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File 150888915651.jpg - (729.27KB , 845x1200 , 149177082560.jpg )
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Last one is on bump limit.
Post Cute Anime Girls Every Time you Think About Killing Yourself v2
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>> No. 24668 [Edit]
File 156908916829.png - (362.64KB , 478x1266 , C2AC467D-07FF-49BD-ACA4-A8EF4300CECD.png )
Do you hate wholesome SoL too? The whole point of 2D is to have stuff that couldn’t happen in our world happen, and lovey dovey monogamous relationship are an example of that. I understand Brohnos are bitter but needing something bad to be happening in sexual situations is honestly strange to me. Also femdom isn’t gentle or lovey dovey unless it’s a specific type, most are pretty hardcore
Don’t make huge assumptions like this.
>> No. 24669 [Edit]
Humans are genetically designed to pursue affection. To perceive any kind of affection with disgust is something that only happens because of traumatic experiences. If this anon didn't go through any, the chances that they're some rare kind of mutant are far lower than them being bitter and feeling unlovable without being honest about it to themselves and others.
>> No. 24670 [Edit]
File 156910850344.jpg - (681.60KB , 1500x2131 , __original_drawn_by_tokiti__5491997793dd123ac9cd5e.jpg )
I'm the opposite here.

I was neglected, and lovey dovey stuff is my #1 favorite thing of all time...
I'm incredibly perverted and my fetishes are countless, but when doing the deeds 9 out of 10 times I imagine everything with a strong layer of tenderness and passion.

I'm pretty crazy for affectionate femdom.

I don't think (or I don't want to believe) that wholesome relationships are impossible IRL.

But yes, I do feel absolutely unlovable which makes it so very hard for me to fantasize and self-insert. Often I just have to stop because I feel so bad. When I try to build these scenarios in my head I can't shake the awareness of how ridiculously impossible it all is.
It also makes me feel ashamed, dishonest and false. The unpleasant thoughts that bring me back to reality won't stop.

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>> No. 24671 [Edit]
File 156910920974.jpg - (605.79KB , 1968x1663 , EDoW4HzVAAAHEPu.jpg )
>It would seem that making a post which contains the slur that's often used to label the likes of me results in autoban. I didn't know about this and there's nothing about it in the rules
I believe this is due to an incident on /an/, where it was used as an insult and caused a bit of a stir, so perhaps this was nipped in the bud but not made an issue of so that there wasn't a controversy like on wiz.

File 156431461896.jpg - (115.07KB , 850x1013 , __original_drawn_by_guweiz__sample-a978b30ed6959ad.jpg )
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Do you see any appeal in traveling? When I was younger, my family took me on a vaction every other summer to some far off country. We used a time share, so it's not like we were rich or something. Most locations were out of the way apartment buildings instead of hotels and that kind of thing. I'm glad I got to do that kind of stuff during my life, but if I had the option to go anywhere now, I don't think I would go for it.

The travel itself is a pain in the ass. Airport security makes me anxious. Jetlag and riding on a plane are hell. Even when you finally get there, it feels like you're not getting what's promised. Especially if you don't know the language of whatever place you're in and don't have any relatives there; you feel like an outsider who's just looking around for a little bit. It's like reading a textbook; you're not really experiencing the country, which takes a life-time in my opinion. Navigating and figuring out public transit is also stressful. Going back is a pain and kind of gloomy.

Food is usually pretty hit or miss if you don't do research, and if you're unlucky enough to be in a place with no english servers you're fucked. If there is an english menu, it's touristy shit. It's not actually relaxing unless you're at a resort, which is a complete waste of money since they're all the same and going anywhere outside of it is a massive hurdle. My room is good enough and sight-seeing doesn't satisfy me anymore.

Oh, and the biggest issue: I don't have anybody to go with.

Post edited on 28th Jul 2019, 4:54am
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>> No. 24513 [Edit]
You should theme it somehow. The modern vaction has become a haphazard photo shoot, but it doesn't have to be that way. It could be a food tour or a music tour, or a cultural tour, or an otaku pilgrimage or something. Before going though, you should buy whatever tickets and make whatever reservations you need.

Post edited on 4th Aug 2019, 7:07am
>> No. 24515 [Edit]
I used to daydream about traveling to lots of places when I was younger, but your second paragraph includes some of the reasons I don't want to anymore.
In my early 20s I got the chance to actually travel somewhere I had dreamed about going and it was horrible. I was constantly stressed and anxious, the schedules I had planned before I left gave me no enjoyment and just left me exhausted and confused. Nothing was worth the hassle. I just wanted to wait in my hotel room on my computer until I could go home.
The only fun I actually had was going to the grocery store. If you travel any significant distance (even within the same country, if it is big enough) the things you can find in a grocery store are totally different, and since the food in grocery stores is generally only a couple of dollars rather than the price of a full meal, you can afford to buy pretty much every single item that looks interesting to you.
>> No. 24519 [Edit]
Just like how there's a Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage, there's a new Otaku 88 pilgrimage. Some of the "holy sites" may interest you.
>> No. 24656 [Edit]
I often think about it but I've come to realise it's more about mentally escaping my life than actually visiting somewhere different.

As in my troubles will go away if i physically move. I think about this so often.
But, when i think about it there is nothing i particually want to see. If i did i could justy see it online. I've spent hours and hours looking at streetview for various countries.

Even looked at airbnb rooms and imagined interacting with the people. I know how the interaction will go. I know how i will speak and how the conversation will go.

Which is strtange considering the anxiety i feel when travelling. A couple years ago I flew 30 mins to another city to see my brother. It was 48 hours of panic and stress.
That feeling when I returned and got back in my car and sank into the seat was unbelivable.

Another time I toured my own country a little. It was just the same shit everywhere. The same shops and everything just with different geography. I found it increasingly frustrating being unable to derive any satisfaction from it.

It put me off any travel. Or anything really. There's nothing out there is there?

File 156789639619.jpg - (44.39KB , 704x396 , onimageboard.jpg )
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What happened to all the people who used to inhabit imageboards ~10 years ago? Given how poor the quality of most are now, I find it hard to believe that they are still active in those same places. Did they simply accept the inevitability of change and abandon imageboards for good? (While I find it hard to believe that they'd switch to something like Facebook, it's not unprobable that many just joined discord groups, also simultaneously resulting in the gradual decline of irc). Are they still there in small numbers but just drowned out by the influx of newcomers and low-quality posts? Did they escape to some uber-secret sanctuary?

The recent 8ch exodus led me to browse some of their various spinoff boards; I thought that at least one might recapture the same spirit of old but unfortunately none really come close. Tohno-chan is still perhaps the only place I've found where where post quality remains relatively high and discussion is thoughtful.
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>> No. 24651 [Edit]
File 156816052428.jpg - (265.34KB , 850x1200 , __original_drawn_by_karasu_raven__sample-da5d6905a.jpg )
I'll never understand why somebody using a site with chan, CHAN, in the name would hate "weebshit". The only time I use 4chan is when i'm looking at the monster girl games general. Because the barrier of entry is so high, it manages to be at least noticeably better than the rest of the site. Even the erogame general is unsalvageable. Also, why do you guys know so much about this shit? The bulk of your time doesn't need to be spent interacting with others.
>> No. 24652 [Edit]
One either hates it in an ironic fashion, or he hates it because he came to the website for completely unrelated reasons like memes, activism, porn, etc.
>> No. 24653 [Edit]
I remember many years ago that creating tulpas was a thing people were actively attempting to do. I'm wondering if anyone achieved it now that the dust has settled.
>> No. 24654 [Edit]
I know a guy who claims to have done it. For me, well, my tulpa had been by my side all along in the form of a dream-entity which had consistently accompanied me from the age of about 5. Usually, just as some girl that talks to me and watches me as I explore whatever fresh hellscape I dreamed up until I either die or wake up.

File 156646285632.gif - (249.07KB , 480x360 , 1563369114098.gif )
24553 No. 24553 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello. I am 15 years old, and I saw no specific rules about not being able to post if you are under 18?
Hopefully I am allowed to post.
Now saying that I may frustate some of you (and for good reason), however I will say that I will not post anything outside of this thread, and I will try to be respectful, and here are some things about myself.
-I don't have any friends, in real life or online.
-Almost all of my time outside of school, and not sleeping I have been on this world wide web, (since I was 3, my mom put me on a preschool website and just let me wander)
-Anime wise, I don't actually have that many under my belt, because i'm scared of watching a bad one, but I very much love anime and Japanese content. Some animes that I have liked are, A Place Farther than the Universe, Welcome to the NHK, Non Non Biyori, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-I'm unable to speak to anyone besides my family in real life because of how shy I am
-I'm autistic
-I don't have any dreams for the future, or willpower to be able to do anything.
-I don't have/use any social media, or a phone
-I am very much interested in the old internet, being of my age I have only experienced a little of only well, 2007ish internet, and I can not remember much of my experiences around that time besides a handful. I browse archives of old websites, and look at old dead forums a lot, encyclopedia dramatica articles about internet events that have long been forgotten and I very much like these small website communities, where if you don't know where to look you will never find them. I don't very much like most of this 2019 internet, as I feel a lot of it's fun and soul have been taken away.
I like the people on here, and I would like to learn about things from you. I know generally older people are smarter than younger people. I personally would love to tell my 8 year old self a lot of things. If anyone can tell me about there experiences, or just general knowledge, about otaku culture, the old internet, or anything really I will be very grateful.
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>> No. 24587 [Edit]
Can I ask what made you interested in the older internet in general? I’d hope you’d have your own good times but I can see the appeal. If you’ve gotten here you probably have done enough digging but for old websites this is a pretty good search engine:
Neocities is also a good community that has a few old school style websites, although the old geocities archives would be a good thing to look through.
Another tip I’d give you would be to try other protocols of the internet like gopher or IRC. Good luck!
I also find it odd you’re not gonna post anywhere else here when this is a pretty okay taste of the old net, although it’s probably filled with more jaded complaining than you’d like.
Also, otaku culture in the west is a bit different, i’d go crawling around jap internet to get a taste for that.
>> No. 24588 [Edit]
Also! Textboards are as old internet as you can get while still using the WWW besides maybe forums.
>> No. 24627 [Edit]
(>>24583 here) I played typeracer a little recently too, averaging 120 WPM and peaking at 156wpm (actually 160pm on practice). You beat me easily in tha tregard at leaest.

You're still pretty young, you could try to pick up an instrument or something. If you hit 20 with 4-5 years of experience you'll be semi-decent. Most people don't really seem to mediocre in life (which is fine, as maybe they can relate to others).

It's wierd, you're younger than my little sister but you feel more familiar than people my own age. People here just get more and more depressed as they age and can't seem to cope with life, but it did motivate me to pick up some hobbies and I had some online friends I hung out with everyday on streaming sites. I don't think these websites can bring happiness, but I don't know what can.

Post edited on 9th Sep 2019, 2:45am
>> No. 24629 [Edit]
Wiby is pretty neat! I used it in the past and it lets you find some cool things. Neocities is also cool, I tried to make a website but it was nothing more then the most basic of basic of html. As for other protocols, I never actually checked any out, although I heard of gopher before.
Thanks for your post! I couldn't think of much else to say.. sorry.

File 155564836717.jpg - (103.45KB , 850x1200 , __passenger_pigeon_kemono_friends_drawn_by_dl2go__.jpg )
24294 No. 24294 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you know what I find annoying? People who complain about being lonely without knowing what it's really like to be alone and take what they have for granted. Maybe they broke up a while back or are just going some time without seeing their friends, these people don't know what it's like to be truly alone. They almost certainly have someone there, siblings or friend or a parent, anything. They have people they can talk to if need be, people who will be there for them. They don't know what it's like to never have anyone.
The internet is my only social outlet, there's no one else in my life I can talk to. I can't even speak properly out loud because of how little practice I get, and it's such a bizarre experience if/when I actually do have a conversation with someone in person. Just being able to talk to someone is one of those rare things for me that normals take for granted. I feel like a ghost in this world, there but disconnected, observing other people as an outsider but unable to join them. I might as well not even be there as far as they've concerned. Even when I make online acquaintances, they never stick around long. I've learned to stop expecting anything from anyone. I still try all the same, to be friendly giving caring, but it never works for long. Their 'real' friends always take priority and win out. I can't even talk to anyone in my family. I have no brothers or sisters or cousins, only an abusive asshole of a father who I don't live with, my simple minded half deaf mother, and my insane uncle. I do still try with them, but it just ends up being a disappointing and frustrating experience each and every time. The real kicker here is that I don't even like being around people anyway. I like being alone and find humans annoying and obnoxious to deal with. I don't know if I'm lonely, or if I've just bought into the idea projected by society that everyone needs someone and not having someone is the worst most lonely thing possible. The times when I'm truly and completely alone without any humans around online or off are some of the most enjoyable moments for me. I feel like I'm just not cut out for intermingling with humans and trying to is a waste of time and effort, but I also find myself worrying in the back of my mind that maybe I've
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 24532 [Edit]
I have to admit, it’s kind of odd/amusing that people are talking to each-other on an Internet forum about loneliness.
>> No. 24584 [Edit]
how old are you cutey
>> No. 24585 [Edit]
I think that's par for the course. Talking like this is a lot easier than talking to people in person.

>> No. 24628 [Edit]
File 156802247095.jpg - (10.18KB , 224x225 , index.jpg )
Brings back memories of watching Haruhi and crying when they go to the festival with all their friends. At one point I used to feel depressed hearing a nice OST as I wasn't talented on top

File 154417763279.jpg - (133.31KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Comic Girls - 03 [1080p]_mkv_snapsh.jpg )
23927 No. 23927 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Enough pessimism! Share some stuff you're happy or thankful for in your life! Or just talk about something good that happened recently!
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>> No. 24540 [Edit]
I am happy about working in vineyards. I am completely satisfied with it but I think I am lucky. Especially because I never actually took a decision, I went with the flow and what was the easiest path for me.
>> No. 24542 [Edit]
I can still live with my mother. I think I will be here until she dies. It's nice to not have to worry about things like rent and bills.
>> No. 24546 [Edit]
>> No. 24623 [Edit]
I was given some money to cover my rent for another month. Pretty happy!

File 156501402277.jpg - (101.27KB , 1920x1080 , blacklagoonsubm.jpg )
24516 No. 24516 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Tomorrow I will be going to a neurologist. I have been keeping up the masquerade and going through the motions for many years already, and I think that I can't fool anyone anymore.
People can tell that I'm not one of them, several incidents in the lasts days have ascertained me of that. My parents told me last night that the have already booked a appointment with a neurologist to whom they are acquainted with, and that is set for tomorrow.
I'm somewhat concerned with this, I'm afraid of what I would have to reveal, and the implications of such, but refusing to go doesn't seem like an option. Can someone who's been through this give some advice? Even if you have never been in a similar situation, I would appreciate your assessment.
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>> No. 24527 [Edit]
A while ago I went to see a psychiatrist and a therapist. It did not help at all, it was like they didn't understand me at all, all the advice they gave and the things they said were not applicable to me at all. The Psychiatrist told me to read a book by Jordan Peterson and then send me on my way.
This disheartened me but I think they probably just offer the same advice and say the same kinds of things to everyone, because it probably does help 99% of people. So now I am going to see an autism specialist and see what they think, maybe they will have a better understanding of me.
>> No. 24530 [Edit]
I would be considered lucky to many on this imageboard. Although I had the material needs growing up, my case was mostly parental neglect and likely Aspergers (little interest in people, more interest in things and events) and social anxiety which has improved for at least superficial conversation. In addition to therapy at high school I had a friend to play a lot of games with and talk for a few years, although it's been over 4 years since that fell apart.

I've learned basic interaction skills to function in public and care less about boredom and sadness in life compared to the past, although have little real interactions nowadays. I suppose I live in a first-world country where employment is possible without being too tiring or dangerous as well.

As I grow older I realize that everyone has problems, some featuring worse stuff like drug addiction and broken homes are common nowadays and that "successful" people just tend to think less and let work grind down their souls and then try to pray it away if they believe in a sky daddy. So I don't care as much anymore even though I don't expect myself to become much more neurotypical.
>> No. 24534 [Edit]
But people are interesting, people are things and events!
>> No. 24539 [Edit]
Interestingly, neglect and ASD are often misdiagnosed as each-other.

File 156120462758.png - (815.40KB , 1600x900 , 1410124935616380563.png )
24425 No. 24425 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I was a NEET for most of my life, tried to get out of it several times with work, antidepressants or drugs. Right now Im again in a situation where Im basically forced to socialize and I guess Im about to just give it up for good. Its extremely exhausting to be in social situations and I never got the feeling of it becoming natural. I always thought being lonely and not liking social situations was just something that I developed due to my situation as a NEET. People can change after all and usually, after a few months, once they get used to it, adapt. Not so in my case and I really cant tell if its depression or simply how I am. I dont feel any form of improvements if it comes to my mood. I absolutely hate to get up by my alarmclock, having to talk to strangers and colleagues and getting home when its getting dark again. Its literal hell and all I do is living from weekend to weekend, sleeping most of the time between work and getting drunk. Ironically enough, it feels like its not the work thats exhausting, its the contact to other people. People keep saying thats its good for your mental health to be productive and around people, but its quite the opposite for me. I guess being lonely, for some, is both, what we love and hate the most. Right now I miss it but at the same time I still have it because I cant connect to people anyway. In a way Im still alone, the only difference is the fact that Im around people now. At least this situation finally made it clear that Im definitely a loner and my future goal is to find something where I can work while being alone. I gave up on trying to live a normal life.

Sorry for that random wall of text, I just wanted to get it out somewhere. And I think here on this board are the right people. I hope all of you one day find the happiness we are all searching for.
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>> No. 24453 [Edit]
File 15632546106.jpg - (1.28MB , 2048x1909 , 4ABEAE3F-A14B-4616-B20B-BAAED99235EA.jpg )
I’m in sort of a similar boat. Don’t see any place for me in the system outside of working from home. I am going to try to balance freelance web design and art work patreon. I already got the web design education and a year of field experience (cringey, retarded experience, but experience) now I gotta grind the art skills. Thankfully I can stay at my parents place which saves so much money. Thanks mom.

But I have some real mental health issues fighting against this plan and they are winning right now. Unemployed and lying that I said I applied to places...just wasting time now.
>> No. 24507 [Edit]
File 156470661152.jpg - (178.17KB , 500x667 , C2Gx0e3UkAAidxa.jpg )
I'm currently trying to figure it out some way to have an income doing work online. This "field" is so utterly filled with scams. Right now the most promising stuff I think I can do and it actually pays something is translation work, captioning and transcription. I've been rejected by three different online companies that hires freelance workers for captioning and transcription so far though. Another thing I'm looking into is teaching English online. It's all a terrible and exhausting process. The simple step of going to the bank and setting up an account makes my guts churn inside. Unfortunately there's no other way, it's this, flip burgers, be homeless, suicide or winning the lottery. I usually would have given up by now but this time I can no longer afford to pretend everything is fine.

Life is a dreadful business, what can you do..
>> No. 24514 [Edit]
I'm successful day-trading binary contracts. At the moment it's something anyone can make money with. A few hundred dollars is enough to start with.
>> No. 24533 [Edit]
I don’t know if you’re still here but there’s lots of online work from home stuff that can net you 40-50k a year. I am considering becoming a hermit and being a transcriptionist seems like a good way to generate income without leaving the bedroom. This is not an advertisement, so you’re gonna have to find stuff yourself but just be careful and do research when looking for at-home work.

File 156381504864.jpg - (764.70KB , 1167x1800 , 790891E4-95F2-40C1-B6CF-35798D7E98C7.jpg )
24460 No. 24460 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
They say people find their niche...they say keep trying and eventually things will work out...

But I am convinced there is truly no place for someone like me. Anything I could offer, someone else could do better, and without being a morose, miserable, despondent person.

I am at odds with the world. The world is at odds with me. Square peg round hole.

A stupid person who is just smart enough to realize how dumb they are...there is no use for someone like that. I wish a freak accident would take my life and free me from this prison existence.

Up until recently, I still had a little hope. But lately, I don’t see a future where I want to live, no matter what happens. There’s nothing for me and the people around me don’t get it. I have been broken by a life of emotional neglect. I can’t put the pieces back together by myself.

I’m sorry if this thread is a waste of your time.
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>> No. 24475 [Edit]
Oh look, it's another worthless social darwinist asshole with no life experience or achievements whatsoever to even back up their selfish philosophy. I hope you're being fed your own medicine in heaps.
OP pay no attention to ford driving creatures like this one. They're the ones who have negative value as humans, being capable only of hurting others while bringing absolutely nothing to the table.
They're weak cowards who can only take and take and take, terrified by the prospect expending their meager resources on anything they don't see as an 'investment'. It's lowly greed and it's the cancer that's killing us all. That's how things are. As I've been surviving on a plethora of irregular odd jobs I've been around and I've seen some shit.
People like him have made me what I am today. Having full knowledge of what it's like to be dealing with their bullshit I have no right to become like them even if it puts me at a disadvantage. I've been trying to break the cycle by attempting to offer what little help a loser like me can provide, asking for little in return and never exploiting unfair opportunities.
Like you I've found no place for myself so far. I tried and it's been an arduous journey rewarded mostly with bad memories, scars and chronic pain- physical and emotional. I've lost almost all hope and forcing myself to do anything requires tremendous mental effort but spite towards assholes like the one you've seen above keeps me alive.
People deserve to be helped, regardless of their personal struggles and theoretical monetary value, out of kindness alone, for free.
So I keep trying. A selfless act or a stretch of hard committed labor will earn me someone's smile and an eager handshake but it's so hard to be really accepted anywhere with my personality being so different from that of a normal man.
Those who are personally likeable can often fit in regardless of how hard they work. Socially nimble people can succeed even if they're internally disgusting and evil.
I have met numerous shitheads who try to capitalize on any good will they perceive a
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 24476 [Edit]
File 156399343875.jpg - (80.80KB , 850x779 , sample_5b65a38293083b4882665f81777ef751.jpg )
You're projecting both on me and op, you bitter little man. You know nothing about me, yet because of my views on energy investment, you fill in the blanks to make me the kind of person you hate. I don't hate op. I don't despise them. However, I do feel that trying to help them by giving them the same advice, and the same pitiful excuse for emotional support an anonymous image board can allow, and the same sophistry, and so on and so on as everybody like him has received before is a waste of his and my time. It doesn't work. You think I haven't tried?

Giving him your e-therapy or whatever, won't help him. There's no rational reason to think it will. It's not the informed, extensive, consistent, help they need. However, it will allow you to use op as a tool to feel better about yourself. To feel noble and better than those shitty normal. Like you're revolting against the universe. Even so called "good, selfless people" like yourself put others down, like me, to feel superior to others. Even if I really never accomplished anything like you assume about me, why do you use that as your insult, on this site? If I was a billionaire, would that make me a more worthwhile person in your eyes? Or would I have to start a charity? Why pull the "loser" card?

You're not op's mentor, who's going to teach him about evil "Ford drivers" like me, cunt. OP might have even dropped this thread and left. Or they're kicking themself for starting it and blaming themself for this argument. If you're listening op, do whatever the fuck you want. I don't care, and neither should anybody else. If they think they do now, they won't in one week. That advice is the only real help I can give you.
>> No. 24477 [Edit]
Well this thread sure got interesting.
OP pls respond!
>> No. 24509 [Edit]
File 156472802863.png - (16.70KB , 199x103 , tumblr_oh4p3eVxHN1v0ama5o1_250.png )
cute pic op

File 156279870356.jpg - (208.00KB , 698x960 , o0698096014097957243.jpg )
24439 No. 24439 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Would you consider yourself ugly?

I was thinking before about the general consensus that the "pretty" people get ahead in life almost effortlessly, while the "ugly" people struggle. I've always considered myself resoundingly ugly in terms of appearance. I don't like anything about how I look and I've mostly just learned to not care too much about it, because I cant do much else. When I used to attend classes, people sometimes noted my androgynous features (thin nose, smaller jawline etc). Never in a way that suggested that it was good or bad, just that in the mandatory small-talk it was mentioned a couple of times. I observed that androgynous features like this are considered attractive in Japanese culture - when people said that about me, did they mean it in a good way or not? Maybe it was derisive, because whenever I encounter someone with alpha male status they have the exact opposite features.

I've never been granted any sort of special treatment, and in fact most people treat me like shit, so I have to assume that my culture doesn't regard these features highly enough to give me the pass that someone conventionally "handsome" would get. That, or the way I speak/act is so unusual that it offsets it. Would a total sperg with a runway model's face get ahead in life simply because of it? Similarly, can a 1/10 guy trick his way to the top with his other qualities? It also seems like the rule that pretty people succeed applies more to women than men, which is weird.

It's horribly unfair, being the only thing that the average person cant change about themselves (not counting people born into money who can have cosmetic surgery and cheat the system)
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 24448 [Edit]
I have those too. I'm probably not vain enough to do this, but the best way to get rid of the deep ones is dermabrasion where they remove a decent layer of skin from the area.
Talking of cosmetic "problems", I also have a missing tooth that doesn't look great. Again I don't want to do anything about it, but in a late capitalist service economy I can't help but be paranoid that one day it will be the difference between getting a job and sleeping on the street.
>> No. 24450 [Edit]
Do you have good dental health?
>> No. 24458 [Edit]
File 156365880462.jpg - (63.02KB , 625x531 , 1563556940321.jpg )
I have no fucking idea to be honest. My mom says I'm good looking and I don't see any particularly glaring flaws in my face, but no girl ever showed interest in me (thank god for that) and lots of people commented on how weird I look. Maybe it's just a posture thing, or maybe my mom is just too nice. All I know is, I've never been accepted into any group ever, friends or otherwise, and I'm an unemployed friendless highschool dropout virgin. I wouldn't change my looks for the world because that's just me, it's who I am. If nothing else, I do love myself and my own identity over the world.
>> No. 24505 [Edit]
File 156444111432.jpg - (32.05KB , 434x599 , average loli.jpg )
Honestly I don't know, I think I'm probably just average. Never got insulted for being ugly or bad looking, but neither I have been praised for being handsome.

File 156383221020.jpg - (95.00KB , 960x720 , dd8z8x3-2b08c0dc-2312-4d37-9c10-77d5c6639763.jpg )
24463 No. 24463 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What is the meaning of life if you are not exceptional in any way, if you do not look exceptional, if you do not have exceptional talent, if you were not born in a unique place, you don't have any unique skills and you don't have a bigger goal in life?
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>> No. 24491 [Edit]
It's not commercialism if it costs nothing, is immaterial, and requires work to get. What's wrong with hedonism? Nobody simply exists. Every moment you stay alive, you're taking up the limited amount of usable energy in the universe. Trying to live up to higher ideals by rejecting "lowly pleasure seeking" is just a way to feel superior in the end. Nhilistic hedonism is here to stay whether it disgusts you or not. If it disgusts you, why aren't you disgusted by your own resource consuming existence?

Post edited on 28th Jul 2019, 4:07pm
>> No. 24494 [Edit]
It's more about a desire to always be, accomplish, or obtain something more so you can pump up your ego and feel good about yourself. It makes a few problems in that you always need another rock on the mountain to climb. Should you stumble on your way up it's going to feel really awful to see yourself lose so much altitude when the top was "just in sight". And since we're flawed humans we'll inevitably get bored of the mountain and look for another one, look at the one we're standing on and wonder what the point of this mountain even was in the first place.

It's not that hedonistic pleasures are bad in and of themselves it's the attachment and regret that come with them. As an example I used to do art. It was fun for a while but eventually I got to where I had real trouble improving my work. "Me, the artist" I thought. So I kept on trying and trying. I grew resentful and developed a rather large degree of self-hatred as "the artist" wasn't even improving, let alone making something actually good. It wasn't until I learned to accept this limitation that I began to enjoy it again. It's not very good, but I enjoy doing it, and that's what matters. I've had similar experience with parts of my personality and other hobbies. One day I'll grow bored of my current interest and hobbies too, just like I have all others, I won't be exceptional at them, but that's okay.

It's unfortunate but we humans are very limited creatures. In a world of seven billion it's highly unlikely you'll be exceptional in any way. It's much easier to find a way to accept that than hoping you'll find a way to leave a mark on the world, right?

I'm probably not using the most technically correct words but I think you'll get the point I'm trying to make... It's somewhat of a defeatist way of looking at the world but I find it's the most realistic one and it's certainly helped me be much more content with my hand in life.
>> No. 24496 [Edit]
I've dabbled in drawing and creative fields ever since I was a kid. While I'm lucky enough not to get bored of it yet, in many cases I get more and more twisted as I invent new plots and subplots, but I don't think that's uncommon among artists from the best to the worst. I still don't expect any major success but it's enough to keep me going for now with the wageslave working grind as well...
>> No. 24498 [Edit]
Getting better at something isn't about leaving a mark on the world though. If you stopped progressing, there's probably a good reason for it which somebody with more experience than you could have pointed out if you asked.

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