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File 14317861537.jpg - (224.14KB , 650x800 , 1425551171935.jpg )
20107 No. 20107 [Edit]
Do you ever feel that you deserve to be unhappy because you're a uniquely terrible person?
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>> No. 20108 [Edit]

What makes you think you're a "terrible person", OP?
>> No. 20109 [Edit]
Sometimes. As in sometimes I remember all of the bad things I did and think shit must be karma.
>> No. 20110 [Edit]
I feel like most people should be unhappy then, and wonder if they are. I guess I just wish more people could be existential ubermensches.
>> No. 20111 [Edit]
I feel like it's the opposite. I've been a uniquely earnest person and I've been nothing but unhappy because of it.
>> No. 20112 [Edit]
Always. I'm a horrible worthless excuse of a person without any qualities whatsoever and I fully deserve to be miserable.
>> No. 20114 [Edit]
I wouldnt say im a terrible person, but i certainly am not a good person.
Perhaps if i were i would have been able to have more people in my life.
But i just am what a am, whetever it is because i was or was not tought or motivated or whatever to be bettor person.
I rather doubt it would have made a difference either way.

Besides there are many terrible people having it all handed to them so, there is no fairness in this at all.
>> No. 20116 [Edit]
It's a common outcome of guilt.
>> No. 20117 [Edit]
I used to think this. Whenever I tried to stop my thoughts I just thought that I deserved to feel like this and just continued hating myself. I remember thinking something like 'someone like me doesn't deserve to be happy'.
>> No. 20121 [Edit]
No. Im sure everyone around me does though, because not caring about others and keeping to myself makes me a terrible person. Ive been told that many times.
>> No. 20122 [Edit]
Not really, though I have mused that perhaps my current life is punishment for some past transgression and that part of the process involves me not remembering what I did wrong.

As for how plausible that is? No idea, just a thought exercise.
>> No. 20123 [Edit]
Not really. I'm a normally terrible person, in an average, bland way. The part about deserving to be unhappy is true, though.
>> No. 20336 [Edit]
Ha, more like the other way around. If you've been pissed on by life how are you not a sack full of hate willing to see any other person burn with enthusiasm? Guilt is something imposed on you by others, how does this not infuriate you to no end?
>> No. 21374 [Edit]
File 145478012481.gif - (1.00MB , 500x354 , 6a4qkNi.gif )
>you're a uniquely terrible person
I've done a lot of evil things in my life enough to warrant their own book and recently been sloppy about how I go about doing everything. Most things in life I've done for self interest and personal gain fortunately I'm not very power hungry so I don't go after things like wealth and my impact on others is rather small compared to someone that desires much more out of the world. Things that happen to me that are bad are usually a result of my impatience or punishment when I get caught and well I've been very stupid about both lately being impatient to get something ended up me getting caught.

I feel my sloppiness may be a result of me getting what's coming to me but at the same time I don't necessarily want to quit doing what I am doing just enjoy it to much. So yes me being unhappy is a warranted trade off to being something that resembles a sociopath. I only have a small amount of regret about it but the same time I think that might be just regret that I got caught.
>> No. 21383 [Edit]
File 145485171076.gif - (142.41KB , 500x281 , 110249593653.gif )
I'd say it was the same thing for me as well. (Un)fortunately, deconstructing my more altruistic traits have done more good for me than bad.
>> No. 21384 [Edit]
There is no true justice.
The only justice is death.
"Deserving" means nothing in our world.
What are rules for those who make them?
>> No. 21517 [Edit]
Yes, I feel like a rather shitty person. People tell me other wise but I'm convinced I'm lazy self centered uncaring asshole. I try not to be when I can help it, but obviously that's not too enough. Life as a result loves to take a huge steaming hot corn filled diarrhea shit all over me whenever it can, and whenever anything remotely nice happens or I find myself being happy it rains down even harder.
In fact I often wonder if I wasn't some jewish child molesting cannibal neonazi brony in a past life. It would explain a few things...
>> No. 21548 [Edit]
What about God? Isn't justice himself the true justice?
>> No. 21549 [Edit]
Which one...
You're making the rules... don't you realize?
God is no friend or foe, as is time.
>> No. 21550 [Edit]
Does every subject HAVE to be viewed through the lens of melodramatic pseudo-philosophies?
>> No. 21556 [Edit]
Kinda, yeah. I never thought about it like that, but I guess I do think so.
>> No. 21559 [Edit]
I am a terrible personchild pornography, spanking my mom and siblings being a douche to everyone everywhere etc and morally I think I deserve all the shit I go through, but I don't think it really matters.

Do you really think Stallin or Hitler are burning in some hell because of the things they did? Heh, of course not, silly silly, there is no such thing as heaven or hell. Mao Tse-tung spent his whole life murdering and raping children, women and men, had lovers from all across the world and is there in history books for us to learn about him. He was a hell of a bad man but didn't went through any suffering in his life, neither after it because all it comes when you die is the nothing.
>> No. 21566 [Edit]
>Do you really think Stallin or Hitler are burning in some hell because of the things they did?
We don't know, dude. It could be.
I hope for you and a fuck ton of other people considering pretty much everyone is a "sinner" that it isn't true though.
>> No. 21569 [Edit]
Then it is not enough that I suffer for my whole life but I also need to go through eternity burning and having tridents in my ass because some stupid retarded narcissist says so? Why to even be alive, then?
>> No. 21571 [Edit]
I knew that Mao was kinky but you say he raped everyone? Sources?
>> No. 21582 [Edit]
Enjoy those few years you have not burning.

Seriously though, the main reason why I'm not killing myself (besides the difficulty of actually going through with it) is because I don't know shit about the afterlife and my life isn't that bad yet that I'd give up cute anime grills for possibly being reincarnated as a fucking fly because of shitty karma or something else.

Nothingness sounds great because your existence is completely wiped and you couldn't regret your suicide, or it wouldn't really matter if you did in the last few seconds of your life because everything is over but there's no guarantee and given what's at stake, no matter how great the chances are (which we don't even know) it doesn't sound reasonable to actually do it, if your life isn't complete shit.
Pascal's Wager has a point despite only arguing for the christian belief.
>> No. 21625 [Edit]
In the past I thought I were a terrible person.
But then I objectively evaluated other living beings and realized most are much worse and I would actually be seen as nice and altruistic by society.
Therefore do no worry, everyone is shit.
>> No. 21677 [Edit]
>He was a hell of a bad man but didn't went through any suffering in his life

Uhh, ever heard of the Long March pal?
>> No. 21704 [Edit]
My head is filled with horrible thoughts and violent fantasies. My isolation plan took this into account. I will put an end to this evil bloodline.
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