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File 144188109286.jpg - (93.43KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi]_DokiDoki!_Precure_16_[1280x720]_[BEE96FE4.jpg )
20558 No. 20558 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What's it like to have friends?
Do you guys have any? If not do you even want any?
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>> No. 22495 [Edit]
A few people I talk to online and that's pretty much it. I used to have a pretty good friend in high school so I do want more, but I'm kind of lazy to make the effort now and less people will seem to tolerate my weirdness here. That friend cut me off for good in the middle of 2015.

The memories were pretty good I'd say. If you can talk about anything with your friends, it's really like stepping into another world as silly as it sounds.
>> No. 22506 [Edit]
File 148842362339.jpg - (41.41KB , 500x375 , 1445459213724.jpg )
Constant disappointment. It's a few years (up to even 5 in my case) of bonding, fun and laughing together. Then they change and find other cliques to get into. I've been left in this dust to the point where I only have two, and I type to them daily about gripes, and they do the same to me. I'm hoping to god this isn't normal because otherwise I sympathize with a lot of people out there. Why is it so hard for people to stay the same? Why can't they be content with just one best friend? I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough.
>> No. 22534 [Edit]
While I do think it is normal I don't think it applies to everybody. Though most probably do change if they get the chance to. I've had people undergo great changes and still stay the same, relatively speaking. Most people seem to change every so often, though. I think there's some craving for change within those people. It might be for the better not to be with them anyway, since they seem to want something else in their lives. The worst thing is that it can happen in an instant without warning. I guess that's my reasoning for not caring when someone successively starts cutting contact.
>> No. 22535 [Edit]
I mean, it's normal that people change.

File 147953053041.jpg - (139.40KB , 828x1200 , 1477584229131.jpg )
22329 No. 22329 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I'm so emotionally dead that I crave being angry at the world.

Could you recommend something that would help me get into a hateful mindset?
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>> No. 22345 [Edit]
That'll do it. Bonus points for reading the comments normies leave on news articles.
>> No. 22347 [Edit]
>Anyone with half a mind would be mad as hell and not be able to take it anymore.
Thanks Mr. Beale.
>> No. 22521 [Edit]
Desire is an emotion.
>> No. 22524 [Edit]
gore and CP
Not gonna lie, it is losing its sting a little. Be careful.

also the news, or drugs if you want anything at all and not just anger

File 148318043744.jpg - (163.50KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Show By Rock!! S2 - 11 [720p]_mkv_s.jpg )
22420 No. 22420 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do you ever talk to people offline about your online friends, or mention them at all to anyone? Do you think family would consider you crazy if your only friends were internet people?
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>> No. 22498 [Edit]
When I used to I'd just refer to them as my cousin's friend if I ever had a story to tell about them. Otherwise, no I didn't specify it was my internet friend.
>> No. 22504 [Edit]
Depends on the person and situation. Some are more open to online friends than others and a lot of times there's no real need to specify so I don't.

On the occasion it's apt to mention they're online it's usually something along the lines of "A buddy of mine I game with out in [state/country]" then some reason why their location is relevant. Like "haha those crazy commies in cali".

All my friends are online though. I think at one point it used to bother my family but now they've just accepted it. People I have to associate with offline would probably find it weird if they found out but I don't think it'd come as too much a surprise to them.
>> No. 22515 [Edit]
I mention them in passing like "someone online I talk to said X" but never in more detail like what websites I go on or who they are. I think my friend thinks I go on 4chan mainly which is pretty amusing.
My father doesn't believe that I have friends online, he thinks you have to be face to face to really connect with someone. He said that I don't even know their real names so how can we be friends.
I remember he once told me he used to have a friend as a teenager that everyone just called by his nickname and he couldn't actually remember his real name and doesn't think anyone even knew it. So I don't think he gets it
>> No. 22557 [Edit]
File 149137332978.png - (571.29KB , 1016x700 , qemily.png )
The very few people offline I know consider my online hobbies extremely weird, for obvious reasons - being a disgusting weeb and failure at life.

As for online, I'm eager to socialize (IRC, namedfag forums) .. at first. But once the circlejerk gets too .. jerky, I flee. Hence the preference for anon boards.

Anybody with similiar abandonment issues?

File 143130678587.jpg - (277.61KB , 900x900 , c3665384763d929a8135c6ae10cc0403.jpg )
20050 No. 20050 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit] [Last 50 posts]
Do you have dreams in your life? Did you ever in the past?
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>> No. 22470 [Edit]
I'm craving for the past now a lot too even almost 4 years after high school, mostly memories of 11th-12th grade. I was never the type of guy that did the normal fun social activities but for some reason I just haven't moved on from then.
>> No. 22488 [Edit]
Me too buddy, me too.
>> No. 22493 [Edit]
>Dreams in my life
You mean, Martin Luther King-type shit or the one where I'm in high school with no clothes on and the teacher is Bill Nye and he wants me to roll a donut?
>> No. 22510 [Edit]
reading this, I realised it was my post from a year and a half ago

File 148823592099.jpg - (325.39KB , 1338x1165 , Patchouli_Knowledge_full_833728.jpg )
22499 No. 22499 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Let's start a book club, Tohno-chan!

Meeting place and time are currently undecided, though I'm thinking that a Skype group will be sufficient. Text only, since it might get hectic otherwise. I might be a bit optimistic, but I think it'll be a fun experience.

Let's read roughly a hundred pages a week and meet up weekly to discuss the book. My schedule will be as flexible as yours, so whenever is the best time for you guys will the best time for me. If a hundred pages sounds a lot, or the book takes a lot more digesting, we can readjust.

Here are the books I have in mind:

The Fifth Head of Cerberus
The Intuitionist
The Rediscovery of Man

Any other book ideas are welcome, but this is just a list to start us off.
>> No. 22500 [Edit]
eh, i'd be interested if you want to discuss books in irc or something. i'm not installing skype on my computer, that's been exploitable for a while
>> No. 22501 [Edit]
File 14882388253.jpg - (228.68KB , 579x790 , Patchouli 023.jpg )
I'd be up for it.

I've read Ficciones, it's very good, and as a collection of short stories works well even if people haven't read the entire thing. Haven't heard of any of the others, but I'd give them a chance.

Why bother with Skype? We can just post in this thread, or maybe use IRC if people especially want real-time discussion.
>> No. 22502 [Edit]
I like the idea of real-time feedback, but I think it'd be slow and dead so a thread will probably suffice.

Do you have any preference on what book to read?
>> No. 22505 [Edit]
I'm down for using this thread too, too hard to coordinate a live chat. Always plenty of people that can't make it for one reason or another and we probably won't have too many people to begin with. Plus it helps keep the board a bit more active.

I don't really have a preference for which book to pick, they all look decent. Maybe throw up a poll or just use a random number generator to decide?

File 148460702423.jpg - (67.96KB , 256x256 , u8BemHe.jpg )
22446 No. 22446 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How do you ease the pain, Tohno-chan?
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>> No. 22484 [Edit]
Oxycontin, LSD, cute anime girls, tea, and sometimes I like to play the guitar
>> No. 22485 [Edit]
Antidepressants work?
>> No. 22489 [Edit]
File 14872960344.jpg - (68.24KB , 800x800 , 1393722008446.jpg )

>> No. 22492 [Edit]
It makes it easier to help yourself because you're not physiologically feeling shit all the time. It doesn't give you skills or make you happy, you have to do that yourself.

File 146528059683.jpg - (42.16KB , 400x300 , cJw1qXh.jpg )
21847 No. 21847 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Just like the title asks, how do you deal with those lonely nights? Do you hug your dakimakura? For those of you without one, what do you do? Hug a regular pillow? A stuffed animal? Clump the sheets together and hug those? How do you cope?

I myself usually hug the body pillow I got from Bed Bath, & Beyond. It doesn't really make me feel any less lonely but it's nice for the simple reason that I get to hug something that my arms can actually wrap around, some nights I hug the stuffed doll I made myself. It isn't as effective as it used to be at making any negative emotions less intense but I try to stick with it anyway since it's very important to me.

How about you?
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>> No. 22232 [Edit]
I was not aware one was a high number.
>> No. 22238 [Edit]
Ive seen at least two here
>> No. 22241 [Edit]
I found that second one you might have been talking about but I didn't make that thread.
>> No. 22473 [Edit]
Read for an hour then sleep, hugging a pillow to my chest as i lay on my back listening to asmr videos on youtube

File 145777757129.jpg - (234.90KB , 648x656 , 9ccc355a49291385400e8b0e2e202e4aea09fcee.jpg )
21511 No. 21511 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Does the prospect of being alone for the rest of your life bother you? Please be honest.
40 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 21942 [Edit]

I've had to readjust to regular contact with non-relatives. The only way to relearn this stuff is to expose yourself to it- force yourself to talk to people on Skype (or wherever else you can find people who want to talk) regularly.
>> No. 22442 [Edit]
it used to, i think it still does, not as bad as it used to
i tried but when you let people in you're bound to get hurt, i'll just occupy myself with things that can't hurt me, like drawing
>> No. 22443 [Edit]
It creeps up on me every now and then. I don't need or want friends, but I do want love - an absolute, perfectly compatible love with another person or thing. Someone with whom to stand, alone against all.

I know it's stupid and impossible, at least insofar as 3D is concerned. When I'm able to distract myself in a 2D fantasy though, at least I can feel some comfort.
>> No. 22654 [Edit]
I'm okay with it. It's also absolutely gut wrenching to think that I'll never meet the girl from my dreams. I can't really explain it.

File 148202656136.jpg - (141.12KB , 1280x720 , flipin flaps.jpg )
22383 No. 22383 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I've been thinking. This might be obvious to some but it seems to me the more complicated and advanced live becomes, the more miserable it becomes in turn. So much is expected of people in first world countries these days that it becomes very easy to think you aren't living your life to it's fullest. Between schooling, carers, and how complicated relationships are, how could anyone not feel overwhelmed and over stressed?
It's also been my understanding that the more people seem to know about the world the worse they feel about it, where as those who live in ignorance do so blissfully.
It stands to reason that someone might feel bad for not having x or y or z if they see other people have it and believe it improves their life or makes them happy, but what if they don't even know x,y, or z even exist? Then there's nothing to feel bad about right? Like wise, you might feel like shit for failing some important test or class, but what if you never attended that school in the first place? You might say to that "if I don't then I wont get a well paying job!" But then what if you didn't need a need paying job? If an average or low paying job was enough, you could bypass a lot of pain and suffering just to get something you may not even need. In my experience, people with well paying jobs and/or lots of money don't even seem to use much of it anyway and stay miserable. It can almost be like a drug where the more you get the more you want, and the less rewarding it feels as you gather more and more.

Point is, do you think we'd all be better off and more content with life if we got away from all these social expectations? If we stopped pushing each other to live with ever increasing standards of living, and if we stopped wanting things that are always just out of reach. Sure that kills a person's motivation to 'make something of themselves', but maybe that's not for everyone? Time and time again I see people suffering and stressing out over silly things and I just can't help but think. If it's so bad, why not just drop it?
8 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 22428 [Edit]
It's like you're describing my entire NEET life.
>> No. 22429 [Edit]
I guess a weird irony is that as humans become more powerful, they also become less free. So many are controlled by the need for "progress" and to stay in line. Even thoughts seem to be clouded by self-deception. There are existential philosophies that believe that we are possible of being authentic though, but I don't think attempting that brings "contentness".
>> No. 22431 [Edit]
>It's also been my understanding that the more people seem to know about the world the worse they feel about it
>where as those who live in ignorance do so blissfully.
Ah, the way it has been for many thousand years.
'For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.'
I've seen it personally. Not a ignorance that annoys but a innocent ignorance. Makes you lament all that effort wasted into seeking knowledge.

>It stands to reason that someone might feel bad for not having x or y or z if they see other people have it and believe it improves their life or makes them happy...
Dawkins' explains the spreading of these cultural ideas, such as being rich is the meaning to life, as 'memes'. A person gets 'infected' with these memes, it becomes his meaning to life, and then infect others to think the same. The reason being, for the latter, is: if the people around him don't think the same then it calls into question his very reason to exist. This happens without them knowing; the dissolute avoid confronting such issues.
Capitalism benefits greatly from these people.
>> No. 22434 [Edit]
holy crap that image is cute

File 147445252585.jpg - (768.89KB , 850x1133 , sample_d7172ab91c686df39516c5b306794589.jpg )
22192 No. 22192 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
If you died today, how would you be remembered?
13 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 22418 [Edit]
I live with my mom and I avoid her as much as possible.
I hate myself for being a hikki fuck-up, and I hate her for not understanding how fucked up I am.
>> No. 22419 [Edit]
File 148314743092.jpg - (3.03MB , 2039x2894 , 53672728_p0.jpg )
The guy who was set back, succeeded, was set back again, succeeded again, and was then set back so many times that it broke him. He was also attracted to mares and wanted to be a girl for a time.

Basically, some weirdo who succeeded at being a failure, but really all because the cruelty of humans broke him in the end. But people would only say the latter things if they knew what was really going on in my head (the vast majority don't, not even family members).
>> No. 22471 [Edit]
Is this Nazi dominatrix Pinkie Pie?
>> No. 22472 [Edit]
this didn't have an image last time?

File 147965364713.jpg - (49.84KB , 480x480 , image.jpg )
22330 No. 22330 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I feel like shit. Like I'm really not worth it. I'm so selfish, no one will ever like me. God, I just don't know anymore, everything feels horrible. I don't even know good from bad moments anymore. All I ever do is cause trouble. I'm sorry for posting this, I just wanted to blow off some steam.
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 22337 [Edit]
File 147970370584.gif - (58.08KB , 309x366 , 249b1f58a12e0b8036261656a0e6518caadc81d0.gif )
I love you anon.
>> No. 22338 [Edit]
Welcome to the rest of your life.
>> No. 22341 [Edit]
Learn to appreciate yourself, regardless if others do or not.
>> No. 22389 [Edit]
What makes you think you're so selfish?

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