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File 145724914888.jpg - (143.79KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R - 03 [720.jpg )
21485 No. 21485 [Edit]
Do you ever talk to inanimate objects? Do they talk back?
>> No. 21486 [Edit]
I feel sorry if you long company this much, i guess having only one person i could call family since i was born has helped me to cope with what people call loneliness so i really can't relate...
>> No. 21489 [Edit]
I have a plush which I carry around me in my bookbag when I go places. He (they?) squeaks when I squeeze the plush.
>> No. 21493 [Edit]
No, I talk to myself sometimes though.
Not really conversations just one-liners like "you fucking retard" or something like that when I did something stupid.
>> No. 21505 [Edit]
I'm an inanimate object.
>> No. 21514 [Edit]
I've tried with my figs from time to time but I don't bother much these days because they're assholes who always just ignore me. I'd love it if they'd respond, it'd be nice to have cute little friends.
>> No. 21515 [Edit]
I used to talk to myself and attempt to encourage self as kid
>> No. 21525 [Edit]
I talk to myself, although I guess more or less I talk to an invisible audience always watching me
>> No. 21565 [Edit]
I normally talk by myself a lot but I fear that my parents hear me from time to time and feel bad for me. I feel bad for me as well so I kind of understand them.
>> No. 21567 [Edit]
>Not really conversations just one-liners like "you fucking retard" or something like that when I did something stupid.

I do this too, although it's always an internal voice. I also tend to have longer internal conversations with myself when I'm doing mundane daily tasks like showering, eating, or cleaning.
>> No. 21583 [Edit]
Only when they malfunction, mostly to my car and computer. Also I've talked to plants before pls dont die I say and they die half of the time.
>> No. 21587 [Edit]
I have high hopes for AI, shit just look at Tay, its amazing how far tech has come.
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