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File 147559781639.png - (374.85KB , 720x540 , Shinji_instrumentality.png )
22247 No. 22247 [Edit]
So, how do you escape the feeling of worthlessness? I mean, the best I can do is tell my mind to shut up, but that doesn't really accomplish anything.
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>> No. 22248 [Edit]
I don't escape the feeling of worthlessness, ever.
>> No. 22249 [Edit]
I don't think that I have, it's more like I've just stopped caring. I'll likely always be worthless trash.
>> No. 22250 [Edit]
Do stuff that makes you feel good about yourself. Be conscious of who you are, work towards the things you want to work towards. Learn to respect yourself and give yourself an extra pat on the back when you think you've earned it.

If you've just been miserable for a long time, which is not uncommon around these parts, it's unjust to be harsh on yourself for not getting back up on your feet straight away. Have some patience when you try and try again. Don't let your positive changes slip under the radar; again, be conscious of who you are.

One of the upsides of having hit rock bottom is that you can drag others up, since you know what it's like. Sometimes you can help someone a lot with something small, which at the same time means you're helping yourself fight the feeling of worthlessness. It's one of those virtuous cycles: They're terrible, until you can turn them around a little bit and have some momentum working in your favor, finally.

Chatting with like-minded people can be a way out. I applaud any sort of communication for when you feel like shit, but a bit of no-pressure 1-on-1 (text-based) contact worked the best for me, every now and then.
>> No. 22252 [Edit]
Get new hobbies.

Reasoning is, your current hobbies are not making you feel better so there's no reason to continue doing them.
>> No. 22255 [Edit]
What if I dont have any hobbies because the feels are so heavy they impede me from doing anything I enjoy?
>> No. 22259 [Edit]
File 147634842289.gif - (0.97MB , 500x280 , 1469585626629.gif )
Eat or watch cute girls eating cute things in cute ways.
>> No. 22261 [Edit]
Why not just eat a cute girl and cut out the middle man?
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