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File 149276143551.jpg - (126.62KB , 531x750 , 2b112a8644dcae080ff53dd35273e014_jpeg.jpg )
22587 No. 22587 [Edit]
What was the happiest moment of your life, TC?
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>> No. 22588 [Edit]
Going to legoland for the first time a few days after it opened. Loved every minute of it and didn't want to leave. Everything was awesome.
>> No. 22591 [Edit]
It's probably whenever I buy a new console, aside from those moments, I can't really think of a moment where I've experienced real joy.
>> No. 22592 [Edit]
The good and bad moments of my life have all just blurred together into a hodgepodge of continuous, pointless existence. I don't feel like anything stands out one way or another.
>> No. 22593 [Edit]
I don't really have a happiest moment, but the thing that I did that made me the happiest would have been drinking coffee before sunrise while watching the ocean on the beaches of Whidbey Island. I also really liked walking around and driving on the northern end of the island (almost never went to the southern portion). I haven't been there for almost nine years and I've yet to find a more beautiful place.
>> No. 22597 [Edit]
Maybe the second half of 2011. Played a handful of great video games, my first real experience playing together from my friends from school as well. We made stupid lewd jokes at school and in-game too and trying to do that now just isn't as fun. At that point I still enjoyed anime more even though I didn't watch that many good shows. You could say I was just into enough escapism to dull the boring reality of existence. 2012 was tougher but I still had that one damn game, it was powercreeped and imbalanced to become unplayable the next couple of years though. The game was a derpy fighter and there's no real substitute for it unlike MOBAs and generic MMOs, and most of my friends since then have left me too.

Of course I guess if there's really something like VR or AI anytime soon that would be an improvement, I dunno.
>> No. 22619 [Edit]
I don't think I've had a "happy" moment in my life. I don't really feel excitement or joy beyond "wow okay, cool" and then forgetting about it a few days later.
>> No. 22753 [Edit]
Taking a polaroid with my oshi during my one trip to Japan. Having fans of the group help me through registration even though we had numerous communication problems. Making a friend or two in that group. I have a treasure now and I cherish it and look at it whenever I feel sad.
>> No. 22962 [Edit]
I honestly can't answer that question. My life was always hell and I don't think I ever experienced anything so good it would make me forget it even for a moment.
>> No. 23049 [Edit]
when i was 17 i really enjoyed watching fairy tail, i averaged over 10 episodes a day till i finished it (when i was in school too) and i was so excited to watch it

>tfw by 18 dullness set in (im nearly 22)

but thats the only thing recently i remember being totally absorbed into

>> No. 23054 [Edit]
rememberin the happy times make me sad
>> No. 23116 [Edit]
File 151108055818.jpg - (1.73MB , 1576x930 , 63163565_p0.jpg )
I baked one of those DiGiorno's oven pizzas. When the baking was finished, I went back to my room to eat it. I turned on my old computer and hit the play button on a record I have. And so there I was, all alone, browsing through beautiful pixiv images, enjoying a deliciously juicy margherita pizza and listening to the silk smooth Blue Danube Waltz. This moment lasted only a few minutes, but it was the kind of heavenly stuff that makes you say ``I can die in peace now''. It was like relaxing on white, puffy, cotton like clouds for a few hundred seconds.
>> No. 23237 [Edit]
Come on now, everyone had shit taste when they were younger.
>> No. 23239 [Edit]
I think it was the green texting. Some of our mods can be a bit anal about that.
>> No. 23240 [Edit]
Rightfully so. I really don't need that shit here as well.
>> No. 23246 [Edit]
A girl I was crushing on invited me on a date, my first date ever, and during the date I realized it was actually Valentine's day, the day of the year that I hated the most since I always got left out, I never got as lucky in my life as that one time.
>> No. 23296 [Edit]
When my father bought me an electric guitar.
>> No. 23420 [Edit]
There never was a happiest moment, but rather a recollection I have of happy moments.
When I was a teen, I got a failing grade in High school, as I was walking down the road to my home to report to my parents, I had my head held up high as I knew I was a capable young man, so no matter what the outcome I get didn't matter, and I had a smile. This was one of those fleeting moments of hapiness
I had some more, but this one just resurfaced today and I was extremely happy, thinking if I ever will get back to those dreamlike days.

I have become stronger, more knowledgeable and capable in the past 5 years since, but I have also become more robot like. I am tough as nails now, but I don't really want to become that way any more because I loved being able to feel things and living my life according to emotions.

Whatever happens, I will stay myself, but I hope, I do it with spirit and love again.
>> No. 23424 [Edit]
Talking to a friend.
>> No. 23426 [Edit]
The happiest time of my life is when I read the visual novel Dal Segno. I got very deeply infatuated with Hazuki, and even now I still remember the warmth and happiness I felt.
>> No. 23428 [Edit]
Close to the end of high school, I made my first actual friends. On one hand it was nice to be treated like a human being for once, and the more time I spent with them the better things became. But with graduation around the corner, I knew our friendships wouldn't last long. That, and when it ended I started to feel empty. It left me wishing that I could have met these people much earlier and been friends with them for longer. Probably would have avoided a lot of depression and bullying that way. Probably would have grown into a healthy adult.
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