NEET is not a label, it's a way of life!
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File 156120462758.png - (815.40KB , 1600x900 , 1410124935616380563.png )
24425 No. 24425 [Edit]
I was a NEET for most of my life, tried to get out of it several times with work, antidepressants or drugs. Right now Im again in a situation where Im basically forced to socialize and I guess Im about to just give it up for good. Its extremely exhausting to be in social situations and I never got the feeling of it becoming natural. I always thought being lonely and not liking social situations was just something that I developed due to my situation as a NEET. People can change after all and usually, after a few months, once they get used to it, adapt. Not so in my case and I really cant tell if its depression or simply how I am. I dont feel any form of improvements if it comes to my mood. I absolutely hate to get up by my alarmclock, having to talk to strangers and colleagues and getting home when its getting dark again. Its literal hell and all I do is living from weekend to weekend, sleeping most of the time between work and getting drunk. Ironically enough, it feels like its not the work thats exhausting, its the contact to other people. People keep saying thats its good for your mental health to be productive and around people, but its quite the opposite for me. I guess being lonely, for some, is both, what we love and hate the most. Right now I miss it but at the same time I still have it because I cant connect to people anyway. In a way Im still alone, the only difference is the fact that Im around people now. At least this situation finally made it clear that Im definitely a loner and my future goal is to find something where I can work while being alone. I gave up on trying to live a normal life.

Sorry for that random wall of text, I just wanted to get it out somewhere. And I think here on this board are the right people. I hope all of you one day find the happiness we are all searching for.
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>> No. 24426 [Edit]
You deserve any hell that you find yourself in.
>> No. 24427 [Edit]
desperate situations need desperate measures. Its not like it changed anything anyway, so it didnt last long for money reasons alone.
>> No. 24428 [Edit]
>my future goal is to find something where I can work while being alone.
It may not be realistic but trading/finance can be done pretty much anonymously and alone. Most people recommend learning to program, but you’d be competing with Slavs and Desis who will work for much less than you.
>> No. 24429 [Edit]
File 156122226220.png - (126.52KB , 500x405 , math.png )
Do you mean trading as in working for hedge funds/quant firms, or day-trading by yourself (possibly automated)?

In either case I don't really think you should have your expectations too high. Quant firms are notoriously very selective and essentially only take the top few high IQ geniuses from MIT/whatever. And I sort of doubt that even if you were employed you could do it alone: assuming they're like most other bs silicon valley firms you'll spend half your time in forced meetings.

As for daytrading by yourself (or building your own quant bots), this is certainly possible as a side-job, but it's unlikely to provide significant return over even just investing in indexed funds. Full scale prop shops/hedge funds have access to more data, better models, and faster computers so you're unlikely to really win at this against them. Even if you did go this route, most of the profit from low hanging fruit such as training simple regressors have been arbitraged out so you'd have to do some exotic feature engineering or models, the former of which is really hard without good access to data and the latter of which if actually done is probably worthy of a research paper.
>> No. 24438 [Edit]
Have you tried finding a profession you can work alone in? Probably obvious to ask this but if that is what will make you happy, you should try to change your situation if possible.
>> No. 24451 [Edit]
Being around others shows how lonely you really are.
>> No. 24453 [Edit]
File 15632546106.jpg - (1.28MB , 2048x1909 , 4ABEAE3F-A14B-4616-B20B-BAAED99235EA.jpg )
I’m in sort of a similar boat. Don’t see any place for me in the system outside of working from home. I am going to try to balance freelance web design and art work patreon. I already got the web design education and a year of field experience (cringey, retarded experience, but experience) now I gotta grind the art skills. Thankfully I can stay at my parents place which saves so much money. Thanks mom.

But I have some real mental health issues fighting against this plan and they are winning right now. Unemployed and lying that I said I applied to places...just wasting time now.
>> No. 24507 [Edit]
File 156470661152.jpg - (178.17KB , 500x667 , C2Gx0e3UkAAidxa.jpg )
I'm currently trying to figure it out some way to have an income doing work online. This "field" is so utterly filled with scams. Right now the most promising stuff I think I can do and it actually pays something is translation work, captioning and transcription. I've been rejected by three different online companies that hires freelance workers for captioning and transcription so far though. Another thing I'm looking into is teaching English online. It's all a terrible and exhausting process. The simple step of going to the bank and setting up an account makes my guts churn inside. Unfortunately there's no other way, it's this, flip burgers, be homeless, suicide or winning the lottery. I usually would have given up by now but this time I can no longer afford to pretend everything is fine.

Life is a dreadful business, what can you do..
>> No. 24514 [Edit]
I'm successful day-trading binary contracts. At the moment it's something anyone can make money with. A few hundred dollars is enough to start with.
>> No. 24533 [Edit]
I don’t know if you’re still here but there’s lots of online work from home stuff that can net you 40-50k a year. I am considering becoming a hermit and being a transcriptionist seems like a good way to generate income without leaving the bedroom. This is not an advertisement, so you’re gonna have to find stuff yourself but just be careful and do research when looking for at-home work.
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