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File 15382686374.jpg - (254.16KB , 800x704 , cry.jpg )
23806 No. 23806 [Edit]
How often do you cry? Do you think it's good to let your emotions out, or should you try to maintain your composure?

I have heard some people say you shouldn't bottle up your emotions, so it's good to let emotions out. But I've heard other people say that the more often you express your extreme emotions, such as anger (yelling) or sadness (crying), the worse it gets. And that refraining from letting these outbursts happen actually helps with your emotional well-being.

What do you think?
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>> No. 23807 [Edit]
It doesn't matter what people think because it's known that crying is a natural and positive response from body and that you shouldn't suppress it. It's literally, unironically, good for you, your health, your brain and your mind.
>> No. 23808 [Edit]
Very very rarely, but I see no problem doing it. Unless you're in a public place and would like to maintain your composure, I see no reason to hold either back. If someone is crying or getting angry too often, the problem isn't the action of crying or yelling and rather there is something more wrong that needs to be addressed.
>> No. 23810 [Edit]
I haven't cried in years. Anyone else like this? I just find no matter the situation, I can't cry.
>> No. 23811 [Edit]
File 153831066680.jpg - (50.20KB , 499x500 , 1504869678918.jpg )
Only when I'm drunk or otherwise impaired. Maybe once or twice every few years I'll cry because I just wake up in serious emotional or physical pain for whatever reason. Other than that I occasionally feel like I'm going to tear up, but it usually leads nowhere.

I also don't really believe in the "let emotions out" thing. Out of what? Emotions aren't things that exist inside you, they are transient states you occupy, they have no existence otherwise.
>> No. 23812 [Edit]
>Emotions aren't things that exist inside you, they are transient states you occupy
You're absolutely wrong. If you deem existence as something that can be proven by how it affects other things, then emotions are not abstract constructs. Being sad, angry, happy, etc. have definitive, measurable impact in your body, your brain, your immune systems, wound healing, amount of energy, metabolism, and so on. Just because you have rationalized your behaviour to feel better about your personal outlook doesn't mean you're right.
>> No. 23813 [Edit]
I think you have made an error when you read my post. I didn't say they don't exist at all, I said they don't exist inside of you. You aren't some vessel that contains emotion carrying humors like bile, it's not something you can "bottle" and store. As you say in your own post, emotions are temporary altered physical and mental states that you occupy. They only exist so long as you exist within them, they aren't something that can be let "out" anymore than you can let out "your body, your brain, your immune systems, wound healing, amount of energy, metabolism, and so on".
>> No. 23815 [Edit]
>You aren't some vessel that contains emotion carrying humors like bile, it's not something you can "bottle" and store
your thoughts, memories, and mental state are all in your brain
that's something you take with you, it's not like your brain gets reset
PTSD is an example of how negative emotions and memories can stick with you, they don't go away as quickly as you imply
also studies have shown that stress impacts people's health
it's not some immaterial superstition, it's a part of your brain chemistry
>> No. 23817 [Edit]
ur extremely stopid. emotions are brein kemicals u idoits
>> No. 23818 [Edit]
THANK you! see >>23813? this guy understands.
>> No. 23819 [Edit]
Don't double-post, specially to troll/flame.
>> No. 23820 [Edit]
When I get depressed, I usually don't bother to cry anymore, but I can get lost for hours in thought, oftentimes channeling into a lot of nostalgia and memories. I'm not sure if that's any healthier than crying.
>> No. 23823 [Edit]
How is it unhealthy? My mood picks up after losing myself in childhood nostalgia.
>> No. 23842 [Edit]
I seldom cry. Only twice this year, once when the depression hit real hard, and today when I went with my dad to see his sister right before her death in the hospital.
>> No. 23936 [Edit]
You are not alone.
It's very exhausting.
>> No. 23940 [Edit]
I cry at the end of every month and I really wish I didn't.
Probably better to maintain composure but I don't think it matters if you're alone.
>> No. 23953 [Edit]
File 154450184668.jpg - (167.51KB , 786x576 , D07B0564-07A3-4C98-AC5C-2FB22098A5E7.jpg )
I cry in my sleep now only, I also cry when watching anime. I don’t have strong emotions for real life anymore. But the way anime displays friendships, love, life it gets to me. It strange people like to live in misery and distrust, even with he closest relatives. I don’t understand
>> No. 24028 [Edit]
Very rarely these days. I used to cry a lot but it feels like I can't anymore, and I hate it.
I wish I could go back to when there was still a little hope. When I could feel sad and cry quietly but still believe I had a chance.
I hate that I'm getting used to suffering.
It's not right, nothing is right and I don't want to be OK with any of it.
This disgusting fucking world is winning, like it always does, and I can't do anything to change it.

Last year I cried while sleeping for the first time. I was shocked, woke up with wet face and swollen eyes, and that bitter sensation in my chest that I haven't felt in years. I didn't even know it was possible.
Fictional depictions of the things you mentioned also get to me very hard. For this reason I avoided anime and stuff for years now.

I also had a long period of voluntary isolation from imageboards, until now at least a year of complete withdrawal.
I feel horrible and I can't do it anymore. I don't know if I can, or should end this seclusion.
I feel like writing walls and walls of text, to try to put into words all the thoughts and feelings that are just swarming inside of my skull... but I remember I once promised someone here that I'd go away and never pollute the place with my shit again. I'm sorry.

I don't even know where I'm going with this. I came back because I lost to a desperate desire to fish for sympathy and attention. I also realize that what I'm doing is cancerous.

I saw that strange skeleton pic and it almost felt like a comforting welcome. I wish, but truth is I left the internet precisely because I didn't feel at home anywhere anymore, and I wasn't anyone's friend either.
>> No. 24029 [Edit]
> I remember I once promised someone here that I'd go away and never pollute the place with my shit again
What prompted this? The beauty of imageboards is that you can consider everyone an acquaintance but there is no obligation or burden your part. It is like that Japanese saying "ichigo ichie," the interactions are momentary and fleeting but that is what makes it cherished.

>For this reason I avoided anime and stuff for years now.
Slice of Life in particular is touching in the way it can evoke and materialize those suppressed emotions. To me at least it's some sort of cathartic relief. Is the reason you avoid the medium to attempt to avoid bringing up those feelings, and if so to what end? The feelings evoked do end up tinging subsequent days with a painful sort of emptiness, but the memory left is also sort of bittersweet.
>> No. 24030 [Edit]
>What prompted this?
A combination of things. At that point I was already going through periods of inactivity before quitting completely.
Mostly because of anxiety and sadness caused by feeling like I don't belong anywhere, being unable to relate to anything and anyone... and maybe most importantly being unable to communicate, to clearly express my thoughts and feelings, and through this to try to find some sense of connection and understanding.
I thought I too often gave in to this temptation of writing convoluted personal blog shit (like I'm doing right now, god damn it) knowing that many would find it annoying.
That guilt is bad enough on its own but I also stress out for hours while struggling with English and trying to compose something comprehensible, often to delete all of it before posting anyway.

So, then there was a conversation about what kinds of posts and posters are harmful to the site, and while reading it I concluded that I probably was one of the bad users.
Of course my influence was practically insignificant, but I thought it was still detrimental no matter how small.
I figured the single best thing I could do for the communities I valued so much would be to just go away.
I hoped this decision would be a right thing to do, that it was for the good of the endangered world of small imageboards not dominated by normals, and that because of this I'd get some solace and a little strength to help me endure my seclusion.
So I said my goodbyes and left.

In the end I swapped one pain for another, it really feels like I excised a chunk of myself and found nothing that could take its place.

>Is the reason you avoid the medium to attempt to avoid bringing up those feelings, and if so to what end?
Yes, because I was desperate to stop feeling so bad.
What hits me the hardest is the contrast between how I'd want the world to be and the knowledge of how it really is.
The things I want most are the hardest for me to admit. I always dreamed of, yearned for love, friendship, belonging, being able to make people know and understand me completely and to still be accepted, stuff like this. Even typing this made me cringe with shame and embarrassment.
The older I get the more I want all of it, the more I wish for another life, the more I mourn for the youth I never had... but the reality I experience and observe every day is so depressing and different from what I desire, it breaks my heart every day.
Everything I see, everything I'm part of are endless cycles of mutual abuse and misery. I too don't understand why people want to keep it this way, and I can't deal with it.

It's why I tried to suppress these feelings by isolating myself from anything that would remind me of what I desperately want deep inside.
I tried to kill these impossible dreams. It didn't work, obviously.
Now I'm here, clueless and out of the loop, having achieved nothing. Couldn't even keep my simple resolution.
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