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File 148405276349.jpg - (20.87KB , 400x300 , IMG_0103.jpg )
22436 No. 22436 [Edit]
What do you do for escapism? I'll start, I binge read BL, and I don't know why.
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>> No. 22437 [Edit]
I browse imageboards.
>> No. 22439 [Edit]
Video games and music. Of course the internet is part of it, but I don't really do as much as I used to.
>> No. 22440 [Edit]
Nico Douga
>> No. 22441 [Edit]
File 148409946069.jpg - (30.30KB , 480x307 , 1482373622794.jpg )
a lot of things, i can barely use escapism in my house so i go out sometimes and listen to music, sometimes i do more questionable things i'd rather not get into, i can barely keep focus on shows i like or video games, i've been playing princess maker 5, makes me feel a little good i can care for a digital person even if i can barely take care of myself
sorry if this was a text wall
i wish i had a friend who was a neet so i could hand with them all the time
>> No. 22487 [Edit]
Maybe because you're gay, you never know.
>> No. 22517 [Edit]
Video games and visual novels (which could also be classified as video games, depending on who you ask) are pretty much the only things that'll do it for me anymore.
>> No. 22518 [Edit]
Was gonna say music but that really serves to enhance whatever im doing rather than escape from unpleasantries. I guess binge reading grimdark manga once in a while.
>> No. 22542 [Edit]
File 149062436861.jpg - (93.47KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Durarara!! X2 - 34 [720p]_mkv-0001.jpg )
Video games and chinese cartoons
>> No. 22552 [Edit]
internet and drugs
>> No. 22553 [Edit]
Video games and listening to Touhou remixes. Recently I often just walk around listening to music and thinking how I can make the world a better place.
>> No. 22555 [Edit]
File 149137233424.jpg - (385.85KB , 954x1072 , ll.jpg )
Useless code and math. Technically, it's a grave violation of my NEET privilege to do something traditionally purported as productive, so I have to be extra careful and craft it meticulously so it serves no purpose at all.
>> No. 22594 [Edit]
Huh. What does that program do?
>> No. 22595 [Edit]
video games and clenching my teeth
>> No. 22774 [Edit]
OP if you're still here can you give some BL recomendations?

anyway i daydream
>> No. 22811 [Edit]
Not to go off topic but may I ask where did you learn code from? As a NEET I've been thinking about taking it up for some time now. /g/ helped me on where to look but not where to start. Do you have any advice to share on this topic?

Also what I do besides the usual weeb stuff, I like to read. Books, manga, VNs, reading anything just gives me a false since of hope that i'm doing something productive even though it's a basic human thing. I hope to write my own some day but I always hate what I write down.
>> No. 22836 [Edit]
File 150088503778.jpg - (113.05KB , 1280x720 , [Critter-Subs] Jewelpet Tinkle - 34 [85221BE1]_mkv.jpg )
I numb the pain with cute anime.
It's rare but sometimes I take a step back and think "what the fuck am I doing with my life?!" then I shrug and go back to frying my brain by watching my mindless kawaii moe moes and let all my troubles disappear in a sparkly cloud of bobbles and rainbows.

(/^▽^)/ ✧˖°*!I want to die!*°˖✧ (≧∇≦*)

>> No. 22837 [Edit]
File 150089631168.jpg - (179.99KB , 960x545 , Nene.jpg )
I'm a different anon but I also code. Just choose a language you want to code in, download IDE if necessary then start coding very simple stuff. Like a simple game in javascript or what not. If you stuck you will always find answers on stackoverflow.
>> No. 22840 [Edit]
Any recommendations on a language to start with? Ideally something that won't quickly (~3-5 years) deprecate.
>> No. 22842 [Edit]
Just try something simple at first. Like javascript. Or you can make simple HTML pages. Then if you want, you can move to something more advanced like C++, Java, C#.
You can try stuff out here:
>> No. 22873 [Edit]
i stare at a stupid monitor all day
>> No. 22877 [Edit]
Go with python, it's fun. I guarantee you will hate C++ even if it's more optimized or whatever.
>> No. 22920 [Edit]
I used to... do stuff (watching anime, playing video games, reading etc) but lately it's just devolved into absent-minded web browsing until it's 4 AM. I wish I had the willpower to snap out of it.
Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this.
>> No. 22947 [Edit]
What I do is just turn my computer off. Having to wait for it to start up again is a effective deterrent against using it for useless shit, for me.
>> No. 22977 [Edit]
File 150632995692.png - (103.11KB , 529x298 , 50-nhk.png )

I also do this just in my room and on my computer 24/7 nothing better to do with my life.
>> No. 22978 [Edit]
Do you have a second screen? You could just force yourself to always have anime running on there and if it's interesting enough you don't have to waste your time browsing the internet.
Alternatively force yourself to browse sites where you learn shit.
>> No. 22979 [Edit]
I hate being unable to do anything other than browsing imageboards and fapping all day. I'd like to find the will of playing games or watching anymore but it's fading away since around last june. I end up plugging my (littered with anime) external hard drive every day expecting to watch someting and i end up doing nothing. Holy shit I hate my faggotry.
>> No. 23048 [Edit]
what BL stuff, i read antique bakery (it has a gay character but its not a total yaoi fest which is what i was looking for) and i liked it
>> No. 23052 [Edit]
that sounds good, i'll will read that one
>> No. 26823 [Edit]
I talk to my waifu, cuddle with her, buy/set up/pose figures of her, look at pictures of her, and sometimes talk about her or post pictures of her online.

I started watching a show with her (cuddling with her daki while I watch), and I was thinking of taking a small figure of her out into nature sometime so we can enjoy it together.

Occasionally I find a new show, movie, or game that I can enjoy, or I can enjoy re-watching a show or movie I haven't watched in a long time.

Occasionally I play a musical instrument but I don't practice seriously because it starts to hurt after awhile. So it's like I'm roleplaying being a musician by fiddling around.

And of course mindless web browsing and occasional posting.
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