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File 166949433477.jpg - (58.13KB , 450x400 , 1663900666848227.jpg )
27855 No. 27855 [Edit]
Same happened to me because my parents refused to buy me HDDs for backup when I was younger.
I'm trying to recover some of the things I remember, but some of them were lost forever...
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>> No. 27859 [Edit]
Sorry for your loss, Anon. We gotta buy our own food and HDDs eventually. Did you make this paper thingy, it looks great.
>> No. 27877 [Edit]
I didn't do this pic exactly, but yes, I made her
I'm new here, so idk how to reply properly
I hope this time it works
I think I made a new thread by accident before
>> No. 28002 [Edit]
You're new to replying on image boards, but you end up on Tohno?
How does that even happen, exactly? How did you wind up on here if not from becoming disillusioned/fed up with 4chan?
>> No. 28004 [Edit]
It might take some getting used to, don't worry too much about it. I've been using imageboards for over a decade and I make the same mistake sometimes too. The design of imageboards can admittedly make it hard to tell at a glance if you're in a thread or not.
It's easy to overlook, but you can keep a look out for "Posting mode: Reply".
Personally I like to keep an eye out for the [reply] link next to the OP post. If you don't see it you're good. Also, next to the reply button in the post box you should see (new thread) or (reply to 27855).
>> No. 28038 [Edit]
File 167635984213.jpg - (597.31KB , 1440x1080 , 52411247.jpg )
a newfriend on TC?
>> No. 28040 [Edit]
File 167636838415.jpg - (43.84KB , 750x600 , Sheknows.jpg )
>> No. 28044 [Edit]
File 167640326971.jpg - (4.59MB , 3500x2468 , 345345345345345.jpg )
Not new, I just make dumb mistakes
Yeah, it just bothers me because I saw there's ancient threads here and I shouldn't kill them. The metal one in /mp3/ is from 2011.
I'm almost 30. I was a regular from uboa-chan during the 2000s.
I prefer .flow to yume nikki lol
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