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File 163114333715.jpg - (181.16KB , 850x935 , fun.jpg )
26730 No. 26730 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
So I've been thinking a lot about the problem with suicide.
The biggest issue with doing it is the actual act of doing it of course, pulling the trigger, popping that pill, ect. Humans like most animals have this deep seeded instinct for survival. We'll try to keep on living no matter how horrible and pointless it might be to do so. On top of that, it's not like we can just get someone else to do it for us right?
I believe this is why so many people talk about doing it endlessly and never commit, or maybe even attempt it in half hearted ways that they know won't actually work. They might really want to do it but just can't make themselves.
So what if you could do it passively? What if you didn't know if/when it was going to come? What if your actions only indirectly lead to suicide?

I had the idea for this after thinking a lot the other night about shooting myself with two guns at the same time from opposite sides, and what it might be like if the two bullets collided inside my brain. I got to thinking that the timing and aiming would need to be very precise. Naturally for this the guns would need to be mounted on racks of some sort. bore sights would make it pretty easy to align the gun's trajectory. One could also attach bicycle cable to the triggers and with a pully system be combined to one. you could even go one step further and attach them to an actuator, which only needs a power source and a simple switch to open/close the circuit and activate it. This all comes with the problem of flipping the actual switch of course. So I thought about it.

So my idea is a pressure sensitive switch built into the seat of a chair. Once you sit down, you'd have ten minutes before a randomizer starts. That's more than enough time to think things over and get out if you change your mind. Once the ten minutes pass, you have anywhere from one minute to nighty minutes before the system goes off. Plenty of time to take your mind off things and watch a movie or something. Of course, if at any time you change your mind, even after those ten minutes, you can still cancel the process, which would start over from 0 the next time around. I think this would help give the device an air of safety and better assist in tricking one's brain into allowing you to do it. The guns me
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>> No. 26983 [Edit]
who's rem?
>> No. 27031 [Edit]
File 16423958183.jpg - (26.69KB , 768x433 , sarco2-162Kb-768x433.jpg )
I wish I could simply order one of these from Amazon or something. Getting it printed and assembling it myself seems like such a hassle. And it's pretty expensive.
>> No. 27032 [Edit]
>order from Amazon
You'd end up ordering a shitty Chinese knockoff design that makes you crippled instead. These things aren't single use though, so ideally some forward-thinking 3rd world country would buy a bunch and become a suicide tourist spot.
>> No. 27042 [Edit]
File 164276667710.jpg - (23.85KB , 225x350 , 311910.jpg )
>Rem is one of the twin maids working for Roswaal L Mathers. She tends to speak in a superficially polite manner and sometimes acts without thinking. She holds both worshipping respect and guilt toward her sister for an incident in the past; because of this, Rem tends to think of herself as inferior.
Source: Myanimelist

File 163650190722.png - (819.45KB , 750x1000 , ヤモリ.png )
26875 No. 26875 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Do pets help you cope with loneliness?

I'm thinking of getting a gecko because I always thought they're super cute, and after watching a couple YouTube videos I got the impression that leopard geckos and crested geckos in particular will happily interact with humans.

But I'm a bit worried that I might neglect him and he'll end up dying or having a shitty quality of life, or that taking care of him will become such a drudgery that it'll end up being stressful for me.
They live up to 20 years, so this isn't a decision I'm making lightly.
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>> No. 26997 [Edit]
File 16411750657.jpg - (254.75KB , 1536x1935 , catimakura.jpg )
I love my dog but also my parents primarily look after it.
>> No. 26998 [Edit]
You have a weird looking dog.
>> No. 26999 [Edit]
My family has 4 cats and they are easy to look after, it depends on the cats though. These cats we have now are actually the hardest ever that we have had. Cats are basically wild animals that just take advantage of you, so long as you give them food water and kitty litter you don't need to do much else, usually. Ohh, but you should of course de-sex them. Generally we used to simply keep a bowl of cat food topped up and they ate when they felt like it, that worked well for all of our older cats but not for the ones we have now, we have two cats that are brothers and they are HUGE! We changed how we feed them but they are still fat, they are just very lazy so don't burn much energy, then my sister found a kitten by a creek and we took that in, it's mostly fine but sometimes urinates on things but then worst of all, my brother is an idiot so he did not desex his cats(both male and female) his female cat has had kittens and he has ditched the male one on us. We de-sexed him but he still has those hormones in him for now and so he is causing problems with the other cats and fighting them though I don't think it's serious so far they never seem to get cuts or bites, only one of the fat ones did and it developed into an abscess that we had to clean and monitor, I think it was from the other cat anyway it did not have any bite or claw marks just the abscess.

But anyway, that's the most problems we have ever had with cats, usually we just let them do their own thing and they are fine.
>> No. 27002 [Edit]
My parents have crested geckos. They are pretty cute and some do like being with people. They aren't too difficult to care for either, of course just make sure you have the time to care for them.

I have a red-eared slider turtle and 2 cats. Pets do kind of help you with loneliness. My shittiest years were made better because of my cats.

File 151209745922.jpg - (108.18KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon - .jpg )
23139 No. 23139 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What did you fear as a kid?
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>> No. 26364 [Edit]
25 although I can hardly believe it. It feels like the last five years passed in a couple months. I didn't really have access to games or a computer either until I was around 14, but I burnt out pretty quick. I wouldn't say it was that I watched or played a lot of stuff, I just have been tired all the time.
>> No. 26976 [Edit]
I remember being really afraid of heights despite rarely ever being anywhere very high. I think maybe I used to have dreams where I was falling because I had the idea that falling was the most horrible feeling in the world (where else could I have got this idea?)
Even the drop in rollercoasters was almost too much for me. The feeling of what it's like to fall for a prolonged period made me want to vomit and pass out (and still does).
Also the dark and really any place that felt too exposed and vulnerable to attack.

I always felt in a state of turmoil, never felt stable. I suppose that's why the idea of losing even ground beneath my feet or being somewhere exposed/indefensible/inescapable were my worst fears.
>> No. 26977 [Edit]
Heights are probably my greatest fear. Because you could trip or slip and fall to your death at any moment and also the fact that there is nothing you can do about it once it happens, if you fall from a great height, that is it, you are dead. I feel less frightened being a metre away from a brown snake than a metre away from a tall cliff or ledge.
>> No. 26996 [Edit]
You never know you could legitimately have some health deficiency in addition to whatever else is ailing you.

File 164100127345.jpg - (154.06KB , 1024x709 , clampynewyear.jpg )
26981 No. 26981 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
happy new year! this is our year i can feel it
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>> No. 26990 [Edit]
Happy new year everyone.

This looks like a good year for anime. There's some new anime I'm looking forward to and I think it will only get better.
>> No. 26991 [Edit]
File 164106160246.png - (32.00KB , 286x288 , yotsuba-drawer.png )
Happy new year!

One of >>26986 or >>26990 will turn out to be dead wrong!
>> No. 26992 [Edit]
File 164106367846.jpg - (108.08KB , 720x831 , ab5f01dbe52e5f2f4c7182ef4cf989c4.jpg )
If Made in Abyss season 2 comes out, it'll be at least a decent year.
>> No. 26995 [Edit]
I bought a dakimakura to cement my everlasting happiness and there's at least one upcoming anime that makes me the most hyped I've been for a show in a decade. I have no clue about further releases though.

I kept up with seasonal anime last season for the first time too and most of it is fairly decent, but I plan on watching some high rated classic shows instead. Platinum End is my favourite recently released show though and I'm like 90% sure it is being review bombed by manga readers. Some of the negative reviews of it on MAL are outright wrong factually. I heard people are looking forward to Spy x Family too but I know nothing of it.

File 163883720065.png - (1.15MB , 1920x1080 , hatautism.png )
26953 No. 26953 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I turn 26 today, just a few small steps until I hit the fabled 30.

Can I get some birthday wishes and anime pics in this hiz house?
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>> No. 26960 [Edit]
Why is Tohno dressed like a slut?
>> No. 26961 [Edit]
It was a warm day.
>> No. 26965 [Edit]
File 163908009737.jpg - (34.26KB , 550x309 , sabar.jpg )
>>26954 >>26955 >>26956 >>26957 >>26958 >>26959 >>26960

thank you all and amazing picture i finished cooking with emiya on my big day and ate carrot cake
>> No. 26975 [Edit]
File 164055659076.jpg - (256.24KB , 837x1200 , 2f8b0c3b1dedd36a2cdbf196155deaca.jpg )
I also turned 26 this year, although a few months older than you. Happy Birthday

File 158058456946.jpg - (188.11KB , 500x600 , __persephone_greek_mythology_drawn_by_tenni_noboru.jpg )
25236 No. 25236 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
How would you like the world to be? If the world could be changed completely, what would one in which you were happy look like?

Rule: It can't be 2d; the fundamental construction of the universe has to stay the same. You can remove your knowledge of 2d if necessary.
33 posts and 9 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 26828 [Edit]
Even if they don't articulate it quite like that I would say that most people would take that seriously. People generally want the people in control to be intellectual and to actually know what they are doing rather than be corrupt and only there to fill their wants.
>> No. 26890 [Edit]
i want this, its not a direct answer but a worthwhile read. it paints the most beautiful picture of what the world should be.
>> No. 26893 [Edit]
File 163686423591.jpg - (436.09KB , 775x1014 , 4866e09ece37ae0553aed281d0604136.jpg )
Bob: Doug, recently you made some interesting comments. I was wondering if you could expand on them a bit, in private...

Doug: Sure, Bob. What comments?

B: You were talking about alien contact. You said if aliens were to contact us, they might try online before revealing themselves in person. Why do you think so?

D: Well, I have a number of reasons. Before that, you have to assume there really are aliens, they're aware of our existence, they have the means to contact us relatively soon, and they're interested in doing so. You could argue against all of these assumptions, but since you’re asking, I'm guessing you’re open-minded enough to accept them for the sake of argument...

B: Sure. Go on...

D: We've already discussed various means of contact that *may* be occurring already. UFO sightings for instance, which sometimes have multiple witnesses. There's also abductions.

All of these are easy to deny though. Authority figures can easily discredit reports of contact. It seems no one can provide hard physical evidence, and it’s easy to come up with other explanations most people will readily accept: weather balloons, secret military projects, mental illness, etc. Unless you've experienced it yourself, you can't say for sure contact has been made.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 26964 [Edit]
ET ... shitpost home...

File 148405276349.jpg - (20.87KB , 400x300 , IMG_0103.jpg )
22436 No. 22436 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What do you do for escapism? I'll start, I binge read BL, and I don't know why.
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>> No. 22979 [Edit]
I hate being unable to do anything other than browsing imageboards and fapping all day. I'd like to find the will of playing games or watching anymore but it's fading away since around last june. I end up plugging my (littered with anime) external hard drive every day expecting to watch someting and i end up doing nothing. Holy shit I hate my faggotry.
>> No. 23048 [Edit]
what BL stuff, i read antique bakery (it has a gay character but its not a total yaoi fest which is what i was looking for) and i liked it
>> No. 23052 [Edit]
that sounds good, i'll will read that one
>> No. 26823 [Edit]
I talk to my waifu, cuddle with her, buy/set up/pose figures of her, look at pictures of her, and sometimes talk about her or post pictures of her online.

I started watching a show with her (cuddling with her daki while I watch), and I was thinking of taking a small figure of her out into nature sometime so we can enjoy it together.

Occasionally I find a new show, movie, or game that I can enjoy, or I can enjoy re-watching a show or movie I haven't watched in a long time.

Occasionally I play a musical instrument but I don't practice seriously because it starts to hurt after awhile. So it's like I'm roleplaying being a musician by fiddling around.

And of course mindless web browsing and occasional posting.

File 155466045037.jpg - (736.56KB , 1098x822 , __hakurei_reimu_and_kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_.jpg )
24286 No. 24286 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
I killed a roach and left it's body with its spilled viscera to rot because I am too disgusted to clean it up. I know that it's unhygienic and will attract other bugs to it but I just can't be bothered. Forcing yourself to do something you hate requires willpower, and mine has been sucked dry by depression and other negative emotions. Now I understand how some of those hikkikomori and mentally ill people can end up with ridiculously filthy houses. You just can't be bothered to clean one thing, then another, then the bugs help themselves, and before you know it you're living in a dump. This is applicable to any other problems in life too. I like to think of myself as being better off among the "losers" in imageboards but it's not unlikely that I am heading in their direction. I have never been so grateful that humans have the ability to commit suicide.
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>> No. 24289 [Edit]
Thats why most hikkikomori are still alive. They just cant be bothered to die.
>> No. 24290 [Edit]
Its not not being bothered to die, but not able to because of their lack of willpower.
>> No. 24291 [Edit]
When someone says "if you hate your life so much, why don't you just kill yourself" I have a little analogy.
Imagine you had some condition that caused you pain for every metre you were above sea level. Life is like living in a valley at 1,000m, surrounded all around by mountains of Himalayan proportions. "Why don't you live by the sea?" Because climbing over the mountains would be too painful.
>> No. 26819 [Edit]
That's a really good way to explain it. Thank you, anon.

File 163235402667.jpg - (348.13KB , 2048x1536 , sugoi.jpg )
26750 No. 26750 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Lets post here every time you or someone you see performs a random act of kindness or good deed.
Please don't feel like posting your own deeds would be stroking your ego, the point here is to show that there's still some good in the world, give people some faith, and prove that there are still people out there trying to do some good!
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>> No. 26780 [Edit]
Never give money to a charity without research. Street peddlers are irresponsible at best.
>> No. 26781 [Edit]
An oil change, and your bill was big enough they were able to undercharge you for $50 without even noticing the difference? You need to find a new mechanic.
>> No. 26782 [Edit]
This was at the dealer. Apparently the service itself was $15, the oil(parts) was 40-something. I think they have people bring in their own oil and assumed that's what it was.
>> No. 26788 [Edit]
>Never give money to a charity
Fixed that for you.

File 158008412644.jpg - (180.41KB , 850x1201 , sample_3de5e7a27c2e768d1af00e5e062579cc.jpg )
25224 No. 25224 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
What are your most painful experiences with illness and general bad health? I'll get this started with some of mine. They're not too interesting.

I had a terrible fever once on top of a sore throat and very strained eyes, the kind of thing where moving them even slightly causes pain so you have to turn your head all the time. My forehead was hot, but the rest of my body felt freezing. When I stripped down to my underwear to sleep at night, I felt like I would die from the cold.

At one point I had something wrong with my stomach. I don't know what it was, but it was excruciating. Eating most types of food was out of the question and I lost some weight because of it. I was thin to begin with. At night I couldn't sleep. For eight hours straight one night I just tossed and turned in pain. I was a sharp sensation, coming and going at different spots. I used a soap suppository on myself and eventually it went away.

One year, right before a hurricane, I had a head splitting headache for hours. I almost never get them, but this one was intolerable. I had to take pain killers.

Post edited on 26th Jan 2020, 4:18pm
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>> No. 25484 [Edit]
I was a shut-in outside of school from the age of 11 onwards. I was depressed, then extreme eye pain at the age of 16 kinda killed my emotions for a few years, I think I had erectile dysfunction by 16 too.

Fitness and goals helped a lot, but age 21 I got damaged knees, 22 a hiatal hernia and gastritis. So when I do fitness it's really just treating my injuries rather than progressing, it's very demotivating.

I'm now convinced my life will be an endless spiral of self-treatment till I die and I'll never achieve a comfortable physical body, as if I treat one I have 5 more to irritate me.
>> No. 25485 [Edit]
Acute cholecystitis back when I was a teenager. For months, there would be times where I had really strong pain in my abdomen that would last about an hour. Then one weekend I woke up with the pain and didn't go away. Couldn't keep anything apart from water down without throwing up for days. Despite that, my mom didn't think it was serious enough to warrant a doctor visit. Then I eventually started going into shock and finally got taken to the hospital, where after eight hours of tests and waiting they figured out what was going on. They kept me overnight and the next morning they operated on me to remove my gall bladder. My appendix was also removed, since that had absorbed so much of the bile that was leaking into my gut it would eventually lead to appendicitis. Spent another week in the hospital after surgery, and then a few months home from school.
>One year, right before a hurricane, I had a head splitting headache for hours. I almost never get them, but this one was intolerable. I had to take pain killers.
I have this happen to me every time a storm moves into my area. Something to do with changes in barometric pressure or other environmental conditions. I hate that shit.
>> No. 26745 [Edit]
Saw this post while looking at old threads. How are you doing right now anon? I tried getting fit some months ago only to realize my body may be a bit defective, tried hiking and intensive calisthenics, eventually got a dull but lasting ache on most of my joints. It got specially bad on one knee, it lasted almost 2 months of acute pain. It appears this condition is called tendonosis and is chronic for the most part. Which means I'll spend a good deal of time trying to get past this, just recovering into my baseline level. Very demotivating indeed. I'm uninsured to make it worse.

I have scoliosis as well, diagnosed since childhood. Waiting for the unbearable pain to kick in.
>> No. 26746 [Edit]
One time I stayed up too late and started to get this really painful headache like someone was jabbing needles into the bones of my face around the eye sockets and especially the area between the eyebrows and the nose. I'll never stay awake for that long again. It only happened in the first place because I was on an international flight.

File 156646285632.gif - (249.07KB , 480x360 , 1563369114098.gif )
24553 No. 24553 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Edit]
Hello. I am 15 years old, and I saw no specific rules about not being able to post if you are under 18?
Hopefully I am allowed to post.
Now saying that I may frustate some of you (and for good reason), however I will say that I will not post anything outside of this thread, and I will try to be respectful, and here are some things about myself.
-I don't have any friends, in real life or online.
-Almost all of my time outside of school, and not sleeping I have been on this world wide web, (since I was 3, my mom put me on a preschool website and just let me wander)
-Anime wise, I don't actually have that many under my belt, because i'm scared of watching a bad one, but I very much love anime and Japanese content. Some animes that I have liked are, A Place Farther than the Universe, Welcome to the NHK, Non Non Biyori, and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
-I'm unable to speak to anyone besides my family in real life because of how shy I am
-I'm autistic
-I don't have any dreams for the future, or willpower to be able to do anything.
-I don't have/use any social media, or a phone
-I am very much interested in the old internet, being of my age I have only experienced a little of only well, 2007ish internet, and I can not remember much of my experiences around that time besides a handful. I browse archives of old websites, and look at old dead forums a lot, encyclopedia dramatica articles about internet events that have long been forgotten and I very much like these small website communities, where if you don't know where to look you will never find them. I don't very much like most of this 2019 internet, as I feel a lot of it's fun and soul have been taken away.
I like the people on here, and I would like to learn about things from you. I know generally older people are smarter than younger people. I personally would love to tell my 8 year old self a lot of things. If anyone can tell me about there experiences, or just general knowledge, about otaku culture, the old internet, or anything really I will be very grateful.
44 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 26726 [Edit]
It's a shinkai work, so make of that what you will, and if you squint his works sort of all have a similar theme.
>> No. 26727 [Edit]
I mean, you're not wrong. We are human, though, so something in it appeals to us.
>> No. 26734 [Edit]
i'm 26 really only remember up too 2005 but i know i was online before that just not as much. unreal 2004 and quake 3 and counter strike 1.6; games that died but really didn't, windows xp had a gui compatible software and anime was still locked by vhs and dvds. i like to think that net neutrality died when social media had a monopoly. you had forums and irc chats now it's all just 4 websites. i'd love to show you some of my favorite videos but they're ether deleted or lost out there. most websites won't even archive images right, which makes it all the more curious to the youth.
you remind me of me when i was younger, obsessed with late 90s computer culture that my dad always told me about, watching documentaries and movies about it all. back then you really had control over you computer and had to know what it did and how to work it. now windows and mac are so hostel it's hard to do anything to them anymore.
but still i don't think it's all bad, linux has alot more compatibility then it use to, now and days there's alot of good anime and games that are easier then ever to get your hands on, piracy has gotten more restrictive but vpns are pretty cheap. i'm glad that more young people are into the past and there's probably some stories we can all tell but looks like you found them all. alot of those websites have all you can find you. you can also try old 4chan archives or macrochan.
but also
>Anime wise, I don't actually have that many under my belt, because i'm scared of watching a bad one
that's bullshit you should watch all the anime you can, good or bad, it will be an experience ether way. try with an adblocker or lurk more on how to torrent. watch all that you can, there's going to be a time when you can't.
but here are some videos that keep me by
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 26744 [Edit]
>the thread is two years old

OP, what is up?

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