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File 162652145939.jpg - (309.47KB , 1158x1848 , 0484944949.jpg )
26641 No. 26641 [Edit]
Why do we have so few ways of saying "sad", and why do they all mean basically the same thing? We have unhappy, melancholy, depressed, suffering, etc, but there are so many different kinds of sadness that those words don't even begin to cover. For instance, this one I have right now is kind of acidic, and unlike most sadnesses I've felt so far that felt like a hole or a knot inside me, that just made me feel empty and desolate, this one feels like its tugging me by my tummy, making me feel like I have to go DO something to fix it, but I don't know what. There's definitely no word for it. I hear french is the best language for this, but no matter how many words they have for sadness its nowhere near enough. There should be thousands and thousands of words for "sad", all of them meaning slightly different things, like the eskimos have thousands and thousands of words for snow, to cover every single kind of snow in maximum detail. They have so many words for "snow" because they come into contact with it so often, and what human being in the world doesn't have just as much experience with sadness as an eskimo does with snow?
>> No. 26642 [Edit]
I think it was Wittgenstein, among others, who stated you can't really experience what you can't formulate with words, "the limit of your language is the limit of your world". But all mystics would disagree with that idea, and I think even he changed his mind later in life.
So the opposite of this would be, most, maybe all, human experiences are strictly ineffable and language is just a crude approach necessary for the only primitive communication humans can afford. So a word for your particular feeling would be impossible, even if some could get closer than others, unless you invented one, but then you would be unable to convey the true meaning to others, therefore it would be "lost in translation" forever.
>> No. 26643 [Edit]
>his one feels like its tugging me by my tummy, making me feel like I have to go DO something to fix it, but I don't know what
Sounds like despair or frustration.
>> No. 26645 [Edit]
You can modify the words we do have with adjectives (as you said "acidic" is a good one). You could reciprocally ask why we don't have very many words for happiness either, and the answer is I think similar: we trade off by modulating expression at the unit of the sentence instead of the word.
>> No. 26646 [Edit]
Isn't the word for that Anxiety?
>> No. 26647 [Edit]
Anxiety can come about as a result of feeling distressingly aimless, but anxiety is not the feeling they're describing. Anxiety is a distressing feeling of unease and clouded judgement, which when advantaged can also manifest various physical symptoms ranging from elevated heart rate, sweating, high blood pressure, muscle twitching, headaches, and more. Not to mention the possibility for developing psychosomatic illness; literally illnesses created by the mind, that typically completely subside following consultation with a doctor.

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