

A lot of the tokens in crypto are entirely dependent on the success of one company's business (e.g. BAT being directly tied to the Brave browser) and are just created as a way to raise money from investors while skirting securities laws, and those companies have absolutely no legal obligations to investors. I'd put these into the Private Business section, although the risk of defaulting is higher than usual.
>> No. 27534 [Edit]
I'm not a financial advisor so take this with a grain of salt.

But the way I see it, crypto(and other speculative assets like zombie stocks) is only as valuable as it is due to the capital rich environment we are in due to low interest rates, cheap energy and constant economic growth. That's about to change.
We are in an environment where people are more than happy to throw money at anything because money is cheap and easy to acquire and 9 times out of 10 what they throw money at sticks even if the fundamentals for that asset are terrible or non existent.
In a contracting economy people and companies aren't going to be so liberal with their money any more, they are going to make sure that what they invest in has a solid foundation. Crypto simply doesn't, it's a speculative asset based on nothing.
>> No. 27535 [Edit]
File 165582011045.png - (9.74KB , 320x200 , gold_15_year_o_x_usd.png )
I agree crypto is probably going to crash a lot more than it already has, just like you described due to its perception as a speculative asset without value.
People usually put money into things they're sure will still be around in a couple of years. Back in 2008, for a lot of people that was gold, hence the rising gold price during the crisis.
Question is what comes after the initial crypto crash, especially if some fiat currencies start getting wonky. In early 2020 crypto crashed hard because most Bitcoin holders were selling so that they could have cash on hand during the corona shit. Me, I rushed to buy more of it because I was more confident in Bitcoin surviving and being useful for trades down the line than just about anything else.
>> No. 27558 [Edit]
File 165633747126.jpg - (786.25KB , 2290x2313 , 1656327375468.jpg )
I read a lot, play solitary games (puzzles etc.), I juggle, I write computer programs
>> No. 27570 [Edit]
Been a NEET for like 5 years now. I like it. Being a NEET cured my depression. Never worked yet. And I don't plan to do it in the future either. Every day is fun this way. I want to enjoy it as long as I can.
>> No. 27572 [Edit]
Solitary puzzle games? Can you recommend anything besides the types like sudoku and kakuro? They even publish a magazine here I found out with these kinds even though it's slightly overpriced.
>> No. 27574 [Edit]
Board games:
Gravity Maze
IQ Fit

On the computer:
anything made by Zachtronics
Lolo (NES)
The Talos Principle
Prime Mover
The NAND Game
>> No. 27575 [Edit]
Oh you meant those. Yeah I already played most of the Zachtronics games and talos/portal, will check out the rest, thank you.

I could add Manifold Garden, Kairo and NaissanceE to this list, I did enjoy those too.
>> No. 27724 [Edit]
File 166424877365.jpg - (4.20MB , 3951x2520 , __souryuu_asuka_langley_ayanami_rei_chun_li_tsukin.jpg )
I was a NEET from mid 2015 till early 2021. Now I'm a NEET again. I'm using the money I saved in 2021 to rent a room from a friend. I just want to find a place in life that isn't too stressful, I don't mind working long hours or hard labour. I just want to not feel the rush and pressure of city life.
>> No. 27778 [Edit]
In the ensuing months I'll be leaving NEETdom. I don't mind working since I'd be wasting time if I weren't, and at the very least I'll be making some money. Problem is I suck so much at any job I've tried my hands at. I don't dread going into work because it'll be physically demanding, but I do dread letting down myself and others. Many here probably don't care if a customer is inconvenienced for example, but he is exchanging money for something. I would prefer to make that transaction easy for both of us.

The silver lining is that standards have fallen so low that unless you work somewhere that's high stakes or has a certain culture, being fired is pretty difficult unless you piss someone off enough or do something really stupid. Though there is the fact that as males age, people give you less and less slack for being a pathetic loser. This'll be fun~

P.S. Nice to see Tony's artwork featured as a banner!

Post edited on 6th Nov 2022, 9:25pm
>> No. 28131 [Edit]
File 168096448041.png - (225.37KB , 902x852 , 1675479032579223.png )
Been a NEET for 6 years and I don't regret it. I will never work in my whole life and that brings me joy. I'm slowly learning how to be happy with the small things and just take it easy. It's a rough journey and sometimes I wish I had more money, but I know for sure I would just waste it all in mundane and unhealthy stuff. So why should I care? I have a roof, a small but lovely collection of DVDs, manga, videogames and plushies. I don't need more from this Godforsaken Earth. I just need to keep focusing on living as comfortable and careless as possible.
>> No. 28132 [Edit]
What you have is what I'm trying to achieve, and I've been wageslaving for the last decade at least. I'm telling you this not for other reason but making the point that yours is actually a great life and never let anyone tell you otherways.
About money... I felt like that a long time ago.
After a few years of wageslaving I just started caring less and less. Now I have more money than I ever had but the only thing that truly makes me feel better about having it is knowing it gets me closer to be free of wageslaving. I don't think any kind of consuming is worth sacrificing such an enormous portion of your life. Obviously I'm in the minority here and I wouldn't express such thoughts to anyone IRL.
>> No. 28467 [Edit]
have you found that place? I'm still looking for something like this...
>> No. 28468 [Edit]
Wageslaving just isn't worth it. You're litteraly selling your life away one hour at a time, and for what? Most of my free time is spent just unwinding from work, by the time I can actually get involved in anything it's already time to go to bed and wake up to tomorrows nightmare. It's stressful and feels pointless. I make just over $1000 a month after expenses, but then last week I had $2000 in repairs on the car to get me to work. This life is a bad joke. I miss being a NEET. I used to explore so many hobbies, took up various arts and crafts, saw countless movies/anime and played too many games to name. I learned so much in those years. Now I barely have time for anything. I buy games I can't play and add anime I can't watch to my bucket list. Some would say I have "freedom" from my parents, but being a wage slave isn't freedom, in a lot of ways it's worse.
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