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No. 22108 [Edit]
What do you do when you're sad?

Usually I play a game of league and then get even angrier and sadder.
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>> No. 22109 [Edit]
Like usual stare at my computer screen. When I'm really exhausted I just fall on the bed and have a few hours nap and feel even more tired.
>> No. 22110 [Edit]
Please keep nsfw content on the /ns/ board, thanks.
>> No. 22111 [Edit]
I happen to be the owner of this web domain and I say it's fine where it is.
>> No. 22112 [Edit]
Cool story bro
>> No. 22122 [Edit]
I got fired because of this picture.
>> No. 22124 [Edit]
What was the picture? Why would you get fired for seeing it? What job were you allegedly fired from?
>> No. 22130 [Edit]
its too late he already sunk into despair and suicided

maybe you'll learn your lesson about posting on SFW boards now, murderer
>> No. 22132 [Edit]
I just got promoted!
>> No. 22133 [Edit]
All the way to CEO?
>> No. 22140 [Edit]
File 147315711155.jpg - (536.04KB , 895x991 , 2efab5e7b72f85cd255f5a08918558ff.jpg )
I play video games and/or listen to music.

I also get really salty sometimes when playing video games. Sometimes a little too much, depending on what I'm playing. Music can lead me to many emotions depending on what I listen to, but it's usually a better state.
>> No. 22324 [Edit]
I listen to sad music.
>> No. 22325 [Edit]
File 147926299031.png - (651.20KB , 1200x880 , 47544633_p0.png )
I listen to sad music, browse cute drawings, hug my daki, or maybe watch something cute.
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