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File 152428952066.jpg - (55.69KB , 514x617 , 1524174192531.jpg )
23506 No. 23506 [Edit]
Im completely alone all the time and its killing me. No one to talk to not even online. I live with my parents but i have to move soon. I thought i was stronger than this but i was wrong, being alone feels bad. For some reason i didnt have a problem being alone 10 years algo when i was a 18 yr old neet. But now i look back at all the chances i missed to make friends and its really getting to me. Like i have a big hole in my chest.
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>> No. 23507 [Edit]
Why not join the IRC? There's always other chatrooms as well.
>> No. 23508 [Edit]
Are you me OP?
I've been dealing with practically the same problem. I'm around the same age as you it seems and like you said I didn't care before but lately it'd been weighing on me like a ton of bricks.
Why not join our irc if you want someone to talk to? It's not the same as having real friends but it helps.
>> No. 23509 [Edit]
Having friends is even a bigger waste. You'd be the same lonely old fool you are now even with friends. Learn to enjoy the misery your so-called 'friends' from an alternate reality would never once feel.

Sorry if it doesn't make any sense I'm not feeling very well myself either OP.
>> No. 23510 [Edit]
I'm about the same age, though I don't live with my parents. Still an antisocial loser though.

It seems like it's harder to make friends when you get older. And when you do make friends, they just want to do boring shit like go to bars and drink to temporarily escape their miserable lives with their shitty jobs and meaningless. You spend less time talking about hobbies and more time talking about health problems and money.

I'm in touch with people I went to high school with (though we're not really friends anymore), and they're doing things like starting families and getting promotions and shit, and here I am, just barely scraping by. Feels bad.
>> No. 23519 [Edit]
How do you even make friends? This was one of my delusional NEET fantasies, that I would overcome anxiety, talk to people and somehow make friends. I can do the first two and the last step doesn't follow.
>> No. 23520 [Edit]
For me it always involved giving them lots of money.
>> No. 23524 [Edit]
Hackathons, meetups, college classes, study groups, extracurricular organizations, group projects, group therapy, work, Facebook, etc.

Easier if you're in college and/or have a job.
>> No. 23525 [Edit]
Making friends online seems so much easier than doing it in real life. Real life people are shit. They only meet with others to go drinking.

Being able to talk to people doesn't solve the problem, at last not for me.
I couldn't get any real life friends since I finished school 6 years ago even though I don't have any problems talking with people. I even feel like I might annoy people because I talk to much.
I knew and know some people at work or at university that I talk with when I'm there but I never met some one outside those places.
Maybe you have to go drinking with people because that seems to be the only activity they know.

When they only like you because you pay them, they are not friends.
They will only use you until you stop paying.
>> No. 23526 [Edit]
Drinking, talking about boring everyday things, and complaining about their lives. That's all they know and do.
>> No. 23529 [Edit]
Why do you want friends? What do you want out of such relationship?
That only works if you have things in common and you're not obnoxious, or if the one getting gifted is manipulating you. If the person in the giving end is the kind that still lashes out or is annoying, the receiver will end up putting distance sooner or later.
>Making friends online seems so much easier
e-friends, e-cquaintances =/= IRL friends, acqauintances
You can always try to approach people who aren't basic normals.
>> No. 23532 [Edit]
>e-friends, e-cquaintances =/= IRL friends, acqauintances
I've met better friends online than I ever have with people I've met in person.
>> No. 23533 [Edit]
I can't stand normals but the internet makes it possibly to easily find people out there who run on the same wave length. I don't see why I wouldn't get along with the average TC user for example.
>> No. 23534 [Edit]
This site is kind of a bizarre echo chamber. I'm not an average poster here. I'm an outsider looking in.

Sometimes, you can arrive at incorrect conclusions if you stay around like-minded people too much.

Maybe you should consider that "normal" people aren't inherently bad, and you shouldn't only try to seek out other people who are exactly like you.
>> No. 23535 [Edit]
>e-friends, e-cquaintances =/= IRL friends, acqauintances

I've met some of the people I met online in real life.
3 years ago we all met up at my house and spend a week playing games and watching anime. We repeated it in the two following years.
This year I even went to Japan for 3 weeks with one friend I met online and had only seen those 3 times before.

Even though I only see them like once a year I don't feel lonely at all because I can talk to them every day.
>> No. 23537 [Edit]
I can relate a lot to you. I am also a 28 year old NEET who spends 98% of the time completely alone. I have no friends, the only people I really spend time with is very very rarely my siblings and my grandma. I don't have much of a human interaction outside of imageboards as I don't use social media. It actually bothered me more when I was younger and the older I get the less I care. I'm not saying I don't care anymore but it would be really nice to have even a small group of friends to spend time with. Also ironically I used to hang out with a small group of people who played traditional tabletop games like D&D, Magic, Yugioh, and just other typical games like that. But they all lived over an hour away, so I didn't really see them often. They eventually got tired of driving all the way to get me and taking me back. I wasn't worth hanging out with anymore. I haven't hung out with a single "friend" since November and before that was June.

I highly recommend this, I also plan on starting to do IRC again myself. I haven't for some time out of feeling like once people get to know me they'll start ignoring me. I really need to work on my communication skills as well as my social skills in general.

>they just want to do boring shit like go to bars and drink to temporarily escape their miserable lives with their shitty jobs and meaningless
Yeah, that's generally the average 21 - 45 year old now days. Also I've lost pretty much all contact with the small circle of friends I had in high school. They cast me out because I didn't fit in with them back when I was 17. I wasn't interested in doing hard drugs with them. All I know now is that every last one of them are married with kids now.

I would be happy with a small group of friends again but I doubt it'll ever happen. I live in a town where there is literally no social activity going on and what little there is in surrounding areas is strictly bars and stuff for normals.
>> No. 23543 [Edit]
My point is that they're no equal in standing. I've seen others call people online "friends", yet if you ask them if they know their name or stuff like their favourite food or even where they live, they draw a blank, because they don't know.
I agree, but it seems to me people online have the tendency to call friendship a relationship that isn't really that deep and that ends up being much more fragile and even ephemeral in nature.
>> No. 23545 [Edit]
>My point is that they're no equal in standing. I've seen others call people online "friends", yet if you ask them if they know their name or stuff like their favourite food or even where they live, they draw a blank, because they don't know.
That's not always the case, it is certainly possible to meet real great friends on the internet. I know one fellow I met on this very site roughly four years ago, we talk to this very day all the time. And that's not the only example I could give.
>> No. 23546 [Edit]
>That's not always the case
I didn't say it was.
>> No. 23547 [Edit]
Fair enough
>> No. 23548 [Edit]
I met a guy from Poland roughly almost 5 years ago now and we just randomly talk from time to time about sad things and the meaninglessness of existence, he's a good 6 years older than me though.
>> No. 23550 [Edit]
i'm friends with someone at least 10 years older than me. i am pretty young (college age) but i just get along better with older people. people my age are annoying as fuck.
>> No. 23552 [Edit]
My loneliness is to the point where I feel like I must make a decision. I either have to ask for medication, suicide, or check myself into some sort of institution that can watch me.

I can barely function. I cry randomly in public, and derive joy from nothing, not even masturbation.
>> No. 23553 [Edit]
I know how you feel.
>> No. 23554 [Edit]
Getting medical "help" is the last thing you should do. I've had friends and family come back completely changed and fucked up after all the meds and "treatments" they administer. Since you still have the capability for rational thought and know what you need, take the initiative and join an interest or hobby group or call a hotline or whatever, but never ever willingly approach the medical establishment yourself.
>> No. 23558 [Edit]
Why you gotta be a ford-driver Popo?
>> No. 23576 [Edit]
i almost made a firend but i messed up. i want to die
>> No. 23577 [Edit]
What happened?
>> No. 23578 [Edit]
>i almost made a firend
Optimism is good but let's not get delusional.
>> No. 23597 [Edit]
How important is friendship? Is there anyone else that just never had any good experiences with it and prefer to be alone?
>> No. 23600 [Edit]
>How important is friendship?
That's really up to you to decide.
>> No. 23691 [Edit]
If you ever feel like it or anyone else reading this for that matter, feel free to send me an email. You can write about whatever you want and I'll respond with whatever I want. I'll try to check it once a week.
>> No. 23700 [Edit]
File 153298856474.jpg - (529.29KB , 1920x1080 , 3485n.jpg )
I often think what I would do differently, if I had the chance to go back in time. Then I remember the times, when I had friends and we hung out in the streets, fooling around or playing games and later drinking beer, breaking stuff or scuffling with each other.

After school everyone went his own way and changed quickly. Few months after graduation I couldn't relate to my once best friends anymore and they had no interest in me either. I went to uni, while they got their job, car, gf and phone and didn't even try to choose a topic, that wouldn't exclude me from conversation.

Nowadays I meet now and then with a former school mate and fellow student back from uni. I got him into anime long ago, so we have that shared hobby, however I don't feel like we are close friends, even though we know each others porn preferences.
In my good days, I have been a quite active guy, getting outside, doing sportsy stuff, adventuring in the woods or exploring urban ruins, but since I lost all my friends, who liked doing such things too, an important part of my social circle has been missing.

How do adults make friends, not acquaintances, colleagues or bedroom prey, but real friends, with whom you can share great experiences, giving you something to talk and laugh about in the future? I might just have to grow up already.

>> No. 23704 [Edit]
Meet people online basically is your answer. People you meet in real life are gonna be too occupied with their jobs and are more often to be the type to have 'grown up' and to somehow find enjoyment or whatever people take in that. You're in prime territory for people who give a crap about all else other than work after all.

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