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File 169745101090.png - (85.58KB , 894x769 , 1697409926807.png )
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what is this place
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>> No. 28482 [Edit]
A digital facsimile of an abode
>> No. 28483 [Edit]
>> No. 28497 [Edit]
comfy imageboard
>> No. 28679 [Edit]
Used to be everyone on /r9k/ had an awareness of Wiz and TC

File 165532315599.jpg - (285.22KB , 750x786 , 1655228996352.jpg )
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Since how many times have you been a NEET? What are you doing right now? What are you planning to do?
It's hot roght now I'm heating. I'm doing nothing but browse there. I don't know what to do next since I have no games to play. I'm fucked all my days look the same: I do nothing but browse the internet
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>> No. 28131 [Edit]
File 168096448041.png - (225.37KB , 902x852 , 1675479032579223.png )
Been a NEET for 6 years and I don't regret it. I will never work in my whole life and that brings me joy. I'm slowly learning how to be happy with the small things and just take it easy. It's a rough journey and sometimes I wish I had more money, but I know for sure I would just waste it all in mundane and unhealthy stuff. So why should I care? I have a roof, a small but lovely collection of DVDs, manga, videogames and plushies. I don't need more from this Godforsaken Earth. I just need to keep focusing on living as comfortable and careless as possible.
>> No. 28132 [Edit]
What you have is what I'm trying to achieve, and I've been wageslaving for the last decade at least. I'm telling you this not for other reason but making the point that yours is actually a great life and never let anyone tell you otherways.
About money... I felt like that a long time ago.
After a few years of wageslaving I just started caring less and less. Now I have more money than I ever had but the only thing that truly makes me feel better about having it is knowing it gets me closer to be free of wageslaving. I don't think any kind of consuming is worth sacrificing such an enormous portion of your life. Obviously I'm in the minority here and I wouldn't express such thoughts to anyone IRL.
>> No. 28467 [Edit]
have you found that place? I'm still looking for something like this...
>> No. 28468 [Edit]
Wageslaving just isn't worth it. You're litteraly selling your life away one hour at a time, and for what? Most of my free time is spent just unwinding from work, by the time I can actually get involved in anything it's already time to go to bed and wake up to tomorrows nightmare. It's stressful and feels pointless. I make just over $1000 a month after expenses, but then last week I had $2000 in repairs on the car to get me to work. This life is a bad joke. I miss being a NEET. I used to explore so many hobbies, took up various arts and crafts, saw countless movies/anime and played too many games to name. I learned so much in those years. Now I barely have time for anything. I buy games I can't play and add anime I can't watch to my bucket list. Some would say I have "freedom" from my parents, but being a wage slave isn't freedom, in a lot of ways it's worse.

File 168210361548.png - (133.18KB , 230x345 , b3941-wZfQC9er2LSd.png )
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I have this problem with imageboards, I always get banned because of misbehaviour that lead to it. I was permabanned from 4chan and now I'm banned 2 days on wizchan, I can't help my self but make blunders makes me sad. Once I got banned from the three imageboards ,4chan, wizchan and tohnochan. It made me really depressed like I was unwanted. I don't know what to do with image oards. I wish I could male one myself but I don't know how to code so all I do is shitpost without looking for the consequences and then...I get banned! sad
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>> No. 28462 [Edit]
>wanna be podcasts with his friends lol
An amusing April 1st joke would be the announcement of a tc podcast, but it's just an hour of static.
>> No. 28463 [Edit]
tohno needs to do another room tour tbh
>> No. 28465 [Edit]
There's not much to see with my current one, and my last one was a bit meh.
>> No. 28466 [Edit]
stop posting cp then

File 16912765675.jpg - (57.47KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
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Forgive me if there's a better thread for this, but I'm drunk and I wanted to vent and I was wondering if anyone could kinda relate, or just have any thoughts on my situation, I guess.

Without divulging too much information about myself (both because I'm paranoid of doing so and because no one gives a shit) I'm a NEET closer to 30 than 20, I get disability for schizophrenia and have done since I was 21. Basically, I never worked, and I've been an "otaku" (in quotes because I consider it to be something of a loaded term) since I was around 15. In school I had no friends and did poorly due to being heavily bullied for my awkward demeanour and poor hygiene (neglectful family that did not teach me how to wash my clothes and didn't care if I washed myself, so I never did it) so I'd go home and shut myself in since the next time I would be forced to go out for school. And to top this all off there was a traumatic event that caused me to recluse myself even further, so the perfect combination of aspects to make someone a hikikomori for life. Around this time I found anime and manga, and began posting online a lot more whenever I was able to. My home had no PC, but my grandparents' home did and I could sometimes use the library computers, and I would force myself through the school day looking forward to these moments where I could immerse myself in the new culture I discovered. I graduated with terrible grades (I had favourite subjects but was bullied so relentlessly that I dreaded attending school and my grades suffered as a result) and stayed with my parents. Eventually I started hallucinating and after some hospitalisations I was ultimately diagnosed with schizophrenia.

While receiving disability payments I've lived in a variety of situations but the crucial thing has always been that as long as my rent is taken from my disability payment on time and I don't make a whole lot of noise, I'm left to my own devices. No one really bothers me as I don't say much of anything, I wash my clothes and play loud music only I'm on my own so I'm not causing a disturbance. So I just... lurk. Very rarely post, but I lurk a lot. I play an MMO that is pretty much always open on my second monitor, and spend 5-6 hours a day on anime and manga viewing. I taught myself enough Jap
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>> No. 28441 [Edit]
File 169480550731.png - (1.52MB , 1343x748 , Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni S.png )
Are you actually willing to do anything about this situation of yours? Have you tried anything so far? No offense, but it comes off as "...and thats how it is and im gonna have another drink now".
>> No. 28442 [Edit]
File 169481288129.png - (863.31KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni S2 - .png )
Hello fellow watcher of Yae's anime.
>> No. 28443 [Edit]
File 169484559280.png - (1.48MB , 1227x857 , Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni S.png )
>> No. 28460 [Edit]
File 169590477843.jpg - (142.83KB , 850x1512 , vintage-20210531-200918-017-resize.jpg )
I am a schizo too but I work in a stay-home internet job. Maybe you can try that.

File 167377418519.jpg - (298.82KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Bocchi the Rock! - 01 (1080p) [E04F4E.jpg )
27963 No. 27963 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
People are hard.

When I'm around them, I want to try and give people what they want, to make them happy and be viewed favorably, but it's so mentally exhausting. It's like they're all draining my energy when they're near. It's a never ending game of trying to say and do the right thing, but it's never enough. You can do everything perfectly day in and day out, but one little slip up and it's all over. It's all for nothing anyway. I've spent most of my life without friends(and certainly nothing more than that). The more I'd give the more they'd take. I find myself hurting myself and sacrificing my own happiness for other people all the time, for people who don't notice or don't care. I try to act the way they want me to, talk the way they want, anything to just give them whatever it is they want and ask of me. Maybe that makes me a doormat. It makes me not want to be around people or interact with them.
The other day someone told me I seem very introverted, like a nice friendly guy who talks when talked to but won't start conversations. That just left me thinking about how demanding people are, and how insane the idea of long term relationships with them is. To play their stupid games with someone everyday for years, I'd go insane
One of the reasons I avoid people and want to be (left)alone is because I know I'm just going to get roped into whatever it is they want/need. Worse yet is if they start getting attached, then they'll want even more from me, bigger and worse things, and I'll just do it.
I also have this fear of being a bother, and do lots of things big and small to avoid being an inconvenience to strangers, even hypothetical ones. Like not doing X because someone 'might' have an issue with it later.

I rather just look like an asshole, maybe even act a bit like an asshole, and hope no one talks to me. This has been what's generally worked for me so far. I actually have to try and hold myself back from trying to bend over backwards for people. Instead, I just kick myself endlessly afterwards for not doing more or doing better. Maybe people will take one look at me and think I'm a douchbag, but I think it's better this way. At least that way they'll avoid me. Nothing good comes from
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 28432 [Edit]
File 169432802261.png - (860.10KB , 1187x666 , skip-and-loafer-mitsumi-sad.png )
>the more you are willing to help the more the people you are trying to help will think of you as a weakling.
So many posts like these lately bring me despair. Every other person you are kind to will remember your kindness, it's just that like everywhere negative experiences are harder to forget. That's why it's important to not become drawn into this negativity by spreading it. Being nice makes me feel good, and it's my own responsibility to judge if people deserve it or would use me as a doormat, maybe the weakness you talk about is coming from a lack of confidence others smell and not the helping in itself.
I mean everyone can be an asshole if they really want to, but everyone can also be nice too wich takes more effort. Seeing these being nice is weak posts is only encouraging people to become even greater assholes in my opinion.
>> No. 28433 [Edit]
>Every other person you are kind to will remember your kindness
Realistically, no they won't. Negative memories are stronger, and people are more likely to remember an asshole than a kind person. Maybe if it's some once-in-a-lifetime event then sure they'll remember it, but the day-to-day average kindness is easily forgotten. But on the flipside such once-in-a-lifetime kindness usually require non-trivial effort on your part anyhow, and are a much stronger gamble.

So that's not to say you should be an asshole, but at the same time there's no point going out of your way to be kind. If you will there's some sort of effort/kindness landscape, and the sweet-spot is somewhere in the middle, where the ideal is to be kind so long as it doesn't require too much effort on your part.
>> No. 28436 [Edit]
>Realistically, no they won't.
Well we can only guess, I at least do remember a few strangers from even 20 years ago who did something selfless for me, more than stuff I did to others that I perceived as being nice actually.

>Negative memories are stronger, and people are more likely to remember an asshole than a kind person.
That was the point I also tried to make, I sure remember more dicks from my past than nice people. The question is why would someone prefer putting others down instead, if they're aware of the fact that those memories will last longer. Because they don't give a hoot about others and it's easiest for them, and that's the last thing I want to take as life advice.
Either way I think you're more talking about a stoic approach in general, which can seem arrogant but kind of neutral and definitely fine.

>So that's not to say you should be an asshole, but at the same time there's no point going out of your way to be kind
I think the problem is people don't realize that they're being dicks, because that is their go to and nobody bothered to teach an asshole, so maybe the nice thing would be to point out their behaviour. You shouldn't bend backwards for someone, but if you don't care about your surroundings and about how you're perceived at all then you at least shouldn't be rewarded for being unkind and selfish.
>> No. 28438 [Edit]
I think what also matters is the mental state a person has. Somebody who has got the short end of the stick for a long time will appreciate it way more if they suddenly get some help, even when it is just a small deed.

> That was the point I also tried to make, I sure remember more dicks from my past than nice people. The question is why would someone prefer putting others down instead, if they're aware of the fact that those memories will last longer.
The same applies here, in my opinion. Every little thing could possibly push somebody over the edge. Besides this who knows when you encounter somebody once more? I had it happen so me and was quite surprised to see what was remembered. I would rather be nice and bland, than mean and memorable.

File 168189874482.jpg - (941.82KB , 1460x2000 , __kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_min1223__f8585dd10.jpg )
28142 No. 28142 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Is there anything in particular you have difficulty in life with?
These days, I find that I have no ability to get help. To put it simply, in most cases I'd rather die than admit failure.
I've never really had anyone to rely on or anyone to talk about my issues with, so it's a matter of forcing success or being fucked for me.
How do you deal with it? My natural instinct is to try and do things faster and harder, but it's starting to leave injuries I can't ignore.
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>> No. 28368 [Edit]
File 169075238682.jpg - (238.72KB , 1280x720 , 1670114820559.jpg )
>There's probably other less obvious ways in which you're really smart and capable
I appreciate this. I think I understand that you are objectively correct, it just gets difficult to acknowledge that in the moment. Especially given the fact I already overthink just about every interaction that I have, both positive and negative.
>> No. 28382 [Edit]
Reading this reminded me of my problem. I'm not saying this might be your case, just that I can relate to your experience.
I have auditory processing disorder comorbid with some sensitivity to sound. In spite of my good hearing (ie.: listening to subtle noises when it's quiet, that other people don't pick up) I have trouble interpreting the information received. In addition, loud noises can cause pain and discomfort. My APD is enunciated in noisy environments, where I swear I can't understand a word of what people are saying unless they are right next to me and speaking very clearly. It also affects my academic and professional life, albeit subtly. Things make perfect sense to me and I'm able to quickly grasp new information when reading it. When listening however, it feels like I'm "slow".
A striking example is with math. I used to lose my self halfway when teachers talked through exercises without writing them down, but otherwise could figure out the processes and intuition at a normal pace when shown a written example or hint.
My sensitivity to loud noises isn't particularly impairing, but I do find my self complaining about noise when other people don't (ie.: waves at the beach/coast) and would explain my distaste for certain types of places and events. I guess this would subsequently explain why I've always been withdrawn and grew to enjoy solitude as an adult.
>> No. 28396 [Edit]
Avoidance. Whether it be interacting with others, or tackling a difficult problem, my natural instinct is to hide or make myself small because of an irrational and obsessive general fear. Worse yet, I have practiced this behavior for well over 20 years - since I was a little kid. This has led to a life of reclusion and isolation. I cannot help but run away.
>> No. 28399 [Edit]
Trusting people.
I want to believe in people, and to assume they mean well, and maybe they do to eachother but not to me. Maybe I'm seeing what I want to see, but it feels like people fuck me over and treat me like garbage all the time with little to no consideration for my thoughts and feelings. If and when I'm shown even the slightest amount of kindness, I assume there's hidden motive, like a used car salesmen buttering up an idiot.
Really it's probably a self fulfilling prophecy. I assume people will either hate me or make life hard for me, so I act in a way that repels them and makes me unapproachable, but that in itself could easily be the cause of why people treat me the way they do.

File 151453471229.png - (264.78KB , 700x394 , akunohana.png )
23218 No. 23218 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Post and discuss medical issues here. It helps to talk about them.

My lower left lung has been hurting, it feels like it's been stabbed. And I just coughed and tasted blood. Didn't see any blood when I went to the mirror and made myself cough again, just tasted it.
I'm scared. I'm poor. The doctors are going to let me die if it's cancer, I can't afford it. I did used to smoke but it was only for a year or two... I've been having trouble breathing but it might just be allergies. I will try to be optimistic.

I also went two years without brushing my teeth and my gums are so full of bacteria it's actually making me sick now. I'm sick constantly because of my own mouth, swallowing bacteria is irritating my throat and giving me a fever, and will be till I pay up $7,000 to unfuck my mouth. No root canals yet, and only two teeth have to be pulled, so that's a positive I guess. I got good teeth genetics from my folks. The dentist said average people would have had lots of teeth fall out by now.

Best advice I can give anyone is take Vitamin D supplements if you aren't in the sunlight at least 30 minutes a day. It helped me a lot.
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>> No. 28343 [Edit]
File 168940662521.png - (62.72KB , 1384x499 , 1330461796024.png )
I liked old /a/. There were quality discussions, just not all threads had them, but they weren't rare. Even off-topic was allowed and enjoyable. I think there was a point between the juvenile classic 4chan and the shit of today when it reached a certain maturity and self-awareness. I miss those times.
>> No. 28349 [Edit]
I'm not saying /a/ is or was the pinnacle of good discussion, because when I said 'better' I didn't mean just better discussion, but also fun on-the-side unserious discussion where you can crack jokes and argue with anonymous strangers. We differ on what we consider enjoyable or 'good' on the internet, you like serious discussion, I don't mind it, but I also like unserious discussion with other people who like the same things as me. If I wanted only serious discussion back then, I would have gone onto any anime forum ever, not 4chan.

>western otaku culture is garbage
I dunno man, I had fun.

You can go on /a/ right now and have fun. Seriously. There's watch-a-longs and sing-a-longs, and due to its speed, there's almost always a thread about one of my favourites, even if it's really old and obscure at this point, and there's always new people who just watched that thing and they ask questions I can answer. (tc's speed means despite quality, there's much less variety of active discussion)

Bottom line, tc is fundamentally different from 4chan in that it seems to be all serious all the time, and I'm not going to change that. I'm just playing devil's advocate and saying that 4chan is/was not as bad as you think. Now here's to hope this thread can be saved from my derail.
>> No. 28361 [Edit]
got seriously messed up teeth, cant be bothered to do anything about it. probably more than i can afford anyway
>> No. 28363 [Edit]
this was my last post

im getting surgery to fix the sleep apnea (mandible advancement surgery). if it doesnt fix it i dont really know what to do with my life any more

File 169007240679.jpg - (120.93KB , 1280x720 , [UTW]_Shinsekai_Yori_-_08_[h264-720p][5BBFA947]_mk.jpg )
28355 No. 28355 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
It's so weird to think there are people who have circles of friends who they have known for long periods of time, or even gone through life's milestones together. Or even on a less longstanding level, people who are good relationships and who meet up somewhat regularly to do things like eat, drink, and associate with each other.

/so/ might be the wrong place for this, because I don't really feel loneliness that strongly; that part of me froze over a long time ago. My sentiments are more sadness and hate
>> No. 28356 [Edit]
>My sentiments are more sadness and hate
That sounds like loneliness with a different cover of paint.
>> No. 28357 [Edit]
I imagine if I felt lonely I would feel a longing for the company of others (I don't). But what I feel is more along the lines of sadness over community or a lack thereof in a more abstract sense

File 165206829943.jpg - (51.38KB , 458x457 , punpun.jpg )
27380 No. 27380 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
what keeps you alive?

im starting to run out of reasons so i thought you might have some good ones to share
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>> No. 28305 [Edit]
I'm just waiting my parents die so I can kill myself without any worry.
>> No. 28350 [Edit]
I live for creating. Writing, Drawing, Animating, Coding, I can't do all those things if I am dead. I also promised my waifu that I wouldn't want myself dead or kill myself, so I owe it to her too to keep on living.

My only problem is what happens when I've created everything I want to make. That scares me.
>> No. 28351 [Edit]
File 168977750427.jpg - (124.12KB , 392x500 , 02149ffd5e21a548773502317a44c837.jpg )
If you have a lot of ambitious ideas, I can almost guarantee you that wont happen.
>> No. 28353 [Edit]
Which I do. I can easily see myself gong on what I have now until at least 2030. I just know that the life I am living isn't always going to be like this, and that there is no winning solution on what to do after. The bleak uncertainty of the future is terrifying, the present depressing, and I wish I could live permanently in the past and just always go back again after reaching modern day.

File 16698784371.jpg - (339.28KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Bocchi the Rock! - 02 (1080p) [CCDC18.jpg )
27871 No. 27871 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Are there any themes or subjects in media that you just can't handle?
19 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 28322 [Edit]
Anything to do with promiscuity, even its insinuation. Every promiscuous "person" should get shot.
>> No. 28323 [Edit]
>> No. 28324 [Edit]
Because they're a virgin with rage.
>> No. 28325 [Edit]
This is TC though...

File 168594941635.jpg - (86.37KB , 857x1200 , ce0fd14340e37ae25b2f3c5737f69267.jpg )
28227 No. 28227 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I feel empty inside. Like this world has taken everything I have to offer and left me with nothing. I can't enjoy anything or get fun out of anything. Everything seems pointless now, including going on with this life. My best years are behind me and they weren't any good. No one wants me, no one likes me as anything more than a casual acquaintance at best. I have very little to show for my life so far, and very little reason to care about anything anymore. Even if I did have this or that I'm not sure what difference it would make.

The world feels so small, like a tiny rock covered in assholes in the middle of vast nothingness.
What am I supposed to do? Sleep eat shit fuck repeat till I die? I just want to be left alone.
5 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 28245 [Edit]
File 168611954530.jpg - (1.57MB , 3000x3000 , 9567bf61f2935056e98c8ea44fbcd212.jpg )
>most things you do are trying to ward off discontent, or distracting yourself so you don't notice inherent bleakness
I've had similar thoughts many times, but part of me wonders whether I, and most other people here, are biased because our lives are especially uneventful. Maybe there's people out there who actually have interesting lives, and or feel profound joy on a regular basis.
>> No. 28246 [Edit]
File 168620563532.png - (320.01KB , 710x950 , 1669921466153.png )
>For the latter I'm reminded of a metaphor of a person who keeps sharpening a knife to keep himself occupied
That's me, I like knives
I wish Life would end soon
>> No. 28247 [Edit]
File 168620994866.jpg - (287.01KB , 1920x1080 , [SubsPlease] Machikado Mazoku S2 - 07 (1080p) [8FF.jpg )
Well put. I should probably stop trying to force myself to have fun, at least in ways that should be but aren't (for me).
>> No. 28249 [Edit]
She needs a Momo to enjoy it with~

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