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File 146022016536.png - (172.83KB , 559x422 , 1435324537636.png )
21643 No. 21643 [Edit]
I'm not sure if this topic is entirely relevant to this board but I don't know where else to talk about this.
So does anyone else hear voices? I sometimes hear the voice of a woman when I'm all alone at night or when I'm in bed yet not quite asleep.
>> No. 21645 [Edit]
It's normal to have hallucinations before bed.

I sometimes have "exploding head syndrome", which manifests itself as bright lights and a brief burst of a white-noise-esque sound. It always snaps me out of sleep.

What does she say?
>> No. 21646 [Edit]
I hallucinate all the time when waking up or before falling asleep or if I haven't slept in an extended period of time. It's normal as far as I'm concerned, OP.

If it happens while you're wide awake and not tired or potentially passing out, then you might have a kind of problem.
>> No. 21651 [Edit]
I hear "echoes" sometimes. It's pretty annoying because I can't feel alone for a short while but it's probably how my brain copes with the rare situation of having heard a lot of people during the day.
>> No. 21656 [Edit]
I have this when I have been around people a lot, after a long day. When lying in bed, tired, drifting to sleep, I will see in my minds eye visual echoes of the people I've been around during the day, or just echoes of faceless crowds if I've been in a crowded place. And I'll hear their voices, too. I hate it. I can't exercise my imagination or be with my waifu without the people from the day overwriting my thoughts. I have wondered though if this is normal or not. Perhaps I'm ill.
>> No. 21658 [Edit]
This happens to me, too, except in my case it tends to be random stuff that has subconscious meaning.
>> No. 21820 [Edit]
yes, i have schizophrenia
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