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File 167569613020.png - (209.17KB , 336x399 , 1673988160415669.png )
28008 No. 28008 [Edit]
Why are people so fragile and aggressive at the internet the last 10+ years?
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>> No. 28009 [Edit]
Because the internet is serious business. It's kill or be killed out here pal. Are you willing to put your life on the line and risk it all to fight the good fight?
>> No. 28010 [Edit]
Because more fragile and aggressive people have easy access to the internet.
People who really shouldn't be using the internet.
>> No. 28011 [Edit]
People stopped using the internet as a tool and instead as a way of life.
Not a "my hobbies are online" way of life like early forum goers and image board users, but rather, "literally all of my personal information is available online and I use my real name readily and publicly so everything is absolutely serious at all times" type of thing.

I still only use the internet to look at image boards, videos, and to download and archive cool things that I like...
>> No. 28012 [Edit]
File 167573179883.png - (129.08KB , 907x1202 , normies_double_standards_01.png )
>"literally all of my personal information is available online and I use my real name readily and publicly"
And yet same retards have the nerve to whine about "doxxers" when they get doxxed by themselves.

From my social circle I was the last one to move at Facebook at early 2010s and only because everyone stopped using msn, skype, forums etc. Also I was the only one at my social circle that refused using my real name. At 2021 I finally deleted my last Facebook accounts and never used it again (not even Messenger). And generally I don't use any social media (besides twitter as a lurker to follow artists I like and share their art only/mostly at twitter).
>> No. 28018 [Edit]
>What you have to hide?
>> No. 28020 [Edit]
>> No. 28023 [Edit]
Don't mind >>28018, despite the post not being grammatically correct it's still good content.
>> No. 28024 [Edit]
Forgoing proofreading is not indicative of an ESL. One might argue it's poor form, however.
>> No. 28025 [Edit]
I'm fairly certain the author is not a native speaker because of the prepositional errors using "at" instead of to/in. There's nothing wrong with that though; so long as the content is substantive and mostly intelligible, there's no reason to be elitist.

Post edited on 7th Feb 2023, 4:24pm
>> No. 28026 [Edit]
Yeah, you're right.
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