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File 147965364713.jpg - (49.84KB , 480x480 , image.jpg )
22330 No. 22330 [Edit]
I feel like shit. Like I'm really not worth it. I'm so selfish, no one will ever like me. God, I just don't know anymore, everything feels horrible. I don't even know good from bad moments anymore. All I ever do is cause trouble. I'm sorry for posting this, I just wanted to blow off some steam.
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>> No. 22331 [Edit]
You're not alone, if that makes you feel any better.

>no one will ever like me
Like yourself, even if it's for something small.

>everything feels horrible
I could think this way, but a nice cup of tea doesn't feel horrible. Try to find something that will never feel horrible. Get rid of every thing that does. I quit drinking because it felt horrible.

>I'm sorry for posting this
Don't be. People need to talk about stuff that bothers them. I like to help people, even a little bit. Post whatever you want. It's not good to keep things bottled up inside.
>> No. 22337 [Edit]
File 147970370584.gif - (58.08KB , 309x366 , 249b1f58a12e0b8036261656a0e6518caadc81d0.gif )
I love you anon.
>> No. 22338 [Edit]
Welcome to the rest of your life.
>> No. 22341 [Edit]
Learn to appreciate yourself, regardless if others do or not.
>> No. 22389 [Edit]
What makes you think you're so selfish?
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