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File 15195591885.jpg - (73.07KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] New Game!! - 05 [720p]_mkv_snapshot.jpg )
23393 No. 23393 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Everything always has to be dark and gritty and violent. It's fucking depressing.

This world is such a horrible fucked up unfair miserable place filled with pain and suffering and injustice everywhere. While you're reading this a dozen people are probably being raped and murdered, someone's watching a family member die, someone's dog might have been run over, someone just got sold into slavery, who knows. There's so much lying, cheating, stealing, and corruption everywhere on this little green and blue rock of ours. We're on this earth for such a short period of time, and during that time we struggle to make the best of what we've got. This while uncaring people try to make life worse for us each step of the way. There's nothing we can do about this though. This is just how things are and will always be.
I want to try and not think about it, to take my mind off that stuff and relax without thinking about war and crime and murder for a minute. Seems like the logical thing to do. Yet as horrible as this world is, most people can't seem to get enough of it. From news covering all the most recent gruesome crimes in the area, to tv glorifying more crime and violence. The most popular movies making a spectacle of violence while games let people act it out. Sure sometimes these things might have interesting stories to them, stories of perseverance, good vs evil, or that can pull some emotion out of you. They have their artist merits to an extent in some cases, but that's all people seem to like, Violence, and lots of it. When it comes to anime, the small amount of CGDCT fans out out there for instance is nothing compared to all the massive amount of people who refuse to watch anime that isn't filled with tons of action and fighting like your dragonballs or what have you. If there's no action, people get bored of it or in the case of things that are cute/moe can get angry and hateful even.

Whenever something cute and wholesome gets popular, there's likely a big twist behind it. Be it cute cartoon animals mutilating each other, muppet style youtube vids being philological horror, magical girl anime that turn out to be dark and violent, dating sims that are gruesome horror games in disguise, slice of life anime that turn out to be zombie filled survival horror. Stuff tha
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File 149418623294.jpg - (162.60KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Brave Witches - 08 [1080p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
22622 No. 22622 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What keeps you from committing suicide?
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>> No. 23370 [Edit]
For today, my waifu and heavy alcohol.
>> No. 23382 [Edit]
File 151900560342.png - (6.96KB , 355x259 , 98db998bb39e686991809a3a614de3f694ef75c1.png )
too many people know me.
mother needs me for paying half the rent.
Oh and there is the new dancing game about my waifu coming soon.
>> No. 23390 [Edit]
I still have a lot of confidence that things will finally be right in the future.

I also care too much for a few people in my life to commit suicide, it would be really selfish of me to kill myself and make them suffer, and they really look up to me despite me being a useless piece of shit.
>> No. 23391 [Edit]
I wish I could do that. The place I live in is extremely boring.

File 151209745922.jpg - (108.18KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - .jpg )
23139 No. 23139 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What did you fear as a kid?
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>> No. 23360 [Edit]
Reaching adulthood alone without ever having experienced any sort companionship.

It happened. And I don't want to wake up tomorrow. Or the next day.
>> No. 23367 [Edit]
I haven't seen you post in a really long time.
>> No. 23388 [Edit]
File 151944808445.jpg - (5.44KB , 259x194 , cosmos.jpg )
I feel the same way...
>> No. 23389 [Edit]
That my parents would divorce. That my granny would die. That I would never leave my hometown.

All of it came true.

File 150888915651.jpg - (729.27KB , 845x1200 , 149177082560.jpg )
23024 No. 23024 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Last one is on bump limit.
Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself v2
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>> No. 23369 [Edit]
File 151858627327.jpg - (267.33KB , 1000x705 , hello_lillie_by_rosuuri-daqayb6.jpg )
>> No. 23373 [Edit]
File 151878858335.png - (202.78KB , 618x864 , 6eaa3eee6de2c35d299e6f0fe3cb5f5e.png )
>> No. 23383 [Edit]
File 151902255056.jpg - (249.16KB , 640x1440 , eat well sleep well.jpg )
>> No. 23387 [Edit]
File 151944504167.jpg - (100.36KB , 780x975 , 1519089240464-r9k.jpg )

File 151898880953.jpg - (49.99KB , 350x524 , cold_shinji.jpg )
23375 No. 23375 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So TC I've been trying my best to deal with my mental issues and keep going. Around 10 months ago I joined a small online community of people (to try and learn how to socialise on non imageboards/IRC) with a similar niche interest(?) and things mostly went okay. However around 4 months ago I started to notice increasingly people on it making fun of me, and outright insulting me thinking I wouldn't realise it due to my autism. Fast forward to now, I've left the community. I just feel completely lost, I thought those people actually cared about me but clearly they didn't, and my mental condition is worse than it has been in a long time. What do I do when the foundation for my "getting better" turns out to be a lie that only hurts me more? I'm sorry for this stupid personal blogpost, but you guys are the only place I can turn to.
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>> No. 23381 [Edit]
Yes it was my first real experience with discord, I should have on retrospect seen the warning signs of the original purpose becoming eroded. I told them briefly about my husbando when an off-topic discussion ended up with on waifuism, I regretted it. I really don't mean to sound rude in this, but thank you for telling me what I guess I already knew, just couldn't bring into words, I hope I can help you with any issues you have one day anon.
>> No. 23384 [Edit]
TC IRC has had a lot of people that were dicks in my experience.

>mentally ill people with vicious dispositions

This has been my experience with some people on TC IRC, but not everyone of course. And for some of them they just seemed so depressed that they were lashing out.
>> No. 23385 [Edit]
Been lurking the TC IRC for a while. I have only seen one (1) person who had anything close to a "vicious disposition" and they were ultimately banned. For the rest the lashing out are extremely rare. Unless you count being vicious people who don't participate in a hugbox, I don't see how your assessment is anywhere near accurate.
>> No. 23386 [Edit]
I worded that too harsh, sorry. Most people in TC IRC have been friendly and polite. I'm also thinking of years ago, things have changed a lot there. I guess I was caught up on times I've initiated more private conversation in PMs. The group chat is not vicious or anything minus one person who was extremely depressed and alcoholic and would shit on people for a while (this stopped as far as I know). Most people are not going to be huge dicks openly, I think, unless they have nothing to lose and don't mind making themselves an enemy in the group. What is more common is passive aggressiveness and subtle trolling, but I believe even that is much rarer lately.

Post edited on 23rd Feb 2018, 12:13pm

File 151453471229.png - (264.78KB , 700x394 , akunohana.png )
23218 No. 23218 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Post and discuss medical issues here. It helps to talk about them.

My lower left lung has been hurting, it feels like it's been stabbed. And I just coughed and tasted blood. Didn't see any blood when I went to the mirror and made myself cough again, just tasted it.
I'm scared. I'm poor. The doctors are going to let me die if it's cancer, I can't afford it. I did used to smoke but it was only for a year or two... I've been having trouble breathing but it might just be allergies. I will try to be optimistic.

I also went two years without brushing my teeth and my gums are so full of bacteria it's actually making me sick now. I'm sick constantly because of my own mouth, swallowing bacteria is irritating my throat and giving me a fever, and will be till I pay up $7,000 to unfuck my mouth. No root canals yet, and only two teeth have to be pulled, so that's a positive I guess. I got good teeth genetics from my folks. The dentist said average people would have had lots of teeth fall out by now.

Best advice I can give anyone is take Vitamin D supplements if you aren't in the sunlight at least 30 minutes a day. It helped me a lot.
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>> No. 23354 [Edit]
>Every time I go to pee I have this feeling of not fully emptying the bladder
I have this problem sometimes after masturbating. But this feeling disappears quickly.
>> No. 23355 [Edit]
Mine too, recently. Rather distracting when trying to sleep.
>> No. 23356 [Edit]
Yes, hate sunlight. Whenever I have to go outside I always have with me a pair of post-eye-surgery sunglasses (highest protection in exchange for visibility) because can't stand it.
A bit once you mention it.
>> No. 23368 [Edit]
schiz- oh wait, that doesn't exist.

File 151850544246.png - (445.92KB , 620x370 , 2hhhegj.png )
23361 No. 23361 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The place I want to die is something that looks like the inside of the moon from majoras mask.
>> No. 23362 [Edit]
File 151851614589.jpg - (99.97KB , 768x432 , the end.jpg )
Easiest pick ever.
>> No. 23364 [Edit]
I couldn't really care less. Wild dogs could rip my body apart after I'm dead for all I care. I'm dead, what's it matter where my rotting body is?
>> No. 23365 [Edit]
File 151852906654.jpg - (21.14KB , 480x320 , volcano.jpg )
Inside a volcano so I can one day become a catapulted lava meteor.
>> No. 23366 [Edit]
The north pacific ocean.

File 151803292944.png - (900.30KB , 1280x738 , anime screencap2017-02-08-04h10m39s554.png )
23335 No. 23335 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
no one told me when to run
i missed the starting gun
>> No. 23359 [Edit]
You might be off to a slow start, but that doesn't mean you can't catch up.

File 142433028214.png - (89.00KB , 422x422 , 1418775241628.png )
19645 No. 19645 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Why are you unhappy, /tc/?
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>> No. 23325 [Edit]
The gap between having a job and being a hikikomori is too big. I want to get a job but I'm scared shitless I'll sign myself up for something not just hard but impossible and waste everybodys time by applying.
School has poisoned me. Everytime you do something right and get comfortable with a task they turn it up on you creating a constant rate of high anxiety and failure.
Dropping out of college I have this mindset that any kind of job will be too big for me. When I look at people bagging groceries and imagine myself I get stressed out wondering which things go in the same bag or something, if you need to be good at math to figure out a cash register, all sorts of things even though I always see potatoes doing it like they were born in the produce section.
Like, I don't think I'm terribley incompetent. When I get comfortable I think I'm actually pretty sharp. The problem is I'm a self taught book studying kind of student. When people try to teach me directly I get so focused on being polite and looking attentive I can't think straight. Then when I get confronted about messing I get so scared I mentally shut down. Worse case scenario they read my frozen up anxiety attack as spacy laziness and start coming down on me until I start crying and feel too embaressed to return.
I think if I can just get some time to learn some simple job until it's first nature, memorize the typical interactions I'm going to have to form a loose script I can wing everything else.
Some of you guys have probably had trouble getting a job because of anxiety. Are there any resources for job training? Books? Guides? Online classes? I want so badly to just see the perspective of a simple worker for a few days to pick up the habits and see what's right for me.
>> No. 23326 [Edit]
Sound just like me.
No experience fixing it but from my observations on normies, they don't think about failure. We think about the trouble we might cause or how it might all be a waste of time, they don't.

So it would seem to be more a personality thing than a knowledge thing. Surely, we don't lack the knowledge to work as a cashier but we might lack the personality.
>> No. 23329 [Edit]
>I think if I can just get some time to learn some simple job
Can't you get like an internship in most places? You ask the person in charge to let you work free of charge for a few weeks so you can learn the job. Regardless, I'd avoid any job with interactions / customer service, specially if you enjoyed being a hiki.
>> No. 23358 [Edit]
Consider doing it under the assumption you will fail for one weekend and quit. I did that and it was a good learning experience. One of the customers in the bar I was working in asked me "is it true you have assburgers" on the last day. I was lucky to be able get a job in a bar on a remote island only accessible by boat for one weekend and knew I would never see any of them again which made it easier not to care.

File 151428700927.png - (17.04KB , 130x128 , MH1-Melynx_Icon.png )
23195 No. 23195 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
how come japanese are better than me at everything?
have you looked at videos of arcades there? have you seen their innate musical talent? their innate drawing talent?
junior high schooler shit scribbles in notebooks while going to the bathroom look better than anything i've ever drawn and i actually practice and they don't.
even the women there are better at games than me. normalfag women that are going to college and have a part time job stop at the arcade once in a while and fucking destroy the arcade machines. the arcade is their only practice and it's like 30 minutes a week at best. me, i have been playing rhythm and fighting games for YEARS and i own the home console version, i dont have to go to the arcade miles away like they do, for eight hours a day i practice and i have made barely any noticeable improvement.
no, i don't have an inferiority complex, it's true, there is video evidence of this happening everywhere and i seriously have been playing project diva since 2012 and still can't perfect any extreme songs.
not only that but i am limited to the few games i know and would have to start all of my work over again if i were to move to a different game. them, the fighting game community there, there are some guys that join tournaments for several different games. they can juggle them all no problem.
they cook their own food, they go to school, they go to work, they clean, they study, they watch anime, they all usually have a project going on like writing a book or developing a game or running their own website where they post their drawings, they have drinks with friends ALL IN ONE DAY and they still also have time to be better than me at every single conceivable thing without any practice.

i hate them, anyone that's not japanese might as well have not been born, they're human perfection and they do more in one fucking afternoon than i do in years.

Post edited on 26th Dec 2017, 3:18am
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>> No. 23253 [Edit]
In asia they tend to spend time getting very good at one thing, while in the west it's usual to spread your time across many different things.
>> No. 23274 [Edit]
Because Japans culture promotes a ridiculous work ethic and heavily shames those who do not conform, then they kill themselves at 30 because of the stress. Do not worry so much about comparing yourself with other people, try and improve for your own sake. I know that's difficult.
This particular attitude took root in Japan because there is a culture of craftsmanship. In the past, you would study under a master at your craft, be it making sushi, woodworking, farming, whatever. These are jobs that are important, rewarding and technically challenging. This was the way things were in Japan for centuries, in fact it's quite common in a lot of Asian cultures. However, once technology improved and a lot of those jobs became heavily automated or up-scaled this attitude was now applied to unfulfilling, useless, boring jobs. This is how the "sallaryman" came to be. This culture of hard work in crafts, when transferred to a modern office environment was exploited by government and companies because it's great for making a profit. However, since these new jobs are comparatively unfulfilling, with little room to learn or grow and ultimately little purpose outside of profits, it leads to a lot of stress. Hikkikomori is the direct result to this, people who drop between the cracks of that society who can't bring themselves to work like that. In the past, those people would have trained and become contributing members of society, but now they have nowhere to go.
>> No. 23279 [Edit]
>Hikkikomori is the direct result to this
>In the past, those people would have become contributing members of society
Not necessarily. Recluses have existed since the dawn of time. As long as there has been social groups, there have been hermits and loners who tackle life on their own. The only difference now is that parents and government find it acceptable to put up with it, so the "hierarchy" is different (a hiki being maintained), but the principle is the same. Additionaly, hikis exist outside of Japan too (whatever you might want to call them).
>people who drop between the cracks of that society who can't bring themselves to work like that.
That would refer more to NEETs than Hikikomori.
>> No. 23328 [Edit]
I think you are correct, NEET would have been a better word to use instead.

File 151719840155.jpg - (520.08KB , 1200x1695 , yukarifluff.jpg )
23305 No. 23305 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Would you date/love a 3D girl if she met your standards? (other than not being 3D)

If so, what would she be like? What would it take in a person for you to turn from 2D girls for them?

We're all lonely and want someone to be there for us, and someone to talk to and hold at night. Sometimes though it feel like 2D isn't enough, you can't touch your waifu unless you have a daki, and even then, she doesn't move, or talk to you, and she can't hold you in her arms after a bad day and tell you it's all going to be alright. Even if you make a tulpa like /jp/ likes to talk about she still only exists in an immaterial form. You can't go shopping with her and buy her cute clothes.

I don't know man, I'm not saying 3D girls are better, but having someone who can hug back and have an actual conversation that doesn't consist of dialogue choices, loading screens and pre-generated and recorded text and speech seems nice. A warm person next to you, with a heartbeat you can feel and hear, and lips you can actually sounds nice.
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 23321 [Edit]
File 151782139466.jpg - (668.19KB , 1600x1200 , Nakahara_Misaki_full_1104049.jpg )
misaki will never come
>> No. 23324 [Edit]
File 151784010195.gif - (726.86KB , 500x281 , pozdro dla kumatych.gif )
just wait till 4 am
>> No. 23327 [Edit]
I would sure. But I don't think any 3d would want to be around me that much, and if they didi it wouldn't last very long. People don't tend to like me. It would be nice, but it's not really an option so I'll try and be happy with what I have.
>> No. 23374 [Edit]
because they have the potential of making me dumb and stuff.
Is this objectively true? I'm searching for ways to increase my visual perception, and drugs sound pretty appealing to me at this point. Psychedelics seem pretty harmless from what I've read.

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