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File 150350471466.png - (813.83KB , 800x800 , 1458862054121.png )
22905 No. 22905 [Edit]
Is there a way to start over in the year 2017?
I was daydreaming about moving to scandinavia and pretending to be a refugee. But they probably have a lot of controls in place
>> No. 22906 [Edit]
Depends on what "start over" means to you, specifically. If you meant just moving somewhere else, then yeah, it definitely can be done within this year if you have savings or someone you can crash with.

Care to elaborate?
>> No. 22907 [Edit]
I have a criminal record from some stupid shit I did when I was younger and it comes up in google search. everyday I imagine myself moving somewhere, getting a new name and identity and starting a new life
>> No. 22908 [Edit]
What did you do, anon?
>> No. 22909 [Edit]
Can't you change your name?
>> No. 22910 [Edit]
I looked into it and one of the conditions is not having a criminal history.
>> No. 22911 [Edit]
What country are you from?
>> No. 22914 [Edit]
>it definitely can be done within this year
I guess you've never emigrated to a first world country.
Emigration is only easy if you are an EU citizen and only to countries in the Schengen zone. Just packing up and moving to another country is impossible otherwise.

To emigrate regularly you'll either need to have a lot of money or a bachelor's degree and have a job lined up and you need to have a clean criminal record (unless you have so much money that they don't care about that).

This is assuming you are white. If you are non-white you can move to nearly any European country even with a criminal record, all you need to do is show up without a passport and claim you're a refugee. If they try to kick you out just claim you're gay or converted to Christianity.
Hell, having a criminal record is actually a good thing if you're not white and want to move to Sweden. They have special programs to hide returning ISIS terrorists regardless of how many Yazidi children they have enslaved, raped and beheaded.

What did you do, in my country you can get a once in a lifetime clearing of your criminal record for small offenses (not for things like murder, robbery or rape or other serious crimes). You need to look into that.
>> No. 22915 [Edit]
>I guess you've never emigrated to a first world country.
I have.
>Just packing up and moving to another country is impossible otherwise.
All you need is not being a hardcore criminal (like you mentioned: murder, rape, etc.) and have savings for 1 year of living.
>> No. 22916 [Edit]
this will be difficult to believe but I was having substance dependence problems and attacked someone with a knife in the street. My dad paid for a good lawyer who managed to change the label of the case from attempted murder to fighting in public so I didn't have to go to prison. even if I could get my record cleared it wouldn't really change anything. when I google my name the first results are news articles related to my case. one of them is a tv interview with the family of the man I stabbed complaining about the sentence. I can't get jobs or do anything because of this.

a few years ago I signed up for a college class, and when we got our first assignment and had to form groups, people in my group tried to find me in FB and found the articles. I had to leave the class after that

also I have a EU passport so I could move anywhere in Schengen. but there's no country in the EU that lets you to change your name as far as I know
>> No. 22917 [Edit]
Where are you from? Continent, at least.
>> No. 22918 [Edit]
>I have.
What country if you don't mind me asking.
I honestly don't know any 1st world country that will offer a work visa without a degree + job prospect or a shit ton of money or, if you don't have any of that, an employer willing to sponsor your visa (but good luck with getting a job in another country without a degree or visa).

>there's no country in the EU that lets you to change your name
Most countries will let their citizens change their name if they have a good reason. Not being able to move on and get employed or educated because of a mistake in the past seems like a valid reason.

The problem is the criminal record.

You really need to look into that, I know that in some European countries your crimes get cleared after you get sentenced or released from jail and a certain amount of time has passed.

Also, how common is your name and are there pictured with the articles that come up. You could just lie to employers/landlords/whatever and say it's just someone who has the same name.
>> No. 22919 [Edit]
I can say with some certainty that no one will bother googling your name if you want a shitty construction job in most European countries. If I was in your position (and wanted to work) I'd work as a labourer for a few months then try become an apprentice carpender or something after you get a good reference from working as a labourer.
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