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File 145532712659.jpg - (45.46KB , 452x326 , image.jpg )
21403 No. 21403 [Edit]
Is there anyone else that is scared and gets anxiety thinking about death? Sometimes I get anxiety attacks from asking myself "what if I was born in a different time" and thinking about the future after I am dead and doubting if God exists and what would happen if something in my life didn't happen. This happens like 2 times a month and I can't stop thinking about it.
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>> No. 21406 [Edit]
I wouldn't say I am often scared about it, but thinking about things like that can make me feel dizzy. I also get a similar feeling when I'm thinking about something really far but exciting.
>> No. 21430 [Edit]
Why would you fear death? Non existance is bliss, just like sleeping. No worries, no fears, no pain, no work, forever. Joys? Those are nice too, though since my life is mostly crap in every way after doing the math death is a net benefit for me.

Personally I don't believe the kike in a stick exists. But I cant stop thinking why anything at all exists. I'll die and any trace of my existance erased forever, thats ok. Humanity will die eventually. But lets imagine it doesnt, we master interestellar travel and live on for milenias. Eventually that too will end. Matter itself will degenerate and enthropy will render the universe a cold, black, silent place. Whatever happens my biggest question is why anything of this happened in first place? Physics has gotten close to answering this, basically given enough time random shit happens on a quantum level because thats what laws dictate, some are satisfied by that while others ask, well why do said laws exist?

Most people, including myself will dismiss the above on the basis that its just what it is and something beyond our understanding. And I still cant stop thinking about it. I hope this is all a bad dream.
>> No. 21474 [Edit]
I'd honestly say living is what scares me the most. Having to support myself to be more accurate.
>> No. 21490 [Edit]
according to some weird versions of physics reincarnation is a guaranteed thing given long enough times (i.e. after even the protoms decay in the heat death of the universe). shit restarts
>> No. 21936 [Edit]
>Is there anyone else that is scared and gets anxiety thinking about death?
Quite the opposite infact, I feel at peace.
>> No. 21937 [Edit]
File 146848036057.jpg - (120.14KB , 562x562 , 1451295295510.jpg )
Believing in god is the purest form of escapism, leave it for when you're on your deathbed. Until there, live knowing you'll disappear forever after this ride so you can be one step further to the Ubermensch status.
>> No. 21944 [Edit]
>edgy nazi lingo

maybe next you can tell us all how to be i]alpha[/i]
fuck off back to 4chan, kid
you don't belong here
>> No. 21947 [Edit]
There's no way I can be a nazi, anon, I'm a racemixed brown.

Not being tied to any magical books is one of the few things that allow me not to live in total despair.
>> No. 21951 [Edit]
In this case, Ubermensch sounds like more of a reference to Nietzsche. I think that was the intent given
>Believing in god is the purest form of escapism
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