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File 145463475885.png - (441.54KB , 724x530 , image.png )
21365 No. 21365 [Edit]
Has anyone else more or less stopped posting about their problems online? Whether it be for empathy, advice or whatever else?

I've stopped mostly because I pretty much get the gist on what to do on not being my current self and realized empathy doesn't really amount to much when I'll still be left to my own devices regardless if someone else is in a similar situation. Lastly, this just might be me being paranoid but it seems sites that attract the socially misfortunate have attracted more schadenfreudes not so recently. I can't help but blame the web 2.0's love for ironic humor and that one site for making loseresque tropes more prevalent.

Apologies if this came across as a rant.
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>> No. 21366 [Edit]
I only did that when I first started considering suicide as a kid. It didn't help at all, I always get disappointed when I expect stuff from others.

I still like reading stuff from people in similar situations though not to feel better (because I don't) but because it's interesting and I can relate to it/understand it more than normalfag shit.
I think people making fun of other people will always happen, above all online where most people tend to be assholes.
>> No. 21369 [Edit]
I've likely been posting about the same problems for half a decade, perpetuating the triteness. It's therapeutic.
>> No. 21393 [Edit]
File 145521890611.jpg - (482.14KB , 900x900 , 51778019_p0_master1200.jpg )

Years ago I would make long, structured, paragraphed posts where I spilled my guts and laid my problems bare. I'd even try to be quite general sometimes so that other people might see themselves in some of my posts and be more encouraged to chime in.

But ultimately I felt that I wasn't getting anything worth while out of the posts. I'd spend 20 or 30 minutes writing the post and putting the thoughts in order and eventually thinking that I had something good, something that was solid and worth posting.

Then when I posted these things the responses (if there were any) were always very similar in nature:

>someone saying "yeah I know that feel bro" or some other one-liner
>someone nit-picking a single sentence or small aspect of the post, ignoring the larger scope
>someone posts a reply someone else doesn't like and receives shitposts
>thread devolves into shitposts

And I thought to myself (and still think this) that I wasn't even sure what anyone could really say that I would want to hear. So many years I have spent on the internet, all over it, looking at posts and paragraphs from people similarly as hopeless as ourselves. But never in all those years finding a satisfactory response; never a comment or text-wall that made all the problems go away, that cleared the clouds and heralded the new era of my life.

At this point I just feel like I've heard it all before and that the effort of collecting any shallow, shitty thoughts I have and sharing them is a waste of my time and energies.

>tl;dr yeah I know that feel bro
>> No. 21394 [Edit]
Broken pieces for shattered hearts,
Music for broken souls,
Letters for the unknown.
As i sip this last beer,
Dancing a living melody.
Never to find a full body.
Only arms and legs,
Faces and hearts.
Using these spare parts,
Completing ourselves.

It's a dangerous path of thought, of those with no regrets, ready for death.

Why words, if they'll be soon lost in the wind and buried in the ground?
Why here, just here, of an infinity of possibilities?
Why still ask if we already know the answers?
Ah, life is such a boring game when we reach the end isn't it?
>> No. 21396 [Edit]
File 145524728993.png - (231.06KB , 482x590 , 11786396921.png )
>no responses
That was my favorite reaction, especially in places that were known to be supportive. That in itself was hilarious.
>> No. 21397 [Edit]
Yeah I try to work out most of my problems on my own, don't really have the option anyway. I'm sure anywhere I try to talk about my problems would get me bullied, made fun of, or harassed depending where I did it. /so/ is nice but there's some shit you just can't talk about here. Even with online buddies some can't be trusted.
>> No. 21398 [Edit]
File 145528417055.jpg - (140.22KB , 900x500 , 0.jpg )
And that's why sites which allow cancer to spread should be avoided.
In Japan they take otakus seriously as a hobby, here in the west what was once a serious hobby has become a joke.
Because we allowed it, making fun of ourselves was a terrible mistake. As you may have guessed i'm talking about some terms like weaboo and boards like /ot/ which started as some sort of inborn joke but we know this is basically creating a nuke without a safety button to preventing it from blowing it in our faces in the future. It's dangerous.
I've seen our culture decline a lot over this decade so heed the advice, creating threads joking about our own hobbies is a terrible mistake if not appreciated moderately, it'll only bring the wrong kind of people to places you go to and give them ammo to use against us.
This is why otakus in the west are now called weaboos and we're almost a joke, while they're still respected in asia for commiting to their hobbies without giving a shit about what normalfags think of them.
>> No. 21399 [Edit]
Theres no point because my problems are caused by a lack of motivation ot a lack of advice.
>> No. 21400 [Edit]
The way otaku and weaboo self-deride has always felt to me....
Well. Sometimes it like its just normal and natural. In any sorta subculture, you probably will, and really should have some amount of making fun of yourself
But other times with otaku, it reeks of insecurity. Acting like their ashamed of liking the things they do, and so putting on the behavior of the obnoxious cunts who always need everyone to know much they hate weaboos with a thin layer of 'ironic-humor' explaining it.
>> No. 21401 [Edit]
Maybe this is due to the this new cancerous Internet with easy access making me paranoid by the day.
Where normalfags are only a few clicks away from places like this and it has become absolutely infested with them and their kids.
No wonder it went to absolute shit around the same time smartphones became popular. Growing up like this kinda sucked.
We used to have fun together but nowadays there seems to be always a normalfag nearby, we just don't know who's kidding anymore. There's no sense of trust like we're with our kind, can't be too careful on this shittier version of the once great Internet.
Who wouldn't be insecure living in a minefield though? Feels like a dilemma, really, on times of old we did things without regret but i don't really feel the same, it's changed for me, because it became popular, it became known to people who couldn't understand so they decided to hate those who like it instead. Normalfags.
Society is as much unforgiving here as it's over there but at least it's a national hobby so it's somewhat forgiven in this aspect but there's still a lot of shame involved.
Lately, seems like we're seen as brainwashed kids, like retards waiting to be picked on. It wasn't always like that, and fuck those who fall themselves into normalfag hands by joking together with them. I don't know what kind of "otaku" these are, normalfags ARE our enemies, always have been.

This kind of shit still happens because some don't have the guts to show them their places.
Shame them for having 3DPDs and boyfriends, tell them to get the fuck off and go fuck in bed or on a date. Because they sure don't belong.
This is the original definition of リア充, a fucking normalfag.
>> No. 21404 [Edit]
Poignant, to say the least.
>> No. 21405 [Edit]
File 145533969032.jpg - (23.24KB , 350x400 , 0.jpg )
My apologies.
A miracle happened some minutes after i've made that post.
I'm still drinking my disbelief away.
I need music and a good fap tonight...
I really don't want to turn into a normalfag.
I want to die alone and unknown.
I don't deserve happiness.
Why are women so fucking dumb.
>> No. 21408 [Edit]
What happened?
>> No. 21409 [Edit]
File 145539023435.jpg - (66.64KB , 951x532 , 0.jpg )
My head still hurts.
From yesterday's liquors.
But feels safer to make a move today.
You know, miracles do happen.
I received a teary call.
You've seen these scenes before.
What could women possibly want,
With ones who made them suffer?
I've killed myself so she could smile.
Perhaps this is my coup de grace.
The final piece in this mosaic.
Before eventual suicide.
My original plan has failed.
But this game is already over.
Since then i've been using fake pieces.
The original ones are gone.
I see now my main flaw.
I thought women to be like queens.
Far from it, they are like kings.
Moving at will every turn.
Making chess an unpredictable mess.
How can one possibly win this game?
My game becomes a blur,
If i'm playing against her.
The only way i could win,
Was to checkmate myself.
I won't tell her everything,
Her love would only grow again,
Brewing hurt and pain.
Even telling me those words,
And knowing i feel the same.
The black knight must pave way for the white.
Don't disappoint me, Suzaku.
>> No. 21411 [Edit]
I don't suppose you could maybe not speak in riddles?
>> No. 21412 [Edit]
File 145539456499.jpg - (94.48KB , 1024x768 , 0.jpg )
A rose without thorns is still a rose, i suppose.
But it becomes just a common flower.
My metaphorical riddles are easy to solve.
I'll try to be more subtle in trust.
And open up like a lotus in a spring gust.
>> No. 21413 [Edit]
if I'm honest, I dont really have most of the issues of other posters on this board... I dont have any real issues of shame or depression, and can interact fine with normies when I have to, and dont really mind doing so.(though Id never really go out of my way to over my actual friends). There are other reasons I like hanging around places like this.(nothing like 'lol look at the losers' or 'pfhaha these freaks take waifu seriously' or anything like that.)
That probably puts me in a class of more 'functional' or mentally healthy otaku-types along with the much more normie-seeming types from /a/, or reddit anime boards or something, even though ive never visited or wanted to visit any places like that. Its those sorts of people Ive noticed the obnoxious, insecure self deprecation from most prolifically, where it doesnt just feel like normal, healthy self-deprecating humor but like theres an actual message that 'these things I like are shit, garbage, worthless' somewhere in there, thats somewhat serious. Even though it has seemed to show up in more hardcore otaku types too.
Whenever I hear something like that, if its in a situation where I'd respond, my response always carries some undertone of "Bite me."
>> No. 21414 [Edit]
Don't worry too much, i was kinda in a frenzy yesterday, long day and all.
It makes me somewhat envious seeing otaku couples because they're so rare. I can forgive those by looking away because they still qualify as otakus... ever so slightly, oh well.
It's all a matter of opinion in the end, i'm really tired and don't know what to think anymore, maybe for the best.
Let's enjoy what we like and leave the rest sort itself on it's own, a great advice.
>> No. 21416 [Edit]
File 145539950872.jpg - (461.17KB , 1280x720 , 0.jpg )
The dark side is as shining as the bright side.
Makes us just as blind but there are exceptions.
I hope you'll see someday, otakus don't need to throw their love away.
Just find a different way to reach the stars of empty space.
>> No. 21442 [Edit]
I never really did talk about them much to begin with but I've more or less quit recently. It always seemed like a bad idea to share so much of your personal life online.
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