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File 144097532227.png - (359.71KB , 900x992 , Mami tea_.png )
20511 No. 20511 [Edit]
I stumbled across a useful place to help with the loneliness. Might also be a good place if you feel like listening and helping other people.
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>> No. 20512 [Edit]
Unfortunately, in the past certain groups on 4th Kanal intentionally spammed the system with inanity, and others even tried to become listeners just so they could later subtly abuse people later-on.

I do not know how it functions now, though.
>> No. 20516 [Edit]
I'm curious as to how you personally use this site; because I can't see myself effectively using it apart from maybe being a listener.
>> No. 20517 [Edit]
I left after waiting 10 minutes for a listener
>> No. 20519 [Edit]
File 144108448160.jpg - (63.32KB , 638x473 , image.jpg )
No thanks, why use that site when you got tohno-chan?
>> No. 20521 [Edit]
I don't get it. The listeners don't even give you advise? What do you even do then, just talk to a wall? How is this different from venting in a text document? (Which I have done before and it feels really good)

Actually this reminds me of when I used to rant on my blog a few years ago. Those were dark times.
>> No. 20522 [Edit]
File 144111274377.jpg - (160.95KB , 585x557 , 2D301-2.jpg )
In a literal sense it might not be different.
But y'see, I've tried just talking to nobody in a text document, or wrote some entries into a diary, and it didn't really feel right for me. While if you're aware someone is in fact listening, it does change the effect for some people, making it more potent.

Sometimes you need someone to listen; a receiver. You know that saying "if a tree falls in the woods and not a single creature is around to hear it, does it really make a sound?" It's like that. Talking to nothing, to some, feels meaningless, so it's not satisfying.
>> No. 20619 [Edit]
This seems strange to me. I couldn't trust something like that. I mean why would they listen to you for nothing? No they must get something out of this, even if it's just some good laughs at a "Best of Conference" between the listeners, at which they play the audios of their most pathetic cases for each other.
>> No. 20621 [Edit]
I could see myself at least reading the other person writing in chat to open his mind up. It wouldn't be that much different than reading your messages here in /so/, except that it would be in real time. Are you here to only write messages or to laugh at "pathetic" anons? I don't think so.

Not that I would ever do it as it would be too scary, but if I did, it certainly wouldn't be to bully people. Obviously there can be narcissistic people that do that too, but I imagine these sort of websites don't attract those people very often.
>> No. 20638 [Edit]
I don't know. /so/ is different. It's people like me her. I know I can be honest because we are more or less all the same. But at those sites, there are different people. They are not on the same level as me and will always look down at people like me and I think that's why most people do it. Maybe it's an unconscious thing but in the end they do it to feel batter about themselves because at least they are not like the poor soul that just talked to them,
>> No. 20641 [Edit]
The cliche "jus b urself" meme is relatively accurate sadly.
>> No. 20650 [Edit]
Anyone can become a listener, it took me 10 minutes to sigh up to be one though I'm not exactly a good fit.
>> No. 20689 [Edit]
The problem arises when you are an off-putting person at the core of it.
>> No. 20696 [Edit]
File 144309607326.jpg - (36.67KB , 516x480 , Constant state of anxiety.jpg )
Stop confronting me with the truth...
>> No. 20701 [Edit]
Truth a shit.
>> No. 20703 [Edit]
Tried it 2 times. First one I was looking for somebody to talk to because im suicidal and about to be kicked out, told him my life story and he didnt say anything useful or insightful, typical 'it gets better' shit. I ended asking what was the point in prolonging miserable lifes and why the fuck did he become a listener if all he can say are empty cliche words. Second one I tried to chill and have a good time, making puns and going with the flow, almost talked about the weather but I just couldnt contain it and said what a fucking retard he was if he actually enjoyed doing this.

Lets hope for a better 3rd time. Maybe my brother is right, im disgusting and anti social to the core.

I haven't, and won't read their privacy policy. But remember most of the time when you aren't paying for it you are the product. Listeners might do it for free but there might be some sophisticated algorithm and data mining behind the scenes as people open up their hearts and let their deepest secrets flow.
>> No. 20763 [Edit]
Just became a listener after passing a well layered but easy test. Currently chatting with a listener going through a breakup, this shit is so real.

Thanks for sharing OP.
>> No. 20764 [Edit]

Oops, I meant the speaker.
>> No. 20771 [Edit]
I wonder what kind of people actually got helped from this. When I talk with them all I get are 1 line responses and feel-good bulshit.
>> No. 20782 [Edit]
I'm the listener and I'm trying my best to refrain from generic on liners, the last thing I want to do is make someone feel worse after talking.

One thing I noticed is that there are a lot of people trying to get help, you can have 20 people at once waiting about 10 minutes for someone to talk to on good days, I would love to help as many as I can but I'm taking my time with these 2 people and holy fuck it's real, it's' like they're wearing impenetrable armors of anxiety and depression and all I have is a toothpick to chip it away, that said, I'm not going to give up anytime soon.

Sorry for that rant, anyways, what's your username? I'll try to do my best to help you, I promise I won't say any "hurr jus b urself it gits bettar" shit.
>> No. 20790 [Edit]
I was a listener on a similar website and it's really hard because you're always worried that if you give them the wrong advice it could just make everything worse and it would be your fault.
>> No. 20860 [Edit]
Not him, but my name is Shota on it. I only check it once every few weeks though and am a listener despite the irony.
>> No. 21983 [Edit]
Meh, I decided to give it a try as an anonymous speaker, had a shitty experience. I waited for like 10 minutes to get a listener. Someone, probably a rather young girl, cut me off a couple of times without even bothering to check for her possible spelling mistakes.

I suppose I should have picked a listener from the list rather than getting a random one but I won't use this shit again. All I wanted was to speak up my mind but instead I jumped off pissed off...
>> No. 21986 [Edit]
>Just became a listener after passing a well layered but easy test.
Could any of you describe it?
>> No. 21987 [Edit]
Honestly, I find these types of sites to be counterproductive. As >>20512 mentioned, people do sign up as listeners for the explicit intent of trolling (or abusing, if you want to call it that) lonely or downtrodden individuals. And even the listeners that are "legitimate" are virtually all insufferable Ford Drivers that will try to veer the conversation towards them and their victimhood somehow.
>> No. 21989 [Edit]
Joined because I was curious.
>13 questions and a small guide that were basically reading comprehension, multiple choices
>short practice chat with a bot, multiple choices, same shit don't be a dick and follow the previous guidelines
That's it. Fuck it though, im not using it when the training encourages what is in my opinion useless babble
>I have so many problems, my family is falling apart, I have no money and my gf left me
>Sounds like you're stressed
No shit. If I do use it im not doing any of that. Not trying to be edgy but that's how I was treated and absolutely hated it, I can do basic introspection and I assume most others can. It's kind of pointless when they're trying to legally cover their ass as much as possible, can't even advice.

I think many of us will need more than words, therapy and even drugs to fix ourselves.
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