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File 149418623294.jpg - (162.60KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Brave Witches - 08 [1080p]_mkv_snap.jpg )
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What keeps you from committing suicide?
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>> No. 24247 [Edit]
It cheapens the death. Like someone taking a selfie of themselves crying. Pathetic attention whoring to the bitter end.
>> No. 24250 [Edit]
What a fetid cunt you are.
>> No. 24251 [Edit]
You don't go to Gensokyo if you kill yourself... That isn't how to get there.
>> No. 24252 [Edit]
This is the only thing that keeps me going. Once my mom passes away however, all bets are off.

File 150888915651.jpg - (729.27KB , 845x1200 , 149177082560.jpg )
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Last one is on bump limit.
Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself v2
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>> No. 24169 [Edit]
I dont have a problem with parkinson or deteriorating vision, but I am really scared of Alzheimers. It seems horrible to loose your memory and abillity to think clear. If I would get diagnosed I would probably kill myself on the same day.

(No picture because something is going really wrong with my PC right now)
>> No. 24170 [Edit]
File 155288542828.jpg - (199.54KB , 1052x1200 , 4e3807f8c588c7b5e139ebb63199a8d6.jpg )
i cant think clearly anymore
>> No. 24248 [Edit]
>>23269 hey this is one of my all time favorite images
>> No. 24249 [Edit]
One of my extended family members is beginning to experience memory loss and it is extremely depressing. Within 10 years all my extended family will be gone. The depression will become so crushing as everything I've known withers and fades. How on earth will i hold down a job at that point i don't know. I barely make it through the week as is. I can't even talk about my family members passing away without breaking down in tears. Life is a curse.

File 153482198683.gif - (2.14MB , 498x268 , tenor (1).gif )
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The people there are so mean, but I just can't get over the habit. It feels like the user base here is a lot nicer and I relate more. But sometimes I think I like being depressed, maybe just subconsciously or something.. or maybe I like being treated like crap? Damn, i'm just so sad, I can't control my life anymore or anything I do. It's like I dissociate or something.
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>> No. 24180 [Edit]
I used to post in a video game community with a bunch of people who all got increasingly intense about internet leftist politics and by the end of it I couldn't even talk about playing games without being accused of not having every single one of my thoughts preoccupied with cop murder and how to overthrow the current order
>> No. 24181 [Edit]
The impermanence of internet communities is something that used to vex and frustrate me until I got used to it, which why I wanted to point out to >>24177 that this site maintains it's focus on it's topic because the end users have done their part in berating the moderators and administration when they get out of line and try to bring neurotypical garbage into TC. That and the low profile have kept this site around in a relatively undisturbed state for an anomalously long period of time.
>> No. 24244 [Edit]
To be fair a lot of people feel like they're forced to take up the political battle because it's became such an all-pervading aspect of our lives. It used to be you could watch a movie, play a game and not be making some sort of political statement out of it. It's just not the case anymore, hell, you can't even go out to eat without a large chunk of these businesses shoving some sort or message down your throat.

A lot of people, myself included see all this and just find it fun to turn into keyboard warriors because it gets people riled up, it's fun, and gives us something to do even if in the grand scheme of things we're just looking for a way to pass the time. It's kind of like the part in No Longer Human where the main character goes off and joins the communist party. He isn't even that dedicated to the cause but it's some fun mischief to get up to and at least lets him feel like he's doing something other than wasting away so he goes along with it even though his more rational mind realizes it's rather fruitless. Really quite sad when you think about it that way.

We'd be better off without this sort of behavior but even the most rational man occasionally rears his true form as a hairless ape from time to time.
>> No. 24245 [Edit]
>cop murder and how to overthrow the current order
Sounds like a fun friday night.

File 152368952940.jpg - (38.50KB , 640x480 , CCS_12_[O-A][55312834]_Sakura's_Never-Ending_.jpg )
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Is this the only anime/weeb community left that hasn't been over run by children?
Every time I find a new one to join it's the same thing, retarded teenagers who wont shut up about school or spoiled rich kids and their college crap. It's all "dur hur I'm gonna be a doctor I'm gonna be a laywer" fuck you. I feel so fucking old lately and this shit doesn't help one bit. It's just so ackward being in these servers/channels with kids that are half my age. Not that it's uncommon here either. Where the fuck are all the 30+ weebs? Do they just kill themselves when they hit 30 or do they turn into normal fags and quit the internet? What the fuck man.
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>> No. 24123 [Edit]
In the case you’re describing the anime “community” is for the discussion of seasonal airings because as you’ve said all the other reasons that it used to be for are pretty much obsolete
>> No. 24174 [Edit]
I'm rather young so I can't fully relate to this thread and it kind of makes me sad. I got really into anime when I was 14 and around this time it was still niche so you could talk to actual nerds about it and have meaningful conversations. It wasn't until I turned 18 that westerners began to unironically enjoy and talk about anime, at least on a surface level.
The current state of the anime community is something that I have never seen in any other hobby community I was a part of. All I have seen outside of this website and a few others, are Stacies cosplaying and Chads/Tyrones wearing t shirts with Kanji on it. What pisses me off more than anything about this, is that they will go out of their way to bully and pick on genuine anime fans or literal weeaboos. I used to want anime to get more popular in the west, but now I have to watch anime turn into the new "cool kid thing" and it feels like a slap in the face.

The point I am trying to make is that, I wish I was just a bit older so I could fully experience the old anime community before it became trendy to claim to like anime. God, I hate normalfags with an undying passion!
>> No. 24176 [Edit]
>anime is effectively a secondary utility you have piped into your house - not a treasured find.
Just something I'd like to point out: With the death of old nyaa and the closing of bakabt to the public, finding certain series can indeed be more difficult to find reliably. Sure for most common things it's easy, but not for more specific genres or simply just older stuff that people don't pay much attention to anymore. You can still expect to find some things that will take months to fully download just from the fact of flaky seeders if you're lucky, or possibly do some deeper digging.
>> No. 24178 [Edit]
Don't a group of people ruin a medium you enjoy for you. While much of the perspective being represented in this thread is that of people barging in and hijacking the hobby, your point of view is different as someone taking to it more recently. Really, I'm probably not that much older than you, and have been watching anime and consuming other Japanese media since maybe 2011/12. If you're recently getting into anime and are taking the fact that these people exist over your enjoyment that sounds like it would seriously blow. Especially starting off, there are a lot of things you need to watch to get a feel for the different genres, their stereotypes, and developing preferences. Back when I first got into the stuff there was a big "grind" period where I watched a crap load, and I really did enjoy that. Just because it's trendy to some people, doesn't discount it all. Those same people would drop the hobby like hot coals the moment something new comes across.

Post edited on 18th Mar 2019, 5:03pm

File 152428952066.jpg - (55.69KB , 514x617 , 1524174192531.jpg )
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Im completely alone all the time and its killing me. No one to talk to not even online. I live with my parents but i have to move soon. I thought i was stronger than this but i was wrong, being alone feels bad. For some reason i didnt have a problem being alone 10 years algo when i was a 18 yr old neet. But now i look back at all the chances i missed to make friends and its really getting to me. Like i have a big hole in my chest.
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>> No. 24111 [Edit]
I'm not bothered about being alone, it feels natural now. Looking back, I don't think I've ever had a genuine friendship with someone. Sure, I've hung about with some people and talked a lot to them, but I never really knew anything about them. We might have had similar interests, but never shared a real connection. I guess it's because I've never found someone else who can understand me.

Sorry for the ramble.
>> No. 24114 [Edit]
For me it's not that I get bored of the people but that over time people (myself included) change. Then for some reason I feel obligated to show myself out of the group because it's not like the good old days and I feel like I'm being a drag. I get that you go through a lot of "friends" that you have for a year or two over the course of your life but at my age I should have a core group of people and I don't.

It's the sort of stark realization that only comes with age and it makes me worry about what other stark realizations are coming as the clock keeps ticking on.
>> No. 24156 [Edit]
I can't fit in with anyone. Any community (except for maybe this one, but that's not saying much that I can fit in here and not to metapost but people don't really hangout here, it's more of a check twice daily site and the IRC is full of non-NEETs who are always talking about their university experiences or whatever). Every time I find one I think I can finally fit in with and call "home", something always ruins it for me, the closest I came to fitting into a moderately fast place was the infamous Krautchan /int/ (and it's spinoffs for a short time after it died) but the problems that it had grew and grew until it wasn't fun to browse anymore. I either find a place that I think looks good on the surface that is intolerable once I get to know the community, or is intolerable on the surface. Some examples of the former: at first liveboards (sites running on Meguca and Doushio software, even those sites themselves) seemed like an okay place to hang out and get my social interaction and be less lonely but after sticking with them for about a year and even getting addicted to them at one point I realized how repetitive and cancerous they could be. It didn't help that people liked to latch onto identities and the drama that comes with that, the post quality was also a bit low with the users treating it more like a circlejerk-oriented Discord or IRC channel. Another thing that really bothered me about these was how often off-topic discussions came up, despite a lot of them being otaku-themed and a lot of the users at-least liking anime, things like current events, ethnicity, nationality, sports, meta for other websites (usually 4chan, but sometimes another liveboard they're having drama with) and meta in general were often discussed and often in a very low-quality and non-civil way described as "shitposting" by the users but often with very little humor and played straight unlike the term often entails. These are problems that likely plague every online community but the instant gratification nature of the format probably exacerbates them. Another one that seems deceptively better is pretty much almost every social media website with the exception of Hacker News, (which actually isn't bad but has it's own problems and posting style that you may or may not like depending on your preferences, the
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 24173 [Edit]
Fuck this post hit hard. It really is depressing to see how the internet has turned into tv 2.0

File 155053222761.png - (506.93KB , 1204x902 , Hyper_Mode_Pills.png )
24128 No. 24128 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Dr Stephanie Cacioppo, director of the Brain Dynamics Lab at the University of Chicago Prizker School of Medicine, puts loneliness in the same category as thirst: a human signal that can be dealt with through our actions. Just as we reach for a drink when we are thirsty or dehydrated, we might be able to take a pill to deal with the consequences of feeling lonely in the future. "Like thirst, loneliness is a biological signal that has evolved to protect our survival," she says.
Her aim, she says, is to reduce the alarm signals in the brain that can result from people feeling lonely to make them better equipped to reach outwards, rather than falling inwards into social isolation. "The goal is not to eliminate loneliness [or thirst]. The goal is to help prevent people from feeling lonely [or thirsty for the analogy]," she says.
Dr Cacioppo is leading a team developing a "loneliness pill" that she hopes will help relieve the more severe symptoms suffered by the acutely lonely. "Loneliness is widespread and contagious. It is an epidemic," she says. Dr Cacioppo stresses her goal is not to stop loneliness, but rather to regulate the ways that feeling lonely affects the mind and body. She says loneliness results from signals to the brain that perceive danger all around us and push us to interact in ways that will cause greater anxiety to ourselves and others. This is where Dr Caccioppo thinks a loneliness pill could help.
Could the cure for loneliness be as easy as popping a pill?
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>> No. 24148 [Edit]
The non-conformists do
>> No. 24149 [Edit]
It's unnecessary to force people like that to take pills. The conforming masses will simply ramble on about how people who actually see the truth, or at least think a bit more than average are "crazy" and "dangerous". Forcing pills down people's throats runs too much risk when tools for social control are already so perfected that the elite need not worry, because nobody will listen to them.
>> No. 24150 [Edit]
I wonder how far this will go.

The definition of a "mental illness" grew increasingly broad over the years. Personal traits which would be considerd "weird" or "special" ten years ago are now treated like real illnesses and people affected by them pop pills against the "symptoms".

I really wonder if and when things like laziness and other unlikable personality traits will be labled as a mentall illness and treated like one. In the end that would result in everybody being a flawless pill-addict and everybody who refuses to take these pills being considered a failure.

I think one of the bigger problems for psychology in the next years will be the question where to draw the line between these traits and real mental illnesses.
>> No. 24151 [Edit]
Y'all should consider watching the movie The Congress. It features pills.

File 154959637934.gif - (386.21KB , 500x348 , 1532146415217.gif )
24105 No. 24105 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
The more that I think, the more I realize that I'm a damaged person. I am so broken.

I wonder how difficult it would be to fix myself? I feel like the psychological burdens and trauma on my mind are slowly becoming too much. I'm being defined by them, and my personality withers away.

I don't know if I can lift these psychological chains on my mind. They are becoming more heavy and weighing me down. I'm on the path of decay, and I will probably die prematurely by my own hands through drugs and alcohol.

It's bad when I can't even focus on reading. The one comfort I had as a child. My mind cannot stop with the intrusive thoughts of the trauma. All of my regrets and it just comes crashing down onto me all the time.

I was going through my old hard drive to look at old 4chad pictures. I even found some from old *chans, and I saw a picture of myself.

I don't think I can look at my younger self and tell him that I'm proud of the route that I took. I was stubborn and I had to suffer severely for it. I have sunken so much time into this goal of mine, that I cannot give up now. Even if it brings the end of me.

I don't find much joy in life anymore. I feel like I've already accomplished what I wanted to in life. I had one major and one minor goal. I won't indulge what the minor goal was, but I felt a relief once it was done. That I accomplished what I so truly desperately desired. However, I did not find my salvation in it.

If anything, it brought me more pain. It made me realize how significantly worthless of a human being that I am.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 24132 [Edit]
maybe op wouldn't be "/so/ - Ronery" if he ever spent time thinking about anyone other than himself instead of attempting to turn his entire life into an endless, self-centered pity party.
>> No. 24135 [Edit]
Anon I think you're trying too hard to be perfect, I've done the same thing before and in many ways I still do. Truth is I'm white weeb trash and there's nothing wrong with that. Certain things are just too ingrained, too central to who we are as people to ever be fixed without discarding everything, like it or not, you're going to have to learn to live with it even if certain things you like or do are rather embarrassing and undesirable.

It's okay to be a failure anon, just be aware of your faults, note them, and try to mediate them so as not to hurt other people.
>> No. 24136 [Edit]
No, it's not OK. No one should have to accept living with any of this shit. Fuck that.
>> No. 24138 [Edit]
I felt the same way once but past a certain point I wasn't able to make any progress on getting past certain things. I don't know what it is that's bothering you but there's a certain freedom in admitting defeat. I'm not saying you should let it define you, just acknowledge it, accept it, and find a healthy way to live with it that doesn't cause too much harm to others.

I guess what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is that you should hate the sin, not the sinner. People like us can't help that we're damaged.

File 15167081449.jpg - (823.94KB , 850x1189 , sample_6e062b90d1320ca405748f352a4edf72d26fa430.jpg )
23278 No. 23278 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Are you happy with your life?
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>> No. 24113 [Edit]
I think very few people can say they're happy with their life. Personally, I won't be happy until I can retreat fully from this world, and completely immerse myself in escapism. I doubt I'll ever be able to though, it's just a dream.
>> No. 24118 [Edit]
File 155012277747.jpg - (261.76KB , 2048x1152 , 1549496777080.jpg )
Sometimes I go months severely depressed, struggling to get out of bed, wanting to do nothing and wasting days doing nothing of any value just to pass the time until I go to sleep while hoping I dont have a nightmare or get a random panic attack, and then sometimes I go insane and spend up to week not eating or sleeping, just completely immersed in anime or a video game and totally ecstatic about it all. Never-ending movement from one extreme to another with no predictability or consistency, no balance. Add to that memory issues severe enough to make it seem as if I was born a month or two ago and before that didnt even exist, and in the end, I can't say whether I'm happy with my life and glad to be alive, or want to die as soon as possible and be free from this madness.
>> No. 24119 [Edit]
I feel like that but not to such a degree. If I start thinking about the future I start feeling miserable and don't feel like doing anything but if I am doing something in the first place then I won't need to think about the future so much.
>> No. 24120 [Edit]
You know, I'm not really sure. On one hand there's days like today where I'm loving life but for every day like today it feels like there's three others where I'm either moping around or in an outright downer mood. I'm certainly less prone to destructive thinking than I was in the past but now it's different. I used to think I could fix all these things about myself but I don't think that anymore. I feel sluggish and defeated. But even then there's a certain freedom afforded by realizing that certain things I've struggled so hard with just can't be fixed. I think I'm becoming okay with that. If they really can't be fixed then it's something I'll be able to forgive myself for. After all if it'd take me a lifetime of work to sort out wouldn't I be better off cultivating good in some other area?

I'm a mess. Thanks for reading my blog.

File 153371102117.png - (549.51KB , 598x540 , 1533349067859.png )
23723 No. 23723 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Did anyone else have a sort of normal life and then spiral into NEETdom and so on?

I was living fairly well, had lots of friends, even had a few 3DPDs. Then crippling depression and anxiety kicked in during my first year of college and you know the rest.

Refrain from mentioned your disgusting 3DPD love-life, nobody cares.
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>> No. 24072 [Edit]
File 154867629897.png - (187.17KB , 275x332 , 111111111.png )
I'm posting this after starting college years late and moving to a new city to force myself intoi a do or die situation.

As I excercised regularly in my NEET years (never before that) people mistook me for being sporty and I was able to 'blend in'. Though I absolutely failed to make close friends as my mind is genuinely trapped in low-emotional involvement.

The stress of realising that even when I force myself to 'fake it' I fail to form close bonds really got to me and the realisation that if I fail I'd be guarenteed dead caught up to me big time. I've spiralled into major phases of depression and minor phases of optimism. As I have had erectile issues since I was 16 (major depression from 16 too) sex was never a major concern for me, so when I mentioned I'd never had sex people looked at me with genuine shock (they actually thought I was a sporty guy or something). While I'd be relativtely OK with close friends and stuff it dawned on me just how far behind I am in terms of social development.

This made me completely resent my family when I went back home over Christmas and I feel I was in fight-of-flight every day to escape the hellish situation I'd been stuck in. I think sites like this are OK if you are progressing however since it sort of acts as a substitute for friendship. Obviously because major mental health issues and thoughts of kms every day my studies are impacted and I'm genuinely concerned I may fail the first semester of Univresity because I can't concentrate. Uni destroyed my schedule and all my fears have caught up to me. I feel the realisation that most other 23 year olds are just starting careers and have had their youth (assuming 23+ is 'adult youth' in terms of being young yet in a career) sort of isolates me too.

It pretty much took me 3 years to recover to the state of ending up at University. I just wanted to work with animals or maybe be a Biologist though staying sane is a lot harder than it should be, moreso considering my miracle reversal of fortune still leaves me below the level of most high schoolers, at least socially.

If you
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 24100 [Edit]
Since you were fit during your NEET years Im assuming your gym was your home or room. Ive been wondering to be a fit NEET aswell, care to share routines, items (if you need any) you used, etc? complete noob btw.

If you did go to gym, dont bother replying because I wont go outside.
>> No. 24101 [Edit]
Not him, but you can do pushups, situps, squats in your bedroom. That and eating right is enough to get fit.
>> No. 24106 [Edit]

I done it both at home and in the gym. At home I bought a squat rack and weights and followed the program 'stronglifts 5x5'. That's a really simple routine, maybe you could try circuit training stuff too though I find it hard to motivate myself doing it at home (I used to play on the computer between sets).

I joined fitness classes after a year of that and made a complete fool myself regularly (I think) but was so clouded I didn't care since I knew isolation would result in complete misery.

File 154902661174.png - (302.71KB , 405x668 , Selection_005.png )
24086 No. 24086 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
do self-help books actually... help? I'm about to read some and am wondering about your experience with them.
7 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 24096 [Edit]
Given the book OP posted he probably DOESN'T want to use pills. That's good advice though.
>> No. 24098 [Edit]
The only one I've skimmed is the supposedly legendary "How to make friends" book by Carnegie and all I found was a bunch of sleazy tricks for car salesman such as "use the person's name frequently" – I don't see how that's supposed to help when even holding a conversation is mentally taxing, let alone weaving in these fabrications.

If instead your goal is to get some light philosophy out of it ("how to live you life" kind of advice) then these books might be more suited, although in that case you'd be better off reading some of the great Russian authors like Dostoevsky. Or even some of the very early jordan peterson videos where he actually focused on philosophical frameworks of the bible instead of going off the rails with his newfound fame.
>> No. 24099 [Edit]
That book is severely outdated. The problem is most people live in a defined bubble by high school. With the advent of smartphones, it's nearly impossible to break into one of these circles without someone from within shilling for you.

As you go by the mall or local college campus, you will notice that everybody is self-absorbed into their smartphone. Before this invention, this was an easy way to strike up a conversation with someone.

The best way to get friends is through sheer luck. However, you can make some friends in college but you have to be the aggressive and it will probably fail 75% of the time.
>> No. 24115 [Edit]
I've tried several of them and there's a lot of books stuffed with feel good bullshit like 'just be yourself'. Some offer actual good advice and some are a mixed bag. That goes without saying and of course there's the usual 'none of it matters if you don't take action' thing.

I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading them but be prepared to wade through lots of bullshit to find things that are both true and actually applicable to you. A lot of these books seem to be written with middle managers in mind who don't have a clue how the average person actually lives.

File 154740840044.jpg - (19.47KB , 236x272 , 68159970a648cbcdd651d00810a8c113--anime-girl-cryin.jpg )
24020 No. 24020 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Who am i? i have no idea. The constant cold pain in my chest turns into a feeling of hopelessness and defeat. It manifests itself into a cage keeping me stuck in the same old ways. A boy who never grew up, and will never change. The feeling is a cry for help. A begging for forgiveness. A feeling that inevitably leads me back to god. A feeling that turns me into an emotionless statue. An overwhelming bearer of bad news. It takes control of my mind and body. I'm a dead man slowly inching his way towards the inevitable destination that warmly welcomes us all. I wake up and feel pain, I exist and feel pain, I go to sleep and feel pain. I become numb for a few moments, and am brought back into the dreaded reality I have created around myself. Whats the answer. How many times now. How many times have I tried to find it. After years and years of thinking. I'm still the same. I won't ever change.
>> No. 24033 [Edit]
Find a quiet place and some time. Relax. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. Hold it. Let it out. Repeat.
Instead of talking back to the scarred emotions, listen to them. Don't engage with them - if you find yourself doing so, gently step away. Let them be. Let them talk. Hear out everything, until everything has been said. Then - cherish the brief moment of freedom. For once, seek not echoes of your pained mind, but answers. You say you will never change - but what is your obstacle? You say you are lead back to God - can you find strength in Him, whichever faith you are of? What does the pain root from?
Ultimately, even if you feel the most powerless, in the darkest possible place, the one thing you have power over is yourself. It's hard. I know. I'm not here to give you an easy solution. I'm here to try and convince you to try. It's okay if, instead of reaching for the ladder, you slip. Once, twice, maybe more. It's okay. Nobody's here to judge you. Rest, if you need, and try again. Eventually, you'll find a way. Something. Something that gives you that meaning you seek. A path to change, even if slightly. I believe in you, anon. You can make it. You can get out of the darkness - and into the light.

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