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File 157353652818.jpg - (26.73KB , 337x390 , https___www_monstersandcritics_com_wp-content_uplo.jpg )
24886 No. 24886 [Edit]
You're all cute. You're all adorable. It's not your appearance that makes you adorable, it's your being. Who you are. Just a friendly reminder, I believe everyone on this chan is adorable. Your being and your existence is something to be loved and adored, and I do! I love you guys! Please don't be sad anon, you deserve to be loved, be happy and live a good life. Forget what the normies define as 'good', do what makes you the happiest. That's what makes you so cute, adorable and lovely. I love you all! ☆ ~('▽^人)
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>> No. 24891 [Edit]
What you wrote doesn't fit me at all, stop being so patronizing.
>> No. 25030 [Edit]
File 15770362132.jpg - (214.54KB , 1200x800 , Konachan_com%20-%20282837%20bed%20blonde_hair%20he.jpg )
Thank you, cutie! Let's hug each other and share our warmth! ⊂(・ω・*⊂)
>> No. 25038 [Edit]
all lies. fuck you
>> No. 25044 [Edit]
File 157708788118.jpg - (218.28KB , 530x750 , 1573585920937.jpg )
I will take advantage of your thread to ask something that bothers me.
How do you live with the fact you're a 3D disgusting being? I mean, we dislike 3DPD but we are 3DPD ourselves, how do we live with that?
We can try to forget about it, but still, every morning, it hits like a truck.
>> No. 25047 [Edit]
By not having mirrors in my room.
>> No. 25049 [Edit]
By acknowledging 2-d isn't real and just an abstraction of reality.
>> No. 25050 [Edit]
Nah, sorry but you sound like some sort of 3D lover.
>> No. 25052 [Edit]
No. I'm just not fucking crazy. I'm so sick of irrational people. I'm sick of people masturbating constantly to the petty things that comfort them. I'm so annoyed. Look at the sky. Look at it long and hard. This rock we live on isn't important. 2-d isn't real. It's not "an alternative". Fucking /so/ is a waste of space.
>> No. 25053 [Edit]
The first thing that would happen in the event of 2D-ification would be 3D ruining it. Be glad you aren't 4D, those guys look at us like we're as pure as 2D.
>> No. 25054 [Edit]
I don't get your point.
>> No. 25055 [Edit]
My point is that angst and whining about things out of your control are annoying. It's pointless and boring. People do it because they're boring and fragile. Anons need to stop acting like women on their period. How do I live with something? By just doing it. I don't feel empathy for this stuff. A little venting here and there is good, but it shouldn't be this constant thing.

Post edited on 23rd Dec 2019, 11:57am
>> No. 25056 [Edit]
File 157713252846.png - (50.86KB , 190x190 , 7dd49b512c980c0bdea68ccb3b5c207f.png )
You sound like some fucking dimensions-tranny faggot.
>> No. 25057 [Edit]
It was just a simple question more than whining, because I was curious about how other anons thought about it.
I didn't know it could bother that much so I will refrain myself of doing similar posts in the future.
>> No. 25058 [Edit]
Sounds to me like you're whining about people whining about things on a board for whining about things and people.
>> No. 25059 [Edit]
File 157713713054.jpg - (27.71KB , 704x396 , kagami-in-thought.jpg )
By acknowledging 2-d isn't real and just an abstraction of reality. This isn't /mai/ so will keep it short, but in my opinion, realizing that 2D is great because it is not subjected to whatever happens in the real world is the basis for healthy waifuism. That even if you f everything up, your waifu will remain as she is, untouched, aloof to the darkest aspects of life and the mundane.
sorry waifuism didn't work for you

Well OP, I sort of share the same thoughts, even if I think your post had a bit of an unintentional, condescending connotation to it. Not cute, nor adorable, but that most folks here are quite respectable. More than the average normal, that is for certain.
>> No. 25060 [Edit]
>sorry waifuism didn't work for you
I never tried it. I'm putting my money on robots and ai. I already know what i'll name her.
>> No. 25061 [Edit]
> Fucking /so/ is a waste of space.
Why are you even here?
>> No. 25062 [Edit]
Every post catches my attention and most of the recent posts have been on /so/. It's not like if someone who goes on 4chan's /v/ went to the cooking board. Plus a few threads on /so/ are actually interesting.

Post edited on 23rd Dec 2019, 4:25pm
>> No. 25063 [Edit]
File 157714855757.jpg - (196.64KB , 850x1112 , __souryuu_asuka_langley_ayanami_rei_ikari_shinji_p.jpg )
I've thought about it more. /so/ doesn't actually have a specific purpose. There's an implied purpose, but it's not actually that clear. If it was, this thread probably wouldn't exist. The best threads in /so/ usually have some kind of prompt in the op. Or there's just something to actually talk about. When somebody makes a new thread for their angry rant about Christmas, there's no room for discussion or offering a different persepctive. It's aggravating and any disagreement is an argument by default when that tone is set from the get-go. Some people disagree and somebody else defends op and calls them normal scum or something. That's wizard-chan shit. You let that become the precedent, and it will get more common and worse.
>> No. 25066 [Edit]
Going on a board you profess to dislike about a topic you express distaste for and whining about things out of your control is annoying. It's pointless and boring.
>> No. 25067 [Edit]
merry christmas!! It's great to see everyone in the christmas spirit! I can feel the love and joy from all of you!
>> No. 25068 [Edit]
>a board you profess to dislike
I already said there's threads on /so/ I like.
>a topic you express distaste for
I have no problem with talking about Christmas.
>things out of your control
If I tell them off, they might not make a thread like that again.
>> No. 25211 [Edit]
That was unexpected and funny considering the posts above, gave me a good laugh. Thank you and for the wishes too.
>> No. 25212 [Edit]
Thanks! It's exactly what I was going for.
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