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File 158889197285.jpg - (173.85KB , 591x835 , IMG_0193.jpg )
25531 No. 25531 [Edit]
How would you like to improve yourself? In what ways and by what methods? I don't mean self-improvement in the generic, conformist, commercial bs kind of way. People have ideals and things they see as virtues. There might be the idea of a "quality person" in your head which you would like to be.
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>> No. 25532 [Edit]
It would be nice if there were something I cared and gave a shit enough about doing that could affect someone other than just myself, but I don't.
>> No. 25533 [Edit]
>that could affect someone other than just myself
So you want to be helpful to other people?
>> No. 25534 [Edit]
I feel the same, which is why I have been trying to learn japanese and have been seeing tutorials about scanlating manga. I would like to translate something so other people could read it.
Of course I still have hard time keeping my motivation and actually putting some work, but I think have been making some progress.
>> No. 25535 [Edit]
Well yeah of course, you could say parts of whatever job you have are technically helpful to others but that sort of thing isn't much of an accomlishment. Something more than just passive action like employment.
>> No. 25536 [Edit]
File 158890615326.jpg - (356.62KB , 1280x1964 , IMG102.jpg )
>well yeah of course
Why of course? I only do stuff for personal gratification and I don't see that as a bad thing. Society has vague notions of a "good person" which typical self-help advice always centers around, but I consider being emotionally detatched from the rest of society to be a virture.

Post edited on 7th May 2020, 7:50pm
>> No. 25537 [Edit]
I know, it's one thing I always think about when I think about this. A lot of society is so awful and filled with bs that it's almost not even worth the effort. One thing I'd really like do to is write, which oomes with its technical challenges of course like getting the reader to use their imagination properly and being eloquent enough to not sound retarded, but even past that is who would I care to even share what I do with on the chance I manage something? Like >>25534 one of the few things I've worked on seriously is studying Japanese, and have considered fansubbing/scanlating some series I like, but I'm not good enough for that yet.
>> No. 25538 [Edit]
>who would I care to even share what I do with on the chance I manage something?
There's a thread in /cr/ for posting your writing. There's plenty of websites up for that too, even just a blog. The thing is, just because you're doing something for personal gratification, that doesn't mean it can't also benefit others. That would just be a happy side-effect of your actions if you're so inclined, but nothing gets sacrificed without benefiting you.
>> No. 25539 [Edit]
I want to improve my physique, learn Japanese and maybe become more disciplined. Also I am working on limiting my OCD, it can be really destructive, not just the physical aspects but the mental aspects as well. I have not been able to sit down, watch something and just enjoy it without thoughts racing through my head about some stupid thing the show has made me think about for some time.
>> No. 25540 [Edit]
I'm learning japanese and for the future I really need to learn drawing.
I'm quite old and there's an awful feeling that happens when you ask yourself "what I've been doing in the last X years?", when X could be 10, or 15, or even 20 years. Or the feeling of being so late and thinking how I could have started to learn a particular thing just at 20 yo and I could be a master of it today, but I was busy doing who knows what.
I want to avoid to keep feeling like that at all costs, and the only way is learning something that let's you see how you improve and also have practical and useful aplications.
If I have to be something closer to a shut-in for most of my life then at least I want to use some of that time to learn things most of people doesn't know.
If any of you is still young, just start doing shit already. But take it seriously, always.
I tried to learn three languages, got two degrees, read so many tutorials and started so many things just because they sounded cool, but I haven't learned shit in my life. You need to keep your focus.
>> No. 25541 [Edit]
I've tried starting on drawing three times and always just found it so frustrating that I quit roughly 12 hours to a day after I start. Is it just the tutorials I'm using? Nothing makes it seem any fun and I'd rather not do something as a hobby that's explicitly "Do this tedious, soul grinding shit for 8 months and you'll be half-decent at it!" As much as I have ideas I'd like to draw.
>> No. 25542 [Edit]
I list some of my improvements. Some of these may be generic, but they are very important to me:

>Learn Japanese
I want to be able to read untranslated stuff. A lot of translated stuff is bad too (censorship, terrible localizations, etc.) so I want to read the original japanese versions of those two. Hopefully, I'll be skilled enough to work on translations for games, books, and visual novels.

>Eat Healthy/Lose Weight
My family on both sides have histories of medical issues- a lot of them caused by unhealthy eating and obesity. Sure I have members of my family who lived very long lives, however their older years were filled with pain and issues from things that they did when they were younger. I want to not only eat healthier to improve my mood, but I also don't want to face medical problems and I want to lose weight and stop being a fattie.

>Learn Programming
Both as a hobby and to do as a career. I want to make little projects and work on romhacking as soon as I can. I'm learning but hopefully I'll get a little better soon. Not really programming right now but just reading up about it.

I'm currently reading loomis. I suck at drawing but hopefully I can get better.

Something I really need to work on. I watch those little Japanese/Korean tutorials for baking.

>Other Hobbies
I want to learn how to fish. I also want to read and write as much as I used to.

I want to improve myself in a lot of things. However I think what I really need to work on is responsibility. Steadily, I'm getting better. When I was severely depressed, I didn't take showers often, gained a lot of weight, didn't clean, etc. etc. Now that I am slowly recovering from that phase, I have become very hygenic and clean way more frequently than I used to. So that's proof that I am getting better. It takes time, but if we all push ourselves, we'll hopefully get there.
>> No. 25543 [Edit]
>I'd rather not do something as a hobby that's explicitly "Do this tedious, soul grinding shit for 8 months and you'll be half-decent at it!"
That excludes 99% of hobbies.
>> No. 25544 [Edit]
That's a lot of stuff. Is all that built in a routine?
>> No. 25545 [Edit]
Getting to my current proficiency in Japanese took a long time, but it didn't feel like tedious, soul grinding shit. I refuse to believe nearly all hobbies must be inherently completely unenjoyable until you reach a certain point where suddenly you'll just like it. If that were the case, nobody would ever want to do anything.
>> No. 25546 [Edit]
I don't see how drawing could feel more tedious than learning japanese.
>> No. 25547 [Edit]
It has a bit of a rough start, but the majority of tedium in Japanese is just learning how to write Kanji from memory (which i still haven't really fully done). Other than that the experience has been fairly enjoyable, as I've gained comprehension from doing the things I've liked to do. It definitely takes a while, but the majority of that while was fun and insightful.

From the guides I've seen, at least, drawing and art seems to involve a series of shitty MMO daily grind quests involving going to sketch 500 bland shapes so that you can earn a pitiful amount of experience. Despite the fact that this amount of experience is little, and you'd need to continue doing this over the course of several months, this is the only way to grind EXP according to the game's community because every other way either gimps you or takes even longer in comparison. Then, after you gain your experience, and get to the endgame (assuming you haven't quit), you get laughed at by the community at large because the class you chose, despite being one you liked, was considered shit in some patch some time ago that you didn't get word of. Thankfully, you can still change classes even now it seems, but the rest of them aren't fun and are even more draining to play than the initial grind you went through, making you wonder why you didn't just use the game's pay 2 win system and shell out the money so you could get what you're half interested in without having to do everything and getting lambasted by the community in the end for it.
At least from what I've seen. Maybe talent is a thing, not in the traditional sense but in a "how much are you willing to put up with this shit?" sense.
>> No. 25548 [Edit]
File 15890096182.jpg - (92.98KB , 772x525 , 1516124090683.jpg )
Maybe you're good at it.
Personally I don't even pretend to learn how to write kanji, I gave up into that long time ago.
I just wish to learn how to read them, and that basically requires tedious grinding all days for literally years. It feels like playing the worst Dragon Quest were you grind and grind for hours until you think you're ready and even operpowered to go for a final boss that destroys you in 30 sec. anyway so you have to grind X more hours to even stand a chance.

Drawing seems something you can do in a more free way, also it's not something you're going to forget in one month if you stop doing it.
Communities are mostly shit, it seems they are great to demotivate you since everyone seems to catch all super fast and to be so good at it so you feel like an absolute retard all the time.
I preffer to ignore all that and just catch some info from already done tutorials, I know I'm slower than everyone else so I don't need to be reminded every minute I ask something.
>> No. 25549 [Edit]
I'm not sure what really makes it easy for me, or at what point in the pipeline of learning it just became really natural. All it feels like is reading Japanese stuff and listening to Japanese stuff these days. Although, like I said, this has taken a really long time if nothing else. I might also just be a little more immune to the negative effects of not 100% understanding something I read.
I haven't actually practiced writing that many Kanji, and can only really recall a few from memory, which is different from being able to read them. Maybe this is because my handwriting for even English is awful so I became a little demotivated trying.

What tutorials do you use? If it's something more enjoyable than the ones I looked up then I might try again. Maybe more than anything I'd just need a better table for drawing, since this one is incredibly cramped and moving everything around to turn it into a suitable drawing table takes much more effort than the worth it provides.
>> No. 25550 [Edit]
I can't say I properly started yet. Last time I tried I used Loomis. I have some /ic/ tutorials for next time. I think I have been drawing sporadically for a long time but I feel so ashamed of everything I create that I lose all motivation early.
Now that I think about it japanese can be extremely frustrating but drawing means you have to look at the turds you create, that part is harder. I don't even know how I didn't think about that, maybe because last time I tried was like three years ago.
>> No. 25616 [Edit]
A potential avenue towards improvement would be ceasing the act of making foolish assumptions.
For the most recent example, for a week, I've been grappling with a technical issue. In the process of resolving it, I wasted two knowledgeable people's time (Granted, it was at most thirty minutes in aggregate.) with questions that were predicated upon I doing the correct procedures and having the minimum knowledge of the field to which these questions pertained. And of course, I didn't satisfy those conditions because I assumed something wouldn't be applicable, and I assumed that I exhausted all possible faults that could be attributed to me. It's not like there weren't signals that contradicted these assumptions; indeed, they were quite obvious indications of malpractice on my part.
The worst part is that correcting myself to stop these ill-advised assumptions has proven to be a very difficult task despite the self-awareness: dynamic introspection and the necessary reactions to its results is challenging. And so, instead of building things that help myself and others, I'm materializing more work for people whose time is worth more than my life.
>> No. 25617 [Edit]
I am trying to build it into a routine. I have time due to the virus too so that's good.

To become an actual artist is quite tedious. A lot of 'artist' on social media are actually not that very professional at all, but they are bombarded with admiration from fans so they rarely do ever improve themselves. A poorly drawn anime drawing with terrible anatomy can recieve 1000s of likes and no criticism because it's a 'cute anime girl with big tiddies uwu'
>> No. 25618 [Edit]
And then when the artist is met with criticism, regardless of how it's phrased, he'll complain about toxicity, moms' basements, etc.
>> No. 25619 [Edit]
File 159031449769.png - (206.76KB , 669x1000 , DZZ 090.png )
Yeah, Twitter is more about marketing than anything else but then it's a social media platform. I think it's one of the ways twitter is killing the industry(that and when artists that are actually good upload on Twitter and nowhere else).
>> No. 25620 [Edit]
Oops, I was going to post that image as an example of how the guy who made it had 35k followers but then I decided not to but forgot about the image, ah well.
>> No. 25621 [Edit]
>artists that are actually good upload on Twitter and nowhere else
Why would any of them do this? Why would they prefer to put stuff they invested a lot of time into on a place where people can't easily find it months, or years later? It's mixed with other posts, there's no tagging system, or title system that makes it easily searchable, so why?
>> No. 25622 [Edit]
Exposure, I don't even have a problem with the lack of a tag system as I don't use Twitter but it means that even if I know the artist or they are having their work uploaded on a booru by somebody the quality will be awful because of coming from Twitter.
>> No. 25641 [Edit]
I agree on everything except the 'good artists post on twitter' part. Most good artist focus on artstaion because it's the best way to get jobs (company's look there, site overs jobs, etc).
>> No. 25642 [Edit]
Almost nothing in that image is "good art", and it's precisely because companies look there that most of it isn't any good.

Post edited on 4th Jun 2020, 10:21am
>> No. 25643 [Edit]
The image was removed so now my post looks silly but the point remains, Artstation is lame.
>> No. 25644 [Edit]
>You must not create a link, name or label, or otherwise upload to or transmit from the Site or the Services any content, link or anything else that (if reproduced, published, transmitted or used) may:
>be defamatory, threatening, abusive, harassing, hateful, obscene, pornographic, harmful or invasive of anyone’s privacy, or excessively violent

What a shit hole.
>> No. 25646 [Edit]
File 159133078780.jpg - (641.83KB , 1074x2000 , ZZC 1382 Bushi Armour KM FN2.jpg )
Western Artists might post on Artstation(I had never heard of it before) but there are a few good Japanese artists that I quite like but they post on Twitter most of the time whilst only posting some of their work on Pixiv. Like the one that drew this.
>> No. 25647 [Edit]
Terrible stuff. Any "art" site that restricts expressions sex or violence is no good at all.
>> No. 25694 [Edit]
While I like coming to this site every so often I am feeling more and more dissociated with the cynical attitude people have here, and have been for a while now really. It's a problem with people on all imageboards, not because a cynical outlook of the world is nessecarily bad or wrong, but because this attitude consumes people and it shows in their personalities, speech, etc. While I used to find solace in places like this where outcasts gathered, nowadays it is simply depressing to look at. While I've learned a great deal here, especially about perspectives on how to live life, being stuck on an imageboard full of depressed folks just isn't something I can do forever.
>> No. 25696 [Edit]
I don't think it's that cynical, compared to other imageboards. What I notice in other places is an absolute lack of honesty, what bothers you from here exactly?
>> No. 25697 [Edit]
I feel that way too. It ruins the mood and often turns light hearted conversations or threads into pity parties. It's better to focus on the positives. I have no problem with negative posts as such and I do think they have a place but I think they should be kept separate such as in /so/ or /tat/.
>> No. 25698 [Edit]
What better place is there to communicate and have conversation with others online? Twitter? Discord? Reddit? That shit is what's depressing. Until there's some more fulfilling alternative to human interaction, like android companions, this is as good as it gets.
>> No. 25699 [Edit]
I'm sorry but I just had to laugh at this. Calling TC perfect is far from true and that idea likely stems from how simililarly minded users here are. While it is exempt from a lot of the other problems on other platforms like blatant immaturity like on discord or attention whoring for upvotes on Reddit, endless shitposting on 4chan, this is at least mostly true.
>> No. 25700 [Edit]
Forgive me for misspeaking here when I implied you said tc is perfect, which you didn't, so ignore that part. Sorry.
>> No. 25701 [Edit]
What part should I pay attention to then? TC is far from perfect and? If there's more to it, like something that's better, i'd like to know.
>> No. 25702 [Edit]
Can you give a concrete example of the cynicism you're referring to? It doesn't seem to leak out of /so/ too much, and even within /so/ the jadedness is of a more "constructive" nature than places like wizchan, where discussions (excluding the increasingly large fraction of tourists) are both more fatalist and less interesting.

Consequently I'd tend to agree with >>25698 in that – as far as I've found – there isn't really a better place for discussion in the same niche of topics. Despite the notion of "outcasts" comprising a large part of this site's thematic core, even if you were to look beyond that and stick to e.g. /navi/ or /an/ there's unparalleled signal to noise ratio. As a whole it may not be perfect, but I'd be hard-pressed to think of an aspect that could be improved; I'd be interested to hear if you think otherwise.
>> No. 25703 [Edit]
I don't really feel the need to talk to anyone on a public board, and barely do at the moment anyway. I'd just post nowhere is what I mean.
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