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File 145894897412.jpg - (56.11KB , 850x686 , 1454192884001.jpg )
21593 No. 21593 [Edit]
I don't have any friends, I'm unsociable, I have never worked, I hate reading, I'm horrible with math, I'm very weak because of all these years of laying in a bed using a computer and I'm a lazy slob.

The only thing I know about is anime. I've watched lots of them.

There is literally nothing I'm good at. Why was I born to be like this? I can't do anything I want. The worst of it all is being stupid, why couldn't I even be born with some kind of intelligence?
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>> No. 21594 [Edit]
File 145894988516.jpg - (69.83KB , 581x728 , 0.jpg )
Who knows.
>> No. 21595 [Edit]
>The worst of it all is being stupid
Keep in mind depression and the poor physical condition often associated with it are demonstrated to greatly reduce your cognitive abilities. You may have bits of intelligence under that heavy burden of sadness.
>> No. 21598 [Edit]
File 145897444457.jpg - (169.00KB , 592x767 , 6cc74d9c7a175fbe6ea8bf428d849661.jpg )
I don't believe being stupid is the worst. Being smart but having nothing to do in your life isn't much better either. You sound that at least anime is fun for you and that you have some goals you've never tried to accomplish.

What would you like to do (wihtout paying attention to your intelligence and laziness) and change?
>> No. 21600 [Edit]
Intelligence wouldn't make it any better. In fact, it would make it worse in all likelihood. Intelligence and mental illness (as well as introversion/poor social skills) have a strong positive correlation, and increased cognitive functioning abilities would only make it all that much easier to focus on the negative aspects of your life. To add to that, your mind would hinder your ability to cope with stress by telling you that you're being illogical, irrational, etc.

And worst of all, it wouldn't do a thing for your motivation or ambitions. Intelligent people are no less likely to be depressed, lazy slobs than the rest of us. We're all in this together, friend.
>> No. 21621 [Edit]
it truly feels like i fit nowhere in this society, maybe living a few many years as a homeless could help me compreend it better...
>> No. 21628 [Edit]
File 145971303112.jpg - (71.64KB , 500x600 , 0.jpg )
Well things are going from bad to worse over here and i'm the same as you OP, word by word.
Absolutely no future prospects. Plainly depressing.
I'm really tired to move foward but i also feel pity for my mother and don't want her to know i killed myself.
I'll soon have to find some job or study though, her health is getting better so i think she'll live a couple more years, i won't be able to NEET until suicide.
Isn't sad to live and give your best if you have a set date for suicide already?
>> No. 21638 [Edit]
>> No. 21657 [Edit]
I-I could teach you guys how to program if you want. I want people to talk to.
It's pretty fun to make games, it's like making your own world to escape to where you're god and nobody can bother you.
Unless it's an online game. Then people can bother you.
>> No. 21660 [Edit]
File 146043280759.jpg - (73.86KB , 467x459 , 1457678233885.jpg )
Intelligence is not something people are born with, it's attained after years of study of many subjects, and reading philosophy.

Anyone can become smart or intelligent, they just have to work towards it, that was part of the philosophy that led the Renaissance.

"a man can do all things if he will" - Leon Battista Alberti

>> No. 21662 [Edit]
>Intelligence is not something people are born with, it's attained after years of study of many subjects, and reading philosophy.
I'm not trying to rain on your (or OP's) parade, but aren't you thinking of wisdom? I was always under the impression that intelligence was the innate ability that your brain has to think, process, and recall information, whereas wisdom and knowledge represent what you learn. The former can help with the latter, but does not guarantee successful learning.
>> No. 21663 [Edit]
On top if it all, I suffer in a third world country.

I can't even enjoy of cheap vydia or jobs everywhere.

Post edited on 12th Apr 2016, 1:57am
>> No. 21682 [Edit]
Crystallized intelligence != Fluid intelligence
The first one is pretty much what you said and naturally improves over time. The later isn't and can't be improved at all other than by nootropics, proper nutrition and exercise and body well being. And yes for the most part its genetic.
>> No. 21683 [Edit]
*forgot to say while nootropics are effective in the short term, its long term secondary effects are unknown, if you are ok with that go ahead and give them a try, cancer can't be so bad when you've lived in misery since you can remember. Exercise has marginal intelligence gains, don't bother if you only do it with the intention of being smarter.
>> No. 21700 [Edit]
sounds like pseudoscience
>> No. 21726 [Edit]
And you sound like a retard, inform yourself before posting.
>> No. 21727 [Edit]
text makes a sound?
>> No. 21728 [Edit]

Didn't you originally say "sounds" in the first place?
>> No. 21729 [Edit]
That was my first post in this thread, this being my second.
>> No. 21736 [Edit]
Yes, he has planted a listening device under your desk and the sound of your fingers hitting the keyboard made a retarded impression on him.
I know because
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