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No. 22108 [Edit]
What do you do when you're sad?

Usually I play a game of league and then get even angrier and sadder.
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>> No. 22109 [Edit]
Like usual stare at my computer screen. When I'm really exhausted I just fall on the bed and have a few hours nap and feel even more tired.
>> No. 22110 [Edit]
Please keep nsfw content on the /ns/ board, thanks.
>> No. 22111 [Edit]
I happen to be the owner of this web domain and I say it's fine where it is.
>> No. 22112 [Edit]
Cool story bro
>> No. 22122 [Edit]
I got fired because of this picture.
>> No. 22124 [Edit]
What was the picture? Why would you get fired for seeing it? What job were you allegedly fired from?
>> No. 22130 [Edit]
its too late he already sunk into despair and suicided

maybe you'll learn your lesson about posting on SFW boards now, murderer
>> No. 22132 [Edit]
I just got promoted!
>> No. 22133 [Edit]
All the way to CEO?
>> No. 22140 [Edit]
File 147315711155.jpg - (536.04KB , 895x991 , 2efab5e7b72f85cd255f5a08918558ff.jpg )
I play video games and/or listen to music.

I also get really salty sometimes when playing video games. Sometimes a little too much, depending on what I'm playing. Music can lead me to many emotions depending on what I listen to, but it's usually a better state.
>> No. 22324 [Edit]
I listen to sad music.
>> No. 22325 [Edit]
File 147926299031.png - (651.20KB , 1200x880 , 47544633_p0.png )
I listen to sad music, browse cute drawings, hug my daki, or maybe watch something cute.
>> No. 26316 [Edit]
File 161060282275.png - (3.57MB , 1480x2071 , 4f120a0ee358345ab5ea0f6deffb73ef.png )
I have a folder of images that make me feel comfortable in some way. I have 827 images in there that I have built up over the course of years and I took every file in it with me from my last pc so I have a lot to choose from but I try to add more to it than I do look at it because I don't want to wear out the comforting effects it has on me. Sadly it's a lot more popular among artists to make images that make fun of the viewer than do support or heal them so they aren't always easy to find. Maybe I'm searching the wrong way or in the wrong places. The images are usually point-of-view things showing slow and easygoing activities with a character like an ear-cleaning invite, going on a walk, talking over dinner, sleeping together (non-sexually) or other idyllic scenarios. It helps me feel better when I'm sad and works as healthy food for my imagination so I can continue to have comforting fantasies and act against the slowly dying optimism and willpower I have left. I have had to use it a lot more often since some past few months because it's getting harder to feel positive about anything. I look at it when I am feeling bad before I go to bed so I can go to sleep feeling better which is, for me, the most important and vulnerable times otherwise I might feel really sad when I lay awake trying to fall asleep. I wouldn't want to cry myself to sleep so this helps me.
>> No. 26317 [Edit]
File 16106141222.jpg - (6.55MB , 4949x3500 , たびこさんといっしょ.jpg )
You could probably find more of that sort by using the right tags on imageboorus, but I suppose just mass downloading stuff isn't as satisfying as saving that image you stumble across.
>> No. 26318 [Edit]
I'm always sad.
>> No. 26319 [Edit]
I find image boorus put a bad taste in my mouth recently. Not sure why, maybe it's because they've allowed so much western art, and simultaneously restrictions of uploads. The best art in my opinion is older though.
>> No. 26320 [Edit]
Why would you need a toothbrush for a tea ceremony?
>> No. 26321 [Edit]
To clean you teeth after drinking the tea.
>> No. 26322 [Edit]
Could you upload it somewhere? Don't want to be intrusive, If it's something you'd rather keep to yourself I understand.
>> No. 26323 [Edit]
Would be nice to have a dump thread at least.
>> No. 26324 [Edit]
File 161066224647.jpg - (247.26KB , 1024x1024 , christmas slime 4.jpg )
I did that. I have most of the images under the relevant tags saved and it's how I started my folder, I think. But unfortunately those tags don't have things added to them often so that's why my folder builds so slowly even with images I stumble across.
I prefer them. Or gelbooru, at least. I probably dislike more things than I like and having a blacklist on gelbooru caters to that part of me. I haven't tried danbooru yet.
I suppose I could make a thread for it on /pic/ but I feel like such a thread belongs on /hl/ instead. Unfortunately there are probably a lot of users who don't even know it exists, I think it could at least help a few users feel better.
I'm also very sorry for how selfish I must sound but part of what helps these images make me feel the way they do is that they are kind of personal to me. I don't normally post the images in it. I know that doesn't make a lot of sense and sounds greedy but it's how I've treated this folder so I don't want to go dumping every image from it. If nothing else, I could compromise and post a few pictures from it just to get a thread started.
>> No. 26325 [Edit]
Wow I wasn't even aware /hl/ existed. This site always has cool secrets to reveal.

Would you be willing to share the tags you search on boorus to find such images? I don't save images, but when I want to find comforting ones I usually use some combination of "kimono/yukata/mimikaki/kitsune/lap pillow invitation." I wonder if there's some more rarer tag that might have better ones.
>> No. 26326 [Edit]
File 161066920965.jpg - (1.09MB , 1480x2070 , b50082d44f384950a1336d5a54d322c1.jpg )
"incoming_food", "incoming_hug", "incoming_kiss", "incoming_gift", "pov" (with "safe only listing" on in the settings otherwise you'll probably just get pov hentai), "pov_feeding", and "mimikaki". "looking_at_viewer" is a tag you can combine with a lot of other ones like "wedding_dress", "table", "bed", or anything you might be willing to get creative with. The "incoming_" tags are usually the most reliable ones but also only have so much. I might have forgotten some so if I did I would love it if anyone could reply with the rest. Here is one of the new images I found from trying to refresh my memory and see if I could find anything new to recommend.
Nice taste in the clothes and fox girls too. I used to really like sweaters, I felt they were the clothing article that represented comfort best and could radiate it very strongly but it looks to me like a lot of artists just prefer throwing it on lewd girls and that's extremely disappointing to me. Like breathtaking pictures of nature being used by 3dpd to attention whore.
>> No. 26329 [Edit]
Unproductive? I sit around and write long, drawn out explanations for how I feel and what I'm going to do about it. It's really unhelpful and something I need to stop doing. Just a convoluted way of detaching myself from the situation where I gain some illusion of control. It doesn't actually help and if you show your intellectualizing to someone they tend to respond negatively. Especially on the modern internet where everyone wants to be angry.

Cleaning is the most effective way to deal with bad feels but when you're in a very sad or stressed mood it's hard to work up the drive to start. Plus... it's very defeating to do the dishes when that feels like a monumental task and then not feel any better. Most of the time it works pretty well. You just sort of have to force yourself to do it. I try to keep my living space just messy enough that when a bad mood comes I can clean without it being some long drawn out thing. Sitting down a bit worn out while inhaling the faint smell of bleached floors makes it easy to let go of things.
>> No. 26460 [Edit]
When I'm feeling especially down, conflicted, or stressed, shutting out the world while listing to old trance and electronic music for a while tends to do the trick. It helps me take my mind off my problems, and if need be where I am or what I was doing too.
Today was definitely one of those days.
>> No. 26462 [Edit]
Smoking is the only thing that works for me. I've reached a point where my brain is closer to being my enemy than my ally. I can't control it and I easily fall into ruminating spirals, I can't do anything even after being perfectly conscious of them.
Sometimes I think it's the whole thing of "deal with your problems, avoid escapism" that has turned my brain unable to disconnect from anything bad or stressful, somehow I feel I was more mentally healthy when I was younger.
>> No. 26465 [Edit]
I normally listen to harsh noise as a form of self harm. There really isn't much. If I'm feeling depressed, my brain is pretty much shut down until I wait for the hours or days to pass and I feel less bad.
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