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File 163349061921.jpg - (279.47KB , 1000x1499 , 140cm-akane-maid.jpg )
26783 No. 26783 [Edit]
Do you have a sex doll, or have you thought about getting one?
Or maybe a non-sexual, but still life~sized doll?

Does cuddling with them or just having them around help dispel loneliness?
Is it more satisfying to have "sex" with the doll than just masturbating with your hands?

I always thought they're really creepy, but now there are some anime-inspired ones that basically look like oversized figurines.

The only thing holding me back from buying one right now is that I imagine it must be a lot of work to clean them.
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>> No. 26784 [Edit]
I've thought a bit about it, but I've decided to wait for something more advanced. I am considering getting an onahole though.
>> No. 26785 [Edit]
I really want one, but until I'm living on my own it feels like it'd be a hell of a juggling act to both order one and keep one without my parents finding it. I might still try one of these days all the same. My idea is to maybe build some sort of hidden compartment somewhere, possibly behind a fake wall.
I think photo's like OPs don't help much with the "creepy" feeling people get from these. I don't know why, but a weirdly large amount of manufacturers have no idea how to photograph the things.
>> No. 26786 [Edit]
>that basically look like oversized figurines.
If the photo in OP is supposed to be an example of such a doll, to me it feels more like a bad imitation of a human than an actual anime girl.
>> No. 26787 [Edit]
Many manufacturers make dolls with tits so large that they look outright grotesque, but there are also some who make more petite bodies and normal-sized or small breasts that appeal to me, like these:

I'm not really in the market for one right now because they're pretty expensive and still have some shortcomings, but if my financial situation continues to improve and the dolls become better, it seems inevitable that I'll buy one at some point. Maybe by that time it'll be a sex robot that can clean and dress itself.

I doubt it'll help with loneliness, but at least the sex is bound to be more fun than just fapping.

I bought a handheld onahole once and I didn't really see the point of it.
I'm very happy that I bought an onahip, though. Actually fucking something by moving my hips is so much more satisfying than just using my hands. It's a great feeling when I edge closer to orgasm and this primal sexual aggression takes over the movements of my body, I don't even notice how I'm physically exhausting myself as I violently thrust my dick into the hole.

I don't see how you could possibly hide a 160cm+ tall doll from your parents. If you have the money for a doll, better invest it to save up for a place of your own.
>> No. 26789 [Edit]
Those look weird to me, too small. A good onahole is also better than your hands from what I've read.
>> No. 26790 [Edit]
File 163354372416.png - (2.79MB , 1320x860 , 1513310286794.png )
I was always interested in real dolls and I never found them particularly creepy, if something I find real humans quite more creepy.
But their price and size makes any thought about ever having one completely unrealistic. I have a similar relation with dollfie-like dolls, I really like them but they are out my reach. The kind of things I would like to have by the dozens if I was rich, so it used to make me sad to think about it. Now I don't even do that.
>> No. 26791 [Edit]
File 163354835358.jpg - (366.38KB , 1500x2540 , 2b_sexdoll.jpg )
>A good onahole is also better than your hands from what I've read.
Well, it does feel closer to how a real vagina feels, especially if you heat it before putting your dong inside.

>Those look weird to me, too small.
I don't care how it looks, I barely even see it when it's beneath me on the bed while I'm fucking it, I'm too busy looking at lewd pictures of Suwako Moriya on my tablet.
>> No. 26797 [Edit]
File 163389854162.jpg - (114.83KB , 835x1252 , 162cm_Sino_Doll_S30.jpg )
I never owned some sort of doll during infancy or teenage-hood nor played with such toys a whole lot. Recently, a newfound interest in BJDs made me realize that instead I did something very similar, which was creating and interacting with 3DCG characters.

As hinted at, I've been thinking about buying a BJD for a while now. I simply love the idea of being able to physically dress up and take care of a personified doll, like a close friend. Knowing my self, I'm 100.1% confident that I wouldn't cross the line between mere playing pretend/escapism and actually developing a complex, delusional relationship.

This changes for life sized sex dolls. I'm a bit scared that, should I someday purchase one, I might become too obsessed and emotionally attached to her. Worse is that I don't know if that would be a good or bad thing.

Still, I'm keen on giving it a shot.
>> No. 26798 [Edit]
File 163393483270.jpg - (374.72KB , 800x851 , daff12ed1ccb6b1fe9af8f8a125d8323.jpg )
Even the DHGate dolls are very expensive. You would need to save up, I know its an unrealistic ask but I wish you could try such an expensive thing before you buy it.
>> No. 26800 [Edit]
Doll brothels are a thing in some places.
I've got a DSDoll. Much more satisfying than an onahole since it's the full package. It's very different if you can play with some tits while you fuck/masturbate, or hold a thin waist in your hand as you thrust. Plus, you can dress it up in sexy clothes.
The wigs can be bit hard to attach properly, using condoms simplifies cleanup vastly (or a detachable hole). Aside from that, cleanup isn't hard. Hang it up in the stand, warm water gets rid of any sweat you got on it, then dry it off with a cotton cloth, let it dry completely, then powder it with baby powder. It's even erotic to follow all the curves.
Another thing you have to pay attention to is that they're heavy. Not so much in real terms (about 30kg), but that weight is very awkwardly shaped, since humans don't come with handles. I recommend some grip strength training and daily calisthenics after you order it to be prepared for usage.
As for where to buy it, I'd stick to buying from professional importers in your home country, if possible. I didn't and the Chinese factory sent documents that weren't acceptable (the complimentary clothing was listed as a value of 0, which isn't permissible), so I had a hell of a time getting it through customs, and it ended up being searched, and I had to answer some awkward questions over the phone.

Something I should also mention, since anons have mentioned obsession: Do not get one that looks like your highschool crush or something like that. Bad idea. Very bad idea.
2D waifu lookalikes might be fine, but sticking to a purely physical relationship with your doll is still safer, except constantly switching role-play scenarios. If you're giving her a personality, you're going down a dangerous path.
>> No. 26801 [Edit]
>Bad idea. Very bad idea.
>If you're giving her a personality, you're going down a dangerous path.
Why? What's going to happen? Will my head explode?
>> No. 26802 [Edit]
The "making her look like an erstwhile crush" thing is a bad idea because it'll get you obsessed with what-could-have-beens that are unrealistic because 3D=PD, and make you more depressed because your current life isn't what you imagine.
The latter part also goes for giving the doll a personality. It'll just remind you that you can't have your waifu, constantly. And that's assuming you don't just start associating the doll with your waifu, which is an invitation for full-on insanity.

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