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File 157312023013.jpg - (149.24KB , 898x898 , Tumblr_ph7ot9qWi71w4pa98_1280.jpg )
24833 No. 24833 [Edit]
Anyone feel severe anxiety before bed everyday? For me, the later I go to bed, the more afraid I get. I feel like if I don't go to sleep by the standard, 'normal' time, I won't be able to see daylight or will not be able to sleep at night. Anyone else feel this way?
>> No. 24834 [Edit]
It happens to me when I have to do something that requires meeting with people or being under pressure the following day. I start to feel anxious and because of that I can't sleep, and because I can't get sleep I feel even more anxious, at that point it just seems like a bad joke
>> No. 24835 [Edit]
I do the opposite. I actually don't want to see the daylight. I associate going to bed with starting a new day when I wake up, which is a painful experience for me so I try to delay going to sleep as much as possible, kind of like procrastination for continuing life. Obviously this has caused me more pain and the delay is an illusion. I haven't have a good sleep in years. It's almost 2 am while I am typing this and I won't be going to sleep any sooner.
>> No. 24836 [Edit]
>> No. 24837 [Edit]
Same here, but only if I'm going to meet someone who would have an impact on me, like a doctor.

>... I feel even more anxious, at that point it just seems like a bad joke.

This hit me very hard, I totally know how that feels like. By the time I reach that point, I would get panic attacks just by thinking about sleep.

Same. I changed that habit early this year, but only because I thought my bedtime anxiety would disappear if I became 'normal.' Too bad I was wrong. Initially I just wanted to avoid the daylight and prevent myself from having to face another day, but eventually as time passed, I developed bedtime anxiety. I tried to turn my sleep schedule back to a normal one, where I went to bed in the night like a normal person, thinking that my anxiety would disappear. Haha... I was wrong...
>> No. 24844 [Edit]
It's the complete opposite for me.
I feel an extreme wave of anxiety when I try to force myself onto a "normal" schedule. I'm way more happier and comfortable staying up all night regardless if I see daylight at all or not. I'm only depressed while the sun is up anyways.
>> No. 24846 [Edit]
At least instead of having sleep anxiety and poor sleep schedule you only have sleep anxiety now. I don't even know how I would start to change my sleep schedule. Setting an alarm just means I'll turn it off and go back to sleep. Going to bed early will just make me lie down for hours before sleeping or my body treating it as a nap and sleeping for like 3 hours before I wake up and become unable to sleep again. Going to bed early is a good thing. You can take your time in dealing with your anxiety.
>> No. 24881 [Edit]
I guess I sometimes feel anxious/concerned that I once again failed to do anything I intended to do during the day. Then I either do stuff at 2am and screw up my sleeping pattern, or worry about having to do it the following day -- which means I don't fall asleep -- also screwing up my sleeping pattern.

I have had pretty bad insomnia in the past, but that almost seemed like a "physical" thing. After not sleeping for a few weeks I get a worsening psychosis. I used to have a stash of sedatives, but last time it happened I had run out. So shit just progressed as it does and I had to go to the hospital and commit myself. Definitely wouldn't do that again.
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